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Emilia - Feel     Funk/Soul, Dance, Retro 20/09/2018
Emilia is taking the soul scene by storm, known for her big sultry soulful voice, and even bigger hair.
Debut Single 'Feel' by Melbourne artist, Emilia, is a New-Age Disco track of the 21st Century.

Combining classic 70's dance music, lush vocal layering and touches of contemporary pop vibes, Emilia's old-school soulful voice soars over the disco throwback, having been likened to a delicious mix of Chaka Khan, Earth Wind and Fire, with a touch of Kimbra's hearty harmonies.

Soulergy - Turning Point     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Roots 20/09/2018
SOULERGY brings deeply pocketed grooves, powerful messages and a sensational energetic live show that will unite the faculties of body, mind and spirit to anyone who dares elevate their consciousness.
This song is about an enlightening infatuation at one point in early adulthood. A song about the aspiration of sensual unity.

Other tracks by Soulergy:  Change  -  Guns & Bible Verses
Great Gable - Pillars     Funk/Soul 12/09/2018
Great Gable (Alex Whiteman, Matt Preen, Callum Guy & Chris Bye) are a Perth band combining a wide range of influences to bring a subtle twist on the alternative-indie sound.
Pillars is the latest offering from Great Gable, recorded at RADA Studios in Perth with Matt Gio.

Jamilla - King     Funk/Soul, RnB 12/09/2018
Soulful, chill-wave RnB producer Jamilla combines her haunting soul vocals, self-produced RnB beats and chill-wave synths to create a beautiful and seamless brand of nu-soul music.
'King' is a cathartic clap-back to someone intimidated by a self-possessed, powerful woman, and was developed through poetic improvisation over a looped bass line, and a kick and snap. Combining her haunting soul vocals, self-produced RnB beats and chill-wave synths, Jamilla creates a beautiful and seamless brand of nu-soul music.

Retiree - Another Day     Funk/Soul 12/09/2018
Retiree is a 3-piece band from Sydney/Melbourne.
‘Another Day’ is the latest single from Australian group Retiree’s forthcoming album ‘House Or Home’, set for release by Rhythm Section International on 21st September 2018.

Wax Jax and the Midnight Snax - Watch Out     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, Rock, Pop 12/09/2018
Wax Jax and the Midnight Snax is a five piece band from Melbourne. The Snax have an array of funky and groovy tune; alternative-pop-rock vibe that delves into the psychedelic.
A funky & groovy pop-rock track with an upbeat vibe & rocking riffs.

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Other tracks by Wax Jax and the Midnight Snax:  Peachy  -  GOLD
Fulton Street - Check Yourself     Funk/Soul 01/09/2018
Led by commanding vocalist, Shannen Wick and featuring a rock-solid rhythm section and dynamic horns, Fulton Street combines the classic elements of soul and R&B to create an irresistible sound.
Written during the US elections, ‘Check Yourself’ was sparked by the displacement and alienation of children in a world that so often rejects the need for change. This energetic song challenges everyone to let go of their judgements. ‘Check Yourself’ slowly builds towards an empowering vocal climax, urging future generations to take pride, no matter the colour of their skin.

Other tracks by Fulton Street:  Young People  -  Problems & Pain
Dion Condack - Bordeaux     Funk/Soul, Pop, Acoustic 31/08/2018
A singer-songwriter, composer and educator, Dion's music's eclectic and tells stories in various forms. They come as they come, and will continue to be a fundamental part of Dion's career.
Bordeaux is pop/soul, shows off Dion's falsetto and features a flute solo. The song is a stab at controlling structures who don't have your best interests at heart, referencing O'Farrell and his scandal involving a gifted bottle of wine.

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Little Elizabeth - G'day For It     Funk/Soul, RnB, Chill 28/08/2018
Little Elizabeth is a Melbourne-based, funky three-piece thats plays everything from soulful, Hip hop inspired beats with smooth jazzy harmonies to upbeat alternative rock. Two rules, keep it funky, keep it jazzy!
This song is about embracing the day you are in and dancing off your troubles. The song takes place in a party atmosphere surrounded by strangers that want to dance just as much as you do. The energy you feel when you meet someone new and get along like you’ve known them for years.

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Other tracks by Little Elizabeth:  In Control  -  Moving On Feat. Peezo
Mt. Cleverest - Money     Funk/Soul, Punk, Rap, Pop 25/08/2018
Mt. Cleverest are a 5-piece "alt-rock indie-rap band" based in Perth.
The title track paints the picture of the tiresome 9 to 5 that comes with the current consumerism reign and gives shame to our money-hungry tendencies.

