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Future Popes

Future Popes

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Lazertits - Boss Bitch     Pop, Rock, Punk 03/11/2016
Lazertits filter feminist theory, social commentary and general intellectual bad-assery into music that Australia, in 2016 doesn’t just want, but needs
Hammering triumphant call-and-response lines about women in power over droning fuzzed-guitar and a confidently chugging rhythm section, “Boss Bitch” is a catchy and serrated tongue-in-cheek anthem for all those pant-suit wearing 'nasty women'; for all those 'hysterical' ladies; for all those 'intimidating' women who speak their minds.

Laura Imbruglia - Tricks     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 18/09/2018
Australian songwriter Laura Imbruglia's been releasing records since the early noughties. She's covered a range of genres, released three albums, played almost every corner of Australia + pockets of Europe
“Tricks” is about the feeling you get when you can’t be certain what you’re seeing/hearing is the real thing. It’s about the efforts people go to to present an untrue image of themselves, their loved ones, or a situation they’re in." - Laura Imbruglia

Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna - Style'n w/ Ease     Pop, Easy Listening, Psychedelic 20/02/2017
Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna is the woozy psych-pop musical project of Jimmy Chang.
'Style'n w/ Ease' is Jimmy Chang's typical night out; a hazy, laid back slice of psych-pop.

Jess Cornelius - No Difference     Rock, Folk 22/02/2019
Jess Cornelius (Teeth & Tongue), returns with her new single, “No Difference”. The new project under her own name, features material that is more stripped back, personal and lyrically direct.
“No Difference” was written in Melbourne before moving to Los Angeles while trying to navigate everything going on in her life, the song is part self-help mantra, part blind fatalism. Its video, directed by Thomas Hyland, was filmed in a bathroom in Melbourne and features friends and acquaintances of Cornelius.

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HoT To RoT - Kindred     Rock, Garage, Punk 26/06/2018
HoT To RoT meld post-punk and disco to create furious yet playful garage rock that can take you from your bedroom to the dance floor
The first single, Kindred, is the first song the band wrote together and charts the strange feeling of interacting with someone who used to be your person and who is now... just another person.

Hollow Everdaze - Still Ticking     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 11/10/2016
Drenched in reverbed lushness, Hollow Everdaze have been reimagining psychedelic pop since they began in 2007, in their small town hometown of Bacchus Marsh in Western Victoria.
“Still Ticking” combines distorted guitar hooks and sighing strings with blissful electronics and heady jam-outs, it's sweetly catchy, yet quietly adventurous; housing vivid contrasts of glistening brightness and rainy-day gloom.

Hideous Sun Demon - Oscillate     Rock, Punk, Garage, Psychedelic 22/06/2016
The four-piece of Fremantle’s Hideous Sun Demon have already built their reputation as a formidable live band.
"Oscillate" is a tense, potent dose of rocking jangle, bathing in dark undertones

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Rock Act, Best Single - Oscillate, Most Popular Live Act, Most Popular Music Video - Cul De Sac Vision

Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)
Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Hideous Sun Demon:  Bad Girl
Hello Satellites - Hello Lover     Pop, Easy Listening 11/05/2017
ex-Two Bright Lakes musical project, Hello Satellites return with a new catalogue of work. They create euphoric and at times melancholic folk, with pop sensibilities.
Hello Lover is mellowed down pop.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

Other tracks by Hello Satellites:  Blindness
Harmony - Fatal Flaw     Rock, Blues, Atmospheric, Grunge 05/04/2018
Melbourne's HARMONY have awoken from a deep slumber and come bearing new music; announcing their new single, "Fatal Flaw"; their first since 2014's Carpetbombing.
'Fatal Flaw' is glorious hi-fidelity, recorded in a community hall and refined to diamond life.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

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Other tracks by Harmony:  Daisy Cutter
Going Swimming - Your Sister     Rock, Garage, Punk 21/04/2015
Scuzzy DIY punks, Going Swimming are 4 mates from Melbourne with a love of punchy bass lines, surf-beat drums and snarling melodies.
Your Sister delivers rock ‘n’ roll music with an eye toward the dirty south, prompting visions of garage legends like King Khan & BBQ Show or early era Black Lips, while decidedly forging their own sonic pathways.

Going Swimming - Together (To Get Her)     Rock, Punk, Garage 02/12/2015
Going Swimming is a scuzzy DIY punk band from Melbourne
“Together (To Get Her)” is a story of romantic debauchery.

