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Professor Paul - flo     Hip Hop, Funk 21/03/2017
Born Paul Thomas Hillier, my alias is Professor Paul and I am a rapper/producer from Brisbane, Australia. Currently 19.
My second single 'flo' came about early one morning, as I jumped out of bed. Inspired heavily by 'Dang!' (Mac Miller & Anderson Paak.) the bass line moves, horns are eminent, and I been dancing ever since I programmed those drums.
Might not be ya thing but I love it.

Spectoral & Martiln - Without You     Funk/Soul, Chill, Electronic, Soul 21/03/2017
Spectoral is a singer-songwriter producer influenced by soul, alternative RnB, but also heavily inspired by the fuzzy, weathered, nostalgia-driven downtempo of Boards of Canada and the early 2000s.
Treading that beautiful line between alt-RnB and weathered downtempo, the Melbourne producer's soaring single is a stand-out example of the 2017 zeitgeist: heartbreak and hi-hats. One for the playlists, definitely.

The Seven Ups - The Aviator     Funk/Soul, Funk, World 21/03/2017
Blending infuences from 1970s Nigerian Afrobeat with the deepest of street Funk, The Seven Ups are the original 7-piece party band out of Melbourne.
Fast, edgy afro-funk that doesn't stop for anything!

Other tracks by The Seven Ups:  Through the Dust  -  Harry Cooper
Joe Geia - North South East & West     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Ambience 17/03/2017
Geia is a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music. He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling Aboriginal life in Australia.
This is a song about home but also my concerns about the environmental destruction. Indigenous people respect the land and lived in harmony with the Earth for thousands of years. The world is learning that First Nations People are the leaders in protecting the land not destroying it.

Other tracks by Joe Geia:  Freedom West Papua  -  Funky Didj
MAYA - What After Now     Funk/Soul, Chill, Electronic 13/03/2017
MAYA’s music is progressive. Conforming to conventions only when it serves the emotional integrity of the song. Her sound stems deeply and directly from her voice, sublime groove and soul.
Mixed and produced by Haxx, the beats groove hard, tipping the hat to hip-hop classics, and jazz style vocal stacks to contrast and enthral. MAYA’s music is progressive. Conforming to conventions only when it serves the emotional integrity of the song.

Captain Dreamboat - Modern Love     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Soul 10/03/2017
The soul/R&B/jazz-inspired quintet, Captain Dreamboat are a formidably tight force able to achieve complex sonic concepts in the studio as well as ad lib impromptu creations on the live stage.
‘Modern Love’ is textually intricate with fragile smooth keys and fingerpicking on the guitar that are reminiscent of wind chimes and a harp. It grooves with an afro-cuban drum pattern and cool bursts of smooth horns in between Fanaika's unmistakable vibrato and crooning tone.

KashKin - Hollywood     Funk/Soul, Chill, Soul 10/03/2017
Purveyors of fine funk and soul goodness for your dancing and listening pleasure
Let's all go to Hollywood.......
Everybody wants to make it big in Hollywood
Live a life up on the hill among the stars
You can say what you want about Hollywood
The place where dreams come true

Other tracks by KashKin:  The Holy Trinity  -  One Big family
Oatis - Lord Have Mercy     Funk/Soul, Pop, Blues, Folk 10/03/2017
The Soulful/Romantic Single "Lord Have Mercy" Is the next installment Soloist/songwriter "Oatis" and "his twin single collection" Placing as a Finalist in the 2016 international Songwriting Contest "The Song Door"
"Lord Have Mercy" is a Soulful/Romantic Jam, focusing in on simple story telling and raw emotion! It's beautifully uses Piano, guitars, brass and bass takes the listener on a ride into the human emotion.

New Venusians - Game Change     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz 08/03/2017
New Venusians unique sound has developed through drawing influence from the lush sounds of synthesisers, gritty washed out guitars, hip hop inspired grooves, delicate harmonies at times reminiscent of Jazz.
‘Game Change’ sees New Venusians taking a few twists and turns, with opening soul-fueled minimalist grooves paving the way for a midway guitar-induced break that builds to a crescendo of synths and percussion. Layered with dreamy vocal hooks and an undeniably funky bass-line that buoys the song along.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Pasko - Step By Step     Funk/Soul, Jazz, RnB, Pop 07/03/2017
Pasko is a musician from Sydney, Australia.Pasko's songwriting style nods to R & B, Motown and baroque pop.Pasko's writing partner is Ray Goodwin from Dragon.
Step by Step is about life's journey, learning, yearning, falling and fresh starts

Other tracks by Pasko:  Temple of Stone  -  Thunder Clouds
Quantum Milkshake - Seventies     Funk/Soul, Dance, Psychedelic, Experimental 07/03/2017
Encompassing the very essence of the universe, Quantum Milkshake is the platform for you to experience pumping cathartic grooves and the unimaginable pleasures of intricate luscious soundscapes.
Being the second track of the debut album, this 8-bit piece of funkadelia keeps it sweet with grooving time changes and retro synth melodies. Seventies consists of a fun dancing groove and fun loving feelings whilst encompassing a quirky, Frank Zappa-esk mesh of rhythms and melody.

