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Jake Carmody - I'll Be Waiting     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 06/12/2019
Growing to become one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting DJ/Producers, Jake Carmody has been consistently pushing the boundaries of dance music ever since he touched his first CDJ.
Opening with smooth R&B vocals and mellow keys, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is instantly intriguing, leading the listener into a chasm of deep bass, fluttering synths and shuddering drums. The single is a sonic melting pot which tows the line between trap, future bass and hip-hop.

Benedict - Oh Fool     Pop, Alternative 27/11/2019
Melbourne singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Benedict emerges with triumphant debut single, 'Oh Fool'. Benedict's compelling first offering draws on elements of alt-pop, indie and world, showcasing the artist's powerful, soaring vocals.
Melbourne singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Benedict emerges with triumphant debut single, 'Oh Fool'.

Benedict's compelling first offering draws on elements of alt-pop, indie and world, showcasing the artist's powerful, soaring vocals.

Working closely with renowned Australian producer Dean Tuza (Stella Donnelly, The Rubens, These New South Whales, in Benedict's own words, 'Oh Fool' "represents transformation at its deepest."

Squidgenini - Trigger Me     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Pop 23/11/2019
Quickly establishing herself as a powerhouse producer and vocalist in 2016 with debut single 'Fire', followed by 'Alligator' and 'Watched By U', Squidgenini returns captivating new single, 'Trigger Me'.
The latest offering from the now Brisbane-based producer finds Squidgenini flexing her production and lyrical dexterity, melding her unique palette of alt-pop and R&B influences with assured ease. The track demonstrates the producer's ability to create multi-faceted sonic soundscapes with trademark smooth, sultry beats and ethereal vocals.

Oliver Tank - Look The Other Way     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Indie 22/11/2019
Known for mastering the art of heartfelt, vivid soundscapes with an electronic bent, Sydney producer Oliver Tank burst out of nowhere with his own brand of incredibly textural glitch pop
With moving and heartfelt character, and sentimental vocals, ‘Look The Other Way' is atmospheric and textural bliss.

"The song is about not looking at/addressing your own flaws or trying to hide your flaws from others. Saying things like ‘I’m sorry I’m like this’ when really it's ok to be ‘like this’ and you shouldn’t be sorry for it." - OT

Other tracks by Oliver Tank:  Just My Type feat. Fawn Meyers  -  Blame On Me
T$oko - S.O.S. ft. Jimmy Drones     Hip Hop 22/11/2019
Hailing from Harare Zimbabwe, T$oko was destined to confute stigmas associated to impervious cultural restraints and draw on profound exposure from his musically diversified household.
A powerful introduction to the EP, ‘S.O.S.’ aka 'Summer On Smash' is bold, raw and unashamedly T$oko. Driven by booming 808s, sharp trap percussions and a glossy, undulating vocal sample courtesy of producer Super Miles, T$oko and his fellow Tone Youth group member Jimmy Drones share tight correlating verses which highlight the importance of friendship and having a good time.

The Small Press - 8 Bit Summer     Indie, Punk, Pop 22/11/2019
The Small Press are a pop-punk band who have been relentlessly gigging through Sydney and surrounding areas since their formation in May 2017, honing their bombastic and dynamic live performance
‘8 Bit Summer’ is a scorcher which boasts gritty guitar lines and an addictive melody. Contrasting with the lively instrumental, lyrically the track is about a terrible relationship, the emotions during, and the aftermath.

Other tracks by The Small Press:  Remona  -  This Is Falling
Bronte Public Housing - Sleepyhead     Indie, Alternative, Psych 21/11/2019
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Bronte Public Housing channel singer/songwriter vibes into a nostalgic Indie Rock blend. By Jimmy Heathwood, lead singer and writer of Rock outfit Hiaground.
The perfect soundtrack to a day at the beach or a lazy Sunday in, Bronte Public Housing’s debut single ‘Sleepyhead’ is easy, breezy, and the epitome of Summer.

A cool blend of indie rock and psych pop, the dreamy and peppy instrumental drifts effortlessly, with the sentimental lyrics and irresistibly cheery melodies echoing those feel-good, hazy mornings.

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Hattie Oates - BAD     Pop, Alternative 15/11/2019
At only 16, Hattie Oates is one to watch. Her exquisite groove and tone is unique and personal, with a soul way beyond her years.
A daring progression from her last bright, acoustically driven tracks, ‘BAD’ opts for dark synth driven textures and moody, electronic drum patterns. Still delivering her signature vibrant soul, Hattie’s soothing melodies and picturesque harmonies glide seamlessly over the blossoming instrumental.

Angus Brill Reed - Cutting Corners     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Pop, Indie 13/11/2019
’m 15, live in Adelaide, South Australia and love all things music.
Focussed on positive lyrics, infectious melody and fresh production, Angus is blending his musical origins into accessible and unpretentious music which connects with and relates to his audience.

