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Footstomp Music

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Boss Moxi - Red Woman     Alternative, Rock, Indie 06/12/2019
From their earliest beginnings back in 2009, the past has seen Boss Moxi thrash their notorious live performance toward crowds in the grimiest of Brisbane alleyways and warehouses
“The song follows an enlightening flashback into one of the main characters, The Black Lip Goddess, and essentially reveals the origins of her name. It’s basically a common and tragic story of betrayal, deception and the necessary ties that must be cut to do the things you need to.”

Sally Sa - Hip Hop Lover     Soul, Roots, Reggae / Dub 06/12/2019
Sally Sa, the singer/songwriter from the East Coast of Australia has followed up on her recent singles "Mama" and "Hourglass" to announce her debut album Speaking My Mind.
A brilliant example of what to expect from the album can be seen through the track "Hip Hop Lover!". "I wanted to write an ironic song about hip hop, but not a hip hop song-written purely in the influence of jazz. Even Glenn Bloomfield (who plays most instruments on the album) didn’t know what I was doing in the studio.

Laura Frank - Leave It All Behind     Country, Pop, Folk 05/12/2019
Frank is all about moving forward and she’s about to leave her past in the dust as she embarks on a new journey in the country world.
Leave It All Behind is a bittersweet tune taking you on a journey through the highs and lows of relationships. It moves between knowing it's time for a relationship to end but not yet being ready to move on.

Chase City - Back In Motion     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie 23/11/2019
"I've been abducted but hey these captors aren't all that bad, cool ride" - Declan Byrne, Triple J Home and Hosed.
We really tried to include our usual guitar hooks but they just weren't fitting and we were happy to take a really electronic approach to this. We had just watched the latest trainspotting film before recording the song and we just wanted the production to feel like a song that could fit into a soundtrack like that.

Chalk - This Is The Story (September Mix)     Rock, Indie, Pop 21/11/2019
Following the release of their debut album The Quiet City, beloved Brisbane rockers Chalk are set to please fans further with a remix of "This Is The Story".
Arriving 24 years after their last release, their new music calls back to the sound of the band’s beginnings in 90's Brisbane but with many new sonic twists and a dual sense of picking-up-right-where-they-left-off familiarity mixed with a fresh take on their signature sound.

August River Band - Blue Light     Roots, Folk, Indie 15/11/2019
August River Band are a three piece alternative originals outfit from Brisbane consisting of Eev Ferreira, Lil Burrows, and Gerard Kerr.
"Blue Light" was inspired whilst Eev was being scowled at by "a very gorgeous and very stern Estonian barista", explaining that following the interaction "I considered how we all long for just a little connection. I remembered my own longing as a partner spent much of her time with her nose in her cell phone.

Benny Nelson - BAD MAN     Rock 08/11/2019
Not only a singer-songwriter, Benny also coordinated the inaugural Cowsound Music Festival which featured himself alongside Toowoomba artists.
Rather than being about any particular moment in his life, the track is more so "a refection on decisions and actions I've made that I'm not too proud of. Some actions have consequences, and sometimes I felt like I deserved the worst, and it's been really hard for me to not think that when bad things would happen to me".

Amy Elise - CTRL ALT DELETE     Rock 25/10/2019
At only 15 years of age Amy Elise lives music. Recording her debut single in Nashville earlier this year it's been an incredibly busy year for this Gold Coast local.
CTRL ALT DELETE is about cutting people off. Sometimes you get involved with toxic people, and at the start everything seems great, but the more invested in the relationship you become, the easier it is for them to harm you, sometimes without you realising.

The Know - Hurt Somebody     Rock 24/10/2019
Having formed The Know in Sydney this five-piece will get you grooving with their blues inspired track "Hurt Somebody", a throwback to the fast and loose rock of the 60's.
A throwback to the fast and loose rock of the 60's. Having already received airplay on Triple J Unearthed and FBI radio with their previous two singles, Hurt Somebody blends their influences of The Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys to deliver a track that is reminiscent of the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter".

Amela - Blame     Pop 23/10/2019
Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela uses her catchy melodies to deliver a soaring pop track with the release of her new single "Blame".
Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela uses her catchy melodies to deliver a soaring pop track with the release of her new single "Blame".

