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Garry Havrillay - Atrophy - Internet Download

Garry Havrillay - Atrophy - Internet Download
Garry works mostly with samplers, electronic instruments and guitars. He has released three eclectic solo instrumental albums to date; Afghanistan (1991), Camouflage (1998) and Aurora (2018). A collaboration with Christopher Basile in 2010 saw the eponymous debut release by Open Circle Party.

He has also collaborated with Melbourne artist and animator Annemarie Szeleczky [pron. Sel-ET-skee] on several of her films as editor and composer.

Until the end of 2014 Garry worked in radio for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and his 30 years of professional experience as a sound engineer includes classical music recording (concert and studio), audio art, radio drama, documentary features, digital post-production, music editing and mastering, as well as on-air presentation, website, database and systems development. He has also been a volunteer and broadcaster at PBS 106.7FM Melbourne since 1980.

About this track...

Music composed for the short hybrid-animation video "Atrophy" (2017), a collaboration between artist Annemarie Szeleczky [pron. Sel-ET-skee] and Garry Havrillay. The video uses handmade, computer & live performance animation, and depicts a variety of plastic waste such as bags, netting, synthetic ropes and other materials that we discard and how we slowly drown in it.

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Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In VIC
City/Town/Region Artist Is Based In Melbourne
Taken From The Release Titled Aurora
Copyright Holder's Name Garry Havrillay
Publisher Garry Havrillay
Media Servicing Date 2019-07-06
Main Genre Electronic
Genre 2 Instrumental
Genre 3 Soundtrack (Film Related)
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
Artist Official Web Site
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Online Store Page 1
Content Provider Amrap Unsigned