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China Tiger - Belly Button     Rock, Alternative, Psych 10/10/2019
Born of a desire to create something that feels completely new, fresh, exciting and energetic, China Tiger boldly fuses punk, pop, psychedelia and rock.
Sydney four-piece China Tiger emerge with captivating debut offering, 'Belly Button' and announce first live shows.

Encouraging listeners to take a look inward while questioning the societal structures that govern our lives, their message is propelled by a unique blend of indie rock and alternative pop, tinged with psychedelia.

Dad's Fastest Swimmers - Scream My Name     Pop, Indie 10/10/2019
Dad’s Fastest Swimmers is a collective of amateur swimmers and somehow even more amateur musicians.
A pool of slick guitar riffs, sharp piano hits and striking basslines, ‘Scream My Name’ is a vivid glimpse into the group’s indie-pop talents. Paired with an array of addicting harmonies, singer Lucky delves into the uncertainties of modern relationships and the mixed emotions one can face.

Joaquin Lees - Nights     Pop, Alternative 03/10/2019
Joaquin Lees is an electronic pop project consisting of singer/songwriter Roy Gordon and producer Daniel Hill.
Driven by it's lush sonic flowerbed, singer Roy Gordon's soothing vocals glide throughout, creating the perfect sense of euphoria to ease into. Inviting listeners to unwind and mute the voices of their inner demons, Roy opens up about his own mental issues, encouraging others to show support and comfort to those who might need it.

MARLOE. - Ruminate     Pop, Alternative 03/10/2019
MARLOE. is a young independent artist who combines splashes of electronica with lush, soaring vocals and beat-driven melodies.
"‘Ruminate’ is about the emotional and physical reaction your body has when you start to fall for someone. It’s about that connection you create when a person goes from being a total stranger, to someone you want to know every single thing about," MARLOE. explains.

EVIE - For You I Would     Indie, Rock, Pop 27/09/2019
With her own take on pop and alternative music, EVIE stretches the boundaries of genre and rewrites her sprightly experiences to a collection of impactful melodies and chiming guitars lines.
A tender take on lost love, EVIE’s self confidence refuses to dwell in the negativity. “The song was written with a heavy heart but shows the optimism found in these hard decisions and the confidence that is gained from moving forward,” EVIE explains.

Shag Rock - Old School Lover     Indie, Rock 24/09/2019
Shag Rock are a sunbleached indie surf-pop 4-piece based in Brisbane, who have plenty to smile about!
Shining with it’s groove-driven riffs, upbeat vivacity, and contagious harmonies, ‘Old School Lover’ reminds listeners of the one that got away, but reassures you of the light at the end of the tunnel with that classic “Shaggers” optimism.

Creature Fear - Makeup     Rock, Alternative, Pop 20/09/2019
The uplifting slice of 60s-imbued bright rock finds the five-piece band Creature Fear embracing their uninhibited selves.
An uplifting slice of 60s-imbued garage rock, 'Makeup' finds the five-piece embracing their uninhibited selves. The galvanizing latest offering is, in Cameron Graham's own words, "about feeling suppressed but experiencing an awakening that gives you an urge to want to portray yourself true to who you are.”, featuring Graham's distinct honeyed croon.

Fiction Writer - Hiding From Nothing Now     Alternative, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/09/2019
Gideon Bensen is the mastermind of new outfit FICTION WRITER - squished guitars, sizzling hats and belting drums mince through a propulsive sound.
While 'Hiding from Nothing Now' doesn't fall short from being an infectious upbeat new-wave rock melody, it also carries a message that is close to his heart. The track was written after having a sit down conversation with his 96 year-old grandfather. The message is simple, be tenacious, and with enough fight you just might succeed.

Gavver - True     Hip Hop 19/09/2019
Born in San Francisco, Gavver is a hip hop musician based in the Inner West eager to bring the love of hip hop as seen in the USA to Australia.
'True' is a bold change of pace from his 2018 debut EP Why Not;  the offering reached over 25,000 global streams without any major playlist backing. Showcasing his ability to seamlessly jump between summertime party starters and introspective slow burners, the EP highlighted Gavver's unique voice and saw praise from the likes of triple j Unearthed and FBi Radio

ELKO FIELDS - The Lever     Rock, Alternative 13/09/2019
Loud, proud, and unapologetically raw, Brisbane's ELKO FIELDS harnesses a huge blend of dark blues and garage rock.
Radiating both a fiery resilience alongside an honest fragility, the track offers her take on the fragility of life and the inevitability of death; an optimistic outlook as opposed to grim.

Other tracks by ELKO FIELDS:  No Thrills
Hazel Mei - It Is(n't) Real     Indie 12/09/2019
Hazel Mei is embracing the rich tapestry that is modern music, creating her own sound filled with poetic lyrics, moody tones and a jazzy twist.
Beautifully eclectic, cozy, and quaint, 'It Is(n't) Real' eases listeners into an introspective depiction of  Hazel's inner struggles. Contrasting the soothing, jazz-tinted underlay, Hazel harnesses a raw expression of vulnerability, lamenting on freeing her mind from the insecurity which affects her ability to admire the beauty of her surroundings.

