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Footstomp Music

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Hiaground - Figure It Out     Indie, Rock 03/04/2020
Following up from recent single "The Way That I Want You”, new single “Figure It Out” gives fans another taste of Hiagrounds' debut album
"Figure It Out" mixes metaphor with a more direct approach, with the chorus conveying a message that is straight to the point. "Figure It Out is all about energy, the sound is huge, and the message is bigger. If you are stuck you can figure it out, life will figure it out for you - just get on with it."

Amela - I'm Alright     Pop, Indie, Alternative 03/04/2020
Gold coast singer-songwriter Amela has built on her new soaring pop sound, following up from first single "Blame" with "I'm Alright".
"I’m Alright went through two different versions: a folk/indie and then the electronic-pop version but I feel that the second version is more true to what i'd like to include on the album. The recording process was quite smooth - we ended up keeping the demo vocals in there."

Mardi Wilson - Runaway     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 03/04/2020
A raw and authentic one person show, Mardi Wilson is a Brisbane based musician, touring relentlessly to share her unique alternative folk style and emotive lyrics.
I wrote 'Runaway' about when you meet a person and immediately feel that they will have some kind of impact on your life. Whether the person is there to stay or just passing through- this song is about being vulnerable, opening your heart to people, and growing from knowing them." - Mardi Wilson

Leanne Tennant - Till The Sun Dies     Indie, Alternative, Folk 27/03/2020
Off the back of winning the Regional Queensland Music Award for "Bring It All Back", Leanne Tennant is set to release the fourth single "Till the Sun Dies" from forthcoming album Happiness Is.....
"I wrote this track when I was thinking about my bucket list and all the things I'd like to start crossing off it.  At the top of the list is my desire to surf.  I've wanted to surf for as long as I remember but I've never gotten around to it"

Papaya Tree - Out In The Wash     Indie, Reggae / Dub, Alternative 27/03/2020
Since Papaya Tree's conception almost three years ago, the six piece outfit has left no stone unturned, no state untouched and nobody alone along their journey.
"Out in the wash is a song inspired by unrequited love lost; set in an inner city laundromat, a friend of the band met a girl while they were both waiting for their clothes to dry. They went for dinner, kissed and then never saw each other again, despite returning the laundry every week at the same time."

Amy Elise - Teenagism     Rock, Punk, Alternative 24/03/2020
Amy Elise is a 15 year old Gold Coast singer/songwriter with three singles already under her belt.
"Teenagism" is a pop punk teenage anthem full of the angst of being young. “Being young is hard, all you adults just don’t get it”.

Colin Lillie - Broken     Folk, Blues, Alternative 24/03/2020
Alice Spring's Colin Lillie has had a whirlwind 2020, already playing Woodford, flying to the US for Folk Alliance festival and touring with Diesel
"The song shares the power of letting go and opening up to another. Sadly there is too many friends and family who suicide due to feeling unable to share their darkness's. My fear is that at this time there are many folks locked away in they're heads and struggling to find the strength to ask for help."

Sarah Goodwin - Waste My Time     Pop, Indie 24/03/2020
From writing songs on her front front lawn in Rockhampton to moving to the big smoke in Brisbane, Sarah Goodwin, recaptures the memories of past relationships in her new single.
From a first crush in her school years, a whole story evolves around wasting time on thinking about old relationships Sarah had. "The inspiration came from a 'puppy love crush' I had on my teacher when I was in year 9. All the girls in high school thought he looked exactly like a Colin Firth/Mr Darcy look alike."

El Cosgrove - Some Fools     Country, Folk, Alternative 21/03/2020
El's most recent single “Honey” has already gained its place in the AMRAP Top Ten Regional Charts and The Music Networks Country Top 50 Charts
"Some Fools is a reflection of my own life in a lot of ways by owning the mistakes that I may have made along the way because of the acceptance that these experiences are simply what make me exactly who I am. The people I have grown to love most have always been able to share a great story."

Gus & Jim - All They'll See     Indie, Pop, Folk 21/03/2020
Gus & Jim are a two piece indie-rock band originally formed in Canberra, Australia. The two musicians have gained international attention with their hit song “Boyhood” in 2016
"All They’ll See" was originally conceived in an attempt to capture the feeling of moving further and further out of someone else’s life, especially someone you love, as Gus explains, "It deals with the irreversibility of lost friendships both romantic and not, and that quiet faith that ‘all is as it should be’."