Other tracks by Quantum Milkshake:  Colossal Opening  -  Hop Scotch
Baldwins - Dirty Sheets     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Rock 04/03/2017
Baldwins are an eight-piece progressive-soul band from Sydney, Australia. Turning the rhythmic groove of neo-soul/hip-hop, lush harmony of jazz and rock energy into an unconventional sound that's entirely their own.
'Dirty Sheets' is about the journey we take through the exhilaration of love and lust. The excitement pumping through your body; the butterflies lifting you; a lover's touch melting you in an instant... Then comes a moment when that's stripped away - leaving you confused whether it was really there.

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Big Words - Soul Jam     Hip Hop, Soul, Pop 04/03/2017
Based out of Melbourne, BIG WORDS have developed a huge cult following due to their incredibly strong live show, and have a backstory which sees them originate from humble beginnings.
‘Souljam’ combines a blend of soul and RNB to create a beautifully smooth and soulful nostalgic early 90’s hip-hop inspired sound. Keiren & William come together again vocally on ‘Souljam’ to combine dreamy melodic vocals with a laid back hip-hop flow.

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Escher     Funk/Soul, Ska 04/03/2017
Melbourne Ska Orchestra are an ARIA Award-winning ska band from Melbourne, Australia. The group has up to 36 members; led by bandleader Nicky Bomba, formerly of the John Butler Trio.
Escher, the new single from the Melbourne Ska Orchestra, shows the band in full hybrid flight, exploring new melodies and grooves. Escher is the third single from the Aria Award winning Sierra-Kilo-Alpha out now on FOUR FOUR.

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Saskwatch - December Nights     Rock, Soul, Pop 04/03/2017
6-piece indie/soul group from Melbourne.
Melbourne indie outfit Saskwatch today give you the first single “December Nights” off their to-be-released fourth studio record. Taking their classic soul sound in a new direction, Saskwatch have downsized in members but not in soundscape, utilising the space left behind for a whole new style and swagger.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

The Sand Dollars - Chops     Rock, Funk, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 02/03/2017
Melbourne based tarantino inspired rock n rollers who play music to get the party started
Loaded with angular guitar riffs, an edgy indie-rock melody and a crescendo-esc life of its own, showcasing the band’s prolific songwriting ability.

Eskatology & Lenin Marrón - Calm The Fire     Hip Hop, Funk 25/02/2017
A track about the struggle for aboriginal rights, and the black lives matter campaign.

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Hazlett - Cool it Child     Funk/Soul, Atmospheric, Chill, Electronic 25/02/2017
Hazlett has been labouring over a melodic and stirring body of work in Scandinavia, but has now returned to his native Australia with part i of his EP series HONEY, WHERE IS MY HOME
I was always told you can't run away from life, you must face it head on like a man. After running away to the north however, i wrote this inner monologue that challenged that. I learnt that while all problems must be faced eventually, isolation can give you some perspective.

Cool Explosions - Cold Fire     Electronic, Pop, Soul, RnB 24/02/2017
Hardwired in Melbourne, Cool Explosions venture out from a pulsing underground landscape of glitchcore electronica, RnB reboots & late night neo-soul jams with a grinding, uncompromising ultra-pop.
‘Cold Fire’, the band’s debut single, is a desire-charged invitation to sensual surrender. Mixed and mastered by Lachlan Carrick (Miami Horror, Gotye), the track administers rushes of autobahn arcadia, weaving woozy RnB deliriums of synth anaesthetics with swoons of sample driven soul.

Caprice Quinn - No More Silhouettes (feat. Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra)     Hip Hop, RnB, Soul 22/02/2017
Hailed as the 'urban siren call 2016 was waiting for', Caprice Quinn's debut release Le Femme showcases her slow-burn R'n'B style, reminiscent of 90s, yet undeniably relevant to now.
Thought provoking and inspiring, 'No More Silhouettes' is the sonic spark of a revolution; Urban siren Caprice Quinn features Aussie rap queen, Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra, in an all-women collaboration that celebrates and supports International Women's Day in its call to be #BeBoldForChange on March 8.

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