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Slip On Stereo - Shadows     Funk/Soul, RnB 23/06/2017
Front and centre in the Australian music scene is where Slip On Stereo have found themselves over the past 5 yrs.
“Shadows” embodies the struggle of an ordinary person trying to survive with the pressures of life weighing them down. At every turn, they’re faced with another bill & another missed call from an unknown number. They’re stuck in a life where the only comfort they find is when they’re asleep.

Polish Club - Divided (Jack Grace Edit)     Rock, Soul 10/06/2017
The howling Sydney rock-soul duo - Novak (vocals and guitarist) and John-Henry (drums) - released their highly anticipated debut album 'Alright Already' on March 31.
Taking Novak's powerful vocals as well as maintaining the track's hypnotic melodic palette, Grace adds an almost pious shift with Novak playing the preacher role to perfection. This pairing has resulted in a brilliant release worthy of both acts, and a new way to celebrate Polish Club's ongoing success.

Watercolour - Groovefunk Bjam     Funk/Soul, Blues 09/06/2017
A young, eight piece alternative rock band originating from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Watercolour performed at St Kilda Fest in 2017 and recently released their first EP, Radio Pool.
Groovefunk Bjam is a playful and jazzy song with tempo and mood changes throughout while still being a song you can get up and dance to incorporating your usual guitar, vocals bass and drum but with a soulful twist that is accompanied by skilfully played trumpet, violin and flute.

Other tracks by Watercolour:  Say It Louder  -  Denim Jacket
Spectoral - You Choose Me     Pop, Soul, RnB, Electronic 07/06/2017
Blurring the line between soul and time-worn, nostalgic downtempo, Spectoral is a rising star in the Melbourne music scene with an active, growing fanbase, and an incredible social media presence.
"You Choose Me" is an ode to travelling romantics; a ballad penned for the only one who you want by your side. Take them by the hand and walk across the sunnier plains with Spectoral's soaring, nostalgic, catchy ballad.

Cookin' On 3 Burners - Enter Sandman     Funk/Soul, Blues, Pop, Cover Version 06/06/2017
Australia’s hardest hitting Hammond Organ trio Cookin’ On 3 Burners serve up a killer instrumental for Metallica's iconic " Enter Sandman" taken from their album Lab Experiments Vol. 1: Mixin'.
Cookin' On 3 Burners deliver a killer instrumental cover of Metallica's classic Enter Sandman!

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Soul, Funk, RnB and Gospel Album 'Lab Experiments Vol 1'

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Other tracks by Cookin' On 3 Burners:  Real Life Baby feat. Emmi
Broadfoot - In Your Playground     Rock, Pop, Soul, Roots 05/06/2017
Byron-Shire based trio Broadfoot play happy, uplifting soulful music. Their strong grooves, tight harmonies, thought-provoking lyrics and unusual musical versatility leave listeners charged with pleasure and an urge to dance.
The track starts with an irresistible drum and bass groove which rolls right through the track. In comes a catchy electric piano hook, overlying grooving guitars, followed by a soulful vocal with earnest clever lyrics with plenty of colour, imagery and subtle innuendo, about the vocalist's passion for his love.

Other tracks by Broadfoot:  Angel in the Coffee Shop  -  The Moon Over Mullumbimby
Sensible J - Fire Sign     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 05/06/2017
One of the country’s most respected hip-hop artists, Melbourne producer & multi-instrumentalist Sensible J.
Delivering an instant groove, “Fire Sign” features interwoven vocals and verses from Sampa and Remi, while Sensible J drops layers of percussion, funk and hip-hop. The trio shed light on cultural diversity and community, characteristics that are strong not only in the single, but too in their upcoming collaborative tour.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Liquid Lunch - All She Wants     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Chill 02/06/2017
Liquid Lunch are an acoustic duo hailing from Coffin Bay, South Australia. Formed in October 2014, they play a range of covers and originals in their own unique style.
Words of "forbidden love" written by Michele firstly as a poem. After showing the words to Ken, he created the music to fit the lyrics and "All She Wants" was born. It was the first original that Liquid Lunch had written together. It has a lounge/Jazz kind of feel.

Other tracks by Liquid Lunch:  Can't Live There  -  Say
r u f f l e s - Sunsetting     Funk/Soul, House 31/05/2017
‘r u f f l e s’ music is a collision of op-shop CDs, world flavours, obscure jazz, and dance-relics, a TR-626 and a healthy dose of pure chance.
sunsetting is a trip thru funky house flavours with a tang of indonesian flute and a naive 70's romantic vocal

Other tracks by r u f f l e s:  Stride  -  Dirty Merc
SAYAH - Addicts     Pop, Electronic, Soul, Chill 31/05/2017
Sydney singer/songwriter SAYAH's debut single “Addicts” speaks unfortunately to an all too familiar refrain of addictions to unhealthy relationships. It's a taste of her debut EP dropping later 2017.
Her debut single ‘Addicts’ addresses the all too familiar theme of addiction to unhealthy relationships and was produced by multi-talented, award winning Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac, Morgan Bain, Elki).

