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Chong Ali - Yeah Bruss     Hip Hop 21/02/2019
Chong Ali is a Vietnamese Australian Indie Rapper from Brisbane, Australia.
Chong Ali rises to the next level with bouncy upbeat track, blending the infectious melody with clever delivery of rhythmic vernacular and infectious flow, this single successfully explodes in the right direction/ ‘Yeah Bruss’ is an ode for the under represented voices for Brisbane’s southside suburbs that exists as a results of housing generations of immigrants and refugees.

Concrete Surfers - My Life On Repeat     Rock, Garage, Punk 14/02/2019
The CONCRETE SURFERS are a four-piece garage-fuzz band from Brisbane.
Grappling with “being stuck in a routine – and becoming unsure of what direction to take moving forward in life," 'My Life on Repeat' is an explosion of fuzz and frenetic fretwork.

Patrick James - UP     Pop, RnB, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 08/02/2019
Patrick James is an honest and true songsmith with an innate flair for soft acoustics, stirring harmonies and a heavy-hearted lyric.
‘UP’ is a smooth piano driven anthem about maturity and letting go of the past - all while plucking at heartstrings along the way.

Colibrium - Capture     Rock, Rock 06/02/2019
Ascending from the sleepy suburbs of Adelaide Australia, Colibrium are bringing the world their own brand of modern rock music, with a truly individual sound.
This song talks about how often the music itself is forgotten in the pursuit of progress. Our real reason for doing what we do is because we love the music, and it often pains us to see that it comes second to a pursuit of "glory" in some cases. Real joy comes from the notes and chords we play.

Emily Coulston - Follow You     Pop, Chill, Soul 31/01/2019
Emily Coulston is a young singer-songwriter-producer from Edmonton, Canada, now based in Australia.
This song is about surrender. It’s about free-falling into the unknown. It reflects the intensity and struggle for her as an artist beginning this journey. The intimidatingly high hurdles of self-doubt and fear inevitably show up and makes you question how much you’re willing to trust in yourself and the journey. This song is saying, “okay, I’m all in.”

Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers - Roaches     Rock, Rockabilly 25/01/2019
Five dickheads from Melbourne's real Wild West. Best enjoyed with a hot dart in one hand whilst knocking the top off a cold one in the other.
Dillon Melita, the vocalist, was at Bells Beach one morning and the sand was crawling with cockroaches. His nightmare became a reality. Dillon got home and called his band up to jam, they were messing around and playing doom metal and the rest was history.

Other tracks by Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers:  Down
Phil Hancock - H8U     Pop, Electronic 11/01/2019
Phil Hancock is a singer/producer from Brisbane whose ambient, future-pop is an artistic cut above the rest.
Influenced by a year of pain following an inevitable breakup, ‘H8U’ is an ambient, future-pop journey, blending dreamy melodies and smooth piano tones with powerful and melancholic lyrics of growth and heartbreak. A compelling and honest narrative, the Australian songwriter channels “the darkness and self-loathing that follows the end of a relationship” to form this touching, ‘sad banger’.

Kwame - CLOUDS     Hip Hop, Rap 30/11/2018
Kwame is an emcee and producer from Western Sydney breaking the mould like none other. Kwame dominated the Australian hip-hop scene this year, and he’s not backing down yet.
'CLOUDS' is a slick track about the self realisation of the worth and purpose you have in this world, Kwame explains. "As humans we’re not being taught about this, some find it narcissistic. I find that believing and loving yourself is so important, especially living in a world where you can be easily shut down and broken."

MARCO - Running     Pop, Electronic 29/11/2018
Marco, is an enigmatic 17 year old musician from Brisbane, Australia who releases alternative/indie/pop music. Marco has always had a vision to create music and share it with the world.
Brooding a nuance to the loveliest of qualities, MARCO's 'Running' leaves a charming message reminding the listener “to live in the moment and not stress about the the future, to work with what you have around you and the people you have around you.”

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People Luminous - Garms     Hip Hop 17/11/2018
People Luminous (PL) are an east coast collective of creative individuals with a new vision for the evolution of music and culture in Australia.
Challenging the status quo, 'Garms' sees the group dropping bars about designer clothing and street aesthetics with a melodic hook, lucid vocal delivery and competent lyricism. A ruthless statement and call to the music scene that the collective is ready to be heard, 'Garms' is a thumping hip-hop track, produced by key member Matt Gray.

