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Footstomp Music

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Aegean Sun - ULTRAVIOLET     Pop, Dance, Chill 09/10/2018
Started as a recording project of two high school friends developed into full band following a move to Inner-West of Sydney which saw the songwriting duo flesh out the lineup
"Jack and I switch vocals halfway through the song. The half where I sing, for me, isn't particularly literal but explores the themes of uncertainty and expectations while ultimately ending in a feeling of self-acceptance.” Says Tim Kesby.

The Steele Syndicate - Sedona     Funk/Soul, Ska, Roots 21/09/2018
Brisbane-based octet with an eclectic, genre-bending sound that re-imagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
‘Sedona’, The Steele Syndicate’s latest single, was created by lead singer and songwriter Steele McMahon on the road in the ‘wild west’ of the USA. The intricate, ambitious tune fully immerses the listener in the riotous energy of the band’s live performance.

Alice Orchard - Sooner or later     Rock, Roots, Chill 20/09/2018
Adelaide singer-songwriter Alice Orchard launches her debut solo album, Blue Dress, in November 2018.
"It’s about accepting who you are and feeling ok about taking that to the world, I think the key to the meaning of the song is in the first verse. It’s really about seizing one’s own destiny and deciding not to let the past hold you back."

Tia Gostelow - Phone Me     Rock, Chill, Easy Listening, Pop 12/09/2018
Being mere weeks from the release of her debut album Thick Skin, Tia Gostelow is releasing the fifth single from the album that just keeps giving with "Phone Me".
You can seriously take whatever you want from the song but I feel like it could most definitely be about being a young teenager and just having fun and not having a care in the world.

Jack Tully & The Seers - DCA     Blues/Roots, Chill, Experimental 30/08/2018
On A Journey That Began In A Solar Powered Shack In Nowhere NSW With A Soundtrack Of Old Bluesmen, Jack Tully Has Made Pit Stops In Strange Places.
DCA, is a three chord arrangement delivered with heart, grit and absolute soul behind it, and is one of the tracks off their forthcoming record.

Ben Mastwyk - Telephone Wire     Country, Blues, Alternative Country 25/08/2018
Prolific songwriter steeped proudly in country roots, Mastwyk has travelled the long highways of America’s south penning tales and poems as playful and amusing as they are dark and heartbreaking
“The phone is an omnipresent necessity that we pour all of our emotions into. There’s something mystical about the power these devices hold. They can bring us together but also tear us apart. There’s an assumed secrecy with telephone communication so people tend to pour their deepest secrets into them. But there are countless stories of people’s wrongdoings being uncovered"

Kyle Jenkins - Wire     Rock, Roots, Chill, Alternative Country 25/08/2018
Jenkins is the songwriter, guitarist and lead singer for acclaimed Australian Alt-Country band Suicide Swans. During the past 5 years the band has released 1 self-titled EP and 3 albums.
Jenkins writes about feeling overjoyed and excited by a creation that is displeased with it’s own end product, wishing that it had been done differently.

Mt. Cleverest - Money     Funk/Soul, Punk, Rap, Pop 25/08/2018
Mt. Cleverest are a 5-piece "alt-rock indie-rap band" based in Perth.
The title track paints the picture of the tiresome 9 to 5 that comes with the current consumerism reign and gives shame to our money-hungry tendencies.

Little Georgia - Yellow Cup     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 22/08/2018
Amongst a sea of rhythmic and raw guitar tones collaborators Ashleigh Mannix and Justin Carter deliver both beautiful harmonies and compelling lyrics which reveal the honesty in their music.
"It’s really just a moment in time – a swelling feeling in the chest that you feel when things are good. The world continues to move and change, and all the while, I love you.”

Benny Nelson - Talk     Rock, Pop, Chill 18/08/2018
Benny Nelson knew his small-town roots wouldn’t tame his big aspirations and at just 16 years of age, Benny moved to Sydney to pursue his career as a musician.
I think I personally wanted to be more real as an artist, instead of writing pop love songs I wrote honest lyrics that only a rock sound can accompany because of the raw content. It just fits and feels right. I can let it all out on stage".

