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Bobby Gray - 400k     Funk/Soul, Dance, Pop 30/07/2018
Bobby Gray is a Sydney DJ and Producer. Co-writer and creator amongst the fringes of the emerging electronic universe...
The 3rd and final single from Bobby Gray's debut solo project LISTENING PARTY, 400k is the artist's first original disco song. An independence anthem written over months of collaboration amongst a crew that are both all over the airwaves and others that really should be. Apologies for the mystery but we can only share those details off the record. Promised!

The Offtopics - A Man Needs Cooling     Funk/Soul, Blues 27/07/2018
The Offtopics are an eight-piece originals band from Brunswick fronted by a funk dynamo. They're here to put the slapstick in soul and the scatological in Ska.
The track A Man Needs Cooling is what you would expect of The Offtopics – jam-packed with slinky guitar, fat horns, blokey backing vocals and ‘some nice vibraslap type percussion action’. The theme in the song itself embraces the slapstick soul that the band do so well.

Cookin' On 3 Burners - Warning featuring Kaiit     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB 20/07/2018
Cookin’ On 3 Burners are Australia’s hardest hitting Hammond Organ Trio – joining the dots between Deep Funk, Raw Soul, Organ Jazz & Boogaloo.
'Warning’ is the lead single from CO3B's forthcoming album Lab Experiments Vol. 2, and was co-written with PNG-born and Melbourne based vocalist and songwriter Kaiit. With honeyed vocals, fierce rhymes and a bold eclectic style to match, 19-year-old Kaiit is alluring audiences to her sweet sound of soul. Kaiit is running things on this punchy, hard-hitting vocal banger.

Anabelle Kay - Nightmare Of A Dream     Funk/Soul, Classical, Blues, Alternative Country 19/07/2018
Cashion, Oklahoma (population 832) isn’t the first place you’d associate with the musical awakening of one of Australia’s rising stars. This folk ingénue had her musical seeds sown in Terrigal!
'Nightmare Of A Dream' was written partly about a US customs experience and partly about the subsequent break up of her long-distance relationship. It is a song about blinding love, and the state of denial that can result when things go sour. She pleads, seemingly to herself “You treat me badly, oh Lord knows you do."

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Brendan Burgess - Happy Man     Funk/Soul, Rock 19/07/2018
Brendan Burgess sings blues/soul/rock with passion. He writes songs about what makes him happy - and what needs to change.
"Happy Man" is about the simple things in life that make us happy - love, friendship, surfing/nature, music, wine, barbies ... all the good things in life.

Parcels - Bemyself     Funk/Soul 19/07/2018
Berlin-based, Byron Bay bred five-piece band Parcels. They’ve emerged already as one of the most vibrant and vital new bands around with a truly global and musically-diverse audience.
‘Bemyself’ is the latest offering in an irresistible series of tracks to come from the Berlin-based Australian 5 piece. Picking up perfectly where last single ’Tieduprightnow’ left us, ‘Bemyself’ is an intriguingly sultry take on their signature modern disco, a slow-burning gem that feels destined to soundtrack the lazy days spent in the sun.

Regurgitator - Party Looks     Funk/Soul, Pop, Electronic 19/07/2018
Been around for a while, made a bunch of records and then some… continue to play havoc. New tunes headroxxing your way soon!
P. A. R. T. Y. Have you got the looks? Yeah we got the looks.

The song is essentially inspired by having a conversation on a dance floor with another person in a very loud environment and completely misinterpreting what the other person is saying.

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Other tracks by Regurgitator:  Roxx For Brains
Neon Tetra - River Of Love     Funk/Soul, Pop, Retro 13/07/2018
“Taking cues from the likes of New Order, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, the result is a combination of psychedelic rock, pop and new wave.” - The Music
Contains Catchy Hooks and Solos. “Dan wrote a lot of tunes while listening to artists like Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes...the soul funk shines through with Josh’s gospel-like vocals lending them passionately to the feelings of the Motown era. The use of synth and strong grooves links the band’s more experimental beginnings with current pop tones of the music.”

Other tracks by Neon Tetra:  So Far From Me
Pickpocket - Slam (feat. Nils Landgren)     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental 09/07/2018
Pickpocket are a 9 piece Melbourne based instrumental outfit that aim to play groove based improvisational music with a focus on melody and compositions.
A hard hitting, 80s funk inspired track with slamming bass, fat horns, driving drums and a burning trombone solo. Think Prince meets Fred Wesley :)

Other tracks by Pickpocket:  Above The Lines  -  The Croft (Home)
Mojo Juju - Native Tongue     Funk/Soul, Pop 07/07/2018
The fiercely strong and flawlessly honest songwriting of Melbourne’s Mojo Juju, returns in the form of a brand new single and title track off her third studio album NATIVE TONGUE
Lead by a mesmerising beat (courtesy of Joelistics) and the haunting vocal work of the Pasefika Vitoria Choir, Juju treats these opening moments like a live exorcism; she takes a hand over either side of her chest and turns herself completely inside out, laying her innermost workings bare for all to see.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Breakthrough Artist, Best Urban Album

Demon Days - Disco Baby     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Electronic 06/07/2018
"Talk of the Perth music scene" Demon Days' forthcoming EP is produced by Grammy-nominated engineer Nick Herrera, injecting their peppy neo-soul with galactic, fizzing energy ahead of national tour.
"A free flowing wonderland adventure. Close your eyes so you can leave all your worries behind and bliss out with Demon Days." - Declan Byrne, triple j Home & Hosed

Pulling bright, shiny elements from 90s pop, 80s synth tones & 70s disco, 'Disco Baby' nearly fizzes over with mentos-in-coke energy, propelled by punchy phrases and adorned with wonky flair.

