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Fright Night Music

Fright Night Music is a boutique management company based in Melbourne - we work with upcoming and unique artists who we feel deserve better representation in the music industry. Our current roster includes Neighbourhood Youth, Slowcoaching, Feelds & Peachnoise. Our clients choose to work with Fright Night, because we are passionate about music and strive to get the absolute best out of our artists from many different aspects including live bookings, PR, scheduling and music releases. We have an artist first policy, which means that our bands are our first priority & we will work around the clock to ensure that our roster is getting every opportunity to succeed within the industry. It is important to us that all of our artists are able to put songwriting first & really strive to write and record, while we handle the business side of things.

Fright Night Music

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Merpire - Heavy Feeling     Indie, Alternative, Rock 27/02/2020
Merpire conjures magical moments of danceable introspection, in the studio and on stage. A powerful live presence has already seen her perform standout sets at BIGSOUND, PANAMA Festival & more.
'Heavy Feeling' is a snippet of a day, waking up in an anxious headspace and wanting it to end as soon as it starts.

"This song is more straight-up lyrically, melodically & production-wise than previous releases. Straight to the point of ‘anxiety is s**t so I’m going to write a loud, strummy song to get it out’." - Rhiannon (Merpire)

Peachnoise - Yah     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Experimental 01/10/2019
Peachnoise are a Melbourne-based duo with an unquenchable thirst for red-hot, future pop.
"Yah is a reminder to never let anyone play you in a relationship because your initial feelings can mask the truth about someone and cloud your objectivity" - Gina Somfleth

Known for their vivid, meticulous music videos (which the pair direct themselves), Peachnoise have created a confident world with 'Yah', imploring the listener to avoid relationship entrapment and manipulation.

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Neighbourhood Youth - Brother Walks     Rock 01/08/2019
Since their inception in 2013, Melbourne's Neighbourhood Youth have become a staple in the live scene with cascading guitars & cathartic rhythms lead by John Philip's baritone vocals.
'Brother Walks' is the final release from Neighbourhood Youth's upcoming, debut album, Long Year, which is set for release October 4th.

A crowd favourite and a staple of the band's live set, 'Brother Walks' is powerful in its execution, with the ship steadily controlled by the band's intuitive nature.

Slowcoaching - Between The Walls     Rock, Pop 10/07/2019
From computer chair to stage, Slowcoaching has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vivid. Slowcoaching creates a focussed aura of hazy nostalgia through his musical stylings.
'Between The Walls' is Slowcoaching's first release since his debut EP in 2017. Lyrically the song focuses on the gender polarization, bottled feelings and the stigma of masculinity - which is brought to the surface by a driving chorus and swathes of dreamy instrumentation.

Merpire - Habit     Rock, Pop 28/06/2019
Merpire conjures magical moments in the studio and on stage. Backed by a predominantly female line-up, a live show is a playful tease between intimate pop ballads & immersive arrangements.
A city is a fascinating backdrop for a song. Adelaide has eighteen songs written about it (including the obvious ones by Paul Kelly & Ben Folds) and now Melbourne has another, thanks to Merpire. 'Habit' is a stunning ode to the city and community that helped her break the bad habit of not believing in herself as an artist.

Feelds - Glass Arms     Rock, Rock, Acoustic, Chill 28/05/2019
Feelds, the Melbourne-based project of James Seymour, has quickly grown into a fully-fledged outfit, defined by clever songwriting used to provoke a dynamic soundscape of honest storytelling
Since the release of 'Kill The Moon' in August, Feelds has created an evocative path towards his self-produced debut album, with the latest addition to the photo album being 'Glass Arms'.

Not one to tiptoe around a subject, Feelds uses 'Glass Arms' to discuss ideas of trusting others and taking caution in conforming to the usual paths in life

Feelds - Bloody Mary     Rock, Folk 17/11/2018
Feelds, the Melbourne-based project of James Seymour, has quickly grown into a fully-fledged outfit, defined by clever songwriting used to provoke a dynamic soundscape of honest storytelling.
After making a triumphant return with 'Kill The Moon', which was instantly added to triple J rotation, Melbourne multitasker, Feelds (James Seymour), has backed it up with the dramatically tense 'Bloody Mary'.
Combining intricate production with authoritative guitar lines, the song breathes life into the indecisive 'Mary', whose trains of thought are perfectly represented by Feelds and Merpire's harmonious vocals.

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Neighbourhood Youth - Aim For The Head     Rock, Garage 17/11/2018
Neighbourhood Youth combine pounding rhythms, cascading guitar lines and bellowing, emotion-packed lyrics to deliver a unique slice of indie Australiana.
'Aim For The Head' is the first release to feature vocals from guitarist Liam Jenkins, whose Australiana-infused voice creates a fresh take on the band's signature sound. Lyrically, the song explores the fear of recognising negative actions in the people you love, Jenkins explains: "sometimes the only way to absorb the past is to catapult yourself far into the present".

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Feelds - Colourblind     Pop, Folk 05/04/2018
Hailing from Melbourne, Feelds has become the cultivation of musician James Seymour's thoughts, motivation & songwriting talent, showcasing melody-infused folk with pop sensibilities.
'Colourblind' portrays Feelds' exploration of dynamic sound through the ebbs and flows of melody-infused, folk with pop sensibilities.

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Slowcoaching - Fernweh     Rock, Pop 24/03/2018
From his computer chair to the live stage, Slowcoaching, the solo moniker for Dean Valentino, has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vividly nostalgic.
'Fernweh' encompasses feelings of escapism and the urge to break routine and dream of bigger, better places - much like it's title, which literally translates into 'farsickness'.

Other tracks by Slowcoaching:  Graceless  -  I Don't Want To Change Your Mind