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Footstomp Music

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Earthlings - Runaway     Electronic, Experimental, Pop, Techno 15/06/2018
EARTHLINGS is a multi-instrumental electronic grunge duo who have been writing, recording, and performing music together for over a decade.
Being compared to electronic giants the size of Dukes Of Windsor and The Presets, Earthlings are currently running down a musical path all by themselves.

SAVV - Future Forever     Electronic, Pop, Rock 15/06/2018
A love affair of classic rock, pop and the versatile sounds of the synthesiser. Specialising in a sound that can only be described as epiphany pop.
It dives deep into a 1st person perspective on what could and would have happened to two people and to accept their choices without wasting time.

Jack Tully - The Great Tragedy     Blues/Roots, Folk, Chill 13/06/2018
On A Journey That Began In A Solar Powered Shack In Nowhere NSW With A Soundtrack Of Old Bluesmen, Jack Tully Has Made Pit Stops In Strange Places.
One morning we got talking about the tragedy of always wanting what we don’t have and moving the goal posts when we do have it; a perpetual cycle of longing. How can we find redemption from that, you know?

Ben Mastwyk - Happiness     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Dance 08/06/2018
Ben Mastwyk, one of those key players, the consummate sideman contributing guitar, vocals and banjo to a range of different projects prior to the arrival of acclaimed 2015 debut album
Reflecting on the struggle to achieve happiness and the effect that has on those around you. I’ve had a lot of contact with depression and it’s something really quite impervious to suggestion. This is just about accepting that you can’t fix someone’s situation and learning to sit with that feeling.

Tia Gostelow - Strangers     Pop, Funk, Chill 08/06/2018
Tia Gostelow wrote “State Of Art” in 2015. It caught Triple J’s attention wining their 2016 Indigenous Initiative and a place in their Triple J Unearthed High 2016 Top 5.
I wanted to write a love song for a little while because I hadn't before. We just started with a beat and kept going and it felt like the most natural songwriting session I had ever done and it is probably the most excited I’ve ever been about a song.

Boatkeeper - Refugee     Pop, Folk, Rock 18/05/2018
Growing up in the small Queensland town of Mission Beach Boatkeeper has woven the coastal sounds of a salt drenched youth into their own brand of soulful, acoustic folk/rock.
We wanted to experiment with this song and try new vocal and drum patterns. During the verses, we wanted to keep a minimalistic sound with the instruments to bring attention to the rhythmic lyrics. These are the focal part of the song and demonstrate a strong political message.

Dirty Hearts - A New Way of Walking     Rock, Grunge, Alternative Country 18/05/2018
A 3-piece band from Brisbane who are putting their own slant on classic Australian rock ‘n’ roll. Playing with an energy and soul that leaves other bands in their wake
"Concrete, white light, hot heat, drum beats, bright lights, we'll meet"

Dumaresq - Homunculus     Folk, Soul, Pop 18/05/2018
After playing in a number of bands from an early age, 2018 has seen Joe Kneipp land at the forefront of his very own solo project - Dumaresq.
It is bout autonomy, about the possibility that within each person there can be different levels of experience. My interpretation of the term comes from the alchemy tradition, from the idea that if you kept sperm in a certain way (took care of it) you could grow a tiny human.

Good Will Remedy - Tomorrow We Run     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 18/05/2018
Americana is where the song is king - a broad genre that encompasses country, alt country and rock –and it is here that Good Will Remedy find themselves at home.
It's about those days when you just want to lock the front door – put the keys back through the letterbox and just disappear – and the only decision to make is whether to turn left or right? …oh and to be sure to make the most of your final night before you leave!

Halfway - The Old House     Blues/Roots, Rock, Roots 18/05/2018
Halfway is an 8 pce band from Brisbane Australia. They have made five critically acclaimed albums. The most recent being "The Golden Halfway Record" 2016
Based on a story about lead singer John Busby's memories of his grandparents' house in Rockhampton Queensland.

