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Mardi Lumsden - Fiore     Folk, Alternative 27/03/2020
Mardi Lumsden is an alt-folk singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. Her upcoming debut album, Hiatus, was recorded by husband Andrew Pennay in their home (a converted church).
The album's release is punctuated by the focus track 'Fiore,' written in an Italian summer and capturing both the messiness and the beauty of letting go of relationships. "It's about releasing your expectations and accepting that endings also mean new beginnings," Mardi explains.

Sunday - On A Wave     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 27/03/2020
Sunday is music drawn from the Californian desert, music that producer Aaron Shanahan has provoked from its rocks and rinsed from its open sky.
'On A Wave' features the juxtaposition of electronic beats with dreamy sounds and vocals that explore genuine and vulnerable emotions. It's inherently positive, upbeat and melodic: encouraging listeners to be swept away on a wave of joy and euphoria.

HANNI - Crazy     Pop 26/03/2020
HANNI (Hannah Schloman) is an 18-year-old, Brisbane based singer/songwriter. Her music style could be described as alternative pop and she gathers influence from artists like Sasha Sloan and Olivia O’Brien.
On 'Crazy' HANNI combines her alternative style with a poppy, catchy melody on a bright track about having an intense crush on someone. “Crazy is about liking someone for a long time, but because of timing, factors out of your control and outside influences you have never taken that next step.” Explains HANNI.

KYMIE - Drop It Down     Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/03/2020
Hailing from South Africa via Western Sydney, singer KYMIE channels powerfully woven, dynamic lyricism laced with ambition and flair.
‘Drop It Down’ expresses confidence and IDGAF energy over a playful trap instrumental produced by Kwame. The song states that if I’m investing time in you, you better come correct!
I am a woman of business who is confident - I most definitely don’t play around and if you behave accordingly best believe you’ll get the best of me!

PNK FME - You Never Said     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Soul 25/03/2020
PNK FME's mature and contemplative nature delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings.
‘You Never Said’ continues PNK FME’s story as the artist invites the listener into the destructive dissociation from an abusive relationship. Gnarled piano and distorted synths reflect how reckless actions can shatter a facade and reveal the true nature of an individual. The ultimate betrayal of trust drives tension as PNK FME’s vehement vocal display slices with unapologetic ferocity.

Chymes - GITY     Pop 27/02/2020
Australian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chymes delivers a unique brand of pop full of gentle lyrics alongside flirtatious poppy beats.
GITY is about trying to be everything for someone. Trying to show someone you can be there, look after them, give them whatever they need. And maybe it’s not the best thing.

Otiuh - One For Me     Hip Hop, Roots 27/02/2020
Otiuh, a spin on the Latin phrase for leisure time, is the Perth rap outfit made of childhood friends, Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker.
One For Me is the single up first. Love song about getting off of Tinder. Chorus heavy. Tight summer-like production and our first foray into singing. Short and sweet. Video will reflect this. Handheld camera style, lots of deadpan closeups in a beautiful garden.

Otiuh - One For Me     Hip Hop, Alternative 27/02/2020
Perth rap outfit made of Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker​. Two childhood friends deliver fierce flows over vibrant instrumentation that offers one of the more unique voices in the Australian.
These days when you’re single coming home a little tipsy there’s this near – instinctual urge to check your phone, get on the “swipe”, check who’s up & find some loving for the night, or the near future. While this has its highs, perks & freedoms I never realized how exhausting and unhealthy this can be.

DOLLY ZOOM - I Think You'd Know By Now     Rock, Psych, Pop 20/02/2020
DOLLY ZOOM is a psychedelic synth-pop 4 piece from Brisbane.
From the outset, I Think You’d Know By Now evokes retrospection, and a lingering sense of melancholy. DOLLY ZOOM’s individualized style of music is present from the first sounds of the synthesizer, blending psychedelia with progressive rock, in a uniquely tight ‘pop package’.

Teenage Dads - Adrenaline Rush     Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock 20/02/2020
Adrenaline Rush is about the head over heels feeling you might get for someone.
Adrenaline Rush is about the head over heels feeling you might get for someone, and the song goes into detail about how It can feel like something from a dream and completely change an identity.

Future Haunts - Jesus Tote Bag     Rock, Alternative 18/02/2020
Brisbane four-piece Future Haunts have released their anticipated second EP Rushmore - a middle finger to corporate, conservative views and a sonic challenge to the status quo.
This one’s about shedding your skin, thinking on your own two feet and letting go of indoctrination without fear or guilt. Religion’s got a lot to answer for and until it does I don’t want a bar of it.

