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Dave Orr Band - Diamonds on My Dummy     Funk/Soul, RnB, Blues 07/12/2018
Dave Orr Band has been an institution in Brisbane for a few years now - swaying audiences in bars and venues.This new track brings the R into the B.
There ain't no privacy or prying, I'm takin pictures on my phone while I'm drivin, so come a clickin on my dreams you can buy in. This new meters style groove instalment by Dave Orr Band reflects on the insta world of a rising star, perception is the key to his growing followers and like count.

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Nat Smithson & Nights on Mayfair - What Life Wants For Me     Funk/Soul, Soul, RnB 07/12/2018
Nat Smithson & Nights on Mayfair is the blend of smooth deep soul vocals of Adelaide singer Nat Smithson and the Motown-inspired sound of Australian soul band ‘Nights on Mayfair’.
What Life Wants For Me is a modern pop-soul gem. It takes the classicism of Motown in all of it's upbeat charm and casts rays of optimism from the depths of it's soul.

Scizzorman - Them (are not The Us)     Funk/Soul, Rock, Experimental, Pop 07/12/2018
Perth based Drummer Songwriter Terry J Vinci, fuses together elements of Alt Funk, Prog Rock, Art Pop and Psychedelia to produce SCIZZORMAN music that resonates intrigue alongside renegade lyrics.
Funk Rock Fusion "Them (are not The Us)" slaps you back in time, like some B-Grade Sci-Fi Movie vibe reaching cult status. An infectious Bass groove works its way into your system along with sassy intoxicating percussion. Blown by Brass, you'll be spellbound by catchy lyrics instructing you to watch for life's signposts, while being guided by an unknown force.

Steve Hensby Band - Chase the Sun     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop 07/12/2018
Following up their debut album & sold out Fringe shows of the 'Steve Hensby Circus' the band have been working on a new album featuring the five piece horn section.
This song is a collaboration between Steve Hensby and Optamus from Downsyde. It's grooving/swaggering and talking about chasing the good times in life.

Kerbside Collection - Traffic     Funk/Soul 06/12/2018
West Coast styled raw jazz funk and rare groove. A gritty rhythm section of old school drums and bass, funky Hammond/Rhodes with sweetly phrased guitar melodies ontop.
Street-styled chicken scratch grooves with funky flute and bongos. The sounds of weaving traffic.

Other tracks by Kerbside Collection:  Cajun Jollof  -  Little Mountain
The Mamas - Biscuit     Funk/Soul, Funk, Jazz, Soul 06/12/2018
Eight-piece soul, RnB and funky fem-hop from Melbourne, led by four of the sassiest vocalists you'll ever meet. Debut EP 'Juicy' out now.
‘Juicy’, the debut EP from Melbourne soul, RnB and fem-hop outfit The Mamas, is out now on all platforms. Set to quench thirsts across the globe, ‘Juicy’ contains eight tracks, freshly squeezed, packed to the brim with four-part harmonies, timeless melodies and terrifying sass. Enjoy responsibly.

Other tracks by The Mamas:  Ain't No Shame  -  Fuccboi (ft. Crispy Jan)
Crimson Nights - Don't Say Sorry     Funk/Soul, Rock 30/11/2018
Funk Rock band (Muse meets Chilli Peppers). If you love a good groove with something a little heavy, this is the music for you!
Don't Say Sorry is about two people who live in different worlds, like different things and have different personalities. When they come together in a relationship, they can not understand the differences between each other. It is a song of reflection of one's own world, how we perceive others and our lack of understanding of people's choices, likes and dislikes

Eliza Dickson - Gold     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Pop, RnB 30/11/2018
Eliza Dickson is a Neo-Soul artist from Adelaide, South Australia with roots in Jazz and Soul. She fuses jazz harmony with pop vibes and synthesisers in an exciting accessible way.
Gold is a neo-soul track written about the importance of self-worth as an artist. Too many times I've had my craft put into the box of being 'just a hobby' without any real value. 'Gold' questions this notion, asking if pursuing a career in such a difficult field makes me weak or strong.

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Eloisa Cullington - Changing     Funk/Soul, RnB, Jazz, Chill 30/11/2018
Eloisa Cullington embodies the sound of nu-jazz, effortlessly floating between old-school live elements and the latest electronic production treatments.
'Changing' explores the metamorphosis that one undergoes when they meet someone who changes their life, for better or for worse, for good or for bad. 'Changing' reveals the confluence of emotions and how a relationship can heighten, darken, lift and delve you into places that you haven't been.

'Changing' is the first single off Eloisa Cullington's upcoming 2019 EP 'Float'.