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Other tracks by Going Swimming:  Them Shakes
Going Swimming - Debt Collector     Rock, Pop 30/09/2016
Going Swimming are a four-piece surf-rock outfit out of Melbourne
"Debt Collector' follows on from 2015's debut LP 'Deadtime Stories', transporting guitar jangles, assertively revved up percussion, boogie-friendly bass breakdowns, topped with disarmingly charming coos, it's hard not to find "Debt Collector" jammed in the brain, well after the song has ended.

Freya Josephine Hollick - Tough As A Sundried Dead Man's Skin     Folk, Country 04/07/2017
Hailing from Victoria’s goldfields, striking in her rhinestone-studded, suede suits and worn leatherboots, Freya Josephine Hollick is as charming as she's talented, her voice as strong as it is fragile.
A track of resilience, as a woman in the music industry with rockin' fiddle, pedal steel badassery and Freya's trademark twangy, irresistible voice.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Female, Best Regional Act

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Other tracks by Freya Josephine Hollick:  Silver Water  -  Turtle Dove
Freya Josephine Hollick - A Man Is The Water     Country, Folk 21/10/2016
The music of Freya Josephine Hollick distils the nostalgic sounds of a damned and grand century into a bold retelling of country music.
“A Man Is The Water” is a hypnotic introduction to the delicate and meandering soundscape cultivated by Hollick, it’s “an ironic love song about the reliability of men I have found myself entangled with” explains Hollick, inspired by early blues songs.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Female, Best Regional Act, Best Country Album 'The Unceremonious Junking of Me'

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Other tracks by Freya Josephine Hollick:  My Sleepin' Body  -  Saccharine
Fourteen Nights At Sea - Vale     Rock, Ambience, Instrumental 05/11/2015
Fourteen Nights At Sea are far from any industry buzz, but firmly set in their own storm of creativity. Melbourne's premier post-rockers keep their heads down, creating multi-movement instrumental works.
Taken from Fourteen Nights At Sea's third album 'Minor Light', 'Vale' is eerie and iridescent, composed and captured with mesmerising attention to detail, guided by the band’s most intricate and intimate guitar passages to date, full of delicate transitions and soulful punctuations

Fair Maiden - Willow     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Easy Listening 30/01/2019
Fair Maiden are the Adelaide's doo-wop, chamber-pop, freak-folk, country-noir, surf-psych, harmony army, lead by Ellen Carey. Searing new single, "Willow", is taken from, Oleander, out March 22 on Hysterical Records.
"Willow" is the latest taste of Fair Maiden's new LP. Featuring Ellen Carey's breathtaking vocals, and the woozy harmonies and musical accompaniments of her bandmates.

Fair Maiden - Under Legs     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Easy Listening 14/03/2019
Fair Maiden are the Adelaide's doo-wop, chamber-pop, freak-folk, country-noir, surf-psych, harmony army, lead by Ellen Carey. Searing new single, "Willow", is taken from, Oleander, out March 22 on Hysterical Records.
"Under Legs" is somber psychedelic folk. Carey’s lyrics are bound to pastoral imagery: desolate rural landscapes, furious and unforgiving storms with woozy and hypnotic melodies.

Fair Maiden - Fire and Blood     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening 19/10/2018
Fair Maiden return with "Fire and Blood", following on from their split 7inch with MOD CON earlier this year
With frontwoman Ellen Carey's dramatic songwriting at its core, "Fire and Blood" features the unearthly majesty of her vocals, with lush harmonies and accompaniment from guitar master Steph Crase, Harriet Barbour-Fraser and Hamish Baird.

Eilish Gilligan - I Just Want To Look At You     Pop, Indie, Alternative 06/02/2020
Eilish Gilligan returns with shining new single "I Just Want To Look At You" co-written and co-produced with Jonathan Boulet.
“I Just Want To Look At You” meticulously baths us in effortlessly lush synths, and warm languid vocals converging into a mirage of dream-pop.

Donny Love - Dysfunctional Lovers     Rock, Soul, Jazz 05/04/2018
Donny Love are outsider icons of an underground detached. They’ve spent several years now brooding and maturing, mutating like discarded vegetables in the back of the refrigerator
Highlighting the complimentary sweet n sour songwriting team of Don Bill and Don Hog, with timeless Fender Rhodes lines bouncing along providing the grounds for Don Hog's nihilistic ramblings. Questioning the push-pull psychotic, paranoid melodramas of casual romance, the songs come to have a balance/contrast of sweet n sour.