Other tracks by Future Haunts:  Silence Is Golden  -  Slow Evolve
Love Drunk Hearts - Park The Cars     Indie, Rock 13/02/2020
Influenced by The Black Keys, The War on Drugs and Neil Young, Love Drunk Hearts combine these blues, rock and indie influences to create their own unique flare.
Encapsulating the desire to explore and experience environments outside the sanitised urban cityscape, ‘Park The Cars’ speaks on behalf of the beauty, complexity and unpredictability of life. Produced by HOLY HOLY’s Oscar Dawson, this large sound is a fitting combination of the four-piece’s tight instrumentation and driving vocals; all of which creates the perfect catch-cry for those yearning change.

MONATOMIC - Breathe     Pop, Indie, Alternative 07/02/2020
Steffan Lazar and Tarran Webster are childhood friends who grew up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Drastically varying in personal music tastes from garage rock to shiny pop.
Steffan Lazar and Tarran Webster have created a stripped-back, bittersweet ballad of unrequited love and a unique deviation from their current catalogue of pop tracks. 'Breathe' emanates emotional vulnerability and is inspired by Steffan's stream of consciousness and personal battles with mental health.

Stonefox - Lightning     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 04/02/2020
After 12 months in the studio Stonefox make a bold return in 2020 signed to Canadian electronic record label Seeking Blue (MrSuicideSheep) with a lush and melancholic new track 'Lightning'.
‘Lightning’ is illustrative of confrontation and betrayal as lead singer Jenna Russo explains: “This is the first time we have really evoked feelings of anger and betrayal through a song. Born out of a feeling of toxic jealousy. It is a powerful, demanding song, insistent on knowing how the person you once loved could lay next to someone else.”

Bruise Pristine - Tired Eyes     Alternative, Rock 30/01/2020
Bruise Pristine, comprised of Kate (guitar/vocals) Michelle (drums) and Theia (bass), revells in intrigues of the dark and vengeful. the band delivers grungy rock that harks back to the 90s.
With a moody bass-line, soft, grungy verses and a powerful chorus, Tired Eyes is a song about the dissonance that comes with having lots of ideas and ambitions but too little time or energy to see them through.

Ava Kaydo - Lucid     Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative 23/01/2020
Ava Kaydo are a indie rock trio from the central coast of Queensland, Australia. The band is set to release their debut single in January 2020.
The track explores the idea of lucid dreaming as a form of escapism from difficult emotions. "Our single ‘Lucid’ explores the concept of lucid dreaming and how its an escape from sh**ty emotions", explains Maddy Chalk.

Sunbather - Softly Spoken     Indie, Pop 17/01/2020
Sunbather sticks to strict parameters, using only guitars for texture, and experimenting with tones and layers to create their sound.
Inspired by the painting 'Twilight Conversation' by Ron Hicks, the song explores the small details that make up a life shared, and a reflection on the need to be gentle with and pay attention to one another.

Tara Simmons - Let's Go     Pop 17/01/2020
With a sound as playful, energetic and colourful as her personality, Tara Simmons leaves behind a mighty legacy and an extraordinary final offering with 'Show Me Spirit 'til the End'.
Playful, energetic and colourful 'til the end - just like herself - Tara Simmons' new single 'Let's Go' is a decisive, beautifully wonky electronic bop that moves in unexpected directions. The release marks the first anniversary since the Brisbane artist's passing and is made possible by a group of her musician and industry pals as well as family and friends.

Cloe Terare - Easy (Live Acoustic Version)     Pop, Indie 16/01/2020
Cloe Terare is creating new sounds in electronic pop/soul. Fusing elements of her influences Jessie Reyez, Lana Del Ray and H.E.R., Cloe harnesses dark emotional tones and reflective lyrics.
The track explores the progression of feelings in a relationship - from those awkward first moments around someone new to feeling blissfully at ease. ‘It’s about being with people who you really connect with and realising connections shouldn't be toxic or too painful.'

T$oko - Mood     Hip Hop 16/01/2020
Perth via Zimbabwe, emcee T$oko was destined to confute stigmas associated to impervious cultural restraints, and draw on profound exposure from his musically diversified household.
I wrote this on the plane to the funeral of my cousin. It just had me thinking I need to stay positive, in this game or in life generally, be it respect, money or love I will need to earn things. These are my own experiences and I have to stay in that mood.

Other tracks by T$oko:  Adobe feat. Robb James  -  T.I.M.E feat. Jamilla