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FIction Writer - Shooting Up My Spine     Rock 18/04/2019
Sydney-based outfit Fiction Writer takes squished guitars, sizzling hats and belting drums and mince them through a propulsive sound.
Fiction Writer frontman Gideon Bensen co-produced 'Shooting Up My Spine' with Wade Keighran (Polish Club/Wolf & Cub).Inspired by the sounds of Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above, alongside an undercurrent of 90’s British trip hop, Fiction Writer meld Bensen’s distinctive, crooning vocals over the top of a melting pot of soundscapes.

Tall Teeth - Stale Makeup     Pop, Folk, Chill 18/04/2019
Brooding, ethereal and brutally personal, Tall Teeth’s delicate instrumentation soundtracks a confronting, emotive reflection of internal conflict that is equal parts haunting as it is alluring.
"''Stale Makeup' explores the idea of coming back to an empty canvas, living and breathing a period of time much more colourful than the last," Tall Teeth explains, "The story of the song started because the road had become more defined, yet the potentials and challenges of the journey were not to be overlooked."

RUBY - Two Lost Souls     Pop, Folk 12/04/2019
Bondi based singer-songwriter Ruby has a love for storytelling through music with honest lyrics and raw emotion.
Inspired by an encounter with a couple who seemed madly in love, Ruby was fascinated by the beauty that was amongst the mess. 'Two Lost Souls' is a song for everyone staggering through life. It's a song about wanting to save the ones you love that keep tripping in the dark. It's about saving yourself," Ruby explains.

Dan Howls - King Si     Rock, Blues 11/04/2019
Dan Howls is an appropriate name for an artist with such a bellowing roar. Big, gritty and acidic, it is a voice that belongs to the blues.
‘King Si’ is Dans second taste of his second upcoming album. Recorded at Rada studios by Matt Gio (Producer of Abbe Mays – Fruit and WAM award winner of “Best producer of 2018') it's a dark story of a fabled king played out through a fuzzy, distorted, slick tone of swampy electric guitars, big drums and incredulous vocals.

Future Haunts - Weather Vane     Rock 11/04/2019
Melding the cosmic studio journeying of The War on Drugs with the melodic immediacy of The Stone Roses, Future Haunts exist on the blurry edges of rock music.
Self-recorded at Plutonium Studios and mixed by Miro Mackie (St. Vincent, DZ Deathrays, Hatchie), 'Weather Vane', resonates with Future Haunts' natural sound but further pushes the boundaries they've explored on past releases. An atmospheric indie-rock track detailed with contrasting and layered guitar melodies, it sees the boys carve together imposing harmonies with competent instrumentation.

Ladia - Leave Me Stranded     Pop, Electronic 11/04/2019
Australia’s Ladia is an introspective, soulful singer/songwriter known for her electronic pop sound. Ladia brims with quiet confidence to serve her own unique concoction; blending silky vocals with addictive melodies.
Ladia returns with her smooth new single, ‘Leave Me Stranded’, a fresh serving of grooving melancholy that perfectly infuses elements of RNB and up-beat pop. The song sees Ladia open up on a period where she felt “stranded”. Under its cool exterior the track explores the darkness of Ladia's past, feeling left behind by the one she loves most.

Ragged - Song X     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Hip Hop 11/04/2019
Ragged brings together five band members with various musical influences, culminating in an eclectic yet cohesive sound. Their soulful melodies float seamlessly over skanking rhythms, complimented by infectious riffs.
‘Song X’ is the newest single off Ragged’s debut album “Love in Your Hands”. The song is an exhibition of the how band members’ diverse, individual styles amalgamate to create their Ragged sound.

Other tracks by Ragged:  Love Is In Your Hands
Future Haunts - Weather Vane     Rock 10/04/2019
Future Haunts are a group that exist on the blurry edges of rock music. Their songs are malleable; tonal excursions where textured guitars dissolve into fuzzy freakouts above driving backbones.
Future Haunts new song ‘Weather Vane’ was self-recorded at Plutonium Studios, before being mixed by Miro Mackie (St. Vincent, Hatchie, DZ Deathrays). It’s feels like both a natural progression and huge leap forward for the band. An exercise in atmosphere, the dexterous guitar layers swirl under taut melodies grappling with the realities and responsibilities of modern life.

Alana Wilkinson - Partner In Crime     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening 09/04/2019
Equal parts vulnerable folk singer and vitriolic pop-punk poet Melbourne artist Alana Wilkinson is turning heads with a string of high profile shows showcasing her humour and insightful social commentary.
‘Partner In Crime’ is a poignant and moving tale of adventures with Alana's childhood bestie, Amy, capturing the spirit and carefree nature of growing up in the Melbourne burbs. ’Partner In Crime’ is sure to build on the reputation for whimsical, funny and brilliantly executed words, music and visuals that Alana has established.

Drop Legs - Witness the Eucalyptus     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Hip Hop 09/04/2019
Byron Bay band Drop Legs have attracted a frothy following with their energetic live performances and fusion of Heavy reggae, dub, punk and Hip Hop.
‘Witness the Eucalyptus’ is about “our material connection and obsession with devices, absorbing us into a sometimes shallow and plastic world – blinding us to the beauty that surrounds”. The song comes from Ham (vocalist) teaching/performing music with Ngarluma and Yinjibanrdi people of Roebourne, WA. He was amazed by the local culture and the connection with land and spiritual world.

