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TASTE - Remedy     Rock, Easy Listening 30/10/2018
Legendary Aussie glam-rock quartet with a fiery reputation among such lofty peers as AC/DC, Queen, Suzi Quatro and the Sweet. TASTE are back to prove rock is not dead!
Remedy - rock ballad written and sung by TASTE's Joey Amenta. “I was at a fork in the road. I had just fallen in love so I thought I’d write a love song. I started playing the chords and the word ‘remedy’ came out. That’s how love should be ... a remedy for life,” says Joey Amenta

Other tracks by TASTE:  Is it Just a Dream (Live at the Corner)  -  Remedy (Acoustic)
TASTE - Is it Just a Dream     Rock 24/02/2017
TASTE – the teenage band that cut a glam/rock swathe through the Countdown years is back with a stunning new album, Life on Earth.
Is It Just a Dream is a darkly romantic ballad featuring the soaring vocals of lead singer Ken Murdoch, lush orchestral string arrangements of bass player Michael Tortoni and a rich and poignant dueling rock guitar riff led by the legendary Joey Amenta.

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Mari Jean - How it Feels     Pop, Soul 22/09/2015
Mari Jean is a sultry performer whose music combines pop with soul, old with new and east with west.
How It Feels lures you in with warm heavy beats and sultry vocals and lyrics about a love that consumes her like prey. Mari Jean's resolution lies in the lyric “I'm the one who makes my own destiny”. See her seductive performance in the video shot by Susan Stitt ACS.

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Other tracks by Mari Jean:  One of a Kind  -  Let it Go
Mari Jean - Free     Pop, Dance 29/07/2015
Australia's newest pop sensation - Mari Jean delivers heart felt pop stylings with accessible lyrics and catchy dance grooves
'Free' is the warm up single from Mari Jean's debut album Restless Heart, due out in October 2015.

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Other tracks by Mari Jean:  Free (Remix)
Mari Jean - If Only [7th Heaven Radio Mix]     Pop, Dance 21/10/2014
Mari Jean is Australia's newest pop sensation.
This pop/dance electronica produced song delves into the vulnerability of one sided passion.

Other tracks by Mari Jean:  If Only  -  Alive
Keeda - Loca     Pop, Dance, Electronic 01/07/2014
Rising pop star Keeda is an act to watch out for. Compared to artists like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Iggy Azalea and Karmin, Keeda is forging a path of her own.
The JLo/Shakira-inspired pop/dance/electro track is written by Keeda and Andre Nookadu and produced by Edward Said. It has attracted the attention of International DJs to the stars, Sal Morale and Terry Urban who are supporting the song with remixes created in New York and serviced to clubs around the world.

Other tracks by Keeda:  Loca (Terry Urban and Sal Morale Remix)
Marlene Cummins - The Blues it Knows Your Name     Blues/Roots, Jazz 14/05/2014
Marlene knows the blues from an Aboriginal woman’s perspective. Koori Woman Blues is a biographical journey and Marlene's story is one of vulnerability, strength and survival, and laced with humour.
The Blues it Knows Your Name was inspired by Marlene's life and written for her by long time music colleague and friend Murray Cook.

Other tracks by Marlene Cummins:  Some Kind of Wonderful feat. Jerome Smith  -  Koori Woman
Jane Walker - Missing Myself     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 21/03/2014
An intimate and uplifting cocktail of chill-out pop.
Missing Myself deals with the theme of losing and finding oneself. For some it is substance abuse or gambling. For others it is the wrong relationships or not finding your life's passion. For Jane it was the morning she found herself curled around the toilet bowl, regretting the night before.

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Other tracks by Jane Walker:  Free
Street Warriors - Champions feat. Treach (Naughty by Nature)     Hip Hop, Rap 23/07/2013
Deadly Award winning Street Warriors have built a loyal following around Australia on the back of their energy filled live shows, community work and positive lifestyle messages.
Street Warriors' new single and video titled Champions feat. Treach from the legendary US hip hop group Naughty by Nature.

“Naughty by Nature had always been a favourite group of ours and when the opportunity came to collaborate on this track we jumped at it,” says Wok.

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Other tracks by Street Warriors:  Champions feat. Treach (Explicit)
Robyn Loau - Animal Ways     Pop, Dance, Soul, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 19/11/2012
Recently described as 'Evil Kylie', Robyn Loau is Australia's edgiest pop artist. An exotic diva armed with a soulful voice, haunting melodies and defiant, evocative lyrics.
Described by reviewers as the catchiest and sexiest song on her Only Human album, Animal Ways was recorded in Sydney and Melbourne with ARIA award winning production house S:amplify (dance music pioneers Josh 'Addicted to Bass' Abrahams and Davide Carbone).

Other tracks by Robyn Loau:  Sick with Love Live ft Jak Housden  -  Wuthering Heights Live ft Jess Ciampa
Jane Walker - Walk Gently on the Earth     World, Chill, Pop 13/11/2012
An intimate and uplifting cocktail of chill-out pop. ‘With warm delicate grooves, Jane’s songs speak in the hidden language of the soul!’ (Claire Scobie, Daily Tele UK)
Walk Gently on the Earth is a call to care for the environment and ourselves. Energised by a potent mix of textures featuring Stu Hunter, Jess Ciampa, James Haselwood, Hamish Stuart and Sanskrit chanting from the Unpanishads. Share of profits goes to Ocean Recovery Alliance for cleaning the oceans.

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Other tracks by Jane Walker:  Ancient Land
Robyn Loau - Wuthering Heights     Pop 21/12/2011
Robyn Loau (pron law-ow) is an exotic diva armed with a soulful voice, haunting melodies and defiant, evocative lyrics. Wuthering Heights is from her sophomore album, 'Only Human' out now.
This intimate version of the Kate Bush classic could be called Cathy Earnshaw's lament, such is its raw emotive power, featuring a vocal by Robyn Loau that captures the other worldly love that is Cathy and Heathcliff's. Produced by Stu Hunter. All instruments by Stu Hunter. Vocal by Robyn Loau.

Other tracks by Robyn Loau:  Wuthering Heights (S:AMPLIFY Album Mix)
La'i - Break it To My Heart     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Soul 11/06/2011
La’i is a fresh voice on the international music scene. Growing up on the beaches of Australia and Hawaii she has developed a signature sound.
La'i (pron: la-ee) wrote Break It to My Heart when she was 15. "A boy I really liked turned out to be a massive disappointment and the feeling of betrayal was intense. I really needed someone to hear me I guess," said La'i.

Other tracks by La'i:  Place To Hide  -  Anywhere But Here
Jane Walker - Do It With Love     Pop, Chill, Folk 03/02/2011
“Earthy and uplifting, gritty and soothing, Jane slips effortlessly across influences of jazz, electronica and classical to create a pop style all her own.” (Claire Scobie, Tele UK)
Do It With Love is an infectious feel good song capturing the idea that while material things are nice, what counts is how we treat each other. The song showcases Jane's signature sound that has been described as an uplifting cocktail of chillout pop.

Other tracks by Jane Walker:  Take A Chance