Gratis Minds - Stroll Ft. Bronte Eve     Hip Hop, Chill, Rap 18/08/2018
Gratis Minds is comprised of JK-47, Jon Doe and Jay Orient. Three extremely capable wordsmiths with a penchant for laid-back beach driven hip hop.
"Stroll" gives three different perspectives that together draws a picture of young love and attachments, the struggles of letting go and feeling good enough in yourself to move on.

Little Wise - Want it All     Rock, Folk, Blues/Roots 18/08/2018
Little Wise, AKA songwriter Sophie Klein, is a truth-teller whose words and music leave you feeling more alive and heart-achingly human than ever before.
The track’s slow-burning tension and release is like a lovechild of The Pretenders and The Velvet Underground. The song showcases yet another side of Little Wise and is a meditation on growing up, indecision, crises of existence and desperately trying to strike a balance between the contented security of a settled life and the exhilaration of youth.

The Maladies - Dig A Hole     Rock, Punk 13/07/2018
Swinging wildly from tender croon to demented howl, The new-look Maladies are a bratty trouble-making mongrel that refuses classification.
a rambling 'no wave' inspired track which draws from the scene's knack for combing any genre at all with abrasive atonal sounds and repetitive, driving rhythms.

KB Theory - Hope     Rock, Pop, Punk 06/07/2018
Brisbane-based indie Rock/Pop band with hard-hitting, catchy riffs that will take you on a musical journey. Blending influences from many different genres with a dose of catchy pop.
About being a square peg in a round hole as lead singer Dylan Cattanach explains, "sometimes you feel that you aren't in control of your own life and storyline. You're the support act, living in the background, when you really want to take the step forward and end up the star of your own life and write your own story."

Radolescent - Drug Fiend     Rock, Punk, Garage 06/07/2018
Radolescent are made up of three long time mates from the Gold Coast, Isaac on guitar and Vocals, Lachlan plays around with guitar and bass and Kurt on the drums.
It is highlighting the fact that everyone is dependent on various vices to get them through the day, some of which aren't perceived to be drugs.

Hot Wax - Hear Me Out     Rock, Garage, Punk 29/06/2018
Hot Wax began in 2017 when the band formed in the East Coast town of Kirra Beach.
The second single is a punk rock offering from Hot Wax. A familiar skate punk aesthetic is present from the get-go and holds the grove for the duration. "The song is about taking advice and trusting people that know more than you. It’s about putting faith in what you know, believing in yourself and making your own future."

Eden Mulholland - Wild Animal     Funk/Soul, Easy Listening, Chill 22/06/2018
Based in Perth (for now), Prolific Kiwi composer and collaborator.
It was in response to a powerful video performance by a close friend of mine who was recovering from a major illness and could only dance sitting down, using just her arms and upper body. Like a wounded wild animal, her captivity making her even more deadly than usual.

Earthlings - Runaway     Electronic, Experimental, Pop, Techno 15/06/2018
EARTHLINGS is a multi-instrumental electronic grunge duo who have been writing, recording, and performing music together for over a decade.
Being compared to electronic giants the size of Dukes Of Windsor and The Presets, Earthlings are currently running down a musical path all by themselves.

SAVV - Future Forever     Electronic, Pop, Rock 15/06/2018
A love affair of classic rock, pop and the versatile sounds of the synthesiser. Specialising in a sound that can only be described as epiphany pop.
It dives deep into a 1st person perspective on what could and would have happened to two people and to accept their choices without wasting time.

Jack Tully - The Great Tragedy     Blues/Roots, Folk, Chill 13/06/2018
On A Journey That Began In A Solar Powered Shack In Nowhere NSW With A Soundtrack Of Old Bluesmen, Jack Tully Has Made Pit Stops In Strange Places.
One morning we got talking about the tragedy of always wanting what we don’t have and moving the goal posts when we do have it; a perpetual cycle of longing. How can we find redemption from that, you know?