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Eran James - Woman     Funk/Soul, Blues 13/07/2012
Eran was taken on by the world’s biggest record company at 12 years old. His interpretations of Soul Classics won admiration and a growing following in and around Australia.
"Woman" is about living in a world of people telling Eran what to do, where to do it and how to be and act. Eran has been 'bossed around' his whole life, until he fell into the arms of a Woman, he understood finally what life and love is about.

Other tracks by Eran James:  You Broke My Heart  -  Down The Road
Dukesy and The Hazzards - Hey There Little Lady     Blues/Roots, Funk 10/07/2012
Twisting their way through blues and funk ‘Dukesy and The Hazzards’ combine a firm respect for the traditional side of blues with their love of groove and improvisation.
A feel good, funky groove based track with a hint of a New Orleans drum feel. A few solos thrown in but a catchy 'Hey There Little Lady' hook to keep you dancing.

Other tracks by Dukesy and The Hazzards:  Ain't Coming Back To You  -  Just Got Paid
Shelly Hughes - Looking Glass     Funk/Soul, Blues, Chill, Funk 05/07/2012
Shelly's mellifluous style is eclectic and unique, instantly recognizable as seasoned pro. Drawing on a wide range of timbres and influences she crystallizes her broad tastes in a unique powerhouse.
It's a well trodden path: looking inside yourself and trying to find the beauty that others always say they see. Without arrogance or ego, just truthful honesty, to help you get on with life. I wish you much luck, with this offering; lush trombones and rich vocal harmony. Go forth...

Other tracks by Shelly Hughes:  Consequence  -  Please Don't Fall
The Cactus Channel - Emanuel Ciccolini     Funk/Soul, Instrumental 02/07/2012
Hear that sound? Raw, loose and nasty funk recorded straight to analogue tape. It’s just like the old days, but so new it’s sporting a badass teenage moustache.
Named for guitarist Lewis Coleman’s Italian grandfather, you can imagine the original Emanuel was a very bad man. This is some sinister, high-octane car chase funk. Think of the getaway scene in a heist movie set in Napoli circa 1974 and you get the idea. Ciao!

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Other tracks by The Cactus Channel:  The Colour of Don Don  -  Dirty D's Thang
Cybernetic Express - Love Rocket     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Dance 28/06/2012
Cybernetic Express, the security force travelling through time from light years away to save Earth from cyber terrorism. Space disco tracks....check it out!
Love Rocket is a track to get you dancing. A driving beat that will get your heading nodding. Love Rocket is part of the Cybernetic Express mission to save Earth.

Saskwatch - Your Love     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul 22/06/2012
Saskwatch are a soul band from Melbourne.
The follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed mellow soul cut ‘Don’t Wanna Try’, ‘Your Love’ is a sweet soul anthem, a sentimental celebration of new love.‘Your Love’ is also the second single to be lifted from Saskwatch’s upcoming debut long-player Leave It All Behind due out this August.

Dukesy and the Hazzards - Ain't Coming Back To You     Funk/Soul 18/06/2012
Dukesy And The Hazzards recorded by 88.3 Southern FM.
Dukesy And The Hazzards recorded by 88.3 Southern FM.

Other tracks by Dukesy and the Hazzards:  Hey There Little Lady  -  I Get Up
Better Than The Wizards - Take A Chance     Pop, Funk, Hip Hop 18/06/2012
Blending pop, funk, rock, and jazz is a sound Better Than The Wizards are becoming known for. Rocking stages with Evermore and Sparkadia, BTTW are Melbourne's newest independent pop sensation!
Funky pop tune laced with hot sax licks and trumpet harmonies. Tight rhythm section pushes this song along while catchy synth lines draw you in. The song crescendos with a latin styled piano and percussive break down, shortly followed by a blistering hip hop lyrical! What more could you want?

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Other tracks by Better Than The Wizards:  Let Me Down  -  The Edge
Josh Lovegrove - Mona Lisa, Smile     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Soul 01/06/2012
Here is a rising new artist that's well worth watching. With a dedication to strong, genuine lyrics combined with fresh, funky tunes Josh Lovegrove captures his audiences... often without shoes.
A beautiful song which was inspired by Josh's younger sister. It was his personal way of letting her know that beyond all troubles in life; no matter how big they seem, there is always a silver lining.

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Other tracks by Josh Lovegrove:  Welcome To Life  -  Mr American Man
Band of Frequencies - All I've Found     Blues/Roots, Soul, Funk 01/06/2012
"Band of Frequencies dabbles in the whole pallet of genres; Bluesy rock drips away into skull-melting lullabies that pitter-patter like rain into grooves that inevitably wander off somewhere else altogether."
All I've found is a song written to 60's footage by one of surfings greatest pioneers & innovators George Greenough. Living in the moment. "If i don't go now, I will never know."