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The Holy Rollercoasters - Crying At Christmas     Funk/Soul, Soul, Pop, Blues 30/11/2018
Inspired by the masters of rhythm and blues, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible. Performed by non-religious soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
Dance floor smashers and posterior wiggle inducers The Holy Rollercoasters follow up their debut double single with a down-home holiday soul jam about trying to get through the trials of the first family Christmas since your lover left. The track features a funky backbeat and signature punchy horns whilst delivering a somewhat sombre tale.

Thunder Fox - Squeedup     Funk/Soul, Rock 29/11/2018
Thunder Fox provides a passionate barrage of groove-instilling noise through shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum feel.
A track that overflows with funk sensibilities and shredding guitars, unlike a every other band out there, this track's saxophone and trumpet additions will force your body to move and groove. Turning to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Anderson Paak and the The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the band has formed something so incredibly boisterous and refreshingly individualistic.

The Mamas - One Of A Kind     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul, Pop 29/11/2018
Eight-piece soul, RnB and funky fem-hop from Melbourne, led by four of the sassiest vocalists you'll ever meet. Debut EP 'Juicy' out now.
‘Juicy’, the debut EP from Melbourne soul, RnB and fem-hop outfit The Mamas, is out now on all platforms. Set to quench thirsts across the globe, ‘Juicy’ contains eight tracks, freshly squeezed, packed to the brim with four-part harmonies, timeless melodies and terrifying sass. Enjoy responsibly.

Other tracks by The Mamas:  Get The Job Done  -  All My Boys
Stomp City - Me and Mrs Jones     Funk/Soul, Ambience, Blues, Chill 21/11/2018
Non-touring Pop-Rock, Power-Pop, neo-mellow rock'n'roll band from Rockhampton, Queensland
Me and Mrs Jones a classic by Billy Paul, sung by Michael Peters of Stomp City.

James From Taree - You've Got To     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Comedy, Dance 17/11/2018
JFT - James from Taree & Maxi Smalls
Share in the amusing experiences of electronic-indie artist, JFT (aka James from Taree) as he shares a moment from his life in his jazzy, groove single You've Got To.

Lachlan Jacques - Om Mani Padme Hum     Funk/Soul, Britpop 17/11/2018
Grew up in Sydney am now a Vegan Animal Rights Activist and songwriter
This song was written after I got a taste for Vipassana meditation. This meditation intoxicated me with peace, harmony and forgiveness. I'm forever grateful.

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Mel Blue - South     Funk/Soul, Britpop, Atmospheric 17/11/2018
Get yourself acquainted with Sydney's cruisey new super-group Mel Blue before they're whisked away by the momentum of their bopping tunes because their debut single South is a dang slapper.
South is about long distance relationships and how they seem to bring up the same conversations and arguments. Rather than allowing these conversations to consume the relationship, sometimes it’s best to just make the most of each other's company while it lasts.

Wanderers - What I Do     Funk/Soul, Rock 17/11/2018
Wanderers' have spent majority of 2018 touring nationally, gracing numerous festival stages including Bello Winter Music Fest and Gumball. This release sees them venture deeper into soulful sound.
Inspired mostly by late 70s soul and funk, What I Do started out simply as a looped groove that Dusty wrote to practice bass along to. About the realisation that you’ve been getting yourself together but not actually working on any of the things that you need to for the relationship to go the distance.

Chitra - Better Than Before     Funk/Soul, Pop, Country 16/11/2018
Introducing Chitra, a genre bending songwriter that, seamlessly weaves the blunt force of rock’n’roll with the candid story telling of country and soul.
Chitra is less of a dreamer and more of a worldly old soul, with a heart seeped in sorrow. There's not light in the darkness but there is definitely beauty and wonder.

Daniel March - Magic     Funk/Soul, RnB, Pop 16/11/2018
Daniel March is an exciting new face taking his place amongst the independent soul music movement with substantial airplay on UK radio like Mi Soul, Solar, Jazz FM and BBC.
‘Magic’ is a breezy, intoxicating slice of pop-soul produced by Daniel March and Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy) that will be accompanied by an animated video by Isaiah FiftyFour Design in London.

Paris Plan - Lost Something     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 16/11/2018
Paris Plan is an alt-soul/RnB collective based in Melbourne. Their sound is hard to characterise: two parts rock intensity, three scoops of hip-hop mentality, and heavily laced with soul
Lost Something is about feeling the disconnection between people. Being full of love, and being emotionally exhausted. Has humanity lost that basic human connection and interaction of love and appreciation for one another?

Other tracks by Paris Plan:  Say You Won't