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Iluka - Blue Jean Baby     Pop, Retro, Soul 16/11/2016
Inspired by her freewheeling travels, the music that Iluka pours herself into creating is not just music for the sake of music. It is art for the soul's purpose.
'Blue Jean Baby' captures the essence of summer - carefree and upbeat, but filled with longing nostalgia.

TJ Patrick - Sparks     Pop, Rock, Soul 11/11/2016
TJ Patrick is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne. On the surface, there’s simplicity and freshness to his music, however a closer listen reveals an artist with a penchant for details.
Recorded with producer One Above (Hilltop Hoods, Allday, Illy), 'Sparks' is a high energy track brimming with influences from Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz. We come into the world empty handed and we leave empty handed - 'Sparks' is about taking risks and being playful.

Lofty Heights - Lilly (feat. Trent-Jean)     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB, Rock 09/11/2016
Lofty Heights is the inquisitive cat looking into the world of music and finding an unlimited amount of string to play with.
Lilly is about that one person who is like a drug, they're toxic but you can't leave them.

Other tracks by Lofty Heights:  Follow (feat. Edde)  -  It’s Time (Feat. T.Soko & Soloman Pitt)
Munro Melano - Move To California     Pop, Electronic, Soul 09/11/2016
Melbourne based artist Munro Melano has been writing/recording and releasing for several years now - soulful grooved based music both solo and within a band dynamic.
It was written over the Melbourne winter. When the sky is grey, and days are short - cocooned in front of the heater. Only months before, I'd farewelled a number of friends who were moving to LA - one friend had just fallen in love, another was chasing the dream.

The Meltdown - Colours In The Sky     Funk/Soul, Soul, Country 09/11/2016
The Meltdown. It’s a bold, brassy, twangy steam train of bumping backbeats and swinging shuffles. Then there’s that voice. Sweet as honey.
From a band known for heavy dancefloor soul, Colours In The Sky marks a change - a piece of downtempo country soul evoking big skies and long roads. This finds Simon Burke’s honeyed voice at it’s most sensitive. Shades of Otis and Sam Cooke on a twangy southern tip.

Gum - Gemini     Pop, Psychedelic, Soul, Rock 08/11/2016
Gum is the moniker of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson.
The psychedelic synth-pop single with glimpses of future soul is first cut from Gum's forthcoming LP 'Flash In The Pan' set for release November 11, 2016.

Little Coyote - 80 Days     Rock, Pop, Funk 07/11/2016
Your personal guide down the rabbit hole, Little Coyote is the cosmic canine providing psychedelic journeys from the natural world to the astral plane, divulging stories of madness and adventure.
80 Days is about the ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’, a young man not really wanting to grow up.

Caprice Quinn - Red     Pop, RnB, Jazz, Soul 04/11/2016
Seductively alluring, Caprice Quinn is an imaginative urban artist who loves to draw her listeners away from their reality to revel in the fantasies she creates through music.
Never has drowning your sorrows in a glass of "Red" been so sexy. Let the smooth, jazzy tones seduce your ears whist Caprice's sultry vocal delivery wisps you into this forlorn story.

Other tracks by Caprice Quinn:  Luv Pack A Punch  -  Be
Young Hysteria - Never Gonna Learn     Pop, Soul 03/11/2016
Musically diverse and otherworldly, Young Hysteria produces music that's cinematic — a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of dream pop, electronica and lo-fi.
“Never Gonna Learn” is that rare song that relaxes you, causes you to lose your breath momentarily, and transports you to another place. Beautiful and brilliant." — The Revue.

Other tracks by Young Hysteria:  No Time
Lonelyspeck - All My Skin on the Air     Electronic, Pop, Soul, Experimental 03/11/2016
Lonelyspeck is a bedroom producer / vocalist / songwriter from Adelaide who creates every element of their music on their own, fusing R&B and bass music, pop hooks and noise.
The track is an unexpectedly hooky piece of alternative-pop, drawing melodic inspiration from commercial radio as much as from bass music.

"The concept behind the track is that I want to be exposed and not hide my feelings even if they're awkward or seemingly trivial."

