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Horatio Luna - Work It Out     Funk/Soul, House, Electronic, Instrumental 12/04/2018
One of 30/70s Founding Fathers, Melbourne bassist, composer and producer Horatio Luna. The left-leaning jazz musician known for boldly experimental compositions moves towards a soulful house sound on Cultural Warriors.
Each track has Horatio Luna’s signature organic, lo-fi, loose sound characteristic to a warm personality; chopped and stretched into four grimy, soulful house jams.

Dubarray - Catching My Breath     Funk/Soul, House, World, Electronic 10/04/2018
Dubarray combine a fusion of world music that infuses trip-hop, drum & bass, house, reggae, funk, dancehall and tribal grooves layered on a bed of electronic ambience and organic undertones.
Catching My Breath opens with a light and spacious electronic soundscape that is accompanied by a beautiful lead female vocal. Dubarray fuse elements of house, funk and electronic music to form this catchy and uplifting single that takes you on a colourful aural journey. Taken from forthcoming album 'Inner Sanctum'.

Jamilla - Beautiful     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Chill 10/04/2018
With an intense and captivating stage presence and emotive and politically charged lyrics, Perth-based nu-soul/RnB singer/producer Jamilla expresses her appreciation for human vulnerability and invites you to experience hers.
Rendered deceptively melancholic by its delicate vocal layers, beach soundscapes and wistful guitar, 'Beautiful' is the totally self-produced slinky manifesto of that powerful outer shell worn on new romantic encounters, taken to its emotionally destructive ends on a tide of percussive clicks and quivering assuredness.


Papaya Tree - Radar     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Roots, Rock 10/04/2018
After releasing their standout debut track ‘Bamboo Schooner’, Sydney-based indie sextet Papaya Tree have just unveiled the stunning follow up new single ‘Radar’.
Recorded and produced by Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios, Annandale, ‘Radar’ is an eclectic and sophisticated slice of up-beat funk-infused indie-rock, that melds intriguing pop-sensibilities with elements of jazz, reggae and soul.

Belove - Stop     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic 06/04/2018
Belove. A Melbourne based, Electronic Soul/R&B 3 piece. Combining live instrumentation with electronic drums, synths and samples to create an ambience reminiscent of James Blake, Frank Ocean and Drake.
Stop is the the return single from Melbourne RNB trio Belove! Inspired by the likes of Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars, this number is sure to have you out of your seat dancing away to the catchy summery synths and crisp vocals from Nick Hermanus.

Au Dré - Lines     Funk/Soul, RnB, Electronic, Funk 05/04/2018
A collaboration between Keyboardist James Bowers and Vocalist/Trumpeter Audrey Powne. The two will be familiar as members of Sex On Toast, Do Yo Thangs, Vaudeville Smash and more.
“Lines” Written by lead singer/Trumpeter Audrey Powne is about the risk involved in taking a friendship to the next level.

The soulful and energetic female lead vocals are matched by the bold and exciting production which throws back to 80s boogie and funk whilst capturing the swagger of contemporary R&B.

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Other tracks by Au Dré:  Cheap Champagne  -  Giving Up
Jakal - Postman     Funk/Soul, Jazz 28/03/2018
JAKAL are a young and exciting six piece soul/funk band who have recently hit the Melbourne music scene.
Music by Max Teakle
Lyrics by Jessie Hillel

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Other tracks by Jakal:  Callisto  -  Kalyan
Paris Plan - Oh, My Head!     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Pop 26/03/2018
Paris Plan is a new alt-soul/RnB collective based in Melbourne. The band showcases the combined powers of Lauren Boomgardt (vox), Ben Walters (guitars), Nathan Price (bass), and Chelsea Allen (drums).
Paris Plan have announced the release of their bangin’ debut single entitled Oh, My Head! - a sonic feast of fuzzed-out guitar, dirty lo-fi drums, deep bass, dreamy keys, and soaring vocals. This modern RnB jam expresses timely frustrations about the precarious state of the world, and feelings of ineffectuality.

Brian El Dorado and The Tuesday People - Return Of The Mojo     Funk/Soul, Chill, Blues 22/03/2018
We love to bring the music live, just how we record it, it's eclectic, electric and full of all kinds of dynamic wizardry.
We recorded this new single to test the water on material for our next record. It's all about the mojo and where it goes when you don't feel it anymore and how good it is when it comes back.

Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics - Baby     Funk/Soul, Soul, Funk, Jazz 20/03/2018
Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics put their heart on the line, every time and they use Soul to do it.
"Baby" could be the soundtrack for a 'contemporary hunter/ gatherer' of hearts. It's cheeky and heavy on the groove.

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Other tracks by Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics:  Aint Nothin  -  Booby Trap
Wilsonn - Even If I Know     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul 17/03/2018
Upcoming Australian artist making music in the soul and electronic genres.
Emerging in 2017, Wilsonn has been raising all the right eyebrows since the release of his Idiocentric mixtape.

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Papaya Tree - Bamboo Schooner     Funk/Soul 16/03/2018
Papaya Tree are a six piece band spanning every postcode in Sydney. They make a fun brand of music, fusing rock, jazz and folk with a live act to compliment.
Bamboo Schooner is a track, exploring the variety of experiences whilst an individual is intoxicated.

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BLESSED - Superfly     Funk/Soul, Rock, RnB 16/03/2018
BLESSED is a Sydney-based musician, producer, and songwriter who originally hails from Accra, Ghana.
“Superfly” is a drum-heavy, upbeat, groove-filled track about being broke but still the flyest in the room, and about finding the positive in every situation.

Demon Days - No Winners     Funk/Soul, Pop, Jazz, Electronic 16/03/2018
WA neo-soul 5-piece Demon Days have supported artists like Nai Palm, Fortunes, POW! Negro, Sampology, Sex On Toast and more thanks to their stylish, vibrant tracks and vivacious live show.
'No Winners' is a "delightful jam that goes down smooth". All but bubbling over with a sense of restrained mirth that points to the frivolity of missed connections, the track is indebted the likes of Herbie Hancock, with a laidback synth line that slides in neatly behind the beat.

Neon Tetra - The End Begins Again     Funk/Soul, Pop 16/03/2018
Celestial synths, big drums, and catchy guitar hooks mingle to fill the fuzzy, psychedelic marshmallow that is Neon Tetra.” - SPEAKER TV
The End Begins Again’ shines with synth-pop grooves. Josh Allen’s vocals soar, while the ever-present saxophone you heard from the onset of the song provides a lush sound that throws back to golden days of late 70’s, early 80’s pop.

ARIG - Mama Said     Funk/Soul, Blues, RnB 14/03/2018
Arig is an Eritrean woman creating beautiful, blues-pop music with sweet honeyed vocals, melodic synth beats and isn’t afraid to sing about her own personal struggles and motivations.
Mama Said is a truly inspiring piece reflecting on the short-comings of home life and trying to fight your way through the emotional pain; blooming with Arig's honeyed vocals, melodic synths and riveting beats.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics - Heartbrake     Funk/Soul, Blues, Soul 14/03/2018
The second Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics hit the stage, each moment is filled with songs of pain and life-lessons set against the heavy backdrop of tight, gritted-up soul.
You better slow it down and put on the heart brake - Odette Mercy is giving you a warning you better heed, before she breaks your heart. This old skool soul slow burn is the salve for your heartburn.

Candice Dianna - Fall In Love With Me     Funk/Soul, Acoustic, RnB, Pop 03/03/2018
Female pop/soul ballad songwriter, plays piano and sings power vocals with vocal acrobatics just to annoy people who can't do it with original storytelling songs.
This is a song that empathises with women who've become emotionally attached in a fling type relationship. It's the fear and anger of rejection while needing to be wanted. The Flavour is deep R&B early 2000s influence with fluffy harmonies like a red wine on a cold rainy night.

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imbi the girl - acidic     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 03/03/2018
If their impact this year is anything to go by, imbi the girl is sure to make a bigger splash in the industry in 2018 and beyond.
‘acidic’ is a bassy track, underpinned with steel drums and seamlessly borrowing trap elements. It’s obvious that the production itself serves to deliver Imbi’s lyrics; while being rich and complex it never overshadows them.

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Leisure Centre - Sucka     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB, Retro 02/03/2018
Leisure Centre is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right- hand-lady, vocalist Audrey Powne (Au Dre).
Drummer, songwriter and producer Hugh Rabinovici says, “It’s about those super fun/exciting early stages of falling for someone - The kind of sitch where it’s out of your control and you’re just dumb in love”. Audrey Powne delivers a storming lead-vocal supported by silky harmonies and a pumping rhythm section.