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Jack and The Kids - Television Hero     Rock, Pop 03/07/2018
Jack And The Kids are a four-piece outfit writing music centered on emotive & contemplative context. Blending rock, indie/pop, the Bendigo band couple enticing rhythms and ambience with soaring guitars.
'Television Hero' focusses on the svelte guitar interplay of cascading and glistening electricity. The band weave together a tangram of kinship and musical prowess, highlighting their years together as a band. Trading visionaries and adding weight to the already off-centre balancing act of progressive indie-rock, 'Television Hero' is an enticing, transpiring journey of winding atmospherics.

Blaire - Smiling     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Experimental 13/04/2018
From humble beginnings as a solo moniker, to a now more audacious and conscious project, Blaire, from the Gold Coast, takes shoegaze to fretful, punk-washed new grounds.
'Smiling' isn't so much a reformation from what we heard earlier in the year, so much as a distillation in both sound and texture. It's relentless but manages pathos anyway and a sense of unrest. It takes the best parts of shoegaze and makes them even more abundant and central.

Machine Club - Wise Up     Electronic, Rock, Experimental 17/03/2018
Machine Club is the culmination of blood, sweat and tears. Imposing a stratagem of music diversification, Machine Club is music you can dance to with a razor sharp edge.
'Wise Up' is maximalist electronica—it doesn't stay complacent in its greater musical context. Deep, mesmerising dance beats and synth arpeggiations underpin a raw, niche passion from the artist. It's music to dance to with thought woven into its lyrics—music of this moniker has never sounded so real and foreboding.

YT DiNGO - Shipwrecked     Rock, Hip Hop, Experimental, Roots 14/03/2018
YT DiNGO is the personification of blood, sweat and tears. This music and dance hybrid project, spawned from Travers Ross, encapsulates sounds, movement and feeling in its rawest form.
YT DiNGO is as much a visual project as it is audio. The video for 'Shipwrecked' was directed by Melbournite Claudia Sangiorgi Delimore. It pairs YT DiNGO's raw emotional transgression from their music to a carefully crafted and beautifully shot moving art piece.

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Blaire - Youth     Rock, Garage, Experimental 01/02/2018
Blaire takes shoegaze to fretful new grounds. Declaring a pretence of punk-washed ambience, Blaire, a three-piece, is a visceral and aural new experience hailing from the Gold Coast.
Eschewing an explosion of isolated garage-influenced trembles, 'Youth' is simultaneously minimal and maximal. Swatted and sweltering in deepened guitar tones, Blaire's shoegaze dichotomy remains complacent amongst the budding pop sensibilities.

DiskoDisco - The Darkest Magic     Electronic, Dance 15/09/2017
The Darkest Magic, the lead single from DiskoDisco's debut EP introduces listeners to even more experimental synthesis from the local synthwave artist we've grown to enjoy.
A journey through baseline arpeggiation, 80's lead synths and good times.

Swim Season - Collide     Rock, Pop 16/08/2017
Burning the midnight oil since 2014 with a impressive slew of singles, Melbourne quintet Swim Season are primed to set the world alight with their greatest, most resolute track to date.
Swim Season's ability to delivery emotion through achingly beautiful and patient instrumentation allows the band's signer, James Seymour, to innately blossom a feeling of escapism. On 'Collide', Seymour ignites as the delicate music soon become high intensity—resulting in an explosion of wistful indie-rock imbalance.

Slowcoaching - Pillars of Salt     Rock, Psychedelic 10/06/2017
From his computer chair to the live stage, Slowcoaching, the solo moniker for Dean Valentino, has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vivid.
‘Pillars Of Salt’ explores tales of exploration and self-assessment; a minor result from becoming engulfed in documentaries about the natural world.


Electric Zebra - I Blink     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 24/05/2017
Electric Zebra are a punk band from the Gold Coast. Since their first show in 2014, the band has toured relentlessly and released their debut studio recording, "Ambition" EP.
'I Blink' forms a distinct bond to Electric Zebra's contemporaries such as Violent Soho and British India–alt-punk craftsmen whose hearts bleed on every second of their tunes. They form a conflicting of hook-filled angst and harrowing, powerful singalongs on 'I Blink'.


Klubknight - BOT     Electronic, Experimental 04/05/2017
Formed from the attempted remains to create their own event, Klubknight came together through the passion and obscurity to defy contemporary electronic genres. Klubknight are the finest production duo to assault your senses.
Having only released one video in 2016, the boys are excited to return to the dance music scene with 'BOT' and talk of a follow up single in the very near future. Prepare your dance floors.

