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Bridie & Wyatt, Tonightly with Tom Ballard - Sex Pest     Funk/Soul, Comedy, RnB 31/10/2018
A comedy show that smacks and unpacks the latest trends and news, and serves it up as a nightly dose of hot, must see entertainment (well it used to)...

A deep funk groove with an unpalatable but important message: Anyone Can Be A Sex Pest.

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Vaudeville Smash - La Plume De Ma Tante     Funk/Soul, Pop 29/10/2018
A raucous journey down the synth and sax-laden highway that divides funk and disco, Melbourne's Vaudeville Smash have built their reputation on their explosive live shows and infectious hooks.
La Plume de ma Tante is a bass popping, tongue in cheek, funk jam. It tells of the random encounter of 2 eccentric urbanites who have a very strange way of communicating with each other.

NO Straight LINE - Panorama     Funk/Soul, Instrumental, Jazz 27/10/2018
NO Straight LINE’S cornerstone is groove and originality. Their lyrics create an alternate world, with tinges of noir and veiled romanticism. The music glides easily through funk, jazz and R&B.
Basically a love song that views the redemptive nature of a strong relationship. The lyrics intertwine amorous and self-sacrificing feelings with nature's panorama. In the Sydney songwriter vein there is a reference to Sydney Harbour and a kookaburra. The music follows the uplifting theme of the lyrics. It is anthemic with an accessible hook.

Other tracks by NO Straight LINE:  Grey Rabbit  -  Two Tone Spice
Chelsea Wilson - Real Love     Funk/Soul, RnB 26/10/2018
Chelsea Wilson is a Melbourne based vocalist, songwriter, broadcaster and DJ with a love of soul, disco and jazz.
Real Love (Wilson/Boyle) is a sweeping cinematic disco odyssey that depicts the emotion, anticipation and excitement of new love. Featuring lush string orchestration arranged by Ross Irwin (The Bamboos), keys by Andy Boyle and backing vocals by Jason Heerah (Electric Empire) the song fuses disco, rare groove and jazz influences.

Cookin' On 3 Burners - One of the Ones feat. Kylie Auldist     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB 26/10/2018
Cookin’ On 3 Burners continue to evolve their 60′s/70′s inspired sound, blossoming from the trio’s experimental beginnings paying homage to artists on the Prestige, Blue Note & Groove Merchant labels.
Soul queen Kylie Auldist shines brightly on this melodic soul chugger. Kylie’s not one of the millions she’s One of the Ones stepping out and claiming what’s hers. The perfect blend of sweetness and heat.

Laneous - Modern Romance     Funk/Soul, Easy Listening 26/10/2018
He’s back! Lachlan Mitchell aka Laneous (of funk group Kafka + Laneous & The Family Yah) has announced his solo debut in the form of single ‘Modern Romance’ (via Soul Has No Tempo).
Featuring Laneous' own nuanced take on 21st century courting and commitment, ‘Modern Romance’ was written and recorded with his own superb musical romance. The track features producer and bassist, Paul Bender, keyboardist, Simon Mavin (both of grammy nominated Hiatus Kaiyote and Swooping Duck), Donny Stewart on vibraphone and Hudson Whitlock (The Cactus Channel) on drums.

It’s classic Laneous; honey vocals, vintage charm, modern snap and incomparable melodic sensibility.

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The Putbacks - Oranges     Funk/Soul, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Retro 25/10/2018
The Putbacks are a rhythm section. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion. Stone cold pros, grizzled veterans of all the tours and all the studios.
The Putbacks present Oranges, the second single from their forthcoming album, another slice of the heavy, dark instrumental power The Putbacks are known for. Oranges is all about the riff. The riff starts with Organ alone on a heavy drum beat and then the whole band gets involved. Everyone plays the riff and the riff is good.

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Dr Effector - Knock on Wood (feat. Ben Scarf)     Funk/Soul, Rock 21/10/2018
Dr Effector is a Sydney based Musican and Producer. Ben Scarf is a singer destined for greatness.
"Knock on Wood" is the second release from Dr Effector. Unlike many modern "covers", this version doesn't sample or attempt to clone this classic soul hit. Instead, it reinterprets the song from a new perspective. Accompanying the doctor on this sonic journey is the captivating voice of Ben Scarf. A reinterpreted homage to a truly timeless song.

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Jim's Panache - On the Corner     Funk/Soul, Psychedelic, Pop, RnB 20/10/2018
Jim's doing panache now
Lazy funk, rnb, space soul

Kattimoni - Ain't Gonna Give Up     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB, Retro 20/10/2018
Kattimoni is vibrant, powerhouse soul empress vocalist with the essence of old-school RnB, driving deep funk rhythms, luscious jazz infused melodies and powerful, raw soul vocals with conscious, empowering lyrics.
'Aint Gonna Give Up' is about arising from the ashes, it is an affirmation of regeneration and renewal.
We have all experienced times in our life when we've felt afraid, overwhelmed and wanted to give up. I wanted to create something positive and empowering to give people hope and strength to rise above whatever circumstance or situation they're struggling with.

