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Idiio - Holding Me Back     Electronic, Soul, Experimental 16/09/2016
Raised in Christchurch, New Zealand and now residing on the Gold Coast, Australia, Idiio are known for their passion towards music. They strive to create emotion through music around people.
Beginning with a slow, rich arpeggiating bass line, 'Holding Me Back' effortlessly builds its pace to the track's woozy slow jam feel. Idiio take you on a calming, yet frightening, journey through their version of electronica.

Julia Fernandes - Feeling You     Indigenous 16/09/2016
Julia Fernandes is a singer-songwriter from Campbelltown, NSW.This track is featured on the Young, Black and Deadly - Rising Stars compilation, produced by the Gadigal Music.
This track features Julia Fernandes, accompanied by Mark Ross.

Kennedy Snow - Speak Truth     Funk/Soul, Jazz 12/09/2016
A contemporary Soul Jazz group that mesmerises you with infectious melodies and grooves and speaks about life and love - hip R&B to addictive Neo-Soul to a heart stopping ballad.
Speak Truth is a funk / soul upbeat track that has an infectious vibe and groove about it and great vocals. The lyrics share a positive message about trusting your own instincts and searching for what makes you happy, not others.

Other tracks by Kennedy Snow:  Another Time  -  Just Breathe
Millington - Being     Blues/Roots, Soul, Folk, Pop 09/09/2016
With a pronounced stammer from an early age, a young Tom Millington developed his language through rhythm thus creating a unique relationship with music.
Debut single ‘Being’ is a Pop anthem, a landscape of acoustic instruments, synths and a symphony of voices depicting how Millington delivered his daughter into this world, the feeling of euphoria he experienced there after with a underlying message of hope for the future.

Other tracks by Millington:  Spark In The Dust
Jasmine Rae - Eggs In A Basket     Country 08/09/2016
Jasmine Rae is becoming one of Australia’s most admired vocalists, songwriters and performers.
The quirky and incredibly unique track from the two-time CMC Music Award winner was written by Jasmine and fellow Melbournian songwriter Clive Young and received international recognition earlier this year when it was named as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

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Other tracks by Jasmine Rae:  When I Found You
Caiti Baker - Heavy On My Heart     Pop, Soul, Hip Hop 02/09/2016
Caiti Baker is a soul / hip hop artist who is well known as one half of electro solo duo Sietta.'Heavy On My Heart' is her debut solo single.
With a unique sound, 'Heavy On My Heart' is an uptempo spring vibe, a little bit of soul, pop and hip hop rolled into a rhythmic and sassy feel.

2017 NT SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER: Blues & Roots category


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Harry Coulson - Let Ya Down     Blues/Roots, Rock, Soul, Pop 02/09/2016
Blues done the punk way, stories told the long way about lessons learnt the hard way. Songs about feelings and other nonsense with the occasional clever jazz lick thrown in.
Bit of a rock overture about feelings and stuff. The kind of tune you start writing when you're 19, about girlfriends you never had and finish writing when your 25 about girlfriends you never had and mates that you lost.

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Other tracks by Harry Coulson:  Radio  -  Apart - Part 1
Lisa Spykers - Love @ 25     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop, Soul 02/09/2016
Lisa is a soul/blues multi-instrumentalist vagabond who has been performing in Melbourne, North America & South East Asia for over 2 years. These tracks are from her debut EP.
A reflection on how you feel weeks & months after a romance ends. You miss the connection you once had, and there lingers an unspoken rule about no longer communicating what you really feel.

Other tracks by Lisa Spykers:  I'd Rather Die  -  I Ain't Over You
Morgan Bain - Summed It Up     Pop, Pop, RnB 02/09/2016
Morgan Bain is a multi award winning songwriter, performer, vocalist whose live performances are captivating and reveal a sensibility that showcase his skills in a fusion of Electronic, Soul/Rock.
This indie/alternative RnB-soul artist combines a stunning vocal delivery with some syrup like soul RnB fusion which really pulls at the heart strings. Masterfully crafted tune that deserves to be heard.