Suicide Swans - Here on Out/Turn Off The Lights     Rock, Alternative Country, Garage 18/05/2018
Suicide Swans are an Australian 5 piece alt-country band. The band’s sound - twang of country, the chug of 60’s/70’s rock with dashes of pop they termed cosmic country.
Song that had two parts to the story, a Side A / Side B vinyl feel. ‘Here On Out’ AND ‘Turn Off The Lights’ "

The Shambolics - A Life Thing     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 18/05/2018
THE SHAMBOLICS are a Surf Country band from the Tallebudgera Valley in Queensland. Matt, Brad and Asho are 3 piece that rehearse in the bush.
"A Life Thing" is a love song to music that was recorded at Wild Mountain Studios

The Steele Syndicate - Ours     Funk/Soul, Pop, Ska 18/05/2018
An evolution of Steele McMahon’s solo work, the Brisbane-based octet has an eclectic, genre-bending sound that re-imagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
"Ours" is a call for young people to turn our passionate feelings about today’s biggest challenges into positive change. This song had to have a different lyrical message; there is literally a line that says 'And this is my attempt to write about something more meaningful than my love life'.

Timothy James Wright - Stay     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Funk 18/05/2018
Moving through genres but never arriving at any one in particular Tim and his band create unique melodic landscapes that touch heartstrings and tell stories.
"Stay" is an honest and raw account of feelings of desertion - explained by Timothy as being about "abandonment issues... wanting someone to be the one who doesn't leave".

The Settlement - Loving On You     Rock, Roots 20/04/2018
The Settlement have been one of Australia's most hardworking bands. From releasing their debut album in 2018, playing a string of well known festivals and an Australian Tour.
Loving On You was one of those ‘moments’ in the studio. Crafted during a late night at The Aviary with producer Fraser Montgomery... We really aimed for a ‘live and timeless’ sound with this single. Often referring do Sir Macca for advice."

Hot Wax - Surfings Not Cool     Rock, Punk, Pop 13/04/2018
Hot Wax began in 2017, the band formed in Coast town of Kirra Beach. The band comprising lead singer Nicky Swamp, guitarist Jakey Brown, bassist Matthew Gray and drummer “Yogi”
Addressing the copycat nature of the music industry and people trying to be something they’re not. The listener is welcomed with traditional surf rock aesthetic, a mellow guitar sound begins the song accompanied by a satire vocal delivering the message “Surfing’s Not Cool”. Hot Wax come in to their own.

Suicide Swans - Long Sure Drift     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 13/04/2018
Suicide Swans are an Australian five-piece Americana/Alt-Country band consisting of Kyle Jenkins (guitar/vocals), Kristian McIvor (multi-instrumentalist/vocals), Glen O’Shea (drums/percussion), Morgan Hann (multi-instrumentalist/vocals) and Benjamin Lancaster (multi-instrumentalist/vocals/engineer/mixer).
Idea of drifting or floating permeates throughout the song as metaphor for letting go and allowing chance and coincidence to direct you like ship without a rudder or sail. Sometimes it is good to just let go, allowing stars to align or fall from the sky and see what happens.

Airbourne - Money     Rock, Punk, World 13/03/2018
Rockers, Airbourne have taken the good-times, bad-boys, party-animal strut to a new level, crafting underdog-championing anthems with reckless abandon.
You can almost smell and feel the grimy, sticky bar and stale cigarette stench drenched throughout Money

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Dumaresq - Be Pretty     Rock, Folk, Punk 13/03/2018
Joe Kneipp land at the forefront of his own solo project - Dumaresq. The debut single “Be Pretty” was recorded and written by 23-year old multi-instrumentalist at Aisle 6 Studios
“Be Pretty” is ambitious and convicting. With an honest and clear flare for assertion, the track also showcases Kneipp’s range of musicianship with him laying down all the instruments.

Gratis Minds - Up Again     Hip Hop, Electronic, Chill 13/03/2018
From the sunny beaches of Northern NSW, Gratis Minds is comprised of Jon Doe and Jay Orient .
We want the listeners to feel hopeful and uplifted after listening to this record. If there is one thing that the listener can take from this song its that if you get left feeling down by things in life, the only real option is to get back up again