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Footstomp Music

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Tia Gostelow - Get To It     Indie, Pop 26/08/2019
In line with Tia's independent approach was self produced with the help of her old touring band and Aidan Hogg at Plutonium Studios in her new home town of Brisbane.
Tia Gostelow will be hitting the road in support of the new single, taking her fresh approach and a brand new touring band along with her over the next few months kicking off with a milestone show at the opening of Brisbane's Fortitude Music Hall.

Fierce Mild - Song He Never Wrote     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Instrumental 16/08/2019
Comparisons aside, the music and artwork of Fierce Mild explore on the idea of waking the sleeping unconscious, and separating from the constructed world around us.
A suicidal contemplation, an attempt to escape the physicality of Dasein (Being) through a visit to an after life. All lessons in 'heaven' are ignored and the mind returns to the body convincing yourself that there is no god, or no one that can see any of your actions giving you impunity for the actions that you take on earth.

Billie-Rose Copeland - Company With Regret     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 15/08/2019
Born and bred in North West Queensland, Billie-Rose Copeland knew in her heart she had to pursue music from a young age. Her debut single is "Company With Regret".
Billie wrote the single "Company with Regret" only a few days before recording with her singing teacher and says it was one of the easiest songs she has written.
The single was mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound and recorded at Love Hz studios with Matt Fell and showcases Billie's stunning vocals and alternative folk sound

Cloning - Epilogues     Rock, Pop, Electronic 09/08/2019
Cloning are a West Australian band whose music blends rock, pop, shoe gaze and trip hop. Their single ‘Epilogues’ (released August 2019) was nominated for WAM Song of the Year.
Lyrically, the song revolves around accountability and taking responsibility for actions. I was making some big decisions in my life while writing ‘Epilogues’, like committing to pursuing music full-time. Realising why you are in a certain predicament is like reading your own epilogue, and I think that can be a really positive thing.

Leanne Tennant - Bring It All Back     Pop, Rock, Roots, Folk 09/08/2019
"Bring It All Back" flaunts thick bass-lines, catchy guitar licks and Leanne's signature silky vocals. Leanne is the 2018 Carol Lloyd Award recipient, and 2 x time Qld Music winner.
Her new single "Bring It All Back" is about a conversation between two people with opposing views, and leans into the current social climate, "it’s about one person who is willing to challenge their own thoughts and ideas, however failing in epic proportions as they’re stuck communicating with someone that has their mind set and refuses to generate alternative perceptions."

Mardi Wilson - Don't Stop     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 09/08/2019
A raw and authentic one-woman show, 23 year old musician, Mardi Wilson, is a born/bred Brisbane girl, making waves in the industry with her unique indie folk style soulful lyrics.
Mardi Wilson is a singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, self-managed, alternative folk artist. Hoping to help people learn about themselves and others through storytelling and music, she released "Astronaut" earlier this year that dove into her insecurities and her drive to simply accept them.

Sally Sa - Hourglass     Hip Hop, Ska, Soul, Roots 09/08/2019
A rich array of musical flavours, Sally Sa's music isn’t captured within a genre, rather this urban purist thrives on being a Mistress of Soul, preacher of hip hop.
This track is about becoming everything we want to be, which seems to be a theme amongst songs of mine at the moment. The world has a funny way of putting us in the boxes that suits others perspective of us! This song was originally written to a Swing beat, but developed into this beautiful reflection of SKA.

Selve - Snake of Light     Rock, Australian Indigenous, Psychedelic 09/08/2019
Selve are a genre-fluid band that aim to create narrative driven music that integrates themes of Indigenous culture into current neo-psychedelic styles.
Snake Of Light is inspired by a prose novel written by lead singer Loki Liddle. The story follows a young descendent of the stolen generation travelling around the country in a beat up red corolla re-learning the old stories, coming into contact with the dreamtime and developing a connection to the living spirit of the land, a snake of light.

The Shambolics - Don't You Want A Bit More     Rock, Alternative Country, Garage 06/08/2019
THE SHAMBOLICS are a surf rock band from the Gold Coast Matt, Brad, Sam and Asho are 4 piece that rehearse in the bush.
The first single "A Life Thing" was released in May 2018 followed by headline shows on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. THE SHAMBOLICS have played dozens of shows including sharing the stage with You Am I, Troy Cassar Daly & Screamfeeder and are launching the album in September/October.

Michael David Thomas - Dirge 2.0     Folk, Blues 02/08/2019
An international songwriter Michael David Thomas has worked extensively in Nashville, Montreal and Australia where he became Airlock Records’ third-ever signing in 2015 released his self-titled EP, Michael David Thomas.
In November 2017 Michael David Thomas stepped, uninvited, into the lobby of a luxury hotel in Montreal to use the piano that sat silent in the lobby. Soon after "Dirge 2.0" was born, a tribute to a departed friend.

