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Jake Whittaker - Fire     Funk/Soul, Funk, Roots, Pop 12/03/2016
Jake Whittaker’s new single 'Fire' was recorded at RCA studios in Nashville Tennessee and brings a new funk sound to his style.
“Co-written with Taylor Duggan we wanted to write a Stevie Wonder influenced track. Lyrically it’s about a bit of an awkward guy who is “Feeling the heat of the band”. So, with the passion and confidence he’s feeling from the heat of moment.” – Jake Whittaker

Sex On Toast - Doubt     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Retro 12/03/2016
Melbourne's Sex on Toast are an irrepressibly charming 10 man organisation who specialise in raw early 80’s funk, hard-edged new jack swing, blazing improvisation and heartfelt blue-eyed soul.
First listen of 'Doubt': you'll be hit in the guts by its Phil Spector-esque 'wall of sound' production. Second listen: you'll snicker at the flippant observational lyrics as they follow a protagonist who is an "unappealing git". Third listen: you'll view Sex On Toast in a whole new light.

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Madame Wu & Elise Graham - No Puedo Bailar     Hip Hop 11/03/2016
The Sydney hip hop duo combines the powerful lyricism of emcee Madame Wu with the smooth tones of vocalist Elise Graham to create a unique sound throughout the album.
"I have a tonne of regrets, but if my younger self saw me now... Man I know she'd be impressed." Taken from the first verse, this track celebrates how far you have come. It celebrates everything bold and brave.

Other tracks by Madame Wu & Elise Graham:  Eden  -  National Obsession
Bootleg Rascal - Shade     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Reggae, Dub 08/03/2016
Ghetto-Dubsters, Bootleg Rascal are a 4 bliss dub crew from Sydney and Gold Coast. Masters of hiphop infused jams and sonic brews: blending infectious alternative rhythms. ( May 2015).
Embraces dub aesthetic, thick bass lines and big beats smeared with intergalactic psych sounds with a twist of island vibes and melodies. The Rascals have dipped their toes into the electronic pool on this one, tweaking and morphing basic synth sounds to add to their already delicious signature sound.

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Other tracks by Bootleg Rascal:  Asleep In The Machine
East Row Rabble - Strawberries & Cream     Funk/Soul, Blues, Pop, Funk 08/03/2016
East Row Rabble delivers a slick mix of funk, ska, blues and soul with heavenly horn lines that will get your booty shakin'
A song about choosing what you love, and loving what you choose.

Amaru Tribe X Nhatty Man - Positive Vibes     World, Roots, African 04/03/2016
The rhythms and melodies of Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia unite as The Amaru Tribe meet Ethiopian superstar Nhatty Man
A collaboration between Amaru Tribe and Nhatty Man. Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia sharing their positive vibes in the city of Melbourne.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

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God God Dammit Dammit - Soul Dice     Funk/Soul, Funk, Roots, Jazz 04/03/2016
God God Dammit Dammit take funk roots from Parliament Funkadelic and turn it into chaotic rock and roll music and mixed with heart-swelling soul language
the title track does not disappoint. Flowing through many different colours, this once again features a great taste of Abbey Howlett and Alycia Budd on backup vocals. Good for a Saturday morning hangover and will have you ready for a party by the end.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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Best Music Video (Aaron Schuppan for God God Dammit Dammit’s ‘Kazoo’)

Other tracks by God God Dammit Dammit:  Kazoo  -  Goin' Down Slowly
That Gold Street Sound - Revive Me     Funk/Soul, Funk, Soul 04/03/2016
That Gold Street Sound is a nine piece party funk and soul band from Melbourne that will make you shake your tail feather.
The new single ‘Revive Me’ was recorded at The Aviary studios in Abbotsford Melbourne on reel to reel tape and it is being released on 7 inch vinyl record as well as digitally. It is a song about feeling stuck in a relationship and screaming out to be 'revived'.

The Brow - The Mantra     Hip Hop, Dub, Jazz, Rap 04/03/2016
The Brow are a six piece party hip hop band with horns and have played with some of the best hip hop acts Arrested Development, De La Soul, Public Enemy...
The Mantra's a horn-infused hip hop number that pulls no punches. it gives a nod to many of the key musical aspects of Browism, from tubby textures and Latin elements to jazzy horn chops and back-and-forth rap verses. the lyrics move between party incitement and politically charged calling to arms.

