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Elsie and The Vibe - Riverside     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 13/07/2017
If you threw soul, pop and RnB into a giant pot, added some sixties flavouring and seasoned with the energy of master musicians, you’d get Elsie and The Vibe.
“Riverside” is the debut single from Elsie and The Vibe’s upcoming EP. The track is “a sultry throwback of soul and R&B that builds slowly to a cavalcade of aural delights” (Flea Market Funk). The single boasts stirring melodies, vintage brass, a powerhouse chorus, and Elsie's raw, smoky, commanding vocals.

Other tracks by Elsie and The Vibe:  Naked
Love Deluxe - Spice Of Life     Electronic, Funk, Experimental 13/07/2017
Love Deluxe is a feeling. It's a beautiful sunset. It's more than climate change, it is its own climate. Sun, sweat, stream and spritz.
‘Spice of Life’ is a tricky little fay, leading the listener through a smoky door into a space filled with the type of timeless sound that is created by musicians sashaying through a live disco jam.

Other tracks by Love Deluxe:  Cool Breeze Over The Mountains
Kaiit - Natural Woman     Hip Hop, Soul 13/07/2017
With honeyed vocals, fierce rhymes and a bold eclectic style to match, 19-year-old Kaiit is alluring audiences to the sweet sound of soul.
A heartwarming tale that all of us can relate to, "Natural Woman" captures the nostalgia of when we meet someone who is capable of bringing out our true innocence and lighthearted nature. Kaiit's smooth and jazzy vocals along with quirky lyrics will surely get you reminiscing about that special someone.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW), Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

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Other tracks by Kaiit:  2000 n SOMETHIN
Adrian Thomas - Shake A Leg     Country, Funk 13/07/2017
Drawing on a plethora of life experiences, Adrian Thomas songs cover everything from current social/political issues and navigating through the game of life.
‘Shake a Leg’ is a celebration of the traditional dance and peaceful nature of Indigenous tribes both past and present. Featuring Internationally acclaimed Percussionist David Jones, the song is a call for Treaty and recognition of Indigenous people to start the healing process between black, white and the land.


Other tracks by Adrian Thomas:  Isolei Au Marau (Sigh, im happy to be here)
Isla Imogen - Shake Me     Pop, Soul 13/07/2017
Singer songwriter based in Albany. Winner of the 2015 The Quest Song Writing Competition, Under 18’s Song Writing Award. Performing professionally since the age of 16.
Life reflections about the world outside.

Jazz Party - Flowers     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Blues, RnB 13/07/2017
Melbourne’s Monday night secret society is led by former saxophonist and songwriter of Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes Darcy McNulty and supreme diva and ex-Rackette Loretta Miller.
Flowers is a New Orleans inspired Jazz Party classic track with sweet Motown harmonies, wild jazz piano, throbbing drums, random howling and a heaving horns section coupled with the effortless beatnik lyrics by McNulty.

Vaudeville Smash - Driving Me Wild (Radio Edit)     Funk/Soul, Pop, Soul 13/07/2017
Vaudeville Smash is a top-shelf funk-pop band par excellence! Original toons, hi-energy live set and finely crafted "yacht-rock" with a modern twist.
Sexy, slow-jam love song with delicious harmonies and featuring response vocals from band friend and songstress Au Dré.

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Graham Moes & The Petrichor - Heartwork     Funk/Soul, Roots, Soul, Rock 12/07/2017
Big Band Soulful Rock/Roots: Graham Moes & The Petrichor is the seven piece incarnation of Graham’s soul-driven sound, featuring a live blend of horns and a heavy-duty engine-room rhythm section.
'Heartwork' comes through with the grooving, upbeat goods that helps shed the negative for the positive. It would not be The Petrichor without the three-piece horn section and their intricate lines playing a leading role in the dynamics of the track.

Saskwatch - Gemini     Rock, Pop, Soul, Psychedelic 11/07/2017
6 piece indie-soul band from Melbourne.
Third single from their upcoming album 'Manual Override'.

It's a bright, sparkling, groove-laden track showcasing lead singer Nkechi's ethereal and powerhouse vocals.

Other tracks by Saskwatch:  Then There's You
Izabelle - Sunrise     Pop, Soul, Blues, Jazz 11/07/2017
Brisbane based singer/songwriter Izabelle gracefully combines alternative rock, soul, blues and electronic elements to create an enchanting dynamic.
Every now and then a song comes along that shines above the rest in all elements. Sunrise holds true to this in every way. Izabelle's enchanting vocals project a chorus that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Lush production and a soaring vocal range will stay with you.