Remi - Lose Sleep (feat. Jordan Rakei)     Hip Hop, Soul 30/08/2016
Melbourne artist Remi and musical collaborator Sensible J are one of the fastest-rising Hip Hop acts in Australia and are quickly gaining the attention of international tastemakers.
‘Lose Sleep’ is the third single from upcoming album 'Divas and Demons'.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Hip Hop Album

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Urban Release 'Divas & Demons'

2017 AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Male, Best Hip Hop Album 'Divas & Demons'

Other tracks by Remi:  Substance Therapy
Pickpocket - Junk Trunk     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Instrumental 25/08/2016
Pickpocket are a Melbourne band who play deep instrumental funk.Sophisticated yet unpretentious funk that stimulates your brain and activatesyour feet. Funk for everyone.
Junk Trunk is the lead track from the album and features infectiously funky guitar lines and groovy horn melodies that epitomise the upbeat overall feel of the album.

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Other tracks by Pickpocket:  Days Of Wonder  -  Inverse Funk
Joey Tapau - Shine     Blues/Roots, Soul, Indigenous 24/08/2016
Joey Tapau hails from the land of Mer (Murray Island). Joey's music is an acoustic soul remanence with messages of peace, love and respect.
Shine is a song about letting your inner light shine no matter who you are, never letting anything hold you down or discourage you from loving who you are.

Other tracks by Joey Tapau:  Big City lights
Alwyn Lewis - Suboxone     Electronic, RnB, Soul 23/08/2016
'Bringing an irresistible future-R&B vibe that's as charming as it is earnest.' - PileratsSinger/Songwriter/Producer combining elements of soul, r&b, hip hop and electronica.
Soultronica/Alternative R&B lush sound scape chill

Other tracks by Alwyn Lewis:  Marbles  -  Times We Never Had
Osaka Punch - Make the Call     Rock, Funk 19/08/2016
The growing hype surrounding Osaka Punch is based on a virtuosic high-energy live performance showcasing the group's ability to straddle any genre from authentic old-school funk to extreme modern metal.
Osaka Punch says... MAKE THE CALL.

Sonia - Give It All To Me     Pop, RnB, Soul, Jazz 18/08/2016
A prolific lyricist and storyteller beyond her years, at 18 Sonia writes, arranges and produces, whilst simultaneously knocking over mountains of Uni assignments
Give It All To Me is an up-tempo song about falling quickly, hard and naively. Give it all to Me explores the ‘happy-stupid’ way we can feel and things we do for a ‘crush’.

Other tracks by Sonia:  Lucky Stars  -  Time To Run
Vaguely Human - Space     Funk/Soul, Rock, Hip Hop, Atmospheric 17/08/2016
Vaguely Human is a Brisbane-based six-piece band offering energetic live shows, diverse musical arrangements and grooves that makes you question your 9-5 job and throw your fist in the air.
Starting with a contagious horn riff the song describes an exploration of the different meanings to the word space - the space you live in, the space around you, the space within you, Inner or outer, physical or ethereal.

Other tracks by Vaguely Human:  Bad Day  -  Unit(E)
Vaudeville Smash - Laura     Funk/Soul, Dance, Funk, Pop 17/08/2016
Three brothers, two mates, no other Australian band sounds like ’em. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a Vaudeville Smash gig.
A song about a wild, untamed man-eater – and the men who welcome the imminent heartbreak. Laura is the first taste of The Gift, the band's sophomore album.

Other tracks by Vaudeville Smash:  Drunken Cowgirl  -  Driving Me Wild
Leisure Centre - Indecisive     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Soul 16/08/2016
Leisure Centre, sensual slow jams and bumping future soul.
'Indecisive' has the infectious/lip pouting effect that hits you hard in the guts. More elements of funk & soul that their last single while still making good use of pumping hip hop drums. Heavy!!

The Harlots - Umma Gumma     Rock, Garage, Soul 15/08/2016
The Harlots:A smash and grab six-piece with jagged guitars, haunting keyboards and a rhythm section that’ll grab you by the lapels and un-tuck your shirt.Sting. Sweat. Shout.
Umma Gumma is a song about knowing you’ve got to get out of a relationship. It was written during a frustrated rehearsal when a couple of other new songs were pissing us off. The fast, frenetic nature of the song, when put with the lyrics gives it a desperate feel.

Sweethearts - JMF     Pop, Soul 11/08/2016
Four Leaf Clover is your classic Motown heartbreak with a youthful take on lost love, and a refreshing female energy.
The first track and single JMF sets the tone for listeners, grabbing with an inescapable funky bass
groove that gets feet tapping and blood pumping. The driving bass is followed by 80's disco
inspired synth, tight horn lines that quickly morph the track into a classic big band hit.

Other tracks by Sweethearts:  Peddington