Idiio - One Night     Electronic, Atmospheric 31/03/2017
Raised in Christchurch, New Zealand and now residing on the Gold Coast, Australia, Idiio are known for their passion towards music. They strive to create emotion through music.
‘One Night’ is a calling from a higher energy that touches on a relationship that you are pouring your heart and soul into.

DiskoDisco - Inspector Clive     Electronic, Dance, Retro 10/03/2017
Life In Synthesis since 1982
Opening with echoed out punchy drums, Inspector Clive has that familiar DiskoDisco twang with arpeggiated synths and rich bass line a dance floor filler straight out of 1981

DiskoDisco - Syntax Error     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 12/01/2017
Life in synthesis since 1982.
Driving home with a heavy bassline, 'Syntax Error' is a brutal return to retro, Hollywood Hills-inspired synthwave. With a familiar sound akin to a Kurt Russell film, 'Syntax Error' will have you wearing your cut-off sleeve Santa Cruz shirt whilst preparing your uzi complimented by your soft-top Jeep.

Borneo - Hold Me in the River     Rock, Garage 09/12/2016
Borneo are a gang of conscious-rockers blending sounds that remind you of Mental As Anything having a cup of tea with Devo on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
The song is a tale of left and right and the influence our parents have on us with our core beliefs. There's also an alien in there named "Zook" looking down thinking, 'These cretins are insane! They're killing each and every being they have! - Nick Colbey, bass player

Ivey - Last Week     Rock, Pop 25/11/2016
Ivey craft indie-pop that's primed for dance floor shenanigans. Tightening the screws since 2013, the Gold Coast quartet exude boundless charisma and magnetism with their music.
Highly infectious and executed so effortlessly, 'Last Week' is a massive, mature leap in terms of resonance for the group. Once again produced by George Carpenter (Waxhead, Jimmy the Saint & the Sinners, Karl S. Williams), acts as a quip to anyone who's fallen in love in mere hours.

Wren Klauf - Spellbound     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Garage 25/11/2016
Wren Klauf is the alluring, collaborative musical / visual project brought together in 2014. Beginning as a solo venture, the concept's design slowly developed into something quite audacious and colourful.
Throughout the track there are discussions of the beauty and complexity of sunsets and what surrounds, love and friendship, perception and undeniable, unexplainable experiences.

Yes Sir Noceur - Turn To Fire (feat. Aquila Young)     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 28/09/2016
With a charismatic tendency to refute genres and definitions, Yes Sir Noceur have developed a cult-like following of music lovers enamoured by the band's Zeppelin-esque riffs and surf-infused, psychedelic rock.
As the rolling drums and whirring guitars take flight, a journey of epic proportions takes form. Both Aquila Young's and lead singer Marc Cowie's vocals shine through and crescendos for an all-out psych explosion on 'Turn To Fire'.

Idiio - Holding Me Back     Electronic, Soul, Experimental 16/09/2016
Raised in Christchurch, New Zealand and now residing on the Gold Coast, Australia, Idiio are known for their passion towards music. They strive to create emotion through music around people.
Beginning with a slow, rich arpeggiating bass line, 'Holding Me Back' effortlessly builds its pace to the track's woozy slow jam feel. Idiio take you on a calming, yet frightening, journey through their version of electronica.

Ivey - All Things Good     Pop, Rock 24/06/2016
Fresh faced, born and bred to take on adventures, Gold Coast's Ivey have been charming the pants off music fans and critics alike since 2013. Ivey are the voice of this generation.
Building on the warm familiarity of previous single, 'Smell of Smoke' but also daring to tread new grounds, 'All Things Good' both sways and wallops with its charming delivery of honest lyrics that embed in your brain. 'All Things Good' was recorded with the helping hand of producer extraordinaire Konstantin Kersting at Brisbane's Airlock Studios.

Slowcoaching - Night Fiction     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental, Chill 01/06/2016
​Armed with a newly minted name and ever so slightly cynical outlook on international copyright claims, Melbourne man Slowcoaching (formerly Slowcoach) has been at work producing new single 'Night Fiction'.
Constructed in a perfect dream-pop atmosphere, 'Night Fiction' pairs sweeping melodies and transcendental instrumentation to produce a track that’s another brilliantly measured step forward for Slowcoaching (better known to his parents as Dean Valentino).