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Mickey - Seethe     Pop, Rock, Funk 06/12/2017
Mickey is a Brisbane based pop rock musician with a blend of charming catchy pop vocals, wild acoustic guitars and eccentric interweaving harmonies along with vibrant strings & brass.
SEETHE is the second single release for Brisbane Indie Rocker Mickey featuring a bunch of guitars, a bunch of energy and as always, a sprinkling of drama.

Kayso Grande - When Will I Ever     Funk/Soul, Rock, Blues, Pop 05/12/2017
KAYSO GRANDE - the earth-quaking, sand-shifting funk-rock band that make you and your friends want to holler and shout, and have the kind of fun your mother warned you about.
"A euphoric funk-bomb that shimmies and shakes up and down your spine while simultaneously melting and caressing your face. Bouncy beats and a pumping bassline ride beneath glimmering guitars and some seriously smooth vocals, and the Hammond organ is just the icing on this irresistibly charismatic cake." The Soundcheck

Manziere - The Manthem     Hip Hop, Funk 02/12/2017
If you’ve never heard of the term “bro-hop,” then look no further than the tongue-in-cheek group Manziere. Consisting of Jabs and Wizdm, the duo are here to educate.
A funk-inspired trip into the world of friendship. Manziere's Manthem is dedicated to all men out there doing it tough. Fighting off "the black dog" is hard enough as it is, so get some support from Manziere. All proceeds from this track are donated to the Movember foundation.

POW! Negro - Flesh Off The Bone     Hip Hop, Rap, Funk, Experimental 01/12/2017
POW! Negro is a multi award winning six piece consisting of slick guitars, tasteful electronics, banging drums, smooth sax and fluid rhymes.
“Flesh Off The Bone” explores the negative effects of toxic masculinity that is ever so present in today's society and is a critique of these attitudes and behaviours.

Maia & The Big Sky - Lola     Funk/Soul, RnB, African, World 29/11/2017
Maia Von Lekow is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Kenya who blends funk, jazz and folk with coastal polyrhythms (originating from her native Kenya) to create music that transcends continents.
Lola is the first single from Maia & The Big Sky's self titled album. It is a catchy and groovy tune that blends funk, soul, R&B, pop and African grooves to make for an irresistible song.

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Other tracks by Maia & The Big Sky:  Pawa (feat. Blinky Bill)  -  Love Is
The Harpoons - Reassurance     Funk/Soul, Electronic 22/11/2017
The Harpoons are a Melbourne-based 4 piece dishing up the best in boundary-pushing, contemporary music.
Returning to their love of duets, The Harpoons provide a combination of chopped rhythmic structures and invigorating synths, illustrating their knack for boundary-pushing contemporary music.

The Wayward Suns - Blues Muse     Hip Hop, Blues, Roots, Funk 22/11/2017
The Wayward Suns Conscious Hip Hop, Surf-Rock Roots Fusion We Are, We Be, We don't seek freedom, We are freedom, Golden Age Not Cage Everybody Love Everybody Bkin Peace WS
Bluse Muse is a track that about the muse of energy, in hearts, in people, in music, in inspiration & in your imagination. We got these tunes & we know how to cruise, your my muse, inspiration, imagination.

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Other tracks by The Wayward Suns:  Cloud City  -  Dream Makers
Villette - Bag of Bones     Funk/Soul, Atmospheric, Experimental 18/11/2017
Auckland electronic producer and singer Villette has shared the stunning first track 'Bag Of Bones'
Villette explains "the track 'Bag of Bones' is probably my most personal song to date. It is about a feeling of emptiness, quite literally a "bag of bones".

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Natural Cryptics - Strange     Electronic 17/11/2017
What cultures, spirits, pasts and futures can one conjure in a three-minute pop song? The secretive members of Natural Cryptics are summoning.
A strange song.

Other tracks by Natural Cryptics:  Make Light Dance  -  Ordinary Life
Harry James Angus - I Saw Red     Funk/Soul, Jazz 16/11/2017
Harry’s new project, Struggle With Glory, continues to cross musical boundaries, transporting the classic Greco-Roman myths into a surreal world of old-time jazz and gospel music.
If you like toe-tapping, humming in the aisles, sweating and wailing, but don’t particularly like going to church much, why not try shouting Zeus instead? Revenge, giant beasts in strange lands, the doomed love affairs of Gods and men, and the unstoppable torrent of fate is served up here.

