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Candice Dianna - Fall In Love With Me     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, RnB, Pop 03/03/2018
Female pop/soul ballad songwriter, plays piano and sings power vocals with vocal acrobatics just to annoy people who can't do it with original storytelling songs.
This is a song that empathises with women who've become emotionally attached in a fling type relationship. It's the fear and anger of rejection while needing to be wanted. The Flavour is deep R&B early 2000s influence with fluffy harmonies like a red wine on a cold rainy night.

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imbi the girl - acidic     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 03/03/2018
If their impact this year is anything to go by, imbi the girl is sure to make a bigger splash in the industry in 2018 and beyond.
‘acidic’ is a bassy track, underpinned with steel drums and seamlessly borrowing trap elements. It’s obvious that the production itself serves to deliver Imbi’s lyrics; while being rich and complex it never overshadows them.

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Leisure Centre - Sucka     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Retro 02/03/2018
Leisure Centre is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right- hand-lady, vocalist Audrey Powne (Au Dre).
Drummer, songwriter and producer Hugh Rabinovici says, “It’s about those super fun/exciting early stages of falling for someone - The kind of sitch where it’s out of your control and you’re just dumb in love”. Audrey Powne delivers a storming lead-vocal supported by silky harmonies and a pumping rhythm section.

Neon Queen - Free My Mind     Funk/Soul, RnB 02/03/2018
Neon Queen are a four piece out of Melbourne who thrive on capturing the slick sounds of R&B and delivering it with infectious and melodic energy.
"Free My Mind" Is a dive into melodic and blissful R&B; tailor made for long summer afternoons and evenings, Kriss Lisati's vocals urge the listener to go exploring away from the 9-5 and immerse oneself in the luxuries that come with kicking back and letting the good vibes take control.

The Bamboos - Lit Up     Funk/Soul, Funk, RnB, Pop 02/03/2018
The Bamboos are an Australian funk and soul band from Melbourne. Formed in 2000, they quickly became one of the greatest funk and soul bands of our time.
“Lit Up” is built upon an insanely catchy piano riff and the best use of cowbell since “Honky Tonk Women”.  In contrast to that, Auldist sings of trying to hide away from her pain. The end result is a song with a unique balance of irresistible groove and raw emotion.

The Offtopics - Funky Grandma     Funk/Soul, Blues 01/03/2018
The Offtopics are an eight-piece originals band from Brunswick fronted by a funk dynamo. They’re here to put the slapstick in Soul and the scatological in Ska.
Funky Grandma is a rollicking good time dance party/Attenborough-esque exploration of the biologically transformative power of funk. You too can get funked up along with the titular grandma, a postman, a sadhu and an op-shop. In this day and age you can have your funk and eat it too.

Scarlet Drive - Ceto     Rock, Pop, Funk 22/02/2018
Drawn together by a shared passion for Alternative Rock, West Australian band Scarlet Drive have become a firm fixture on Perth’s live music scene.
Ceto is a flawless display of Scarlet Drive's ability to mesh together a plethora of engaging genres. The single opens with a funk laden reggae verse that leads into a driving and catchy chorus.

Thunder Fox - Two For One     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Ska 22/02/2018
Thunder Fox is an eclectic explosion of psychedelic funk-rock goodness that provides a barrage of shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum groove.
Two For One has hip hop funky good times painted all over it! It's got Prince vibes, yacht rock swagger, hip-hop bounce and some sexy sexy horns. Try not dancing to this. I dare you. I double dare you! It's tailor made for festival fun and the radio turned up!

Adrian Eagle - 17 Again     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Reggae 16/02/2018
Adrian Eagle - Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae born & raised in South Australia.
This song is very personal to me, but I wanted to share it to inspire & motivate my family. I hope my fam can continue their journey in life and appreciate how far they’ve come. As the song ends for me like a rebirth, Thank God I’m Not 17 Again.

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Agartu - Moments     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 15/02/2018
Agartu is an emerging Melbourne artist. Coming from a family with an African background and growing up listening to gospel music, Agartu has been singing her entire life.
Agartu unveils her first single, "Moments" with RnB and neo-soul accents that feel instantly timeless. The combination of a melodic cut with the piercing lyrics of the chorus, "what we wanna be, can be our reality" will leave you feeling refreshed and encouraged.

