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Spectoral - Daydreaming     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Downbeat 21/02/2017
While Spectoral takes influence from chillwave, alt-RnB and soul, his sound is also heavily inspired by the fuzzy, imperfect, nostalgia-driven downtempo of Boards of Canada and early 2000s trip-hop.
With flavours of trip-hop melding seamlessly with 2016 beat-smithing, Spectoral delivers dark, sexy fire on 'Daydreaming', a track that explores the guilt-ridden lust of cheaters.

Iluka - Blue My Soul     Funk/Soul, Chill, Atmospheric 17/02/2017
Inspired by her freewheeling travels, the music that Iluka pours herself into creating is not just music for the sake of music. It is art for the soul's purpose.
ILUKA has looked to distant lands to capture the essence of movement, light and youthful yearning. As the words fall from her howling tongue they paint a time, a place and a landscape so wildly vivid her journey becomes just as much yours as it is experientially her own.

The Meltdown - Don't Hesitate     Funk/Soul, Rock, Blues, Country 17/02/2017
Melbourne based Soul/Jazz/Blues. Brought to you buy the purveyors of the finest radioactive gospel. The Meltdown. Featuring the iridescent Simon Burke. Debut LP out April 7th, 2017.
Joyous, upbeat and fiery, ‘Don’t Hesitate’ lifts us up and onto the dance floor urging us to push aside our fears and troubles and live in the moment. Blazing horns, sugar sweet backing vocals and Simon Burke’s honey voice take us back to the days of Stax and Motown.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Soul, Funk, RnB and Gospel Album 'The Meltdown'

The Delta Riggs - June Gloom     Rock, Electronic, Atmospheric, Soul 16/02/2017
The Delta Riggs are back with new single “June Gloom” from third album Active Galactic. "June Gloom" still captures the bands unique psychedelic energy that is most definitely their own.
June Gloom is the third track from Sydney band The Delta Riggs.

Story Teller - Just Like That..     Blues/Roots, Folk, Easy Listening, Blues 16/02/2017
Storytelling music is something traditional yet uncomplicated acoustic guitar arrangement with soul voice that goes beyond.
Uplifting Love song based on 'try again' theme.


Other tracks by Story Teller:  Please Don't Get me Started...  -  Listen To My Whispers...
Saatsuma - Isolate     Electronic, Pop, Soul 15/02/2017
Saatsuma is a Melbourne-based electronic project, a collaboration between Memphis Kelly and Cesar Rodrigues.
A collaboration between Memphis Kelly and Cesar Rodrigues, Isolate explores the destructive nature of complacency, and the notion that disengaging from the issues around us will only lead to further decline. Mixed by Dream Kit and mastered by Adam Dempsey. 'Isolate' is the first taste of Saatsuma’s debut album.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Jazz Party - Talking In Your Sleep     Funk/Soul 10/02/2017
Jazz Party is like nothing you have seen before or will likely see again - a wild shindig collides with a cult gathering.
A dark Phil Spector-esque ballad of love and jealousy. Secrets and lies. Orchestrated with luscious vocals, vibraphones, baritone sax and Loretta Miller's stunning vocal debut.

Jackal or Tiger - Let Me Down Easy     Funk/Soul, Soul, Blues, Retro 09/02/2017
Jackal or Tiger is a funk and blues band hailing from the mountains tops! Aka Katoomba delivering high energy wah wahs and phat rolls!
'Let Me Down Easy' is an upbeat funky number with Stevie Wonder inspired keyboard tones and thick kit hits. The song is about losing yourself, while finding a level of comfort amongst it, but begging for it to "let you do down easy" when you sober up.

Other tracks by Jackal or Tiger:  Wilma  -  What We Got
Francesca de Valence - Yellow (feat. Megalodon)     Pop, Hip Hop, Soul 08/02/2017
"Uplifting. Enlightening. Empowering” – Music is my Muse
'Yellow feat. Megalodon' is a song to honour the sun, the earth and magnificent love. May this joyous, unconditionally-loving song help to put a skip back in our collective step. Crystalline vocals with clean Aussie Hip Hop. Empowering!

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Kyle Lionhart - Call Back Home     Folk, Soul, Acoustic 08/02/2017
Neo-folk and soul singer-songwriter, Kyle Lionhart, boasts one of the most incredible new voices in Australian music.
Produced by John Castle (Vance Joy, Washington, Cub Sport), 'Call Back Home' is a soaring indie-soul meets folk ballad about self-reflection. “It’s about avoiding that darker side of yourself, the side of ourselves that we consistently distract and sedate only for it to explode at the worst possible moments."