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Other tracks by Band of Frequencies:  Minds in the Water
Funk Whip - R Wot U Eat     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul, Electronic 01/06/2012
Adelaide based seven piece band with a Funky electo-soul sound. Unique and yet timeless, their music appeals to a broad demographic.
Nice driving riff with a biting vocal and smooth as silk harmonies.

Not heavy at all, decidedly new, catchy and memorable music.

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Other tracks by Funk Whip:  Smooth Moves  -  Mr Smith
Sally Street - Love Tequila     Funk/Soul, Pop 24/05/2012
Sydney's Sassy Singer Songwriter Sally Street is "swellegant.. bubbly... captivating... and has one of the best voices in this country". Koop Kooper, "Cocktail Nation - The Interviews", Nov 2011

"Love Tequila" performed live at the iHearMusic concert in Sydney. A brand new original Sally Street hit from her rock ballad vault, co-written with her guitarist James Muller and pianist Gerard Masters! It's Adele meets the Rolling Stones!!!

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Other tracks by Sally Street:  Lexi  -  I Don't Do Conversation
Run For Your Life - Work Hard     Electronic, Hip Hop, Soul 18/05/2012
Sex, Ball Sweat & Funky Jesus. An Electronic/Soul/Hiphop Production outfit driven by Jsmith, Dutch & Syreneyiscreamy
"workhard, sleep days, no job, no pay, so far, we pray, for a break, in my mind, i say, dont hide away, be alive, be great, more love, less hate" an anthem for regular people

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Other tracks by Run For Your Life:  Runnin' (Don't Wait)  -  Naffra
Laura K Clarke - Do What You Say     Pop, Soul 14/05/2012
Laura K Clarke has a folk/pop sound that is sweet, soothing and honest. Her vocal stylings are often likened to Wendy Matthews, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and Jewel.
"Do What You Say" is the single from Laura's EP. It's a happy, upbeat, pop track, filled with 'mo-town' style guitar and backing vocals, which give the track a soul-like flavour. Fun, catchy and memorable.

Other tracks by Laura K Clarke:  Looking For Inspiration  -  The Mirror
Dojo Cuts ft. Roxie Ray - Easy To Come Home     Funk/Soul, Pop 08/05/2012
Sydney soul & funk outfit Dojo Cuts return with a super second album, once again featuring the sizzling, smoky vocals of Miss Roxie Ray.
A wonderful mid-tempo soul groove that is heavy on the horns, with Roxie Ray's sassy, sultry vocal channeling Amy Winehouse and Etta James.

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Other tracks by Dojo Cuts ft. Roxie Ray:  Mamasita  -  I'd Rather Go Blind
The H Gang - Mama Said     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Pop 27/04/2012
The H Gang is a contemporary Soul - Funk Band. Storytelling lyrics, catchy hooks, funky grooves and soulful vocal harmonies are the staple feature of the H Gang.
This is a really funky track inspired by Steely Dan. The lyrics are a satirical comment on society and expectations that are placed on us as we go through life. The satire comment is complemented by an ambiguous chorus melody ..

Other tracks by The H Gang:  Love - Not This Time  -  You Can't Hide From You
The Cactus Channel - Budokan     Funk/Soul, Instrumental 03/04/2012
Hear that sound? Raw, loose and nasty funk recorded straight to analog tape. It’s just like the old days, but so new it’s sporting a badass teenage moustache.
Let’s not beat around the bush, this is makeout music. This B-side is as smooth as the A-side is tuff. The lowdown tempo and fat drums take it where it needs to go. Who knew teenagers could do it this slow?

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Other tracks by The Cactus Channel:  Emanuel Ciccolini
Sietta - Dark Passenger (Haunting Version)     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Chill 22/03/2012
Sietta take an inspired sidestep in creating the hauntingly beautiful Dark Passenger EP, reimagining versions of their debut album, The Seventh Passenger (2011)
Dark Passenger (Haunting Version) is an amazing display of emotion and raw honesty. Caiti's voice lays bare the heart and soul of Sietta in this track.

Other tracks by Sietta:  No Longer Hurt (Dark Ballad Version)
StormChasers - Raw Bacon     Funk/Soul, Pop, Roots, Reggae 20/03/2012
StormChasers are an 8 Piece funk/reggae/rock crew with a fresh attitude on life, love & music and tons of energy from Brisbane.
Raw Bacon is the first single from Homemade Lemonade and demonstrates the carefree, youthful outlook on life the band carries with them in their performance.

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Stella Angelico and The Switch - Mister     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, RnB 14/03/2012
Stella Angelico is a woman who sings because she must, her voice and violent hip shaking performance is an explosion of the untamed feminine.
'Mister' is a handclappin', foot tappin' soul-driven track which could have come right out of 1967. Angelico's vocal are both raw and delicate. She is fierce and fiery in her delivery, evidently a woman you would not want to mess with.

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