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GRID Series

GRID (Grass Roots Indie Development) is an artist development program supporting emerging musicians around Australia and strengthening communities through music.

GRID provides musicians from outer suburban areas with one-on-one mentoring with Australia's most successful managers, song development with established songwriters, track production and video content to help artists from under-served communities get the kick start they need to move their career forward

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GRID Series

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Chris Neto - Bitter Beer, Sweet Wine     Folk, Psychedelic, Alternative Country 12/06/2019
Compared to Tim Buckley, but with enough restraint to conjure shades of Cohen and Marlon Williams, Neto invites you in to a world of drizzly wonderment and dark, urban beauty
Spoftly spoken word qives way to croony torment in the first few seconds of Bitter Beer and Sweet Wine. Neto has an unusual stream of consciousness lyrical flow that he uses to great effect ; his vocals whinnying and soaring like a tormented Tim Buckley but with enough restraint here to even conjure shades of Cohen and Marlon Williams.

Clarissa Mei - Woman     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 12/06/2019
Clarissa Mei is a 22 year old songwriter and producer, born and raised in Western Sydney. Clarissa has debuted her new sound at The Plot Festival and Secret Garden Festival
Clarissa’s Woman opens with a spicily defiant criticism of the patriarchy. “A man’s world is what we’re living in .... Who do you think you are to make me feel lesser than you?!” . Clarissa has a staunch vocal depth and strength. Her phrasing is a focus point. It’s effortless and commanding on Woman.

hygge - Blind Faith     Pop, Electronic, Gay Alligned 12/06/2019
hygge is a Sydney-based duo comprising of Kris, a singer-songwriter and Lem, a multi-instrumentalist producer, who share a vision of music as honest and raw creative expression
Hygge’s debut release Blind Faith is pure pop glory, reminiscent of deliciously effeminate trailblazers Ricky Lee Jones and Belinda Carlisle. Hygge’s vocals are replete with velvety harmonies and perfectly understated synth; a combination that works to great effect when a surprisingly sparse EDM rhythm section kicks in and completes the package.

Srisha - Euphoria     Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic 12/06/2019
Emerging hip-hop queen, Srisha spits fire and fury, challenging systemic issues in society
Starting as a delicatly, embracing the ambient lull of droning tampura, synth and tabla, heralds the punch of dirty guitars and a formidable rhythm section that hooks firmly into the pocket. Droning sitar on Srisha’s debut single Euphoria draw memories of Talib Kweli and electronic heavyweights Fourtet before shattering the reverie and soars flawlessly into a formidable freestyling talent.