Mode Atlanta - Don't Bother Me     Indie, Pop, Rock 12/09/2019
Mode Atlanta are a three-piece indie pop and rock act hailing from sunny Brisbane Queensland. They inventively and effectively blend concise, 60's- style melodies with a 90's-style instrumental approach.
Launching at Brisbane's The Yamaha gig night later this month, 'Don't Bother Me' features an assortment of Mode Atlanta's signature catchy guitar riffs and lively harmonies. Driven by an upbeat backbeat and accented with a healthy hint of 90s nostalgia, the energy of this indie bop is undeniable. Short, sweet, and carefree, 'Don't Bother Me' is a positive spin on the underlying theme of voluntary isolation from general troubles.

Sunscreen - Own Two Feet     Rock 23/08/2019
Born from garage in Sydney’s inner west, Sunscreen is a band making the ethereal indie rock of your dreams.
Sunscreen's Falling In An Elevator EP opens with an upbeat sense of anticipation and excitement with the bittersweet, 'Own Two Feet'

Other tracks by Sunscreen:  No Need  -  Co-exist
Elko Fields - I'm Only Human     Rock, Blues 22/08/2019
ELKO FIELDS is Kella Vee (guitar/vocals) – a female-fronted rock vessel crafting a cut-throat and unforgiving twist to dark blues and garage rock n’ roll.
‘I’m Only Human’ strikes with ELKO’s signature blend dark blues and garage rock n’ roll, made fresh with a surprising new twist of sensitivity and fragility throughout. The song showcases a melancholic side to ELKO FIELDS, particularly lyrically as she offers a peek into the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

Kymie - Can't Relate     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 22/08/2019
The R&B singer's show-stopping vocals channel the emotive spirit of soul, and when you combine that with heavier, club-catering production, it makes for a mesmerising concoction.
Unstoppable Sydney R&B powerhouse Kymie (pron. Kym-mie) today unveils new single and video, ‘Can’t Relate’. Powerfully woven, dynamic lyricism oozes from Kymie's latest offering, laced with trademark ambitious and assured flair. Produced by thatboykwame, 'Can't Relate' finds Kymie exploring the darker intricacies of her developed sonic stylings, with her commanding vocals at the forefront.

Nathan MT - Friendly Fire     Pop, Acoustic 22/08/2019
Blending folk and indie pop sensibilities to create his own brand of singer-songwriter bliss is Nathan MT, a looping and percussive guitar playing multi-instrumentalist out of Brisbane.
Authentic and carefully crafted, the track encapsulates the feeling of falling in love with a friend and following your heart regardless of the consequences. "I wanted to write a song that meant “I love you” without saying it. 'Friendly Fire' is about falling in love with your best friend - asking them to let you in, regardless of the risks."​

Shadow Jenkins - Wild     Pop, RnB 22/08/2019
Shadow Jenkins is a sonic experiment that has grown into a musical offering that brings captivating melodies, dreamy-pop synths and moody beats to listeners ears.
Alternative pop at its finest, 'Wild' masterfully bonds vintage tones with futuristic percussions, an engrossing combination which is only added to with their illuminating hooks and energetic grooves. Sonically inspired by a picturesque hike through the Swedish archipelagos, lyrically the track treks through heartfelt themes of love and loss, capturing naivety and turmoil of first love.

Babe Rainbow - Many Moons of Love     Pop, Psychedelic, Folk 21/08/2019
Byron Bay psychedelic pop band The Babe Rainbow
Many Moons of Love is an upbeat 70's revival. The song has soft vocals paired with upbeat acoustic strumming. The song is a classic example of psychedelic-pop and the dreaminess of their hometown Byron Bay.

Watch video

Hartway - Better (feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O)     Electronic, House, Jazz 16/08/2019
Adelaide/Melbourne duo Hartway are an exciting house and acid-jazz outfit bringing a fresh perspective to classic groove-based music.
Hartway waste no time, opening 'Better' with an immediate blast of infectious funk and signature sultry sax. A collaboration born out of Hartway’s desire to explore more analogue-driven writing, they recorded at ‘synth wizard’ Luke Million's own studio in Adelaide, utilizing the producer's rare vintage Multimoo. Seamlessly fusing elements of acid-jazz, house and nu-disco, the result is something truly unique.

Chris George Bancroft - Take Care     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 15/08/2019
Chris George Bancroft has always found comfort with a guitar, since his late teens and through all of his 20’s Chris has spent his time creatively contributing in various bands.
Take Care is a song about friendship and love. On the surface it’s about the type of friend that you care about so much you just want them to be happy and have everything they need. On a deeper level it’s about learning that it is possible to feel love for a person of the opposite sex that isn’t your partner.