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Rin McArdle - Sirens     Pop, Soul, Electronic 27/10/2017
"A truly exciting emerging singer/songwriter." - The AU Review "Touching" - "Her voice is striking." - John Watson "Soul-inspired, great voice." - The Brag "Powerful. Impressive." - AAA Backstage
A soul-inspired song with catchy pop hooks about knowing your partner is being unfaithful but loving them too much and being too proud to admit it. The song is raw and honest.

Other tracks by Rin McArdle:  Stay On The Ground  -  Burning Bridges
The Mamas - Sneans     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 25/10/2017
The Mamas are an eight-piece hip hop, soul and RnB outfit from Melbourne, led by four of the sassiest vocalists you'll ever meet.
CAUTION: Contents Hot. The Mamas have served up their first single, and it’s ready to be slurped up between your nasty little lips. Exploring the intensely pleasurable feeling one experiences while wearing sneakers and jeans, ‘Sneans’ takes us on a wholesome journey of self-love and acceptance.

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Maya - What We Are Worth     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB 21/10/2017
Contemplative and soulful, MAYA is a Melbourne based vocalist who's intellectual, introspective and philosophical. MAYA extends the boundaries of pop and soul, building herself an intriguing niche between the two.
MAYA’s distinctive vocal guides the track completely; led by her inimitable voice, all the while dealing with some complex subject matter. “What We Are Worth is a conversation with myself about my constant questions about humanity – it’s a song about respecting yourself and the earth we live on.

Brother Brad - Gotta Be     Funk/Soul, RnB, Reggae 20/10/2017
Brother Brad are proving to be a force majeure. With a solid legion of fans eager to follow the band wherever they roam, Brother Brad has rocked many venue.
Gotta Be; yet another gem to be found on the band’s forthcoming debut EP. Demonstrating their grungier rock side, Gotta Be sees Brother Brad lay an Aussie hip hop twang abed a hypnotic groove of crunchy guitar and synth, consolidated by a driving rhythm section.

ESESE - Slow Down     Funk/Soul 20/10/2017
Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Ensemble, or also known as ESESE, is an 8-piece Melbourne-based creative collective that spans across multi-genres,creating an experience and sound like no other.
Musically drawing upon influences of Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, RnB and Bass, with added British overtones – ESESE extends much further than simply just a band. The collective counts musicians, producers, DJs, artists, video directors, and more amongst its ranks.

Kylie Auldist - Body     Electronic, Soul 20/10/2017
Kylie Auldist is centre stage of the funk, soul & disco scene in Australia, and is the voice of UK/European smash-hit ‘This Girl’ by Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners.
Taking cues from pre-show DJ's who mix vintage & modern electro soul, 'Body' is a fusion of everything from JT to the Time Bandits. With a shimmering keys intro and melodies from Luke Saunders' Juno 106 and Graham Pogsons' drum machine, this track continues Kylie's exploration into 80's soul...

J.King - He Knows     Funk/Soul, Acoustic 18/10/2017
Singer-songwriter of 26 years.
Written & performed by J.King
Guitar by J.King

Le Fleur - Shakedown     Funk/Soul, Soul, Jazz, RnB 13/10/2017
Le Fleur are a brand new Melbourne Funk outfit with all the nastiness you need. Le Fleur's grooves range from extremely to ultra funky.
High energy funk with a big groove, and a chorus hook that'll get you singing.

Other tracks by Le Fleur:  Deep Heat  -  I'm Gonna (Let You Go)
Wallace - Black Lake     Electronic, Soul, Jazz 13/10/2017
A refreshing talent, whose music is a mosaic of jazz, blues, hip-hop and soul. Her trademark jazz-influenced, soulful vocal and magnetic presence showcase her absorbing vocals and clever songwriting.
We wanted to try and capture the thoughts of someone who is in love and ready to commit to a person who isn't. After finishing the tune, I was re-watching The Mighty Boosh and realised with all the water imagery, we'd accidentally written it from the POV of Old Gregg.

Other tracks by Wallace:  Raffled Roses  -  Negroni Eyes
Joyride - Aunty Tracey's Cookies     Funk/Soul 12/10/2017
Sydney’s mischievous, politically-switched-on party boy Joyride is back with the new single ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies,’ celebrating his love for baked goods and smirking in the face of authority.
Produced by powerhouse duo Hermitude, ‘Aunty Tracey's Cookies’ features Joyride’s booming voice boasting more soul and power than ever before, as it floats on a funk heavy bassline, alongside crisp beats and swooning synths.