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Other tracks by Kattimoni:  I Do What I Want
Way Dynamic - Losing Touch     Funk/Soul 13/10/2018
Way Dynamic is a band hailing from Melbourne, Australia - whose songwriting and composition combine oddball arrangements with lyrical poetism that is both introspective and engaging
Losing Touch is a bright and poppy introduction to the incredible songwriting and musical composition of 22 year old multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young. Hailing from Ballarat and now firmly rooted in the Melbourne Music scene Young has played in several of Melbourne most beloved bands including Totally Mild, Emma Russack, Hollow Everdaze, Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton and Great Outdoors.

TAPES - Higher     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB 11/10/2018
TAPES is one of the strongest up and coming neo-soul bands you haven't heard yet. Follow them on insta @we_are_tapes
Higher is the debut single from new Melbourne band, TAPES. The song is about euphoric, drug-like love and knowing when you're with that right person.

The Mamas - Banana Club     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB, Dance 11/10/2018
Eight-piece soul, RnB and funky fem-hop from Melbourne, led by four of the sassiest vocalists you'll ever meet. Banana Club out now.
Do you like going for a wholesome night out with your friends, having a good time, and not worrying about being stuck in a sticky situation? The Mamas are here to serve you up some vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense goodness, with their new single ‘Banana Club’.

Anabelle Kay - Crazy Horse feat. William van der Vliet     Funk/Soul, Alternative Country, Blues, Soul 06/10/2018
Cashion, Oklahoma (population 832) isn’t the first place you’d associate with the musical awakening of one of Australia’s rising stars. This folk ingénue had her musical seeds sown in Terrigal!
After a couples retreat inside an Adelaide strip club both Annabelle & William found song in the darker parts of life. With a scheduled festival spot on hold due to untimely rain, frustration quickly turned into the most wonderful & timely space. A wind shaken caravan, a guitar part and two slightly dusty friends churned out 'Crazy Horse’.

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Lime Cordiale - Following Fools     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Brothers, Oli Leimbach and Louis Leimbach, centre Lime Cordiale, but tour with a larger backing ensemble. The sibling duo from Sydney's beaches make rambunctious, '70s-style soul, funk, and rock-influenced pop.
“Following Fools” was influenced by an article by Tim Winton. Winton talks about sitting in the surf waiting for waves and the conversations he overhears. Young boys are constantly rehearsing their talk, searching for gratification and acceptance. It’s up to the older men to steer them in the right direction.
Honesty, Love and Acceptance.

Sunnyside - Disco Bananas     Funk/Soul, Dance, Jazz, House 06/10/2018
As the name may suggest, six piece jazz funk instrumentalists Sunnyside are known destroyers of bad vibes and dedicated designers of the groove.
If you like your beats extra fruity, look no further. Disco Bananas is exactly what the name suggests; a juicy serving of dancefloor funk. Raw, instrumentally driven dance music, designed to make you move and make you smile. Ft. guest vocal cameos from Nkeche Anele (Saskwatch), Sophie Corbett & Dougal Shaw (Hot Sludge Fundae).

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Other tracks by Sunnyside:  Boostin'  -  Something Like Purple
The Putbacks - The Ways (with Bilal)     Funk/Soul, Retro, Psychedelic, Soul 28/09/2018
The Putbacks are a rhythm section. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion. Stone cold pros, grizzled veterans of all the tours and all the studios.
The Putbacks & Bilal bring you a dark, dirty post-soul post-jazz mystery-cinema freakout dominated by screaming electric guitar and Bilal’s husky stream of consciousness lyrics. Produced by Paul Bender (Hiatus Kaiyote), The Ways is a hard-hitting, abstract journey into an alternate reality where The Meters specialised in Sci-Fi soundtrack art and Dick Dale played guitar on Madlib records.

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First Beige - Vivid     Funk/Soul, Dance 27/09/2018
First Beige are a Brisbane-based 6 Piece that have an eclectic, genre-bending sound that reimagines elements of Disco, Soul and funk fused with creative rhythms.
I have recently been listening to alot of rare 70's disco grooves and a lot of old Brazilian Samba music and I wanted to find out a way to combine the two genres together in a unique fresh way. A big part of both of these genres, and the two tracks Vivid and Images, is the groove section.

Other tracks by First Beige:  Images
CLASH PALACE - Glass Shop Window     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, RnB 26/09/2018
CLASH PALACE is a Sydney-based three piece Indie Soul trio merging the realms of R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk.
are you a daughter of a saint?
are you a son of an anarchist?
i’m not a newbie to this game
with the barcodes on my skin
why don’t you scan me
please let me know how much i’m worth
coz my budget’s running low
and i saw a new world in a glass shop window

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The Holy Rollercoasters - Out Jumped The Devil     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul, Blues 25/09/2018
Take seven jazz cats and add a bluesman up front and you got yourself a stew on. Their debut exudes that down-home gospel sound with a fresh funk kick.
‘Out Jumped The Devil’ is a heavy funk, Rhodes-driven tale of evil and right-wing Christianity that explodes in the chorus and gets spooky in the break down. A slow burner that finishes hot. Featuring Asha Jefferies on backing vocals!

Other tracks by The Holy Rollercoasters:  Set Me Free