Miss Lucy - All In A Day     Indie, Pop 21/03/2020
Miss Lucy began the musical project of Gold Coast based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Blair Condon. After some stints writing and touring with other bands, he decided on a one-man project.
Debut single “All In A Day” (out 27th of March) is a self-reflective piece that explores going back to basics to grow, both lyrically and musically throughout the track.

Tia Gostelow - Rush     Indie, Pop, Dance 11/03/2020
Growing up in Mackay, Tia has since made the big move to Brisbane and has been embraced by the Brisbane scene with huge shows at The Zoo and Brightside.
"I wrote this song with my drummer Baz in my bedroom, we felt like all of the other songs on the album were super personal and pretty emotional in a lyrics sense and we wanted to make something a little light hearted and something really fun to play live. It was the last song that was written on the record." 

East of Zurich - Roll Over     Alternative, Indie, Rock 25/02/2020
East of Zurich is a Brisbane based 4 piece who seek to reimagine the guitar driven indie-rock of the early 90’s by adding a more melodic feel.
The lyrics for "Roll Over" were written while Anthony sat on the beach at Greenmount on the Gold Coast, with the inspiration being drawn from the idea of a rollicking surf song in the spirit of the Hoodoo Gurus.

Billie Rose - Kick Her To The Curb     Country, Alternative, Indie 21/02/2020
North West Queensland, singer-songwriter Billie Rose has created her own niche country sound, songs that reveal a sincerity and depth well beyond her young age.
I had this idea of writing a song about being in the position of the ‘’other woman’’. I wanted the song to come from her perspective of how she feels about being the mistress and that she has finally had enough of sharing what she thinks is hers."

Bronte Public Housing - Banana     Indie, Alternative, Rock 21/02/2020
Bronte Public Housing (BPH) is a project by Jimmy Heathwood, who began his songwriting and stage craft as the singer of Hiaground.
"Banana", following BPH's debut single "Sleepyhead", is like most of Jimmys’ writing. Being from the affluent Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Jimmy has always felt different and torn by the common pressures of living in such an area; get a good job, make good money, look good and make sure everyone knows about it on Instagram. That internal conflict is reflected.

Dorah Jacson - Lurking     Indie, Folk, Alternative 21/02/2020
21 year old Dorah Jacson (a.k.a Kayla Smart) is quite the mellifluous soul, and a talented songwriter to add, possessing a heartfelt yet whimsical writing style.
"Lurking" was written within half an hour, with Dorah explaining the track "is for anyone that’s had someone get in their space when they are not welcome.

Magnus - Forever & Never     Rock, Alternative, Indie 21/02/2020
Magnus's star studded second album Detachment which will be released into the world on April 24th.
"Forever & Never" continues that momentum, releasing on the 28th of February it's a distorted drive through the top tier talent who worked on the record. Featuring Magnus' signature tone, unpredictability and production that'd make Josh Homme jealous, lead mean Arne Heeres says it's about "Being stuck in the twilight, stuck in a loop of thoughts"

Capre - Snow Walk     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Hip Hop 20/02/2020
Emerging from lazy days in Brisbane spent experimenting with synths, guitars and kits, Capre have been split between New York and Brisbane following their successful debut EP "Cassette Mixte".
"Because of our short timeframes we had to smash out the three songs within a two day period at Kons studio whilst also hanging out for the first time in two years. The best vocal taken on day two after a nightout. Moral of the story, drinking the night before the takes can sometimes be good."

Roz Pappalardo - Let It Go     Roots, Country, Blues 20/02/2020
For the best part of two decades, Roz Pappalardo has been shaking things up, challenging perceptions and forging her own direction through the music landscape.
"Let It Go is about wanting to be the change. It’s about a desire to do things differently in my life with bravery and passion. I wrote this song in less than an hour and I feel a like a frickin’ roaring lion when I sing it."

Sue-Anne Stewart - Gloomy Days     Indie, Rock, Alternative 20/02/2020
Transitioning from acoustic to electric guitar, Stewart showcases her versatile and exciting new sound that she has been developing over the past few years.
Produced in Byron Bay by Jordan Power, (Angus and Julia Son, Ash Grunwald, Kasey Chambers, Dope Lemon) Stewart expresses that "The story behind the song is basically about going through the up’s and downs of life with someone you love, and wishing they could see how much you love and believe in them.”