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Sunscreen - Own Two Feet     Rock 23/08/2019
Born from garage in Sydney’s inner west, Sunscreen is a band making the ethereal indie rock of your dreams.
Sunscreen's Falling In An Elevator EP opens with an upbeat sense of anticipation and excitement with the bittersweet, 'Own Two Feet'

Other tracks by Sunscreen:  No Need  -  Co-exist
Elko Fields - I'm Only Human     Rock, Blues 22/08/2019
ELKO FIELDS is Kella Vee (guitar/vocals) – a female-fronted rock vessel crafting a cut-throat and unforgiving twist to dark blues and garage rock n’ roll.
‘I’m Only Human’ strikes with ELKO’s signature blend dark blues and garage rock n’ roll, made fresh with a surprising new twist of sensitivity and fragility throughout. The song showcases a melancholic side to ELKO FIELDS, particularly lyrically as she offers a peek into the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

Kymie - Can't Relate     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 22/08/2019
The R&B singer's show-stopping vocals channel the emotive spirit of soul, and when you combine that with heavier, club-catering production, it makes for a mesmerising concoction.
Unstoppable Sydney R&B powerhouse Kymie (pron. Kym-mie) today unveils new single and video, ‘Can’t Relate’. Powerfully woven, dynamic lyricism oozes from Kymie's latest offering, laced with trademark ambitious and assured flair. Produced by thatboykwame, 'Can't Relate' finds Kymie exploring the darker intricacies of her developed sonic stylings, with her commanding vocals at the forefront.

Nathan MT - Friendly Fire     Pop, Acoustic 22/08/2019
Blending folk and indie pop sensibilities to create his own brand of singer-songwriter bliss is Nathan MT, a looping and percussive guitar playing multi-instrumentalist out of Brisbane.
Authentic and carefully crafted, the track encapsulates the feeling of falling in love with a friend and following your heart regardless of the consequences. "I wanted to write a song that meant “I love you” without saying it. 'Friendly Fire' is about falling in love with your best friend - asking them to let you in, regardless of the risks."​

Shadow Jenkins - Wild     Pop, RnB 22/08/2019
Shadow Jenkins is a sonic experiment that has grown into a musical offering that brings captivating melodies, dreamy-pop synths and moody beats to listeners ears.
Alternative pop at its finest, 'Wild' masterfully bonds vintage tones with futuristic percussions, an engrossing combination which is only added to with their illuminating hooks and energetic grooves. Sonically inspired by a picturesque hike through the Swedish archipelagos, lyrically the track treks through heartfelt themes of love and loss, capturing naivety and turmoil of first love.

Babe Rainbow - Many Moons of Love     Pop, Psychedelic, Folk 21/08/2019
Byron Bay psychedelic pop band The Babe Rainbow
Many Moons of Love is an upbeat 70's revival. The song has soft vocals paired with upbeat acoustic strumming. The song is a classic example of psychedelic-pop and the dreaminess of their hometown Byron Bay.

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Hartway - Better (feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O)     Electronic, House, Jazz 16/08/2019
Adelaide/Melbourne duo Hartway are an exciting house and acid-jazz outfit bringing a fresh perspective to classic groove-based music.
Hartway waste no time, opening 'Better' with an immediate blast of infectious funk and signature sultry sax. A collaboration born out of Hartway’s desire to explore more analogue-driven writing, they recorded at ‘synth wizard’ Luke Million's own studio in Adelaide, utilizing the producer's rare vintage Multimoo. Seamlessly fusing elements of acid-jazz, house and nu-disco, the result is something truly unique.

Chris George Bancroft - Take Care     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 15/08/2019
Chris George Bancroft has always found comfort with a guitar, since his late teens and through all of his 20’s Chris has spent his time creatively contributing in various bands.
Take Care is a song about friendship and love. On the surface it’s about the type of friend that you care about so much you just want them to be happy and have everything they need. On a deeper level it’s about learning that it is possible to feel love for a person of the opposite sex that isn’t your partner.

Morgan Joanel - Buy A Little Time     Rock, Pop, Blues 13/08/2019
If Jim Morrison and Stevie Nicks ever had a love child, enter stage left, multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter & visual artist, Morgan Joanel.
Emotion comes first in ‘Buy a Little Time’ as Joanel's alluring vocals take the reins, complemented by surreal guitar riffs and enchanting drum loops. Teaming up with ARIA Award winning producer Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths) and Dave Parkin (Tired Lion, Abbe May), the track is rattled with a raw, soulful edge that tangles stirring harmonies and intriguing production.

Future Haunts - Fall In Line     Rock, Psychedelic 09/08/2019
Melding the cosmic studio journeying of The War on Drugs with the melodic immediacy of The Stone Roses, Future Haunts exist on the blurry edges of rock music.
in Ben Speight's words, "'Fall In Line' was written around the time lockout laws were being introduced in Sydney and Brisbane. The song's for all those who work hard to create and nurture a positive culture and to keep pushing on no matter what. The message behind the song is still just as relevant today."

