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Footstomp Music

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The Settlement - Loving On You     Rock, Roots 20/04/2018
The Settlement have been one of Australia's most hardworking bands. From releasing their debut album in 2018, playing a string of well known festivals and an Australian Tour.
Loving On You was one of those ‘moments’ in the studio. Crafted during a late night at The Aviary with producer Fraser Montgomery... We really aimed for a ‘live and timeless’ sound with this single. Often referring do Sir Macca for advice."

Hot Wax - Surfings Not Cool     Rock, Punk, Pop 13/04/2018
Hot Wax began in 2017, the band formed in Coast town of Kirra Beach. The band comprising lead singer Nicky Swamp, guitarist Jakey Brown, bassist Matthew Gray and drummer “Yogi”
Addressing the copycat nature of the music industry and people trying to be something they’re not. The listener is welcomed with traditional surf rock aesthetic, a mellow guitar sound begins the song accompanied by a satire vocal delivering the message “Surfing’s Not Cool”. Hot Wax come in to their own.

Suicide Swans - Long Sure Drift     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 13/04/2018
Suicide Swans are an Australian five-piece Americana/Alt-Country band consisting of Kyle Jenkins (guitar/vocals), Kristian McIvor (multi-instrumentalist/vocals), Glen O’Shea (drums/percussion), Morgan Hann (multi-instrumentalist/vocals) and Benjamin Lancaster (multi-instrumentalist/vocals/engineer/mixer).
Idea of drifting or floating permeates throughout the song as metaphor for letting go and allowing chance and coincidence to direct you like ship without a rudder or sail. Sometimes it is good to just let go, allowing stars to align or fall from the sky and see what happens.

Airbourne - Money     Rock, Punk, World 13/03/2018
Rockers, Airbourne have taken the good-times, bad-boys, party-animal strut to a new level, crafting underdog-championing anthems with reckless abandon.
You can almost smell and feel the grimy, sticky bar and stale cigarette stench drenched throughout Money

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Dumaresq - Be Pretty     Rock, Folk, Punk 13/03/2018
Joe Kneipp land at the forefront of his own solo project - Dumaresq. The debut single “Be Pretty” was recorded and written by 23-year old multi-instrumentalist at Aisle 6 Studios
“Be Pretty” is ambitious and convicting. With an honest and clear flare for assertion, the track also showcases Kneipp’s range of musicianship with him laying down all the instruments.

Gratis Minds - Up Again     Hip Hop, Electronic, Chill 13/03/2018
From the sunny beaches of Northern NSW, Gratis Minds is comprised of Jon Doe and Jay Orient .
We want the listeners to feel hopeful and uplifted after listening to this record. If there is one thing that the listener can take from this song its that if you get left feeling down by things in life, the only real option is to get back up again

Mardi Wilson - Landslide     Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 13/03/2018
A young, raw and authentic one-woman show, twenty-two year old musician, Mardi Wilson is a born and bread Brisbane girl, performing her unique and alternative style
Sometimes you just have to go with your feelings and be open and vulnerable. I’m talking about the kind of vulnerability where you accept that life is full of mysteries and sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit.”

Suicide Swans - Willow     Blues/Roots, Rock, Experimental 13/03/2018
Toowoomba locals Suicide Swans are back with a bang in 2018. In only one day in late 2017, the band created their third full-length album La Jungla
It is about a real person who has passed now sadly, but led a very colourful nightlife and lived next door to me in Sydney.

Boatkeeper - Shadows     Rock, Roots, Pop 02/03/2018
Boatkeeper introduced themselves in a big way with their hugely successful debut EP Windward. After being added to some key playlists the EP quickly amassed over 1million plays on Spotify.
The song was inspired by a documentary that singer, Boyd, watched on Edward Snowden. The documentary details how the US Government could watch and listen to people all over the world through telephones, laptops and other forms of technology. The song explores this reality, that everyone is watched and monitored.

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Daryl James - Moth To The Flame     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Roots, Folk 01/03/2018
Gritty psych/blues fused with raw acoustic roots, with an undeniably funky undercurrent of Ska and hip-hop.
“being hooked on doing things that we know are bad for us in the long run, but continuing to do them anyway, returning again and again, like a moth to a flame. What is the real cost of buying into all the distractions of modern life?”