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Peter Hearne - Everybody Has A Dream     Funk/Soul, Atmospheric, RnB, Electronic 16/11/2017
Described as smooth, cool, funky, mysterious and edgy Peter's first album has drawn immediate comparisons to David Bowie, Sting, Jamiroquai, David Byrne and Steely Dan.
Everybody has a dream, dreams define just who we are. Sometime we need reminding, we know this as children and we can't wait till we reach an age where we can't realize our dreams. As you are reminded of yours, reach out they are still there for the taking.

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Other tracks by Peter Hearne:  I Want Real  -  Something's Happening
Cheap Fakes - Sisters     Funk/Soul, Dance, Reggae 15/11/2017
Emerging triumphant from 2016 as Brisbane's best blend of massive brass-fuelled pop & funk Cheap Fakes keep bringing their unique and energetic music to masses of listeners worldwide.
"'Sisters’ was written about those people who claim to be all 'spiritual and blessed’, those fortunate people who live a healthy lifestyles, won’t put chemicals in their bodies but then will smoke cigarettes & drink alcohol. A social commentary. An observation. A bit of a dig."

Flight Facilities - Stranded ft. Reggie Watts, Broods & Saro     Electronic, Soul, Soundscapes 11/11/2017
Globally-acclaimed Sydney duo, who hold a formula for feel-good, timeless soundtracks. The pair have risen to international fame with cult hits “Clair De Lune” & “Down To Earth”.
Recorded across three continents, "Stranded" is a globally crafted piece, calling on a calibre of collaborators from around the globe, each playing their role in the considered execution of the track.

Nasty Mars & The Martians - Soul Island     Funk/Soul, Experimental, Easy Listening 11/11/2017
Formed in 2016 through a strong love of Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo, and Jazz Standards - Nasty Mars explains that 'Soul Island' is a "reminiscing journey through a summer love story."
• 'Soul Island' is the debut single from Melbourne based R&B band.

Verse-A-Tile - Heartbroken on the Train     Pop, Blues 11/11/2017
A 5-piece Melbourne band that can't seem to pick just one genre.
Heartbroken on the Train tells a story of high expectations being destroyed by a new love interest, and was written not long after a similar situation occurred to the song’s lyricist Tanika Uniacke.

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Other tracks by Verse-A-Tile:  To An End  -  Funky Music
Abbe May - Love Decline     Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul 09/11/2017
Abbe is known as a phenomenal singer, songwriter and guitarist, a poetic, insightful, hard-hitting lyricist, performer and visual artist who harnesses and openly expresses her sexuality without shame.
Abbe May has released new single Love Decline; a sultry jam about shallow, decadent seduction.

Love Decline is a self-reflective moment for Abbe May using the piece to pit her cynicism against her belief in the power of love when faced with a growing awareness of limitations of romantic love.

Mo•Louie - Dance Into The Sun     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Pop 09/11/2017
Mo•Louie is an emerging electro-pop artist hailing from Melbourne, with a voice balancing power and vulnerability merged with lush electronics.
'Dance Into The Sun' is a ballad on Mo•Louie's debut EP 'Fire Brick, that continues the story telling of the troubled, passionate and cluttered mind of a fiery woman with many strengths and struggles.

Other tracks by Mo•Louie:  Remember When
Bernadette Novembre - Everybody Knows     Funk/Soul, Rock, Garage 02/11/2017
Bernadette is a soulful powerhouse Australian vocalist and songwriter challenging the boundaries of contemporary music.
Everybody Knows is about being in love with someone who is totally wrong for you. Everybody around you knows he is wrong for you but you don't. This song was co-written by Ryan Ritchie of True Live and The Raah Project.

Other tracks by Bernadette Novembre:  The Chase  -  Illusive Love
Chicago Dime - Big City Blues     Blues/Roots, Blues, Jazz, Rock 28/10/2017
We are a Melbourne blues groove band bringing to life the sounds of Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Trombone Shorty as well as many of the greats in between.
A late night easy listening blues tune about a person from a small town walking around the big city and reminiscing about their journey. This song represents what happened to us one night last year.

Other tracks by Chicago Dime:  Own Groove  -  Everyday I Have The Blues
Ric Rufio - Water to Wine     Funk/Soul, RnB 27/10/2017
It was during Ric Rufio’s youth that he discovered RnB. Drawn to 90’s acts like Boyz II Men, Ric had found a sound that resonated within that eventually drew him to creating music.
As soon as I wrote it I couldn’t shake it. Every morning I’d wake up it’d be the first thing I’d hear in my head. It’s scary to write a song about trying to convince someone you’re not a fuck-up only to realise you’re really trying to convince yourself.