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GRID Series

GRID (Grass Roots Indie Development) is an artist development program supporting emerging musicians around Australia and strengthening communities through music.

GRID provides musicians from outer suburban areas with one-on-one mentoring with Australia's most successful managers, song development with established songwriters, track production and video content to help artists from under-served communities get the kick start they need to move their career forward

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GRID Series

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ELAURA - KINGDOM     Jazz, Soul, Pop, Indie 29/11/2019
ELAURA, is a Chilean/Australian songstress that calls the green forest of Gembrook her home. She sings of identity, self awareness, love and how to find a place in the world.
The crystalline arrow of ELAURA’s voice shoots straight and true, proving yet another powerful and unique vocal weapon in the arsenal of Melbourne neo-soul scene. There’s a cool and delightfully healing quality to ELAURA’s harmonies and an overall levitational force. The clip of the beat and the cocoon of the keys is perfectly produced, and spotlights her stellar vocals.

Jacki Tut - Good For Now     Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz 29/11/2019
Jacki Tut is a South-Sudanese Australian artist from deep in Melbourne’s South-East. Moving through RnB, Soul and Hip-Hop to cultivate her sound, Jacki draws inspiration from navigating young adulthood.
Tut’s vocal style is fluid, she makes it seem so easy but the kick to her lyrical delivery at times draws a line in the sand and warning us not to fuck with her. Good For Now is compelling and Tut’s rich vocals, while easily reminiscent of the likes of Solange and NoName, are entirely her own.

Lil Sriracha - Arky     Hip Hop, R&B, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
As a first generation female Vietnamese-Australian, Mimi is determined to be a fresh face in the Melbourne music scene! Blending genres of trap, hip hop and RnB, she brings energy!
Subversive, wisecracking and slightly twisted, Lil Sriracha has that certain something that cuts through the noise and makes you pay attention on first listen. The hard, rasping beats courtesy of Ecca Vandal and Kid Not’s production add to the intensity, making for a track that completely interrupts you. There’s a lot to like about this smart mouthed no bullshit freestyler.

Manny Lado - Broken Promises     Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
21 Year old, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter from Geelong.
Hypnotic, resonant keys open Broken Promises and give way to some super hard, crisp bass. When they hit, Lado’s velvet vocals and flawless delivery find me surprised he hasn’t already been producing songs of this calibre for a good 20 years. Broken Promises boasts a watertight production collaboration with Ecca Vandal and Kid Not.

CRY BABY - Happy Song     Punk, Rock, Soul, Garage 24/10/2019
CRY BABY is a 6-piece band, influenced by soul, punk and doom. The band rides on riff-driven guitar lines and tasteful rhythmic patterns, marrying electrifying horn parts with goddess-like vocals.
CRYBABY are a grunge-soul band hailing from a back shed in Geelong. With inspiration from soul, blues, funk and punk this band is one that will keep surprising.

Their debut release “A Happy Song”, produced by Anna Laverty, sees vocalist Brianna Dahlstrom soar into action, backed by a Mr Bungle-esque sound, featuring abrasive guitar, horns and a mean rhythm section.

Hvsh - About You     Soul, Pop 24/10/2019
Unstoppable new voice in R&B and soul music, Hvsh will make you think your listening to D’Angelo or The Soulquarians. As he walks long and twisted path of multi-faceted complexity.
His debut release “About You”, produced by Oscar Dawson is a steamy late night jam then will hit you in all the good spots.

KrookLetter - Wagwarm     Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae / Dub 24/10/2019
Polynesian radical, gifted the ghetto to build a foundation, but offered the world if he worked for it.
KrookLetter’s smooth-as-honey vocals juxtapose the ferocity of his lyrics, telling stories of life growing up in South Auckland. Working with producers Russell Fawcus and Ariel Blum “Wagarn” hits an up-beat afrobeats tip and celebrates rising up against hardship and struggle “from the ghetto to the islands”.

Nomad - Destined     Hip Hop 24/10/2019
Damon Paraha (A.K.A. Nomad) is an APRA award-winning, rapper/poet of Maori & Samoan descent.His biggest influences are J. Cole, Jay-Z and Kanye West.
Working with producers Iconicbeats and Joelistics, “Destined” is a defiant throw down against “a system that was never really working”, continuing Nomad’s efforts in inspiring Pasifika youth to chase their artistic dreams. The track’s climax is a letter Nomad wrote to his new born child, closing out the track with a profound statement of empowerment.

Titan Debirioun - Cheques and Balances     Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/10/2019
Social-activist, Rapper and Music curator Titan Debirioun, is Melbourne hip hop artist, producing fierce boom-bap and trap offerings.
Titan's new offering, “Cheques and Balances” (produced Wiz Aiden and Joelistics) brings the boom-bap fire once more, taking aim at media representation of African Youth.

Ag Johnson - Beauty Within     Pop, Soul 23/10/2019
Ag Johnson is a South Sudanese independent singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
Produced by Oscar Dawson and with a guest appearance from fellow GRID Series artist, Nomad, “Beauty Within” tackles ideas of identity, visibility, beauty and self- love. With the key hook of the song “the complexion of my skin, doesn’t determine what’s within, Ag’s bravery and bold strength as a songwriter and activist is evident immediately.