Chase City - Temptation     Electronic, Punk, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Dance 12/07/2019
Chase City are a dance punk band based in Hobart Tasmania. Their music showcases their unique blend of electronic
Chase City wrote new track Temptation by accident. Tarik & Tim were taking a break from another track and were mucking around on their synth’s when they happened on the main riff. The song was inspired by 90’s drum and bass and Chase City wanted to blend their brand of DFA style dance punk with a D&B groove and aesthetic.

Clovr - Say So     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Chill 12/07/2019
Eclipsed behind the alias ‘Clovr’ – Mackay based beatmaker/ creative is saturating the tropics of North Queensland with his classically futuristic, slinky upbeat pop-electronica.
It was a time when things were a little less bright, unable to speak my mind in fear of the repercussions it may have on the people closest to me. The idea was to have very warm emotional chord progression with these punchy distorted drums to shift the mood to a more confused nostalgic feeling.

Colin Lillie - We Got Love     Rock, Alternative Country, Blues 12/07/2019
Known for his passion and one-of-a-kind voice, Australia’s favorite NT based gypsy Scotsman Colin Lillie is set to release “We Got Love” on July 26.
About believing in yourself no matter how life kicks you, Real change is only relevant to the individual because no one really wants to know about the past, only the present. “We Got Love” is also about coming to peace with your past and walking down the new road with confidence

Ella Fence - Don't Feed The Monster     Pop, Electronic 12/07/2019
Ella Fence singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist, is a young woman whose vocal powerhouse delivers a mysterious blend of avante guarde meets dream pop music.
Don’t Feed The Monster’s musical narrative orbits around psychology of fear and tackling the thought or physicality of danger or a threat. Don’t Feed The Monster is about acknowledging and recognising potential harm then summoning the strength of empowerment and confidence to take control.

Fierce Mild - Death's Kingdom     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 12/07/2019
Fierce Mild are an act that draws as much inspiration from cinema, visual art, Australian Noir and Victorian history to craft their intricate brand of Post-Electro Cinematic Art Rock.
A suicidal contemplation, an attempt to escape the physicality of Dasein through a visit to an after life. All lessons in 'heaven' are ignored and the mind returns to the body convincing yourself that there is no god, or no one that can see any of your actions - giving you impunity for the actions that you take on earth.

Four Lions - Gone     Rock, Alternative Country, Australian Indigenous, Country 12/07/2019
AUSTRALIAN band Four Lions started as a solo vehicle for Bendigo-based singer-songwriter Shann Lions in December 2014, after he emerged from an eight-year musical hiatus.
"Gone" combines classic rock with touches of alt-country, embellished with flourishes of Hammond organ, courtesy of keys man Stephen Briggs, who also contributes the song’s gorgeous grand piano outro. And lead guitarist Keith MacQueen unleashes a barrage of his trademark meaty riffs in the bridge to keep the rock flag flying high.

Güs - Sun's Bright     Electronic, House, Ambience, Chill 12/07/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based producer Angus Hayes. Inspired by Nick Murphy/Chet Faker, Rüfüs du Sol, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Güs will leave you wanting more.
Sun's Bright was composed while living in rural Western Queensland. It was recorded in the closet of the house I was living in. It is the story of a girl who leaves a boy only to realise that she has flown too close to the sun and now misses him.

Nic Rollo - Show Me What Hurts     Pop, Electronic, Rock 12/07/2019
Multi-instrumental singer and producer from Perth who’s music features sonic and lyrical depth, as well as upbeat danceability.
Show Me What Hurts is about the tenderness of love and how the hardest part in relationships of any form can be showing others your flaws and insecurities, as well as past and current pain. I thought it was important to explore the other side of the spectrum. In short, it’s about opening up and showing what hurts.

Bella Paton - Early     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 28/06/2019
Gold Coast darling Bella Paton debut EP, “Early” singer/songwriter is ready to share her mix of indie pop/folk goodness that will warm your toes but tug at your heartstrings.
“Early” and “Colours of Gold” were written not long out of high school. One song that Paton considers her best to date is the deeply personal “Don’t Forget November” she believes that "anyone who has been heartbroken will understand what I'm talking about".

Other tracks by Bella Paton:  Colours of Gold  -  Don't Forget November
Manorism - Moon Rising     Electronic, Pop, Soundscapes 28/06/2019
Manorism came together in 2014, making post-punk sounds of the 80’s housed within a 2018 sonic palette think War on Drugs/Future Islands/Joy Division. Think nostalgic atmosphere images of summer romances.
The band say that "Moon Rising" is the feeling of excitement when the night is young and there is the potential for anything to happen. Be sure to check the song out for the nostalgic vibes of wild nights gone by.