Oh Boy - Talk To M333     Pop, RnB, Electronic 05/04/2019
With an eye for style and an even stronger conviction for creating moving soundscapes, Oh Boy is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most sought after and talked about producers.
‘Talk to M333 (feat. Oordaya & LOVER.)’ marks one of Oh Boy’s favourite musical journeys from his upcoming EP,. Oh Boy enlisted help from friends Golden Vessel, Tasker, BLESSED with vocals from LOVER. and french singer Oordaya. “The amount of people involved who are all beautiful friends of mine reminded me of how amazing and important collaboration is,” he says.

DVNA - Looking Like A Snack     Pop, Soul, RnB 28/03/2019
DVNA, a sassy, bold and intriguing project inspired by a determination to single handedly fulfil her greatest musical desires through her own production.
"Looking Like a Snack tells a tale of a one-sided flame re-igniting for a past love that was once taken for granted. With inspirations like Lilly Allen, Mallrat and Frank Ocean -absolute lyrical connoisseurs- I found myself flexing on quirky word play throughout the track. Finding words that say I want you back, but not really saying it."

First Beige - Details     Funk/Soul, Rock, Psychedelic 28/03/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, First Beige draws upon driving disco grooves, sweeping synths and irresistible vocal hooks to craft a full bodied sonic spectacular guaranteed to get any crowd grooving.
‘Details’ is about the importance of one’s perspective on their life, sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in thinking about your lifetime as a whole rather than a path. It’s about accepting that everyone’s going to have a different way they want to live their life so do what want to do and stand tall.

Lauren. - Move That     Hip Hop, Rap 21/03/2019
Hailing from Sydney, The Bodega Collective rap queen Lauren. has been making steady moves behind the scenes, elevating the Sydney hip-hop scene one bar and heavy 808 at a time.
Despite the track's hard-hitting lyricism, 'Move That' was born from a moment of vulnerability. In Lauren.'s own words, "I was going through a moment when I felt I was loosing my strength at the time of making this song so I made this anthem for not only myself but anyone feeling the same way", she says.

tomtom - Better Know Better     Rock 20/03/2019
'tomtom' is songwriter-producer and musical all rounder William Tom. His background ranges from singing opera to african drumming. Now tomtom has returned to the 90s alt-rock of his childhood.
Better Know Better is about cognitive dissonance, holding opposing views or beliefs at the same time, or acting in ways that contradict the things you are thinking or feeling. The song is about knowing what the “good” decision is, but being torn between actually acting that way or leaning into a bad decision that seems to have a stronger sway.

STUMPS - Your Old Man     Rock, Pop 15/03/2019
STUMPS are a four-piece act from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, dishing up a refreshing blend of Indie and British Pop.
Typically boisterous Sydney indie-rock four-piece STUMPS take things down a notch with their earnest new single 'Your Old Man'. This latest single allows STUMPS to reveal an earnestly solemn, introspective side to their sonic stylings, slowing the tempo to deliver a heartfelt tone and lyrically-focused track.

Blyolk - Dogspeed     Pop, Rock, Electronic 14/03/2019
blyolk (pronounced ‘bloke’) is the brainchild of 21 year old Melbourne producer/songwriter Sebastian Chesney whose music fuses psychedelia, gritty rhythms and a warped pop aesthetic.
Warped pop powerhouse Blyolk returns with dynamic new single 'Dogspeed'. Yet again delivering a boundary-pushing track that warps aspects of pop, psychedelic and electronic, 'Dogspeed' sees Melbourne-based producer and songwriter Blyolk (pronounced 'bloke') explore a darker angle compared to his usual artistic pop tone. Lo-fi and hi-fi textures are woven through interspersed samples and dusky synth-style guitar effects to convey the brooding energy. 

Patrick James - What We're Fighting For     Pop 14/03/2019
With his husky vocals, self-deprecating charm and story-telling chops Patrick James is one to keep a close eye on.
'What We're Fighting For' is a truthful, beautiful alternative-pop melody that focuses on "being mid 20’s, trying to find your way in an expensive city and at the same time keeping a healthy and functioning relationship AND at the same time staying mentally right". James combines smooth production and catchy beats on this track.

Plotz - Baby Shakes     Rock, Pop, Garage, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
The exciting new project that combines pop, garage, psychedelia with rock to make a really nice audible smoothie.
Melbourne five-piece Plotz make return with exuberant new bop 'Baby Shakes'. Twinkling, lo-fi guitars and sweetly melancholic lyricism combine in this story of making the best of unfortunate circumstances. In Yonatan Rotem's own words, 'Baby Shakes' was written "in a fairly dark period with the idea of lightening up my own mood, and trying to see things in a more balanced way."

The Jensens - Mount Mura     Rock 07/03/2019
Eclectic, Indie, Art Rock Fusion. The Jensens are a 5 piece Brisbane band pushing the boundaries. Their fresh, reinvigorated sound melds funk, disco, indie and alt rock elements.
Solidifying their wildly futuristic sound, this is the second release from The Jensens upcoming EP. Melding funk, disco, indie and alt rock elements, driven by a chorus of woozy harmonies, pulsating bass lines and slick guitar riffs. While musically upbeat, lyrically the track follows a darker, more introspective mood.