El Cosgrove - Honey     Country 23/10/2019
El's new track "Honey" was recorded in Bangalow with Producer Jordan Power, and encapsulates the feeling of home that was created by the many people she met along her wanderings.
Her new track "Honey" was recorded amongst the mountains in Bangalow with Producer Jordan Power, and encapsulates the feeling of home that was created by the many people she met along her wanderings. Power's most recent works include Dope Lemon, Ash Grunwald and Kacey Chambers amongst others.

Ella Fence - Love Me On Purpose     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 23/10/2019
Ella Fence new single “Love Me On Purpose” release date 18 October 2019 is a slab of beat laden electro firepower. A baroque dance groove with a narrative.
Ella Fence new single “Love Me On Purpose” is a slab of beat laden electro firepower. A baroque dance groove with a narrative. A song with deep volumes of differing musical layers and moods, an offering that’s young and vibrant with lyrical evidence of darker fingerprints. The second single from her debut album, it's an empowered track.

Noah Dillon - Disappear     Rock 23/10/2019
The band, consisting of Noah, Jack Hill, Claudia Genovese and Sam Rocchi, have been wildly successful since the release of their first single "The Man I’m Not" in 2017.
The EP "is a collection of songs written over the past two years. There are many reoccurring themes throughout the EP which when I listen back reveal there influence in shaping me through adolescence. I guess in a sense it documents my coming of age; leaving the comfort of school and institution into navigating the world I’m in now."

GÜS - Way You Make Me Feel (Ft. Sillier)     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/10/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based producer Angus Hayes. the Güs project was formed with heavy electronic influences to enable solo performance on-stage.
New single "Way You Make Me Feel" has another interesting Norwegian connection as the artist's girlfriend is from Norway and explains, "This is a song I wrote for my partner Sunny. She’s originally from Norway and the distance has made our relationship particularly complicated at times. This song explores the ups and downs of dealing with long-distance love."

Laura Frank - Things I'd Rather Do     Country, Alternative 27/09/2019
Laura Frank found her true sound debuting in the Alt Country music scene
Musically, Frank explains the vibe of "Things I'd Rather Do","The song is a cheeky social commentary on procrastination and the attachment we all have to digital media. It's quirky and fun but there's also a deeper element of truth. A reflection on how we are missing out on life by being so tied to our devices."

Noah Dillon - Jersey St     Indie, Folk, Rock 27/09/2019
Noah's lyric driven music is a melting pot of honest stories and emotional tales. Leaving audiences in tears, laughter and with a yearning to hug their mothers like never before.
"Jersey St" was written at the beginning of 2018 after the passing of Dillon's grandmother Marj Downie. They recorded the track at Tuna-fish studio with Broderick Madden-Scott and features Noah Dillon (Vocals, Guitars, Synth), Jack Hill (drums), Claudia Genovese (bass), Sam Rochi (guitar), Fraeya Evans (backing vocals) and Miranda Murray-yong (Cello).

TOBiAS - Beautiful Mess     Folk, Indie, Pop 27/09/2019
Currently putting the final touches on his debut album, Robinson’s music is an eclectic yet original warm mix of folk, pop and country.
Now TOBiAS has returned with the first single from his forthcoming album "Beautiful Mess", a song Robinson wrote after a girl at Woodford Folk Festival told him, "you're a beautiful mess, but I want you". Production wise, Robinson describes "Beautiful Mess", as an "understated well structured song that brings out emotion and story in very subtle ways.

Billie Rose - Wrong Kind of Right     Country, Pop 26/09/2019
Billie-Rose is a multi award winning young emerging country music singer songwriter /guitarist from Charters Towers, Queensland.
Billie Rose's style lays somewhere between Americana and Country Pop, gaining inspiration from the likes of Kasey Musgraves, Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood. "Wrong Kind of Right" showcases her stunning soulful American sound.

Mercury Sun - Hill street     Rock, Alternative, Indie 18/09/2019
‘A Long Way From Hill Street’ is an album that reflects on the past seven years that Mercury Sun has been together.
The album title “A Long Way From Hill Street” is kind of a mantra to let ourselves know where we have come from and to know that we are moving forward. If we weren’t moving forward, we would have just called it “Hill St”.

Other tracks by Mercury Sun:  Just Like Hollywood  -  Closer
Nic Rollo - Feel     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 13/09/2019
Multi-instrumental singer and producer from Perth whose music features sonic and lyrical depth, as well as upbeat danceability.
Feel is about not trying to control everything around you, and letting things happen as they will, instead of being afraid of what might change. I wrote the song when I felt a lot of pressure from other people in my life, especially pressure about whether I should commit to music career or choose a more 'formal' job.”