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Footstomp Music

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Chase City - Numb     Pop, Electronic, Rock 15/02/2019
Chase City have an extensive touring history, played sold out shows across Australia, Europe including La Paradiso Amsterdam. the band have supported Gang of Youths, Dune Rats and British India.
"Numb" is an "introspective look at the change in dynamics of life moving through your 20’s. It reflects on the feelings and attitudes of being a musician whilst having to navigate the reality of everyday life."

Blue Nigel - Shoreline     Pop, Dance, Rock, Chill 25/01/2019
Brisbane's Blue Nigel came together in late 2017 after being birthed from an ill-fated high school battle of the bands.
"Shoreline is about simplifying a complicated love." explains the band, "It’s about letting go of all the issues in a relationship and just getting back to the basic love you feel for the other person."

Consumer Group - Market Fair     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 25/01/2019
Consumer Group are the brand new alternative indie psychedelic rockers fresh out of the Gold Coast, delivering their first single as a band.
“Market Fair” is a song inspired by both droney, open tuned psychedelia, and the lyrics of songwriters like Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan. “It is essentially a break up song, but the themes apply to any breakdown of trust in a relationship, among individuals, groups, or cultures.”

Camarano - When I Had Infinity     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Experimental 24/01/2019
Singer-songwriter-producer bred from the Western shores
Explores the ideas of apathy, of being a recluse, of getting so totally consumed and obsessed with a project that time gets away from you. Some days you get up feeling like a champ. Then other days it's.. 'dude what are you doing? you're a dropkick'. The negative voice is brutally honest. I wrote this in the latter mindset

Colin Lillie - Human Kind of Life     Blues/Roots, Rock, Chill 24/01/2019
After years of battling with drugs and alcohol he migrated to the center of Australia, picked up a guitar, became sober and devoted his life to music.
Colin Lillie's 'Human Kind Of Life' is the journey he walked to become free, honest and true to himself. The song weaves its way through his childhood and adolescent years spent in his parents home, finally illuminating the man he became through the choices he made.

Four Lions - How Much     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 24/01/2019
They're called Four Lions, but there's actually five of 'em these days. And you'll find them rocking out in the central Victorian town of Bendigo
How Much started life as a "rockier-type track with a Replacements' Stink vibe", referring to the (in)famous Minneapolis alt-rockers' 1982 EP.

Georgia Reed - Colours     Pop, Rock, Electronic 24/01/2019
Hailing from the Western shores of Australia, Georgia Reed is renowned for her outstanding vocals and haunting songwriting.
“I wish for a listener to get an emotional connection to my music. I want the listener to feel what I feel when I write and perform my music. This song is about my experience in my school years, being bullied, feeling alone and isolated. This is something so many people experience and unfortunately some people don’t make it through.”

Noah Dillon - Holding On     Rock, Folk, Roots 24/01/2019
Singer-song writer Noah Dillon has recently exploded onto the vibrant WA music scene with his 5 piece alt-rock band.
"After the initial impact of losing a friend that had passed I found a fear in returning to my normal routine and life moving along without them. The title of the song (Holding On) is in reference to holding onto things that make my life keep spinning for the person that's no longer here because that's what they would want."

Mercury Sun - Stumbling     Rock, Pop, Chill 07/12/2018
Mercury Sun are a five piece indie-rock outfit hailing from Brisbane, QLD.
main theme is the unknown. In your mid-twenties, it’s a scary thing everyone’s world around you begins to settle yet in your mind the picture is more unclear than ever. You only have to turn on your TV to see it’s a hard slog for Australian youth at the moment.

Bearfoot - Luminate     Blues/Roots, Roots, Reggae, Ska 07/12/2018
Blending So-Cal, Hip Hop and dub reggae, Bearfoot ’s sunsoaked-yet-dark take on roots, reggae & dub has sent ripples through the country
No idea where we are; we’re in this van climbing up this windy road, which turns from smooth bitumen to loose gravel, this rabbit appears out of nowhere, turns and looks at us, and instead of hopping off the road, it races up it, so we follow it and the next thing we see is the signs for the festival,

131's - Northbound     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 17/11/2018
Despite the multitude of ways the genre has been disputed and diluted, the spirit of punk rock has always remained, at its core, a state of mind.
Northbound is a tune about my time and relationships in Hamilton, NZ when I was 17. Some of the best times of my life. Things changed at the drop of a hat back then and life was always turbulent, full of passion and chaos. Eventually it all spun out and things started to fold.

