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Tony Font Show - Long Island     Metal/Punk, Funk 15/12/2016
Punk-Funk party anthems for the discerning listener who feels like the only queer in their village.
A funk punk attack to the ears. Long Island is the kind of song that you put on to start the party, or to pick it back up and send it into overdrive. Whoa momma.

Other tracks by Tony Font Show:  Milk Money  -  Cigarettes For Sex
DL - Freedom     Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Pop 14/12/2016
DL is a hip hop artist from Melbourne. His has a laid back, yet infectious sound. His addiction for soul & R&B really shines through in his hip hop records.
'Freedom'- it's all in the title. The lyrical content touches on things from same sex love, to media influence, to politics, to record labels. It's promotes the right to freedom we all possess. The production and delivery is upbeat, fun, & dead set funky.

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Other tracks by DL:  Hey (Na Na)
Neon Queen - Real Love     Pop, RnB, Rock, Dance 10/12/2016
Melbourne R&B-rockers Neon Queen have had a pretty dang successful year. They just released their new single Real Love and supported Sticky Fingers at Festival Hall in Melbourne.
The new song broadens the band's sonic horizons, seeing them deftly dabble in the arena of funk-soaked guitar and synth tones, driven along by disco-heavy four-to-the-floor rhythms and the powerful voice work of vocalist Oceans.

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Other tracks by Neon Queen:  5AM
Alana-Lee - Walking For Water     Pop, Easy Listening, Soul, Acoustic 09/12/2016
Alana-Lee is a Sydney-based singer, songwriter and pianist, performing an original mix of contemporary pop, soul, folk and jazz music. Comparisons: Michael Buble, Fiona Apple, Eva Cassidy.
This song is a light, soulful reflection of Alana-Lee's travels through Africa. It was inspired by watching African women walk to wells/rivers with buckets on their head to collect water daily. The song paints a picture of the landscape and hardships.

Other tracks by Alana-Lee:  Freedom In The Fall  -  Russian Doll
Hot Wings - Flour On The Floor     Rock, Instrumental 09/12/2016
The much anticipated debut release from Hot Wings is a surf, soul guitar-boogie dream. Think Link Wray at a Shadows concert rolled in a bit of grit!
'Flour On The Floor' is the kind of song that will make your eyes and ears pop open, the hairs on your arms stand up and your legs start kicking. There's no chance to sit still while this is playing!

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Other tracks by Hot Wings:  Mo Mo  -  Bangin
Pow! Negro - Hidle Ho     Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock 08/12/2016
Pow! Negro is a six piece consisting of slick guitars, tasteful electronics, banging drums, smooth sax and fluid rhymes. They're live show is electric and eclectic.
'Hidle Ho' sees the band merging jazz and hip-hop elements with an aggressive vocal style that falls somewhere between the energetic bounces of Zac De La Rocha and the funk come street verses of Mos Def all coming together in the bedroom-recorded sophomore track.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Premiss - Let You Know (Feat. Marksman Lloyd and Coin Banks)     Hip Hop, Soul 06/12/2016
Led by bandleader Brendan Scott Grey, Premiss is an 8 piece band from Perth all about pushing the limits of hip-hop.
Using an impressive eight piece band as its medium, Let You Know was musically written in its entirety and then presented to Marksman Lloyd and Coin Banks. The story that came to the MC's first was the one recorded; the one allowed to live in that moment.


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Other tracks by Premiss:  Come n Get It (Feat. Hyclass)  -  Better Come Right (Feat. Drapht)
Harts - Fear In Me     Rock, Funk 29/11/2016
Harts – the brainchild of musical polymath Darren Hart - is a master of vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and production; a Melbourne funk, soul and rock virtuoso
Fear In Me once again finds ever-adventurous Harts mastermind Darren Hart experimenting with his sound, this time as he dips his toe into the world of hip hop with a break neck rap verse interspersed amongst the heavy hitting, guitar driven rock that is his signature sound.

Nate Sapian - Saddle Up     Funk/Soul, Pop, Blues 29/11/2016
Nate Sapian is a musician from Brisbane, Australia. Blues, jazz, funk and soul styles unite for unique and original songwriting.
Saddle Up is a funky/soulful number with a driving rhythmic groove and laidback feel.

Other tracks by Nate Sapian:  Broken Valentine  -  Postcards From Anywhere Else
Shukura Chapman - One by One     Blues/Roots, Soul, Folk, Easy Listening 29/11/2016
Shukura Chapman is a dynamic Brisbane based singer-songwriter & one-woman band with a powerhouse voice. This soul artist’s rich sound is a melting pot of roots, funk and blues.
One by One is a reminder to pause and breathe deep in amidst mind-clutter and external chaos. It's a reminder to slow down and let your thoughts fall away, one by one.
Shukura wrote One by One (her debut single) and recorded drums, ukulele, vocals and some guitar.