Rcadia - Sweet Romance     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop, Jazz 25/08/2018
The soulful sounds of Rcadia place her as one of Australia’s brightest debutantes. From Perth, WA, she carries a blessed tone with heart and soul in her music.
Singer/songwriter Rcadia carries a soulful tone as evident through the new single ‘SWEET ROMANCE’ where her true talents take to great heights, allowing audiences to fly alongside with effortless escape. The new track carries an enticing narrative as the songwriting illustrates both her love for music and her determination to spread her wings and fly.

Thando - Happy     Funk/Soul, RnB 25/08/2018
Melbourne based soul singer Thando returns with biting new single 'Happy'
With sleek production care of Tentendo, Thando's new single 'Happy', sees the songstress adeptly meld soul and hip-hop elements, smoothing the biting message of her new song with her quintessential, honied vocals.

Senani - Nature's Talking     Funk/Soul, Soul 18/08/2018
Senani is a soul and funk singer/songwriter who creates inspirational music with socially conscious themes. Her award nominated music has reached the charts in the UK and Asia.
Nature's Talking is a soul/funk inspirational piece which Senani channelled the lyrics/musical ideas for during a spiritual awakening. It deals with the socially conscious themes that Humanity is a part of Nature. Nature is talking to humanity and are we listening? Are we taking care of the world around us, the animals, plants, oceans, the air we breathe, Mother Earth.

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Allysha Joy - Know Your Power     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz, RnB 10/08/2018
Allysha Joy, is a key member of Melbourne collective, 30/70. Recently signed to Gondwana Records, she's gearing up for the release of her debut album in late September.
Know Your Power is a call to us all to acknowledge our power and to encourage conversation, consent and consideration. I acknowledge that this song was written from the perspective of a white cisgendered female and that I am privileged and hold power in this way. I will always seek to use this to the advantage of all women.

Your Girl Pho - I Can't Take It     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Electronic 10/08/2018
Phoebe Gunson aka Perth's beloved magnetic persona Your Girl Pho sets the mood with warm, technicolour jazz-pop. Her "soulful vocals" (NYLON) punctuate RnB, neo-soul and electro-pop with fizzing, elasticated energy.
Pho's "soulful vocals" (NYLON) morph into full-tilt snarl, ripping through "p-funk bass sizzle, Sade synth pads and a g-funk e.p. groove" (FBi Radio) with reckless abandon. A self-asserting release inspired by pent-up frustrations at not being taken seriously - even at her own gigs - 'I Can't Take It' is what you wish you said each time someone underestimated you.

Leisure Centre - You Don't Want To Be With Me     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop, Electronic 09/08/2018
Leisure Centre is equal parts performance and programming, drawing from a broad palette of live instruments and electronic sounds. Their debut album 'Mind Full' is out now! Touring August.
Melbourne R&B slow jammers (and heart throbbers) Leisure Centre are proud to release ‘You Don’t Want To Be With Me’, the final single and video from their recently released debut album, Mind Full. A tongue in cheek musing about being down on oneself, the track challenges those thoughts with a gentle confidence. Touring Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra this August!

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Felivand - Same Old     Funk/Soul 03/08/2018
Felivand's style pairs dreamy bedroom-pop textures with sophisticated R&B/HipHop footnotes. Her vocals are vulnerable yet fierce, expressing her afflictions in a way that is both truthful and relatable.
The song is rife with sophistication and drifts languidly along a down tempo beat decorated with honeyed vocals. 'Same Old' moves with purpose and exemplifies an artist soulful and thoughtful beyond her years. Vulnerable yet fierce FELIVAND's songwriting is galvanised by her calculated confidence in production and composition, evidenced throughout her forthcoming EP, due out later this year.

Fulton Street - Check Yourself     Funk/Soul, Funk, Pop 01/08/2018
Fulton Street are an exhilarating 7-piece band making waves in Melbourne's rich soul music scene, combining classic elements of soul and R&B with magnetic energy to create an irresistible sound.
Written during the US elections, Check Yourself was sparked by the displacement and alienation of children in a world that so often rejects the need for change. This energetic song challenges everyone to check themselves and let go of their judgements for a better future, urging future generations to take pride, no matter what the colour of their skin.

The Bamboos - Golden Ticket     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul 01/08/2018
The Bamboos are a nine piece funk/soul band from Melbourne, initially inspired by the instrumental raw funk of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.
Golden Ticket is the third official single from their recently released album NIGHT TIME PEOPLE, and comes ahead of their August national tour.

Big Creature - Work     Funk/Soul, Rock, Electronic 31/07/2018
Electro pop funk powerhouse, BIG CREATURE, return with a fresh and full-of-life Double A release!
Having perfected their new sound, feature track 'WORK' is a delicious slice of funk that captures a Prince- like combination of guitar and synth stabs. The track also includes 80s drum samples and octave-layered vocals, this single is designed to get the body groovin'.

Other tracks by Big Creature:  ESC