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Silicon Valley - Sleepless Nights     Jazz, Funk 15/02/2018
Up and coming groovy jazz 5 piece Silicon Valley are a wave of 70's funk revival with a youthful twist, led by the smooth sultry vocals of Emma Volard.
Sleepless Nights is a throwback to the music Silicon Valley knows and loves, a shoutout to the 70's but with downbeat, sparse moments that are uniquely part of their own songwriting

Yukumbabe - Sky Blue Walls     Folk, Rock, Pop 15/02/2018
An ethereal blend of indie pop, folk and jazz, Yukumbabe are the new soundtrack to your dreams
Sky Blue Walls is the latest single from Melbourne locals Yukumbabe, combining winding melodies, textural instrumentation, and Maisie's signature melancholic vocal style

B-Syde - Funk For Peace     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Folk 07/02/2018
B-Syde is a funky looping genius fusing together the sounds of folk, electronic and hip hop music.
Funk For Peace is super fun piece of songwriting. A funky mix of B-Syde's signature sound fusing together elements of folk, electronic and hip hop music.

Quesadilla - Talk Nice, Treat Me Mean     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 07/02/2018
Neo-Soul//Hip-Hop//Colabs - straight to tape
Talk Nice, Treat Me Mean

Other tracks by Quesadilla:  Only One  -  Painkillers and Booze
The CrashCats - Existential Blues     Funk/Soul, Soul, Retro 01/02/2018
Hailing from Brisbane’s fertile West End, The CrashCats’ sound is a collision of Soul, Doo Wop and Beatnik Noir coated with a film of Psych drenched Swamp slime. Yum.
Existential Blues is the lonesome feeling at 1am, listening to a freight train rumble through your sleeping town, writing to your muse to come back and keep you company - but all you have is a box of 33's and some bittersweet memories.

Other tracks by The CrashCats:  Seven Days  -  Abrakazam
ROBOTIKUS - Continental Lovers     Electronic, Dance, House, Funk 31/01/2018
Influenced by the Disco, Funk, and House pioneers of the 1970’s & 80’s, ROBOTIKUS is a fresh blend of synth-pop, fused with contagious vocal-hooks, classic drum tones, and groovy guitar
A funky-heartfelt tune delivering a touch of French-house and tasteful amount of nu-disco. Backed by a smooth bass line, retro synth and Nile Rodgers-esque guitar.

A song about distance and desire; when your love is far from where you need it to be and fantasy rules your thoughts and emotions.

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Other tracks by ROBOTIKUS:  Blame it on the Devil
Val - Green Dragon     Funk/Soul, Electronic 31/01/2018
Original composer/producer based in Melbourne. Eclectic mix of genres from dance hits, post-punk and soul to emotive ballads often in the space of one song - resembling Melbourne's weather.
Synth-pop/soul single from upcoming EP by VAL. Danceable with deep drop to an emotive bridge.

The Steele Syndicate - Funky Trombone     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Ska 31/01/2018
The Brisbane-based octet has an eclectic, genre-bending sound that reimagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
"Funky Trombone" unleashes their evolved, energetic sound while still capturing the essence of their live show.
'We all have moments in our life that get us down. When I play music, nothing else matters; I can just feel good."

Kill The Darling - Hounds     Rock, Funk, Folk, Experimental 16/01/2018
Kill the Darling is a female fronted Melbourne-based band offering a unique blend of '70s folk influences and '90s symphonic grunge.
Hounds is the first single released this year by Melbourne four-piece Kill The Darling. Using layered guitar effects and funky bass and drum breaks, the single creates a brooding, dark story of "capture and release". Starting off soft, the single ascends into a feel good, funk jam.

The Big ILCH - Barefoot Blues     Funk/Soul, Blues 22/12/2017
A collective of solo artists come together to celebrate the diversity of Australian music and to promote positive musical diversity "accept all music and accept all people"
The Funkiest way to suppress you negative emotions. This song is about finding what makes you happy and use it to keep you happy.

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Other tracks by The Big ILCH:  My Life Is Music  -  You Got It