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The Bambuseae Rhythm Section - Sugar Mama     Blues/Roots, Funk, Blues 12/10/2017
(pronounced Bam-Boo-See-Ay) WA's own purveyors of Groove music. A diverse and tropical blend of original Blues, Funk and Worldly grooves with a Rock and Roll stage presence.
Sugar Mama is a love song dedicated to Lead singer Cam's guitar.

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Other tracks by The Bambuseae Rhythm Section:  Shake!  -  Watch It Burn
Crump Cake Orchestra - Pink Will Never Go Away     Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk 06/10/2017
Make Jazz Fun Again. A 20 Piece Jazz Orchestra influenced by modern music styles such as Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronica.
Heavy Horn, Funk Hip Hop Inspired Track

Other tracks by Crump Cake Orchestra:  Copy Copy  -  Come With Me To Singapore
The Cactus Channel - Leech     Funk/Soul, Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 03/10/2017
The Cactus Channel a 7-piece alt-soul outfit. Releasing their 3rd album on November 3rd, they've also worked Chet Faker & Ball Park Music singer Sam Cromack.
Leech, the second single from The Cactus Channel's forthcoming 3rd album explores dealing with a breakup and longing.

Wilder, a little darker and heavier, the new album sees The Cactus Channel diving in deep to dreamlike soundtracks, electrifying wig-outs and woozy meditations.


Andrea Marr - Force Of Nature     Funk/Soul, Soul 02/10/2017
'Natural' is Andrea Marr's first full length soul album, she has previously released 5 blues albums and a soul EP. She is a multi-award winning blues artist.
"Force Of Nature" is a high energy, horn laden joyride for soul music lovers - think Sam and Dave or Ike and Tina Revue - the song is about relationships that hit you like a hurricane and how good that can sometimes feel!

Other tracks by Andrea Marr:  Grateful  -  What Do I Have To Do
Señor Tabby - Magic Man     Rock, Funk, Grunge 02/10/2017
Señor Tabby are a Hobart-based quartet making noises that blend funk/grunge and jam elements.
This song uses the imagery of learning the truth about musician's as a metaphor for an examination on growing up + big guitars.

Black Bird Hum - Down     Reggae/Dub, Soul, Pop, Roots 30/09/2017
Exceptional party reggae band who’s incredible live shows have made them a favourite amongst festivals and fans alike. They've played with Arrested Development (USA) and The Melbourne Ska Orchestra.
DOWN is a reggae groove anthem. Just in time for the warmer weather the tune will be a welcome number to get you moving. For lovers of dancing it up in bare feet, this song will soundtrack your car ride and your balcony party.

Mo•Louie - I'll Call You     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz 28/09/2017
Mo•Louie lives in a world where the soul and the artificial are intertwined. Her electro-pop soul powered music comes from what she sees around her.
The 90’s inspired second single from the sexy Mo.louie, a soulful journey through heartbreak and growth of her debut EP ‘Fire Brick’. Electronic samples and slap bass blend with mo’s haunting harmonies of pain.

The Soul Movers - Show Me     Funk/Soul, Retro, Soul, Easy Listening 27/09/2017
Retro soul/rhythm & blue combo The Soul Movers feature frontwoman Lizzie Mack, guitarist Murray Cook (The Wiggles), keyboardist Pip Hoyle (Radio Birdman), Andy Newman and Darren Ryan.
A classic soul ballad with an intimate plea from a waiting heart. Incorporating many traditional 60’s song features such as a spoken word and resolution verse with an extended outro – the slow dance of the album.

Other tracks by The Soul Movers:  Rise Up
The Taste - Sunday Funk     World, Instrumental, Chill, Easy Listening 27/09/2017
With a buffet of musical influences ranging from funk, rock, soul and hip-hop, The Taste unique genre mashing sound will have you craving your next bite in no time!
The near instrumental four word two chord jam ’Sunday Funk’ highlights the collective mash of musical talent across The Taste with instruments such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Congo’s and Electric Guitar all taking centre stage throughout the five minute tropical infusion.

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Other tracks by The Taste:  Take Over  -  The Calling
Niksta - Music Brought Us Together     Funk/Soul, Funk, Chill, Jazz 26/09/2017
Niksta is a singer songwriter on the Central Coast. She plays alot of instruments and loves to record originals and would like to do it All the time.
Melody, bass and drums are the instruments that create a groove. People come together when live music is in the room. This song is about bringing out the best in the players as well as bringing musicians together to create music.

Other tracks by Niksta:  Star Struck