Dirty Hearts - Sand - Lea     Rock, Garage 01/03/2018
Dirty Hearts are a 3-piece band from Brisbane who are putting their own slant on classic Australian rock ‘n’ roll.
“Sand-Lea” demonstrates an unmissable tribute to the melodic minutiae, A gentle introduction to the rock that will follow on the record. Playing live shows with an energy and soul that leaves other bands in their wake, the band are blowing your speakers up. Stay tuned for upcoming tour dates.

Good Will Remedy - Piggy In The Middle     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Country 01/03/2018
Good Will Remedy (GWR) are a band awash with strong song writing and performance craft with an honest southern fried feel tinged with alt Countryesque Americana styling.
"Piggy in the Middle" is a song about frustration, making a change and backing yourself. “the strength of the song allows quite a bit of flexibility performance wise - we work hard to ensure that the song remains king - the other flashy stuff can come later if at all!”

Halfway - Crescent Lagoon     Rock, Alternative Country, Blues 01/03/2018
Halfway is an 8 pce band from Brisbane Australia. They have made five critically acclaimed albums. The most recent being "The Golden Halfway Record" 2016
"Crescent Lagoon" is a suburb in West Rockhampton. John's dad was born there and though he moved around a lot, he eventually died there. The first single is about place, belonging somewhere, even if it isn’t the best place in the world.

Hoolahan - Instant Gain     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 01/03/2018
Hoolahan are an indie band from Sydney, crafting literate pop songs filled with minor-key guitar hooks and bittersweet harmonies.
The second single from new album Casuarina, "Instant Gain" is a throwback to teenage years growing up in and out of Canberra - a dream-like tour through infatuations, distractions and big town/small city thrills set against the backdrop of the bush capital, coast holidays and the lure of the big-smoke.

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Sabrina Lawrie - Become     Rock, Roots, Experimental, Folk 01/03/2018
2017 was a massive year for Sabrina Lawrie with the release of her debut album Hush The Mountain to great acclaim, including rave reviews from Rolling Stone AU.
"This song is set to an hypnotic tribal drum with hopeful and questioning lyrics on self belief, human potential and a curiosity about the disconnection of society with nature..."

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Sunset Junkies - Inertia     Rock, Metal, Goth 21/02/2018
Sunset Junkies are an Australian rock band known for their exhilarating live show. 2018 will see them take their bold new sound to the world.
"Inertia" was conceived after buying an Ibanez 7-string guitar as Short elaborates, "Having released a string of solo albums that really only hinted at a heavy side... I felt like a part of me was screaming out to create something extremely dense, layered and heavy."

Georgia Reed - Wonderland     Pop, Experimental, Atmospheric 31/01/2018
Georgia Reed’s alluring, smoky vocals are at home delivering her fierce and brooding signature sound.
"This song is about an emotionally abusive relationship I was in many years ago. Wonderland is what someone wanted me to be. It wasn't real. No matter how hard you try, you will never get there because it doesn't exist.” – Georgia Reed

The Steele Syndicate - Funky Trombone     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Ska 31/01/2018
The Brisbane-based octet has an eclectic, genre-bending sound that reimagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
"Funky Trombone" unleashes their evolved, energetic sound while still capturing the essence of their live show.
'We all have moments in our life that get us down. When I play music, nothing else matters; I can just feel good."

Ben Mastwyk - This Country     Country, Blues, Folk 31/01/2018
A prolific songwriter steeped proudly in country roots.
Mastwyk wrote “This Country” reflecting on shifting musical, political and personal tensions. Originally written as a Dylan-esque acoustic dirge the track was reimagined as a high-octane seventies-inspired country funk number in the studio.

Suicide Swans - Yearling     Blues/Roots, Rock 31/01/2018
Suicide Swans are an Australian 5 piece alt-country band, the twang of country, the chug of 60’s/70’s rock with dashes of pop that they termed cosmic country.
“The song ventures into personal territories of relationship transition where you are moving together but then become separated through the transition e.g. the idea of being friends, forming a relationship, breaking apart and/or one partner leaving/dying and how the person left behind becomes an island off the coast."