Cheap Fakes - Dust And Bones     Funk/Soul, African, Ska, Psychedelic 04/07/2018
Cheap Fakes magically weave seductive brass lines through intricate melodies and infectious grooves. Infused with elements of Ska, Funk and something that can only be described as late-night Cactus-Jazz.
The band heard a story about an ANZAC war grave site that was found. The stand out quote “it was right outside our window but if we’d never found it then their remains would be forgotten like dust & bones”. Layered and steeped in african afro beat styles. It’s one of the bands favourite tunes from the album.

Other tracks by Cheap Fakes:  I Got Nothing  -  Asesinato
Dr Effector - Golden Years (feat. Tallulah)     Funk/Soul, Pop, Funk, RnB 27/06/2018
Dr Effector is a Sydney based Musican and Producer. Tallulah is a young singer destined for greatness.
"Golden Years" is the ambitious first release from Dr Effector. Unlike many modern "covers", this version doesn't sample or attempt to clone Bowie's classic soul/funk hit. Instead, it reinterprets the song from a new perspective. Accompanying the doctor on this sonic journey is the fresh and captivating voice of Tallulah. A homage to a great artist and a timeless song.

Eden Mulholland - Wild Animal     Funk/Soul, Easy Listening, Chill 22/06/2018
Based in Perth (for now), Prolific Kiwi composer and collaborator.
It was in response to a powerful video performance by a close friend of mine who was recovering from a major illness and could only dance sitting down, using just her arms and upper body. Like a wounded wild animal, her captivity making her even more deadly than usual.

PhysiQue - All-Nite     Funk/Soul, Dance 22/06/2018
PhysiQue is the funk project of Andrew Elston, who reinvents classic boogie funk with lashings of shimmery synths and an undeniable edge.
All-Nite is PhysiQue's disco-funk fusion at it's finest where Chic-meets-PhysiQue. Embracing classic disco movements and progressions while bending and modernising them to his contemporary voc-sample funk, PhysiQue ensures he'll have you rocking on dance floors "All-Nite long".

Kaiit - OG Luv Kush p.2     Funk/Soul, Soul, Hip Hop 15/06/2018
With honeyed vocals, fierce rhymes and a bold eclectic style to match, 20-year-old Papua New Guinea born / Melbourne based Kaiit is alluring audiences to the sweet sound of soul.
The track brings together lush keys, a buttery bassline and smooth guitar licks that give way to Kaiit’s spine-tingling vocals. The track is a down-tempo, jazz-infused dream that displays Kaiit’s lyrical complexities and brilliant songwriting capabilities.

The Bamboos - Broken feat Urthboy     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap 08/06/2018
The Bamboos are an Australian funk and soul band from Melbourne.
A track about the mess of expectations put on young men, "Broken", features a different MC on three separate versions of the track, selected from different corners of the world. Atlanta based J-Live, Sydney MC Urthboy and fast rising Berlin MC Teesy. Joined by a rousing, spirit-lifting chorus from Kylie.

China Beach - My Mind     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Retro 01/06/2018
China Beach are an 8 piece, Garage Disco, Freaky Funk, Dirty Jazz band. With a solid rhythm section and a loose free wild sound reminiscent of the 70's and beyond
Starting with some real tight rhythm sectioning under a James Bond-esque guitar line, ‘My Mind’ explodes into a sea of sax lines, strings and grooviness. With the introduction of Carl Lenny’s vocal guiding you through the experience, instruments drop in and out of the spotlight, each knowing their exact place

Leisure Centre - Getting To Know     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 01/06/2018
R&B slow-jammers Leisure Centre (FKA The Do Yo Thangs) are soon to present their debut album, Mind Full, an exceptional addition to the Neo/Digi/Future Soul renaissance happening in their hometown.
‘Getting To Know’ is a heady ode to first-days-of-love infatuation. The futuristic slow-jam is all about Audrey Powne’s vocals as she walks us through those exuberant first moments of connection with someone new, supported by layers of synthesizers, understated guitar and the stacked group vocals that are Leisure Centre’s trademark.

Cool Out Sun - Fire For     Funk/Soul, World 31/05/2018
Cool Out Sun is made up of good friends N’fa Jones (1200 Techniques), Sensible J (REMI), Lamine Sonko (The African Intelligence) & Nui Moon (Public Opinion Afro Orchestra).
"Fire For" was written as a celebration; fire for their people and all people who get down with Cool Out Sun. Blending different language, culture rhythms and groove, the song represents the beauty and power of the diaspora, as well as celebrates being African Australian.