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Footstomp Music

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GÜS - Way You Make Me Feel (Ft. Sillier)     Indie, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/10/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based producer Angus Hayes. the Güs project was formed with heavy electronic influences to enable solo performance on-stage.
New single "Way You Make Me Feel" has another interesting Norwegian connection as the artist's girlfriend is from Norway and explains, "This is a song I wrote for my partner Sunny. She’s originally from Norway and the distance has made our relationship particularly complicated at times. This song explores the ups and downs of dealing with long-distance love."

Laura Frank - Things I'd Rather Do     Country, Alternative 27/09/2019
Laura Frank found her true sound debuting in the Alt Country music scene
Musically, Frank explains the vibe of "Things I'd Rather Do","The song is a cheeky social commentary on procrastination and the attachment we all have to digital media. It's quirky and fun but there's also a deeper element of truth. A reflection on how we are missing out on life by being so tied to our devices."

Noah Dillon - Jersey St     Indie, Folk, Rock 27/09/2019
Noah's lyric driven music is a melting pot of honest stories and emotional tales. Leaving audiences in tears, laughter and with a yearning to hug their mothers like never before.
"Jersey St" was written at the beginning of 2018 after the passing of Dillon's grandmother Marj Downie. They recorded the track at Tuna-fish studio with Broderick Madden-Scott and features Noah Dillon (Vocals, Guitars, Synth), Jack Hill (drums), Claudia Genovese (bass), Sam Rochi (guitar), Fraeya Evans (backing vocals) and Miranda Murray-yong (Cello).

TOBiAS - Beautiful Mess     Folk, Indie, Pop 27/09/2019
Currently putting the final touches on his debut album, Robinson’s music is an eclectic yet original warm mix of folk, pop and country.
Now TOBiAS has returned with the first single from his forthcoming album "Beautiful Mess", a song Robinson wrote after a girl at Woodford Folk Festival told him, "you're a beautiful mess, but I want you". Production wise, Robinson describes "Beautiful Mess", as an "understated well structured song that brings out emotion and story in very subtle ways.

Billie Rose - Wrong Kind of Right     Country, Pop 26/09/2019
Billie-Rose is a multi award winning young emerging country music singer songwriter /guitarist from Charters Towers, Queensland.
Billie Rose's style lays somewhere between Americana and Country Pop, gaining inspiration from the likes of Kasey Musgraves, Maren Morris and Carrie Underwood. "Wrong Kind of Right" showcases her stunning soulful American sound.

Mercury Sun - Hill street     Rock, Alternative, Indie 18/09/2019
‘A Long Way From Hill Street’ is an album that reflects on the past seven years that Mercury Sun has been together.
The album title “A Long Way From Hill Street” is kind of a mantra to let ourselves know where we have come from and to know that we are moving forward. If we weren’t moving forward, we would have just called it “Hill St”.

Other tracks by Mercury Sun:  Just Like Hollywood  -  Closer
Nic Rollo - Feel     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 13/09/2019
Multi-instrumental singer and producer from Perth whose music features sonic and lyrical depth, as well as upbeat danceability.
Feel is about not trying to control everything around you, and letting things happen as they will, instead of being afraid of what might change. I wrote the song when I felt a lot of pressure from other people in my life, especially pressure about whether I should commit to music career or choose a more 'formal' job.”

Cloning - Melanin and Melanomas     Indie, Rock, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 12/09/2019
Perth band Cloning combine elements of rock, pop, shoegaze, trip hop. Featuring Felix Parker (vocals/guitar), Nic Rollo (synth/bass guitar), Jack Brett (drums) and Bevan Green (guitar).
Recorded in Blackbird Studios with Dave Parkin (who also engineered the EP), the band had most of the songs written and arranged prior to heading into the studio. Due to their great chemistry with Parkin, he helped shape the sounds and ideas into fully realised recordings while still keeping to their overall vision for the EP.

Other tracks by Cloning:  Something You Never had  -  Nights Likening
Coco and the Cockatoos - Ellie and Zig Zag     Children's, Easy Listening 12/09/2019
Brand new kids group Coco and the Cockatoos as they take you on an adventurous exploration with emus, kangaroos, tigers, dolphins, dogs, crocodiles and unicorns debut album release 'Wild Life'.
Let yourself be transported into the animal kingdom with first single from Wild Life, ‘Ellie and Zig Zag’, which is about a baby elephant and a baby zebra playing in the mud at a water hole in an African savanna.

The Shambolics - Don't You Want A Bit More     Rock, Garage 06/09/2019
THE SHAMBOLICS are a surf rock band from the Gold Coast, Matt, Brad, Sam and Asho are 4 piece that rehearse in the bush.
THE SHAMBOLICS are a surf rock band from the Gold Coast. The 4 piece, featuring Matt, Brad, Sam and Asho practise their original blend of lyrical punk, rock and roots in the bush.Now they're back to show off their hard work in the studio with "Don't You Want A Bit More", from their upcoming debut album.

