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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Paul D McDowell - Leaf Dance     Folk, Roots, Alternative, Blues 13/09/2019
Paul D McDowell is a Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter and Music Artist. This 'Leaf Dance' single is released to coincide with his upcoming regional WA tour, accompanied by drummer Michelle Gemina.
Leaf Dance stars one of the oldest instruments in the world - the Jew's harp (listen closely). Reflecting on the beauty and impermanence of life, the song dances like a solitary leaf on the breezes of eternity between the Sun and the Moon and the Earth... with guitars and vocals.

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Rachel Clark - Memory Lane     Folk 13/09/2019
Melbourne based, self-taught Singer-Songwriter, Rachel Clark delivers a heartfelt and intimate combination of music and story-telling with a vibe of sultry and soulful acoustic folk.
A soulful and reflective piece about asking another person if they have space to lay your emotional baggage down with them. With arrangement and Guitar by Tim Lukey, recording with Andrew Clark (Bluescorp) at his home studio on the Gold Coast.

Richard Galluzzi - You Don't Have To Worry     Folk, Blues, Country, Roots 13/09/2019
Richard is a clawhammer banjoist from Western Sydney who plays original and traditional songs and tunes on a variety of banjos, blending new and old sounds.
A song about karma, and how bad deeds yield bad results. "You don't have to worry about what I'll do" means that things will take care of themselves, no intervention needed.

This a blues, played clawhammer style on a banjo from the 1960s with a homemade brass slide.

Other tracks by Richard Galluzzi:  Wait The Night  -  My Time In The Sun
Zinnia Blue - Truth & Lies     Folk, Country, Roots 13/09/2019
Zinnia Blue are a vintage folk and country roots duo featuring sparse and brooding melodies and lyrical, uplifting ballads inspired by historical stories. Their debut album lands in January 2020.
Truth & Lies is the first single from Zinnia Blue's upcoming debut album The Garden, due for release in January 2020. A personal take on the subtle but destructive power of gossip and bragging within friendships, the song features Americana instrumentation to give this folk ballad a sweet but energetic sound, and a home in a number of roots genres.

Daisies Net - Kunanyi     Folk, Easy Listening, Experimental, Indie 12/09/2019
Emma's compositions are mostly made in bed - the project acting as an outlet for Emma teaching herself how to produce music to cope with the diagnosis of chronic illness
Kunanyi (the traditional Muwinina name of Hobart landmark Mount Wellington) was created on the foothills of the mountain at the Fern Tree Arts Hall- an old abandoned school turned artist collective. A delicate song about a special place.

Dean Manning - Hola Senorita     Folk, Alternative 12/09/2019
Dean Manning is an Australian born songwriter, musician and producer. He regularly exhibits his paintings and films.
Hola Senorita opens with western-sounding progression that makes way for Dean Manning's airy and smooth vocals. Taken from Dean's latest sophomore solo album, Hola Senorita will take you on a beautiful and dynamic journey.

Other tracks by Dean Manning:  Twenty Paces  -  January 4
Garrett Kato - Control     Folk 11/09/2019
Canadian-born, Australia-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato showed up in Byron Bay 9 years ago with only: bag of clothes, a backpack, and a guitar, quitting his day job on a whim.
Control is the latest and greatest release from Byron Bay Singer Songwriter - Garrett Kato who is moving towards more accessible music which is sure to exponentially grow his fan base.

Control is an upbeat, introspective track with a catchy chorus that will be bouncing around in your head repeatedly after listening.

David Garnham & the Reasons to Live - Up & Down     Folk, Country, Roots, Alternative 06/09/2019
David Garnham & the Reasons to Live look like truckers but sing like angels. Folk from the heart to hit you in the same place.
Singer-songwriter David Garnham endeavoured to read Albert Camus' the myth of Sisyphus, but struggled to get past the first few pages. So he put it down, went and wrote a song about what he thought the piece would be about,

Opening remarks: "Maybe the junkies have got it right? find something you love and do it til you die".

Bang Bang Bart - Sam Barnett BlueZ     Folk, Alternative 04/09/2019
Bang Bang Bart is a singing dork from Fremantle singing songs about Perth, the mining boom, mental illness, Brendan Fraser, white collar crime, and Saturday Morning Cartoons.
A song about the winners and losers of Perth's mining boom, who got rich, and who got left behind.

Skinny Legions - Rollin'     Folk, Indie, Alternative 04/09/2019
Skinny Legions has become an emblem for the rawness of arts honest confrontation with what is, and the capacity for that act to lead to both liberation, and madness.
Glenn Hopper, the songmaker behind Skinny Legions, wrote Rollin' lying in bed with his guitar at his brothers Blue Mountains home in 2015. Since then, Hopper has been carefully crafting a raw and beautiful homespun recording of Rollin' along with the other 9 tracks from Skinny Legions debut album 'Worlds, Worlds, & Other Worlds'.

Montgomery Church - I Was Young When I Left Home     Folk, Country, Alternative 03/09/2019
2 x Golden Guitar Finalists - Montgomery Church.
An intimate, stripped back all-acoustic version of one of Bob Dylan's lesser known masterpieces. Recorded live in studio, this is the 4th single from Montgomery Church's 2 x Golden Guitar Award nominated album.