Jake Carmody - Mamacita     Electronic, Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Growing to become one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting DJ/Producers, Jake Carmody has been consistently pushing the boundaries of dance music ever since he touched his first CDJ.
Jake Carmody’s influences shine bright through his upcoming release ‘Mamacita’. His process is a nod to Kanye West, Just Blaze, Timbaland and The Neptunes, “Making something new from something old is what inspires me,” Jake explains, “I'll make almost a whole track off samples from 10 different songs, then I take it all out and make my interpretation of that.”

Sunscreen - Think About You     Rock, Garage 09/08/2019
Born from garage in Sydney’s inner west, Sunscreen is a band making the ethereal indie rock ofyour dreams.
Propulsive and romantically-charged, 'Think About You' is "Sunscreen's love song", says vocalist and guitarist Sarah Sykes. "It's about thinking about someone all day. This song is reminiscent of all things new, bright, and exciting - the feeling when you just can't get close enough to someone", she continues.

The Jensens - Four Chambers     Rock, Psychedelic 09/08/2019
Returning with a new set of songs that delve into themes of isolation, anxiety, fear and control, The Jensens are venturing into new sonic territories.
Four Chambers is a celebration of flow. Ancient mythology and cutting-edge technologies all coexisting during a very strange and transitory period for humans. Old and new, emotion and logic, belief and science. The music on this track mirrors these ideas, encompassing elements of our sound both past and present. Like a big dirty guitar riff and a saxophone shaking hands.

Trace Decay - Passivity     Rock, Pop 09/08/2019
Trace Decay’s brand of melancholy pop is a blend of haunting spaces and melodic undertones. They specialise in sarcastic yet heartfelt lyricism mixed with retro synths and catchy guitar hooks.
‘Passivity is a track that was written about how easy it is to fall into passive mode and how it can make one feel trapped. He had developed a disdain for his humdrum pattern of day to day life. Passivity captures the inner workings of someone who has outgrown old patterns and seeks a new path.’

Tiny Castle - Composure     Rock 08/08/2019
Tiny Castle are an emerging four-piece band from Brisbane, with James Walker (Vocals and Guitar), Will Rowles (Bass and Vocals), Ben Goulter (Keys and Guitar) and Chris Trupp on Drums.
Sharp yet delicate, ‘Composure’ marks a new chapter for Tiny Castle, both in instrumentation and lyrically. Recognising the wrongs in their life and searching for a solution to make it out of the tough times, drummer Chris Trupp explains, “'Composure' isn’t a soundtrack for the down and out, but maybe a helping hand along the way.”

Split Feed - Trinkets     Rock, Punk 02/08/2019
Split Feed are a four-piece punk rock band that have supported As It Is (UK), The Living End, The Bennies, The Hard Aches, British India, The Rubens and Skegss.
A pertinent reminder of the band's ability to combine hard-hitting, infectious melodies with poignant lyricism, 'Trinkets' explores the curious power inanimate objects can hold as physical reminders of past relationships.

Split Feed - Trinkets     Rock, Punk 02/08/2019
Split Feed are a four-piece punk rock band hailing from Newcastle, one of Australia’s fastest growing music scenes.
A pertinent reminder of the band's ability to combine hard-hitting, infectious melodies with poignant lyricism, 'Trinkets' explores the curious power inanimate objects can hold as physical reminders of past relationships.

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Jbox - Detour     Electronic 25/07/2019
Lachy Gleeson is a 21 year old electronic musician & producer working under the alias Jbox.
Driven by it’s elegant string line, ‘Detour’ was originally created for a video game soundtrack, but was quickly adapted to be a Jbox original when the idea of pairing the two worlds came to pass. “It was a style I hadn't yet experimented with and I really enjoyed the process of creating this song,” Jbox explains.

The Buzzing Towers - Chasing The Sun     Rock 25/07/2019
From a sprawling range of backgrounds, cultures and musical stylings, Brisbane has spat out an offering of sonic proportions, “The Buzzing Towers”.
It's as if the clouds have parted to deliver ‘Chasing The Sun’,

Their no-nonsense sound wastes little time before breaking the mundane, with lead guitarist Nelly Kumta's searing riffs rivaling the best of ’90’s rock. Fierce drums and an anthemic chorus sustain the vigorous sonic rock punch, with each beat and chant carrying the gloom of the 9-5 grind away.

Willing - Hungry     Pop, Gay Alligned 25/07/2019
Willing is a beacon of pop ephemera. Willing brings electronic pop sensibilities and combines them with theatrical urgency, channeling Frank Ocean and Liza Minelli while staying authentic to themselves.
Willing are releasing their new single, Hungry, a horny trap-rock song about lusty nights at home alone. Mixed by rising star Luboku, 'Hungry' is a slow jam that will leave you ravenous for more. Willing’s sultry vocal and the throbbing 808s culminate in a guitar hero finale that is as nostalgic as a wet dream. Queer pop at it’s thirstiest.

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