Boss Moxi - Her Majesty     Jazz, Experimental, Psych 28/08/2019
10 years since their inception, Boss Moxi released an EP, funded their debut album Oddball via Indiegogo, performed in nearly every Brisbane venue, made a triumphant sold out return show.
"Her Majesty" includes grooves that were written in Hampi, India. Alex and Doig drove 4 hours and back to a village to retrieve a dusty drum kit. "In a small hut on the seaside under the stars, some mad jams were had that night". "Her Majesty", is a snapshot from one of the most energetic parts of the album.

Busby Marou - Over Drinking Over You     Folk, Pop, Country, Easy Listening 28/08/2019
Best known for their distinctly Australian storytelling and gifted musicianship, Busby Marou, AKA Tom Busby (hailing from sunny Queensland) and Jeremy Marou (from the beautiful Torres Strait Islands).
Mandolins, ukulele and whistles – stories of travels across the globe, and the pull of home. Like catching up with old friends you’ve been hanging out to hear from, brand new single "Over Drinking Over You", the first taste of their fourth studio album The Great Divide, due for release this September.

Chalk - Sometimes Always     Rock, Alternative 28/08/2019
Chalk is a band from Brisbane, Australia. They originated in a shambolic East Brisbane share house in the 1990s.
Recently released single, The Sometimes Always sets the tone for the new album - a joyous blast of loud guitar pop belying a rather melancholy lyric.The other songs on the album pull from the band’s 1993-1995 period but this is no nostalgia trip

Other tracks by Chalk:  Robert  -  This is the story
Tia Gostelow - Get To It     Indie, Pop 26/08/2019
In line with Tia's independent approach was self produced with the help of her old touring band and Aidan Hogg at Plutonium Studios in her new home town of Brisbane.
Tia Gostelow will be hitting the road in support of the new single, taking her fresh approach and a brand new touring band along with her over the next few months kicking off with a milestone show at the opening of Brisbane's Fortitude Music Hall.

Fierce Mild - Song He Never Wrote     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Instrumental 16/08/2019
Comparisons aside, the music and artwork of Fierce Mild explore on the idea of waking the sleeping unconscious, and separating from the constructed world around us.
A suicidal contemplation, an attempt to escape the physicality of Dasein (Being) through a visit to an after life. All lessons in 'heaven' are ignored and the mind returns to the body convincing yourself that there is no god, or no one that can see any of your actions giving you impunity for the actions that you take on earth.

Billie-Rose Copeland - Company With Regret     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 15/08/2019
Born and bred in North West Queensland, Billie-Rose Copeland knew in her heart she had to pursue music from a young age. Her debut single is "Company With Regret".
Billie wrote the single "Company with Regret" only a few days before recording with her singing teacher and says it was one of the easiest songs she has written.
The single was mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound and recorded at Love Hz studios with Matt Fell and showcases Billie's stunning vocals and alternative folk sound

Cloning - Epilogues     Rock, Pop, Electronic 09/08/2019
Cloning are a West Australian band whose music blends rock, pop, shoe gaze and trip hop. Their single ‘Epilogues’ (released August 2019) was nominated for WAM Song of the Year.
Lyrically, the song revolves around accountability and taking responsibility for actions. I was making some big decisions in my life while writing ‘Epilogues’, like committing to pursuing music full-time. Realising why you are in a certain predicament is like reading your own epilogue, and I think that can be a really positive thing.

Leanne Tennant - Bring It All Back     Pop, Rock, Roots, Folk 09/08/2019
"Bring It All Back" flaunts thick bass-lines, catchy guitar licks and Leanne's signature silky vocals. Leanne is the 2018 Carol Lloyd Award recipient, and 2 x time Qld Music winner.
Her new single "Bring It All Back" is about a conversation between two people with opposing views, and leans into the current social climate, "it’s about one person who is willing to challenge their own thoughts and ideas, however failing in epic proportions as they’re stuck communicating with someone that has their mind set and refuses to generate alternative perceptions."

Mardi Wilson - Don't Stop     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 09/08/2019
A raw and authentic one-woman show, 23 year old musician, Mardi Wilson, is a born/bred Brisbane girl, making waves in the industry with her unique indie folk style soulful lyrics.
Mardi Wilson is a singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, self-managed, alternative folk artist. Hoping to help people learn about themselves and others through storytelling and music, she released "Astronaut" earlier this year that dove into her insecurities and her drive to simply accept them.

Sally Sa - Hourglass     Hip Hop, Ska, Soul, Roots 09/08/2019
A rich array of musical flavours, Sally Sa's music isn’t captured within a genre, rather this urban purist thrives on being a Mistress of Soul, preacher of hip hop.
This track is about becoming everything we want to be, which seems to be a theme amongst songs of mine at the moment. The world has a funny way of putting us in the boxes that suits others perspective of us! This song was originally written to a Swing beat, but developed into this beautiful reflection of SKA.