Mac- Eleven - Money, More Problems     Hip Hop 23/10/2019
South Sudanese rapper Mac-Eleven’s debut release “Money More Problems” highlights the struggle of negotiating life in Australia with the pressures from family and friends back home in Sudan.
Haling from South Sudan and calling Melbourne home, Mac-Eleven’s ability to paint two distinct worlds in his track is profound, highlighting the problems that come with the perception of “living the good life” all the while struggling to combat the day to day problems as they come up.

Produced by Russell Fawcus and Ariel Blum

Niasha - Respect My Space     Soul, R&B, Dance, Hip Hop 23/10/2019
NIASHA is the true definition of dynamites come in small packages! Singer, songwriter and spoken word poet, this Zimbabwean-born soul performeris fast becoming a staple in Melbourne soul scene.
“Respect My Space” (produced by Anna Laverty and Ariel Blum) nods towards early 00’s RnB, with a strong smattering of Afrobeats. Coinciding with this release, Niasha will be performing at Lost Lands Festival 2019. The track is one of 8 to come out of of GRID Series Deep West 2019, an artist development program for musicians from outer suburban areas.

Bellamore - You Got It     Pop, R&B 20/09/2019
Bellamore’s music touches on topics so relevant to the youth of today; resilience, emotional struggles, staying positive amongst negativity, family problems, facing your fears and many more.
As sparse rhythmic hand claps and flute synth soars in the opener to Bellamore’s You Got It… you could be forgiven for thinking this is a track from electronic ambient icons Boards of Canada. That is, until her punchy double tracked vocals saunter in. Santigold vocal comparisons aside, Bellamores’ lyrics are particularly timely.

Betr In Black - Love You Later     Hip Hop, R&B, Pop 20/09/2019
Based in Perth, Betr In Black has a loveable laconic, quintessentially Australian, and at times self deprecating approach to free styling.
Better In Black has a loveable laconic, quintessentially Australian, and at times self-deprecating approach to free styling. Its softness is endearing and his vocal gymnastics manage to move into surprisingly athletic territory - all the while in keeping with the lackadaisical vibe, guitar licks almost sounding like a ukulele and the drummer using flam to great effect.

Flewnt - Children of the Files     Hip Hop, R&B 20/09/2019
Flewent is a Koreng Noongar rapper from the South WA.
The bent loop of the synth opening in Children of The Files and subsequent trap beat is an appropriate platform for Flewnt - a truly formidable freestyling force. Files tell a story about the first generation of Noongah people to thrive after the stolen generation. It’s a poignant exploration of grief and renewal.

Tina Muzondo - Midnight     Pop, Soul 20/09/2019
Tina Muzondo is a Zimbabwean born songstress with big dreams and butter smooth vocals. Tina was raised in a gospel centric household.
Tina Muzondo’s vocals have a delicious husky quality, there’s an air of Betty Davis in there, but in a totally re-envisioned way. Midnight takes us back to that sweet spot in the 90’s, when the summertime R&B groove had integrity and held all the sweetest elements of soul vocals and locked- in- the- pocket rhythms.

Chong Ali - Laughing Buddha     Hip Hop 10/07/2019
Chong Ali is a Vietnamese Australian Rapper from Brisbane. Playing stages including Bigsound, Woodford Folk Festival ‘Stylin’ Up Festival’ and ‘BrisAsia’, Chong has earnt the reputation as a dynamic lMC
There’s a satiating richness to every element of Laughing Buddha, with instrumentation morphing through traditional Vietnamese folk song samples to staccato synths, crisp production and Ali’s unmistakable left hook verbal delivery. Swelling bass makes for a dark as batman mix, while he literally roars across the top of it, somehow without sounding forced.

Jade Not Jane - Nothing Like This Feeling     Pop 10/07/2019
Introducing Jade Not Jane, a Brisbane based songwriter who combines intimate story telling with unforgettable melodies and vocal.
As the first bar opens, an unassuming acoustic guitar wedges through deep drums and leads to a crescendo you don’t quite expect to whack you with so much gusto from the outset. Jade has the kind of triumphantly crystal clear voice that demands your attention, the perfect foil to her drop of the beat and gorgeous hand click reverb.

Katherine Waria - Love Isn't     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Pop 10/07/2019
A proud Woppaburra and Badu Island woman, Katherine Waria is a singer songwriter whose eclectic pop sound is anchored in RnB, Soul and intimate story telling.
Love Isn’t is a succinct and striking composition from proud Woppaburra and Badu Island vocalist Katherine Waria. Voice modulation and poppy playful electronic drums edge Love Isn’t into a beautifully balanced arrangement, which unashamedly nods to muses like Ashanti and Tynisha Kelly.

Syrup - Collision Course     Pop, Britpop, Experimental, Psychedelic 10/07/2019
Syrup is a Brisbane duo comprising multi instrumentalist Harry Pratt and vocalist/guitarist Henry Anderson. Drawing from artists like The Cure and Talking Heads, Syrup's sound is both fresh and nostalgic.
Such is the perfect balance they strike that it’s also delightfully difficult to pigeonhole their sound. Harry Pratt’s warped out synths coupled with Harry Anderson’s vocals, which are reminiscent of Elbow’s Guy Garvey, lift Collisions Course straight into serious pop-hook territory.Anderson’s vocals ground Pratt’s synth mastery, deeply embedding the two in a luminescent melodic foundation.