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Faxman - Roll Over     Garage, Psych, Rock, Alternative 17/01/2020
Faxman is Chris Rugge’s Melbourne-based musical project, with a sketchy lo-fi sound heavily informed by 60s psychedelia and blues. “Roll Over” is the first single from upcoming EP “The Derealisation”.
Roll Over is a 60s-influenced garage-pop track with psychedelic leanings. Surfy guitar, swirly organ, bluesy vocals and a catchy hook float over an irresistible groove of drums and bass.

Lupine - Bottomless     Garage, Pop, Indie, Alternative 29/11/2019
Melbourne-based suburban sweethearts.
'Bottomless' is essentially a love letter to reckless love, defying convention and of course, coffee. It is a love letter to the simple pleasure of sitting with somebody you love and talking about everything and nothing at all.

The Pretty Littles - Weekend Away     Garage, Indie, Alternative, Rock 27/11/2019
The Pretty Littles are hard working young fellas playing a predictable by heartwarming brand of garage rock and roll. Equal parts aware, emo and stupid.
Weekend away was a writing exercise at first and nothing more. It made Jack laugh because it seemed like a trivial thing to write about but as seems to happen a lot, the words you initially cast aside come roaring back.

It's a song about city kids heading out to the country and having nice moments.

Cuss - Thrills In The Dark     Garage, Rock, Pop, Folk 22/11/2019
Cuss is a Fremantle based four piece, creating garage folk rock, with a strong 60s pop bent.
Its upbeat tempo hides it's deeper themes of danger, destitution and means of escape, Thrills In The Dark, is a sad fast pop song.

Hannah Kate - Sourdough     Garage, Pop, Rock, Punk 22/11/2019
Hannah Kate is a garage rock outfit from Naarm/Melbourne. Front woman Hannah has earned a reputation for her band's raucous live shows, her sense of humour and DIY attitude.
‘Sourdough’ is bursting with emotion. Produced by Sam Swain (previous production credits- Rat!Hammock, Obscura Hail) at Sunset Studios, here the guitars meander, then race, distorting into a feverish climax alongside a freakish synth solo reminiscent of heart palpitations. Her songwriting, sharp as ever, relishes in intimate moments spent alone with a partner, “now it’s nice to be alone... with you.”

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Bad Bangs - Too Much     Garage, Rock, Alternative 08/11/2019
Raw, rigid and quietly unassuming three piece outfit Bad Bangs blends soulful, stripped-back vocals into their unique serve of highly charged garage rock.
Too Much is a serve of gritty garage rock from the three piece outfit Bad Bangs. Charging through the gates with driving guitar and stripped back vocals the track is recorded live to tape, harnessing the trio's raw energy.

The Twistees - Can't Get Out Of Here     Garage, Rock, Psych, Pop 17/10/2019
The Twistees (Melbourne) combine the raucous energy of garage-rock and proto-punk with a heaping dose of psychedelic romanticism. A non-stop journey of cathartic thrills & calamitous spills of sensitivity.
First cut off of The Twistees debut record 'Pure Intention'.

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Neighbours - Steady     Garage, Punk, Indie, Rock 09/10/2019
Neighbours are a garage punk four piece hailing from Sydney's Inner West. Neighbours have been described as “X-Ray Spex with 90’s guitar” and the sound of “1983”.
‘Steady’ questions whether successful people eat the same breakfast everyday. Does wearing a uniform mask creativity or does it leave more space and time for it to flourish? Yoyo’s ponderings come from her own experiences living like a ‘yoyo’, chopping and changing, and traversing the ups and the downs. ‘Steady’ questions if that such a bad thing?

Flight To Dubai - Crycentennial Man     Garage, Rock, Alternative 04/10/2019
Sydney garage-rockers, Flight To Dubai dig up and reinvigorate the sound of 70s rock n roll with deep assertive baritone vocals, scathing guitar riffs and frenetic rhythm section.
Coming in at two and half minutes, the highly infectious and upbeat single ‘Crycentennial Man’ comes groove prepared. Equipping Devo-esque riffs and their signature baritone vocals this song showcases the detriment of stoicism in the wake of heartbreak.

Crocodylus - Motivation     Garage, Alternative, Indie, Rock 27/09/2019
Raucous Sydney trio Crocodylus finally reveal their fan-focused EP 'Enjoy' featuring focus track 'Motivation' out through The Chat's label Bargain Bin Records.
Crocodylus finally reveal their fan-focussed EP 'Enjoy' featuring focus track 'Motivation' out through The Chat's label Bargain Bin Records.

The seven-tracker will be released on vinyl and feature singles 'Ghosts' and 'Adrenaline' plus countless tempo changes, grunge-tinged riffs and driving beats, ‘Enjoy’s unifying theme is right there in the title: "it’s something for the fans, from us, the Crocs."

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Other tracks by Crocodylus:  Madagascar  -  Heartbeat
Slaughterhäus Surf Cult - Pure Trauma     Garage, Punk 20/09/2019
Interweaving post-punk and surf music, Slaughterhäus Surf Cult's blistering style of garage punk translates into theatrical and frenetic live shows and uncompromisingly energetic recordings.
Illuminating the dangerous side of a state so currently revered, 'Pure Trauma' serves as a reminder that dark thoughts tend to fester within this beautiful island. An interpretation of thought processes forever unknown, the song was written in response to a string of suicides that shocked the entire music scene and serves to highlight an emerging crisis within Launceston.

Other tracks by Slaughterhäus Surf Cult:  Written in Black  -  Bloodied Teeth
Brandon Jack & The Artifacts - Modern Day Distractions     Garage, Pop, Alternative 12/09/2019
Brandon Jack (of The Vitriots) has started a new side project, ‘Brandon Jack & The Artifacts’, inspired by the thought of Blur listening to Pavement.
‘Modern Day Distractions’ brings the sound of garage pop with their unique lo-fi sounds that will leave you craving more. This track is as if Holden Caulfield watched Breaking Bad. This is what he'd have to say. Influenced by the sound and sample production style of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ and inspired by the thought of Blur listening to Pavement.