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Slum Sociable - Name Call     Electronic, Jazz, Soul 03/11/2016
Slum Sociable are Edward Quinn (production/keys/guitar) and Miller Upchurch (vocals/percussion). A Melbourne-based duo steeped in groove, that glide through the intersection of soul, hip-hop and electronica.
‘Name Call’ is the first cut from the subversive duo’s awaited debut album and adds to their already impressive repertoire, which includes single ‘Anyway’, and ‘Apartment’ from debut EP, TQ. It takes a firm hold on the hips and guides left to right to left in a hypnotic sway.

Mo Louie - She Said     Electronic, Soul, Pop 02/11/2016
Mo Louie lives in a world where the soul and the artificial are intertwined. Her electro-pop/soul powered music comes from what she sees around her.
Mo Louie's debut single, ‘She Said’, is a playful take on an overthinking mind. Using a cluster of the artificial: electronic and synth production with a whirl of soulful vocal sounds, ‘She Said’ plays with the reality of what someone says verses the interpretation the mind creates.

Big Words - The Answer     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, RnB 01/11/2016
Big Words have made an incredible name for themselves over the last five years. A hip-hop influenced hybrid of soul and RnB.
‘The Answer’ blends an uncommon collaboration of genres that drive a unique force, but leave a strong sense of familiarity. Soul, RnB, hip hop. A great introduction to an impressive forthcoming EP.

Songbird - Street Walker     Folk, Funk, Soul 31/10/2016
Steph Jolly, Songbird, is an emerging Singer-Songwriter based in Adelaide, South Australia. Songbird creates music that is an eclectic mix of soul, folk and funk.
‘Street Walker,’ is an energetic, upbeat track, with plenty of sass and funk. Steph's honest and raw lyrics come straight from the heart and draw on past experiences and innermost thoughts and feelings. They express personal observations of a world sometimes cruel, sometimes beautiful.

Benny Walker - Save     Funk/Soul, Blues, Rock, Acoustic 28/10/2016
Yorta Yorta singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. His killer voice, love songs & epic tales mix with passion for the land, the people, summer vibes & deep grooves.
New soul song “Save”demonstrates Benny’s killer vocals and emotion in the lyric. It’s his second track recorded at Way Of The Eagle studios in Melbourne with ARIA Award winning Producer Jan Skubiszewski (The Cat Empire, John Butler Trio, Dan Sultan).

Electrik Lemonade - We Know This     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, World 28/10/2016
Electrik Lemonade are 7 individuals united by the cosmic collective boogie. Playing rump funkin' shows that feature a repertoire of original funk, hip-hop tunes, infused with soul & electronic elements.
We Know This, is a brutally honest ode to cannabis which has influenced the band in different ways. With the legalisation of medicinal marijuana across Australia as of 2017, Electrik Lemonade wanted to write something that they imagined their fans singing back at the top of their lungs at shows.

Helen Rae - Cat Amongst The Pigeons     Pop, Rock, Soul, Easy Listening 28/10/2016
Brisbane based Singer-Songwriter and Solo Artist Helen Rae has a unique style which combines elements of pop, rock, jazz and classical.
This edgy tune tells a story of love surpassing all boundaries, even immortal ones!

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Other tracks by Helen Rae:  Rewind  -  Lahdedah
Professor Paul - What's Next     Hip Hop, Funk 28/10/2016
Professor Paul is a rapper/producer from Brisbane Australia. Influenced by Seth Sentry, Logic and Eminem, he aspires to great heights.
Funk inspired bass riff with trumpets and tight Kick/Snare action like it's from the 90's. The rap is hard hitting with meaning and encouragement for the listener. What's Next is the hit of determination you need to become everything you want to be, all in under 3 minutes.

San Cisco - B Side     Pop, Rock, Funk 28/10/2016
Josh + Scarlett + Jordi + Nick. Long time pals from Fremantle, Western Australia. Playing tunes since 2009.
Short, sweet and totally endearing, "B Side" is a teasing taste of what's to come from San Cisco's forthcoming third studio album, due for release in early 2017. The track is accompanied by a beaut video filmed by Jordi’s sister, Peppa and her boyfriend Matt whilst on holiday in Japan.

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San Cisco - SloMo     Pop, Rock, Funk 28/10/2016
Josh + Scarlett + Jordi + Nick. Long time pals from Fremantle, Western Australia. Playing tunes since 2009.
“We wanted to create a song that made people want to move” - Jordi. Mission accomplished – you can’t help but shimmy along from the start. However, in typical San Cisco fashion, a close listen of the tune reveals a complex tale of desire, burgeoning relationships and playing with fire.