Harts - Peculiar     Rock, Funk, Pop, RnB 02/03/2016
Darren Hart, known as Harts, is a musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Melbourne. He writes everything, plays all the instruments, records and produces all his music single-handedly.
The new single showcases Harts’ soaring melodies to match his guitar artistry. He blends RnB influences with his signature riffs and sparkling synths, settling into a laid back groove and an unforgettable chorus.

Kristal West - And That's Why     Pop, Indigenous 02/03/2016
Kristal West's "And That's Why" featured on CAAMA's Alukura Compilation
Kristal West's "And That's Why" featured on CAAMA's Alukura Compilation

The Eighty 88s - Old Folks     Rock, Soul, Blues 02/03/2016
With a sleazy wink to old school rock n roll, dirty soulful grooves and big band party rhythms, The Eighty 88s get the dancefloor shaking.
Inspired by true events, the story of 2 people meeting during the war and growing old together.

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Other tracks by The Eighty 88s:  Few Words  -  Your Mama (Don't Like Me)
Alice Ivy - Touch ft. Georgia Van Etten     Electronic, Soul, Hip Hop 29/02/2016
Alice’s live set not only incorporates electronic & sample based elements, but showcases her musicianship with live instrumentation such as guitar, percussion, & vocals. This creates a distinct electronic/soul sound.
Featuring Georgia Van Etten
Composed/Recorded/Mixed by Annika Schmarsel (Alice Ivy)
Mastered by Ben Coe

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

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NO ZU - Spirit Beat     Electronic, Dance, Funk, Punk 26/02/2016
Unstoppable Heat Beat pioneers NO ZU release new album Afterlife, the fittingly-named sequel to 2012’s Life. It sees the eight piece group venture into deeper, darker, more urgent territory.
"They sound like a post-punk band (think Tom Tom Club, Liquid Liquid, or Talking Heads) discovering the joys of dub, disco, and Afrobeat, then applying that bounce to “Spirit Beat.” - Pitchfork

Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)
Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Funkchunk     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Funk 24/02/2016
They are the world famous Melbourne Ska Orchestra. They bring it to the people so the people can dance!
Its funky and its chunky and its dance music!

Other tracks by Melbourne Ska Orchestra:  Sly Boots
Want of Peace - Hit Single     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Dance 19/02/2016
Want of Peace's 'Rizzle Bizzle' displays an enigmatic debut from The OG-Rant, a recurring character from previous releases. Zappa fans...give this a shot!
To make it in the music industry it all starts with a 'Hit' song. Repetitive beats, a huge bass line and a catch as hell hook. 'Hit Single' hits the nail on the head with it's Mata play on the state of the industry and it's darker undertones

Other tracks by Want of Peace:  Lovely Lady  -  Chu Know
Freda and Jackson - Sumluv     Electronic, Jazz, Instrumental, House 17/02/2016
Freda and Jackson are an emerging Sydney duo. Whilst taking influences from Jazz and Soul into their world of electronic music, they've managed to translate an alluring human feel.
Sumluv is a Jazzy, and slightly more playful cut with a steady breakbeat groove that weaves through a rich, social atmosphere. Jackson & Freda illustrate attention to detail in their ability to express a human touch with the tune shifting dynamically throughout the 4 and and a half minute.

Other tracks by Freda and Jackson:  Persius  -  Chump Feat. Oedura
Jimi Beavis - I Got What I Wanted (But I Lost What I Had)     Blues/Roots, Soul, Funk, Retro 16/02/2016
Jimi Beavis takes elements of old-time Americana and combines them with morbid and hilarious narratives influenced by a middle class Australian upbringing. But he also wants to make you groove.
Inspired by a story in Greil Marcus' "Mystery Train" book, about Little Richard. While appearing on the Dick Cavett Show Little Richard proclaimed he had written a book about his life entitled "He Got What He Wanted But He Lost What He Had". I re-imagined it, in attempted Motown style.

KIT - How Hard     Funk/Soul, Pop, Rock 13/02/2016
KIT is a mixture of Adele and Aretha Franklin in a soul infused fire of honest pop.
“How Hard” being released this February via Marshmallow Pavement Records is a R&B-infused, pulsing track, characterised by the undeniable strength of Kate Watt’s vocals. Finding inspiration to create the song through retelling the experiences of those closest to her, Kate found catharsis of her own.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Slumberhaze - Run as Fast As You Can, Kids.     Funk/Soul, Rock, Electronic 13/02/2016
Slumberhaze's music combo is about beats, soul, edgy guitar and cinemascope into one gnarly melting pot
Guitars, synth, soul with a dense driving beat