King Social - Simmer Down     Hip Hop, Soul, Australian Indigenous, Rap 08/07/2017
A blend of hip-hop, soul and new age everything, King Social welcomes you to their sun-worshipping party cult. Lose your head and your keys at a King Social party.
Simmer Down blends percussive hip-hop with a soulful hook.


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Other tracks by King Social:  Lemonade  -  La Di Da
Boo Seeka - Turn Up Your Light     Electronic, Soul 05/07/2017
Soul-tronic duo Boo Seeka return with 'Turn Up Your Light', fusing soulful vocals with synth laden strings.
'Turn Up Your Light' is an expansive mix of synth laden strings and soulful vocals and is a reflection of the band's recent life experiences.

Samsaruh - Golden To Thrive     Rock, Funk, Pop, Retro 05/07/2017
Melbourne 18 year old singer-songwriter Samsaruh has a musical maturity well beyond her years, performing and writing music for over 5 years now while simultaneously finishing her year 12 studies.
Samsaruh releases her debut single 'Golden To Thrive'. 'Golden To Thrive' was written by Samsaruh and her producers Nightflare (Joel Dowling and Tim Coghill - core members of Matt Corby's band) and mixed by Sean Tallman who recently mixed the Banks record.

Soma Sutton - Bloom     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 01/07/2017
Sydney’s own Soma Sutton is emerging from her studio hibernation, to embarrass the solo spotlight this year with debut EP set for release as 2017 beings to thaw from winter.
Bloom is a dreamy Neo-Soul offering, indicative of a well-developed artist rather than a debut offering. The minimal, electronic production coats Soma's smokey vocal creating a thick, woozy RnB atmosphere.

The Jensens - Emotion     Rock, Funk 01/07/2017
Formed out of friendship and a desire to authentically express their shared musical ideals, The Jensens have been capturing attention both on stage and in the studio.
‘Emotion’ was largely recorded in the band’s own home studio, with additional recording at Plutonium and Bedlam studios, with the help of Steve Kempnich.

The band say the track is about the "fear that living life through a lens will cause emotions to fade and detract from what is essential."

Maja - Wake Up And Find     Pop, Soul, Folk, Blues 30/06/2017
Bringing her own modern, stripped-backed spin on the 60's soul/ R&B, Maja is set to release her sophomore EP, 'Still Bleeding' in August 2017 with intimate shows across Australia (September).
Her newest release ‘Wake Up And Find’ (recorded at Airlock Studios by Konstantin Kersting) is an eloquently timeless, stripped-back spin on the late 60’s soul/R&B sound for the modern listener. This track is an upbeat, feel good tune packed into a three minute bundle of joy.

Nostalgia - The Return     Pop, RnB, Soul 27/06/2017
Nostalgia exploded into the Melbourne scene in 2016 with an innovative alternative R&B sound. He is able to sustain a traditional elements whilst laced with hints of EDM and ambiance.
The enticing single, ‘The Return’, serves as a sophomore single to the upcoming project by the crooner, teeming with influences from the city of Melbourne. The title showcases a range of dark and symbolic sounds blended in with a unique bounce to deliver a vibe unlike anything else heard before.

Slip On Stereo - Shadows     Funk/Soul, RnB 23/06/2017
Front and centre in the Australian music scene is where Slip On Stereo have found themselves over the past 5 yrs.
“Shadows” embodies the struggle of an ordinary person trying to survive with the pressures of life weighing them down. At every turn, they’re faced with another bill & another missed call from an unknown number. They’re stuck in a life where the only comfort they find is when they’re asleep.

Polish Club - Divided (Jack Grace Edit)     Rock, Soul 10/06/2017
The howling Sydney rock-soul duo - Novak (vocals and guitarist) and John-Henry (drums) - released their highly anticipated debut album 'Alright Already' on March 31.
Taking Novak's powerful vocals as well as maintaining the track's hypnotic melodic palette, Grace adds an almost pious shift with Novak playing the preacher role to perfection. This pairing has resulted in a brilliant release worthy of both acts, and a new way to celebrate Polish Club's ongoing success.

Watercolour - Groovefunk Bjam     Funk/Soul, Blues 09/06/2017
A young, eight piece alternative rock band originating from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Watercolour performed at St Kilda Fest in 2017 and recently released their first EP, Radio Pool.
Groovefunk Bjam is a playful and jazzy song with tempo and mood changes throughout while still being a song you can get up and dance to incorporating your usual guitar, vocals bass and drum but with a soulful twist that is accompanied by skilfully played trumpet, violin and flute.

Other tracks by Watercolour:  Say It Louder  -  Denim Jacket