Chymes - Sleepless     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 08/11/2019
Australian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chymes delivers a unique brand of electronic-pop full of intimate lyrics juxtaposed with playful, flirtatious beats.
The latest slice of glistening electronic-pop from the Central Coast singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Chymes' 'Sleepless' signals a new era for the project. A meeting of lush, multidimensional production and trademark diaphanous vocals, 'Sleepless' traces the shifting dynamic of a platonic and not-so-platonic relationship.

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RENNAN - Crisis     Hip Hop, Alternative 08/11/2019
RENNAN is an independent alternative hip-hop artist from suburban Sydney, Australia.
Introspective and honest, RENNAN speaks about his journey with mental health, taking listeners through his thoughts and feelings whilst never dropping a ball on his energetic flow and sharp cadence.

Ruby Gilbert - Slave     Roots, Blues, Country, Rock 07/11/2019
Ruby Gilbert, the Brisbane-based songstress is an old soul, and Gympie Muster talent winner.Raw and heart-breaking, her voice evokes an old-time feel, while her lyrics are both strange and endearing.
Slave is about working at a bad fast food job, being a slave to the man and wanting to quit. Ruby Gilbert's latest single is a Vintage Blues/Rock n Roll feel with a modern spin.

Chela - Delivery     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 06/11/2019
Originally from Western Australia, Chela is an Australian/Filipino artist who has demonstrated a keen taste for 80s electro-pop that digs into a rainbow hook, but hits the earth hard.
The optimistic title-track and opening of Chela's new EP 'Delivery' serves as a love letter to an imaginary future lover.

Other tracks by Chela:  Spirit Rich
Hey Baby! - Love and Drugs     Punk, Garage, Rock 01/11/2019
Hey Baby! Are a surf punk/garage band from Brisbane who have toured and lit up the stage with the likes of Press Club, Crocodylus, The Pretty Littles, Coolboys
The first glimpse of their second EP, ‘Love and Drugs’ is full throttle from the get-go. Gritty guitar riffs and fierce drums crash without hesitation, a reminder that this was made for the mosh. Previously compared to the likes of Dune Rats and Skegss, their fast paced surf punk ferocity is matched with an array of infectious melodies.

Galleri - Seasons     Indie, Folk, Rock 31/10/2019
Forster based five-piece Galleri, have drawn on life experiences to create genre-defying tracks that are dripping with authenticity and reflect the band's playful nature.
Warm and vivid storytelling, paired with a joyous vibrance and infectious musical tone, ‘Seasons’ is a mesmerising leap into Galleri’s exciting new musical chapter. A combination of folk, indie rock and blues, the track builds from its stripped back intro into the lively electronic chorus, driven by pearling guitar riffs, and earthy melodies.

Glasshouse - Pulp     Indie, Rock, Alternative, Punk 25/10/2019
Birthed out of their EP release plastic in June 2018, Sunshine Coast four piece, glasshouse bring a new refreshing taste to late 80's/90's alt-rock nostalgia.
An ode to 'the one', turned wedding vows three years later, Sunshine Coast's glasshouse and their new release ‘pulp’ is a heartfelt rock anthem undoubtedly made for the mosh. Paired with the announcement of their biggest tour yet, interstate and local fans alike can look forward to seeing the four-piece tear it up across the East Coast in December.

BOO Seeka - Moonlight Run     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, Alternative, Soul 24/10/2019
Electro-soul duo, Boo Seeka, melds pulsating synth sounds with sultry, sweet vocals which create a sound as smooth as hot fudge chocolate on a soft serve.
An ode to the magic of the witching hour, The song is a celebration of those spontaneous nights when everything is as it should be. 'Moonlight Run is meant to replicate the feeling of excitement when its 12am, you're with your mates, and you can just feel its going to be a great night.' he says.

Chakra Efendi - Morphine     Indie, Rock, Alternative 24/10/2019
Chakra Efendi grew up between two worlds. Taking inspiration from both their ex-radio DJ mum’s love for post punk and their dad’s EDM/hip hop obsession.
Aged 17 living in Brisbane and studying at university, attempting to cope with the sudden change of lifestyle from a small town high school to the assimilation within a bigger world, my friends and I would find solace in escapism rather than facing our issues.

Other tracks by Chakra Efendi:  Body by the Water
Colie - Half Of What You Are     Folk, Indie, Roots, Rock 24/10/2019
Colie is a project from North Queensland Singer-Songwriter & co-founder of Neighbourhood Sessions and Neck Of The Woods Music Festival, Nicole Cross.
A lover of storytelling, Colie expresses honest vulnerability in her new track, as she opens up about growing up as a fraternal twin in regional far north Queensland. Colie's lamenting vocals sail over the lyrical guitar chords as she portrays resignation with her status when compared to her brother.

Drop Legs - Windows Down     Hip Hop, Roots, Rock, R&B 17/10/2019
Drop Legs bring the party with their vibe lifting blend of surf rock, hip hop and reggae. Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia,
Known for their infectious blend of roots, rap and rock, ‘Windows Down’ sees the group exploring hip-hop and R&B tinted sounds. A combination of two different soundscapes, the chorus injects fast funk inspired flutters and melodies, while the verses calms things down and make way for smooth raps from frontman Ham.