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CRUM - TV Housemates     Metal/Punk, Rock 09/11/2018
Formed in a garage, Gold Coast based trio of dips CRUM deliver dynamic and powerful punk infused rock music.
The six track EP is packed with an array of dark and scowling anthems, opening with the high octane singles ‘TV Housemates’ and ‘Temporary’. Influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Violent Soho and Silverchair, Waster is a fierce combination of punk rock, alternative rock and grunge elements, which nods to these 90s and 00s heros alongside Crum's own contemporary twist.

Other tracks by CRUM:  Temporary  -  Starving Me
Alana Wilkinson - Closer     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Easy Listening 08/11/2018
Equal parts vulnerable folk singer and vitriolic pop-punk poet, Melbourne artist Alana Wilkinson is turning heads with a string of high profile shows showcasing her humour and insightful social commentary.
‘Closer’ is about navigating the grey area of falling in love. That strange little two-person bubble of big, giddy feeling that no one wants to talk about in case it blows the party candle out. This is my interpretation of how it feels to be in this space – full of clumsy oversharing, skippy steps and nervy wee’s.

The Jensens - Coma     Rock, Atmospheric 08/11/2018
The Jensens were formed out of a deep friendship and a desire to make great music that pleases the ear and touches the soul. Continuously searching for the new sound.
Coma was written when we knew what we had to do as a band but things kept getting in the way. Recording this song was actually the first step in the right direction.

We’ve used a lot of things we didn’t have last time we were in the studio and we’ve engineered it entirely ourselves, which we haven't done before.

FINFELIX - Haunted     Electronic, Pop 25/10/2018
FINFELIX is a Melbourne based musician/producer/DJ whose music is a blend of down tempo electronica, pop and vintage house.
Lyrically, Haunted is about a state of emotional limbo that manifests from ones inability to fully express their emotions. This song speaks to that feeling of emotional uncertainty that manifests from not knowing what the other is thinking.

KYMIE - Needs     Hip Hop, RnB 25/10/2018
Kymie is an artist from Western Sydney whose vocal stylings have caught the attention of such acts as B-Wise, Kwame and Ja Rule.
This trap inspired sound kicks off with a slow burning, unmissable groove. Kymie’s bold and confident voice enters 15 seconds in, setting the scene to tell a safeguarding and empowering anthem in form of a self talk, “I’m what you need” a message aimed to females, taking lead by example from a fellow female on inner strength and self-assured security.

SAATSUMA - Big Burner     Electronic, Dance, Soul 19/10/2018
SAATSUMA is the collaboration between Melbourne based producers and composers Memphis LK & César Rodrigues.
‘Big Burner’ is the first single following the release of SAATSUMA's acclaimed debut album ‘Overflow’, which encapsulated the pair's finesse and lyrical dexterity. In this offering, the duo build on their sound, introducing a refined and controlled approach to their writing and production.‘Big Burner’ compares the effects of burnout against the desire to be the best at what you do.

Powloh - Animal     Electronic, RnB, Hip Hop 18/10/2018
Best known for his alias Mikey HUNJ, as well as being the DJ behind Australian rapper Allday, Powloh today marks a fresh chapter from Melbourne's producer and DJ Paulo Latuga.
'Animal' explores the concept of having everything you need and fighting the human and animalistic inclination of wanting more. "It's about being pulled toward a darker more dangerous place, but then in turn pulling the people you're close to along with you because it doesn't seem so bad once you're in", says Powloh.

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Split Feed - Homesick     Metal/Punk, Rock, Garage 15/10/2018
Split Feed are a four-piece punk band hailing from Newcastle. Drawing on the stylings of 90’s and early 00’s punk, Split Feed have delved into a heavier, more mature sound
With 90s and early 00s punk rock firmly in their foundations, the anthemic new single is demonstrates how the four-piece have masterfully expanded to new heights, developing into a more raw, mature and modern sound. Brash, bold, and caked in addictive melodies and riffs, 'Homesick' is undoubtedly a Newy chant, one that is an ode to broken friendships and relationships.

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Elesia Iimura - Mona Lisa     Hip Hop, RnB 26/09/2018
Born and raised in Australia, ELESIA iiMURA moved to Japan when she was she was 18-years-old. The seed her father planted, made her fall in love with the stage.
The message behind 'Mona Lisa' is don’t pretend to be something you're not, because the truth of the matter is we are all a Mona Lisa.

It also delivers the message that we all have the potential to be successful, we don’t need anyone else to reach that goal

Edward R. - Why Won't You Love Me?     Pop, Chill 13/09/2018
Edward R. is the chamber-pop project from Melbourne musician Geoffrey Roberts. His forthcoming new material showcases intricate, immersive, psychedelic pop that recalls Ariel Pink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
‘Why Won’t You Love Me’ is a 70s-inflected slow jam on heartbreak and loneliness.