Other tracks by 131's:  The Undertow
Hot Wax - Quit Your Job     Rock, Punk, Pop, Garage 26/10/2018
Kirra Beach locals, Hot Wax, continue to amass momentum in 2018 with the release of the no holds barred new single "Quit Your Job".
"Quit Your Job" is an off-kilter anthem for misfits, doused with heavy punk instrumentation and decorated with snide lyrics that stick two fingers up at authority.

Magnus - Saints, Sedated     Rock, Jazz, Goth, Metal 26/10/2018
Oddly Timed Stoner Jazz Rock with a Dash of Goth three-piece Magnus formed in 2012 to bring their urgency, fearlessness in experimentation and healthy disregard for genres to Australian music.
“The band clearly likes to tease and with terrific self-confidence in their undoubted abilities the approach does create a lively anxiousness within their music."

Eden Mulholland - The Vanishing     Pop, Experimental, Funk 24/10/2018
Based in Perth (for now), Prolific Kiwi composer and collaborator.
"The Vanishing is a much less serious song for me than normal I think" Eden explains, "Subconsciously inspired by my adolescent, Soundgarden loving self I suppose. A love song for the disaffected soul. It’s a really fun song to sing at the top of your lungs.

Kyle Jenkins - Vultures     Rock, Alternative Country, Experimental 24/10/2018
Kyle Jenkins, front man of Suicide Swans, Australian visual artist, musician, singer and songwriter
A song about many different ideas and aspects layered onto one another e.g. how unappreciated culture is, conservative fundamentalism, authoritarian control, democracy and how undemocratic it really is as people are squirrelled away doing deals behind close doors yet giving off a completely different persona to get people to believe in them.

Little Georgia - Stoned     Country, Blues, Roots, Alternative Country 24/10/2018
No strangers to the road, Australian folk-rock duo Little Georgia have spent the last 3 years touring relentlessly and sharing their music all around the globe.
"Stoned was written in a moment of solitude at Justin’s farm in SouthWest Victoria. The theme of the song is a choice of escape from the chaos and selfishness of the fast paced world we are living in."

Sabrina Lawrie - Nopiates     Pop/Electronic, Easy Listening, Pop 24/10/2018
They didn’t call her ‘Queen of the Underground’ for nothing, following the successful release her 4.5 star Rolling Stone debut album in 2017, Sabrina Lawrie is emerging fierce and forceful
"I was deeply affected by the news of another musical legend taking their own life due to the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and it hit very close to home for me. After my own battle with painkillers following a serious spinal injury and the journey to drug free pain management, inspiration struck me instantly and I started writing."

Aegean Sun - ULTRAVIOLET     Pop, Dance, Chill 09/10/2018
Started as a recording project of two high school friends developed into full band following a move to Inner-West of Sydney which saw the songwriting duo flesh out the lineup
"Jack and I switch vocals halfway through the song. The half where I sing, for me, isn't particularly literal but explores the themes of uncertainty and expectations while ultimately ending in a feeling of self-acceptance.” Says Tim Kesby.

The Steele Syndicate - Sedona     Funk/Soul, Ska, Roots 21/09/2018
Brisbane-based octet with an eclectic, genre-bending sound that re-imagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
‘Sedona’, The Steele Syndicate’s latest single, was created by lead singer and songwriter Steele McMahon on the road in the ‘wild west’ of the USA. The intricate, ambitious tune fully immerses the listener in the riotous energy of the band’s live performance.

Alice Orchard - Sooner or later     Rock, Roots, Chill 20/09/2018
Adelaide singer-songwriter Alice Orchard launches her debut solo album, Blue Dress, in November 2018.
"It’s about accepting who you are and feeling ok about taking that to the world, I think the key to the meaning of the song is in the first verse. It’s really about seizing one’s own destiny and deciding not to let the past hold you back."