Belove - Hey Girl     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic 31/05/2017
A Melbourne based, Electronic Soul/R&B 3 piece. Combining live instrumentation with electronic drums, synths and samples to create an ambience reminiscent of James Blake, Frank Ocean and Drake.
‘Hey Girl’ is a sweet single with a bitter twist. The title suggests a flirtatious tone that can mislead listeners as the smooth vocal lures you into believing song of love, but upon closer inspection, the lyrical content communicates a complacency felt in a relationship fostering feelings of discontent.

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MMG - Fiya     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Jazz 31/05/2017
Drawing inspiration from Stevie wonder, John Mayer, and D’angelo, MMG combine unique concoction of pop driven R&B with a sprinkle of soul, that moves the mind and the feet.
'Fiya' is the Debut Single from MMG's upcoming 2017 EP 'Waking Up'. Inspired by the sounds of John Mayer, Bruno Mars and Gallant 'Fiya' goes deep into the struggle of living a creative life, being torn between the ‘normal’ expectations of how to live, and following your passion.

President Street - This Day     Pop, Soul 30/05/2017
With a focus on music rather than social media - this is President Street! Songwriting, sounds, energy, emotions and feelings are what we are all about.
"This Day" is a poignant, emotional journey of sorrow and heartache that brings pop sensibilities to a beautifully delicate RnB vocal. A moving bass, subtle beats and engaging piano line all interplay to take you on a journey of contemplation, consciousness and healing.

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Timi Temple - Sorry Isn't Magic     Rock, Funk 27/05/2017
Timi Temple is an exhilarating, psychedelic groover. By becoming the ultimate 'one-man band', Temple has mastered the ideas in his head and manipulated them into music.
Influenced from the likes of Tame Impala and Methyl Ethel, his latest track 'Sorry's Not Magic', is an exhilarating, psychedelic groove, with all aspects of the track recorded and performed by Temple himself.

Brian El Dorado and the Tuesday People - Halloween     Funk/Soul, Dance 22/05/2017
We bring a lot of musical styles and training to the fray. Our live show is diverse and eclectic. Our performances and recordings are packed with passion and poise.
Recorded live straight to two inch tape at Melbourne's Sing Sing studio's in April. The song is about an argument between a couple at a Halloween party. It features live horns, an incredible live improvised guitar solo (Kumar Shome) and great keyboards.

Other tracks by Brian El Dorado and the Tuesday People:  Freeway
Ray Ramon - Jen-I-Lea     Pop, Soul, Dance, Rock 19/05/2017
Ray Ramon is an Australian Singer-Songwriter, music producer and an Actor. Although born in Nigeria, Ray became a citizen of Australia in 2006 and has won numerous Independent music awards.
The title of the song and album "Jen-I-Lea" is after my wife's name "Jenni Lea". The reason behind the song is the love I have for my wife, that feeling of wanting to appreciate everything she's done for our family. The one person who sticks around and shows much love.

Other tracks by Ray Ramon:  Jen-I-Lea (Dan Thomas Remix)(Radio Edit)  -  Jen-I-Lea (Flaskman PDT Remix)
Winston Surfshirt - Ali D     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic 11/05/2017
Hailing from Sydney's northern beaches, Winston Surfshirt are a genre-blurring six-piece lead by singer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist Winston Surfshirt.
“Ali D” takes all the loveable components of previous single “Be About You” and adds a new disco dimension, oozing a soulful groove that you can't help but dance to.

The Goods - Make Your Move     Funk/Soul, Electronic 04/05/2017
Fast becoming vital members of Sydney’s rising soul / electronic scene is The Goods who blur the lines between disco, funk and low slung house
Together with an absorbing beat and hypnotic melody, "Make Your Move" is an invitation to dance.

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Sitara - Oh Mama     Funk/Soul, Folk, Blues 01/05/2017
Sitara have a creative vision for their music beyond what can be heard, with backgrounds in dance & acting, they have wanted to incorporate other artistic elements into their work.
'Oh Mama’ delivers feelings of social discomfort and misplacement in an effort to connect a shared experience with other women through a sense of tribe and collective belonging. The first single exploits the expressive, fluid and soft nature of femininity is often denied or condoned in society.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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Hairy Soul Man - F**k Everything     Funk/Soul, Comedy 24/04/2017
Kai Smythe, Melbourne-based musician/comedian is Hairy Soul Man, a comedy soul performer full of swagger and sexiness, perfectly combining high-caliber musicianship with well-crafted comedy.
Hairy Soul Man Invites everyone to come together and celebrate the insignificance of humanity.

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