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Phil Barlow and the Wolf - Love Is All I Feel     Blues/Roots, Funk 23/11/2016
Gritty, bluesy notes and tones; rocky guitar riffs with underlying flavors of funk/reggae that will have you howling for more. Literally.
Trading gyrations and flirtations for good vibrations and utopian aspirations, Love Is All I Feel is a groove-laden, blues-funk number encouraging you to open up and connect with your fellow humans. Recorded at Love Street Studios, this track is a free download to thank everyone for supporting the last album.

New Venusians - Keep Running...And Running     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz 22/11/2016
“New Venusians have a passionate following in Sydney with hypnotic live shows, infectious beats and smooth brand of electronica. Get to know these guys before they blow up.” - ToneDeaf
Keep Running...And Running is the extended version of the band's debut single from their forthcoming self titled debut album. It mixes heavy synth leaden grooves with psychedelic guitar and pristine vocals.

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Vorsen - It Takes Years     Funk/Soul, Blues, Electronic, RnB 22/11/2016
A captivating rock/roots/soul 4-piece from Perth, WA. Vorsen combine warm smokey vocals with organic intimate melodies to create heart-on-your sleeve tracks.
‘It Takes Years’ [4.04] is the brand new single from soul/rock band Vorsen. This uplifting track is another glimpse into the ever-evolving sound of the band. Injected with a late 60s feel, ‘It Takes Years’ is a blend of floating keys, dreamy guitars, punchy drums and huge gospel-esque vocals.

Another Language - Soul Doctor     Funk/Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock 21/11/2016
Brisbane-based Another Language are a pop-rock band whose smooth guitar, funky beats and powerful vocals are whipping Queensland up into a frenzy.
Soul Doctor is a crowd favourite - with a ska-inspired guitar intro, fused with a funk rhythm section and hip-hop inspired vocals. Soul Doctor gets heads nodding, feet tapping and hips swinging.

Other tracks by Another Language:  Eye See A Rainbow
Bag Raiders - Beat Me To The Punch (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne)     Pop, Electronic, Funk, House 19/11/2016
LA-based Australian electronic-duo Bag Raiders (Jack Glass and Chris Stracey) are back with the release of their latest track 'Beat Me To The Punch' featuring Grammy nominated singer Mayer Hawthorne.
The track features a triple dose of infectious and radiant electronic-pop that dances across the spectrum. By combining playful melodies with sophisticated pop elements and lyrical introspection, the single perfectly blends their classic house-style with a swinging and looping soul inspired vocal to produce something more dynamic and classically song-based.

Birdz - Hunger Voodoo     Hip Hop, Rap, Soul, Indigenous 18/11/2016
"If my life as a starving artist had a soundtrack it'd sound like this, playing on loop as I hunt down my next meal.” – Birdz
Hunger Voodoo is a tale of a broke man, a new father, a hungry artist. Offering his audience a new perspective from his socially conscious melodic rhymes, Birdz keeps it close to home with this honest portrayal of working for the man while striving to be a full time artist.

Lisa Richards - You Got The Power     Folk, Funk, Soul 18/11/2016
Bare bones, Kick back, Irrepressible music for the Soul
Encompasses all that the album is about both musically and lyrically with her world-class musicianship and straight to the core phrases like “In your mouth you carry flowers, behind your back you hold a knife”.

Maja - Hurting Now     Funk/Soul, Blues, Folk 18/11/2016
Telling her honest story to the Brisbane music scene, Serbian-born singer-songwriter Maja is gaining quite a reputation for her eccentric character and glittering performances.
The single was produced and mixed by Konstantin Kersting of The Belligerents at Airlock Studios, and is the first taste of her forthcoming second EP. It follows the March release of Maja’s debut self-titled EP, and is set to cement her reputation a serious contender in the Australian music scene.

Morgan Bain - Hush     Pop, Soul, RnB 18/11/2016
Being able to write a perfect pop song, then also sing it like a veteran superstar, is a stellar combination.
Bain executes to a top level, but it is all of the things that can not be taught that make him exceptional... the sweet-yet-smoky timbre to his voice, the perfection of his melodies, or the shadowy tones to his delivery.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)


Shag Rock - Road Trip     Rock, Funk, Roots 18/11/2016
Formed in mid 2011 in Brizzy, we are just a bunch of mates who love to play music, don't think you can get that anywhere else...
Lyrically “Road Trip” it’s all about takin’ it easy and slowing down the grinding gears of the mundane. Breaking the rules a bit, grabbing the Milton by its mangoes, and just going and doing something meaningful.