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Split Feed - Homesick     Metal/Punk, Rock, Garage 15/10/2018
Split Feed are a four-piece punk band hailing from Newcastle. Drawing on the stylings of 90’s and early 00’s punk, Split Feed have delved into a heavier, more mature sound
With 90s and early 00s punk rock firmly in their foundations, the anthemic new single is demonstrates how the four-piece have masterfully expanded to new heights, developing into a more raw, mature and modern sound. Brash, bold, and caked in addictive melodies and riffs, 'Homesick' is undoubtedly a Newy chant, one that is an ode to broken friendships and relationships.

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Elesia Iimura - Mona Lisa     Hip Hop, RnB 26/09/2018
Born and raised in Australia, ELESIA iiMURA moved to Japan when she was she was 18-years-old. The seed her father planted, made her fall in love with the stage.
The message behind 'Mona Lisa' is don’t pretend to be something you're not, because the truth of the matter is we are all a Mona Lisa.

It also delivers the message that we all have the potential to be successful, we don’t need anyone else to reach that goal

Edward R. - Why Won't You Love Me?     Pop, Chill 13/09/2018
Edward R. is the chamber-pop project from Melbourne musician Geoffrey Roberts. His forthcoming new material showcases intricate, immersive, psychedelic pop that recalls Ariel Pink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
‘Why Won’t You Love Me’ is a 70s-inflected slow jam on heartbreak and loneliness.

FRITZ - Summer Holiday     Rock, Pop, Garage 04/09/2018
DIY-till-you-die Newcastle native FRITZ (Tilly Murphy) has turned heads nationwide with her bubbly blend of dream pop and fuzzy indie rock.
'Summer Holiday' touches on incredibly relatable teenage emotions. "It's about losing friends, a boyfriend, and inner confidence, consecutively," says FRITZ. "It’s very over dramatic and naive though, considering I’m only 18 and basically singing about how being dumped by my first boyfriend was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, when really it wasn’t.

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DIET. - Game Plan     Rock, Britpop 22/08/2018
Melbourne band DIET, have been taking the music industry by storm, playing sold our shows, before developing their Sundown EP. They will be performing at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND this September.
The song is about feeling hopeful about restoring a friendship or a relationship when it seems as though you’ve screwed up too much. The chorus is a call and response between two people, who feel differently about the future of their relationship:

Call: It’s no good
Response: We’ll get there soon.
Call: Still no good
Response: We’ll get there soon.

STUMPS - Conversation, Conversations     Rock 22/08/2018
STUMPS are a four-piece from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, dishing up a refreshing blend of Indie Rock & Brit Pop.
The chatter has begun. The pressure is on. STUMPS return with a punchy take on overheard interactions with 'Conversation, Conversations'. Inspired by throw-away conversations overheard in the current dating climate, the band has reflected on this accidental survey and transformed it into a lyrical stab at masculinity and the often pointless attempt people make at impressing others.

Edward R. - Paradise     Pop 15/08/2018
Edward R. is the past meets future persona of producer, writer, performer Geoffery Roberts. The Melbourne artist is one of the most versatile new voices in Australian indie-pop.
Paradise' is just the sun-drenched beginning of a new time and space for Edward R. who has spent the last two years refining his sound and playing around with different genres. Drenched in warm hues, it's driven by 60s chamber hooks, dreamy guitar riffs and lush production - with a lyrical reflection on one's hope to find their own nirvana.

DIET - Danny Boy     Rock, Britpop 09/08/2018
DIET are a 5 piece band from Melbourne who are taking the indie music scene by storm. They are just about to release their second EP.
Danny Boy goes hard in on the Brit-pop sound, chucking in some extra smooth guitar riffs and a synth hook that'll be stuck in your head for days.

It's jovial lyrics relay a passionate conversation between two siblings on an interstate phone call, adding to the feel-good vibes of this sunny stunner of a track.

KWAME - NO TIME     Hip Hop, Rap 09/08/2018
KWAME is a rapper, producer and writer from Western Sydney. His breakout single WOW led to him winning the triple j Unearthed Splendour comp. He is also playing BIGSOUND.
No Time is about breaking that cycle and finding balance in my own life. No Time is a more mature approach to inform somebody that things
can’t continue when you simply don’t have the time, when you need to work on yourself as a person, to grow
and understand life outside of a relationship.