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Shelley's Murder Boys - Airds     Folk, Country, Alternative Country, Roots 01/09/2019
Shelley’s Murder Boys takes you through the depths of Sydney to hills of Appalachia. Playing bluegrass favourites, dark folk classics and originals inspired by trials and tribulations of our time.
Airds is an anthem resilience and continuing on in the face of the unsolvable issues that exist in our city and our society. It features Shelley's Murder Boys with fiddle, banjo, guitar and vocals as well as Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil, The Backsliders) on percussion and backup vocals, and Jake Pember (The Button Collective) on Bass.

Other tracks by Shelley's Murder Boys:  Float Me Out  -  In the Road
Vanessa Forbes - You Are Safe     Folk 01/09/2019
If Mother Earth sang you a sweet song, this is how she would sound. Vanessa’s voice lulls you into a serene state resembling melting into love, drifting through blue skies.
YouAreSafe starts with the Gayatri Mantra - a famous sacred Indian chant, invoking enlightenment. It moves into english words with a message from the Universe in language we can understand.

This song on Vanessa's debut album "Love Letters From The Universe" has reached peoples hearts, and many worldwide have stated the transformative effect it has had on their healing journey.

Other tracks by Vanessa Forbes:  Angels  -  Around Me
Francis Kneebone - Something to burn     Folk, Blues, Alternative Country 30/08/2019
Francis Kneebone is a singer songwriter from Brisbane Australia. Writing songs on guitar, piano, digital tools Francis has a unique blend of folk/soul/blues with uncouth chords, bold arrangements & vocals.
This song explores collective grief but also healing through sharing with others our burdens.

It has been called by audiences ' psychopathic blues', it is arranged with live piano/guitar and percussion with electronic cello underpinning the raw and open sound.

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Other tracks by Francis Kneebone:  The Wire
GraceJean - Afraid Of The Dark     Folk 30/08/2019
With a warm, honest sound, GraceJean is an award-winning folk duo whose rich harmonies, intricate guitar lines, heartfelt storytelling and cheeky stage presence leaves audiences glowing with excitement.
Written against the backdrop of the Snowy Mountains, Afraid Of The Dark is a slow, creeping song about the terror of loneliness and the salvation of friendship. It is a haunting reflection on human relations and leaves the listener with a bittersweet hope that comes with acknowledging pain and knowing it is something that can be moved through.

Jessica Rae - Rebirth     Folk, Indie, Pop 29/08/2019
Jessica Rae is a singer/songwriter from Adelaide who writes intensely emotional folk the explores themes of mental health, heartbreak, and healing.
This song is about my journey to realising that music is what I've been put on this earth to do. It's the only that makes sense, it's the only thing that works.

It's about stepping outside of the box of societal expectations and doing it anyway.

It's pain, it's stagnation, it's an awakening..

It's a Rebirth

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Other tracks by Jessica Rae:  Silence  -  Sh*t's F**ked
Quiet Blue - For A While     Folk, Acoustic, Ambience, Ambience 29/08/2019
Quiet Blue is a solo, folk, electronic artist from Melbourne
With his debut release, Quiet Blue creates a folk-inspired track which explores feelings of change in a world so difficult to meander through. Blending traditional acoustic instrumentation with vocal ambience and synths, he is able to create a space within the song that is reflective and rich meant to emulate the viewing of a sunset.

Busby Marou - Over Drinking Over You     Folk, Pop, Country, Easy Listening 28/08/2019
Best known for their distinctly Australian storytelling and gifted musicianship, Busby Marou, AKA Tom Busby (hailing from sunny Queensland) and Jeremy Marou (from the beautiful Torres Strait Islands).
Mandolins, ukulele and whistles – stories of travels across the globe, and the pull of home. Like catching up with old friends you’ve been hanging out to hear from, brand new single "Over Drinking Over You", the first taste of their fourth studio album The Great Divide, due for release this September.

Oly Sherman - Three Oh Three     Folk, Rock 28/08/2019
“A folk sensation echoing the dreamy work of Matt Corby, Boy & Bear and Josh Pyke.” - Happy Magazine
‘Three Oh Three’ is a reminder of a very specific time; “My pacemaker which I had put in two years ago would literally tick over everyday at 3:03pm and it sent me a little insane. I could basically narrow it down and describe the sensation through writing music and lyrics that I had come up with.” Oly Sherman

Other tracks by Oly Sherman:  Noir  -  Pain Free Melody
Catherine Traicos - And I Ran     Folk, Alternative, Blues, Country 27/08/2019
Catherine Traicos is a critically lauded singer songwriter who is about to release her eighth album. Traicos' strengths lie in her whimsical lyrics, graceful melodies and unusual, breathtaking vocals.
"And I Ran" is the first single from the forthcoming album, "Nobody Could Hear Us". It was recorded and produced by Catherine, and mixed and mastered by long time collaborator Nick Huggins at A Pocketful of Stones Studios. This track features Sabian Wilde on bass and Jules Ramsay on drums, which were laid down in London at Dalston Studios.