Other tracks by Kyle Lionhart:  Sweet Girl
The Cactus Channel & Sam Cromack - Sorry Hills     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop, RnB 08/02/2017
Until recently, The Cactus Channel were easily introduced as integral members of the Soul-music scene in Melbourne. Well-known for their musicianship and compositional skills fundamental to making compelling instrumental music.
The first track of this collaborative EP treads a thin line between alt-soul and the best of indie pop, swimming in compelling atmospherics and deftly weaving Cromack’s rich, drawling vocal and disarming, meditative lyrics through the band’s typically intuitive arrangements.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)


Alphamama - Stranger In Asia     Hip Hop, Rap, Soul 03/02/2017
Alphamama is not your run of the mill singer. She is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial artist. Commanding her space, she engages her audience through raw and evocative performances.
‘Stranger In Asia’ tells the story of a cosmic creatress who finds herself wondering how things got so bad and embarks on the journey to remember who she is and how to get her power back.


The Mob - Courage and Excellence     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Funk, Blues 03/02/2017
Written, recorded and filmed over 5 days in the remote community of Walgett in Northwest NSW. An outcome of a Desert Pea Media community project with Walgett Community College.
This song is one of those rare positive, uplifting stories from remote Indigenous Australia. Desert Pea Media productions are developed to empower and inspire both audience and storyteller alike. Listen in and join the movement.

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Chitra - Fade     Folk, Soul 31/01/2017
If the Alabama Shakes and Bon Iver had a child, then Beyoncé adopted her, that child would be Chitra; an intimate songwriter blessed with the voice of yesterday’s soul heroines.
'Fade' is a track written by Chitra about the struggle of letting something go and knowing its already gone.

Other tracks by Chitra:  Crash & Burn  -  Linger
Miriam Lieberman - Legacy     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Soul 31/01/2017
A powerful singer songwriter playing guitar and kora in her own unique style. Added are sublime strings and lush vocal harmonies of violinist Lara Goodridge and cellist Kate Adams
Open the morning / the sun is arising / orange and yellow in the sky. As the moon goes fading into white / knowing it's all a letting go / only my soul I will keep. But the morning is a glow / with the legacy / the lasting legacy.

Other tracks by Miriam Lieberman:  I Awake  -  Here Is The Rhythm
Wanderers - Loco     Blues/Roots, Soul 31/01/2017
Hailing from Adelaide, soul roots trio Wanderers have cemented their place within the local industry for their captivating live show and musicianship that has translated effortlessly from record to stage.
'Loco' is the opening track from Wanderers upcoming EP Something For A Distraction - described by Tone Deaf as 'a breezy blues-rock number that steadily builds into a raunchy, soulful jam'


2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (SA Awards) - Dusty Lee Stephenson

Caiti Baker - Make Your Own Mistakes     Pop, Swing, Jazz, Soul 26/01/2017
Caiti writes songs about what she knows and feels, sings with her guts and soul and unashamedly performs the hell out of them.
'Make Your Own Mistakes' is Caiti's belief about how you don’t need to be judged or told what to do if someone thinks you're going about it the wrong way. Caiti's vocals are sung with attitude over fat double bass, trad-meets-hiphop drums, crunchy guitar samples, and a killer horn section.

2017 NT SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER in 'Pop' and overall 'NT Song of the Year' award categories

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Crimson Heart - Crimson Heart     Hip Hop, Funk, Pop 26/01/2017
From Melbourne, the group is a collaboration of two artists who've been around the traps for many years as solo artists, and have come together to compliment one another's style.
A track true to its heart, the self titled single is the second from eclectic musicians Crimson Heart, talking about relationships and how they are everything from hard work, fantastic, frustrating, but no doubt, worth fighting for.

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New Venusians - Get Along     Funk/Soul, Soul 25/01/2017
New Venusians unique sound is influenced from the lush sounds of synthesisers, to gritty washed out guitar sounds, hip hop inspired grooves and delicate harmonies at times reminiscent of Jazz.
'Get Along' is an anthem for those who are frustrated and confused by the intimate relationships they are in. Whilst on the surface it seems that solutions can be easy, they often aren’t. The song explores that idea and leaves the listener with an ironically easy hook ‘Get Along’.

Cameron Avery - Wasted On Fidelity     Rock, Soul 20/01/2017
With his deep, husky baritone, Perth-bred/LA-based, Cameron Avery harnesses the dark power and humor of artists like Nick Cave, Scott Walker, and Tindersticks.
The second cut off his debut solo album, ‘Wasted on Fidelity’ is a wry and swinging glimpse into the debauched haze following a failed relationship.