Big Creature - Work     Funk/Soul, Rock, Electronic 31/07/2018
Electro pop funk powerhouse, BIG CREATURE, return with a fresh and full-of-life Double A release!
Having perfected their new sound, feature track 'WORK' is a delicious slice of funk that captures a Prince- like combination of guitar and synth stabs. The track also includes 80s drum samples and octave-layered vocals, this single is designed to get the body groovin'.

Other tracks by Big Creature:  ESC
TINY CASTLE - World     Rock, Industrial 25/07/2018
Tiny Castle, four-piece band from Brisbane, comprising of James Walker (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Will Rowles (Bass and Backing Vocals), Ben Goulter (Keys and Guitar) and Chris Trupp on Drums.
We all need some words of advice in our life, so checking out this rocking track is well worth the time. Its message is to forget about wishing the world would change and to quit outgoing energy on our perceived enemies or sources of negativity in our lives. "Don't change the world, there's still something good for us all".

Loston - Solitaire     Electronic, Experimental 20/07/2018
Loston made it to the forefront of electronic music, having had his music repped by heavy hitters at the world pinnacle music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Coachella.
While Mellor has collaborated with the likes of Ta-Ku and Nicole Millar, it's been four years since his debut, Loston embarked on a journey proving that electronic music doesn’t need to be disposable, throw-away beats designed purely for playlist success. The result includes today's release, 'Solitaire', within EP 'Echoes' described by Loston as being like 2018: A Space Odyssey'.

MERCHANT - War Cry     Electronic 20/07/2018
Electronic artist, Merchant, describes himself as a “rogue survivor of the sands of time”. Unknown origins but it’s clear that he's been influenced by the chorales of Nero and ZHU.
The EP’s closing track, ‘War Cry’, commences with an unnerving ambience, picking it right back up with heavy war drums and a clever curation of background sounds to accompany the overall theme.

Other tracks by MERCHANT:  Beyond the Walls  -  Creatures
Seaside - Golden Girl     Pop, Rock 04/07/2018
Seaside are a band of four from Byron Bay who make incredible expansive, flowing indie rock.
Released to a wide array of praise, 'Golden Girl' is a stellar mix of dream-pop and indie rock, a track which not only demonstrates SEASIDE's maturity, but their technicality and artistic talent as a whole

Shag Rock - Double Life     Pop, Rock 20/06/2018
From a mutual love of procrastination and arvo beers to amassing over five million streams and sold-out cross-continent performances - Shag Rock are not your average sunset brew.
Upon first listen, 'Double Life' might seem like a song about a failed relationship. Instead singer and guitarist Alex Wilson says it's about, "the internal battle of writing songs that feel original or songs you think everyone will like… it's about fueling your ego or not."

Jacob Lee - With You     Pop, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Chill 14/06/2018
Jacob Lee is a solo artist from the Gold Coast, known for his emotive lyricism, powerful melodies and mesmerising live shows.
Crafted from the hand of an artist well-versed in empathy, affection & compassion, ‘With You’ describes the sage advice Jacob hopes to one day provide his future daughter.

Kwame - WOW     Hip Hop 13/06/2018
Kwame is a 20-year-old writer, producer and artist who burst into 2018 with summer hip-hop anthem ‘WOW’, earning supports alongside heavyweights Migos, 6lack, Bliss n Eso and Peking Duk.
Kwame views WOW as having two faces. The first face sounds so confident and up-front, it’s kind of like that sense of euphoria you feel when you discover something that needs to be shared. On the other face of WOW is the return of confidence and self worth.

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Amastro - Inhibitions     Electronic, Dance 06/06/2018
The alias of electronic disc jockey and producer Angus Murphy, Amastro has a signature smooth production style, influenced by the likes of Hermitude, Flume and What So Not.
'Inhibitions' is a three-minute sonic journey born out of an enlightening meditation session at the recent Lost Paradise Festival. Amastro's signature electronic production hallmarks are present with interjecting spoken samples adding to the layering to create an immersive quality for the listener.

Fritz - Biggest Fool In The World     Rock, Pop, Garage 31/05/2018
DIY-till-you-die FRITZ is one of Newcastle's most promising young acts, blowing up with her bubby deam-pop style and her quirky on stage persona.
The song is about feeling obliged to go to social events in high school. Almost every time FRITZ would’ve rather been at home. It’s about how over dramatic your emotions can be in high school, that when one bad thing happens you feel like its the end of the world.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

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