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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Gribbo - Slanguage     Folk, Australian Indigenous, Comedy, Live Performance 23/01/2019
That good old Aussie bloke who's always there for a mate.
The quintessential musical guide to speaking Aussie slang

Marc Deaz - I Can Be     Folk, Acoustic 23/01/2019
With 7 releases in 3 years, Marc Deaz is one of Melbourne's most prolific songwriters. Beginning with an acoustic guitar and his voice, his music now includes intricate instrumentation
The final track on Marc Deaz's 2019 release "Away From You," this song bears a distinct optimism. "I Can Be" is truthfully optimistic, and while still painfully aware of damage done.

Other tracks by Marc Deaz:  Come Together
Daniel Trakell - Wisdom/Boredom     Folk, Chill, Pop 18/01/2019
“It’s like Elliott Smith on a magical mystery tour.” Triple J, Dom Alessio (‘Wasted Light’)
With delicately constructed guitar, lilting vocals and a matured lyricism, Melbourne songwriter Daniel Trakell returns with his first release for 2019 in ‘Wisdom/Boredom’. A song that wraps the listener up instantly with its warmth and rich musicality, ‘Wisdom/Boredom’ explores Trakell’s developed songwriting skill since his last single ‘So Long’ further put him on the map as an artist to watch.

Little Shoes - White Sound     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 18/01/2019
Little Shoes is a folk-rock group painting stories of whimsy, chaotic love, and the inertia of life.
A 2 1/2 minute pop gem, White Sound is the perfect introduction to the sound of Little Shoes. Taken from the album of the same name.

Other tracks by Little Shoes:  Suddenly  -  There Goes Me
Brendan the Bard - She'll Be Right     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 15/01/2019
Brendan the Bard is a Brisbane based singer-songwriter. His guitar sounds are rustic, his voice is down-home and his stories are authentic.
This song isn't my attempt to parody Australian culture or haphazardly shoehorn in some slang, it was a quiet word to myself and speaks to what I was feeling at the time. I've had the pleasure of playing for some awesome crowds who - to my delight, enthusiastically joined in with the call & response aspect of it.

Duncan Saige - Thoughts of You Without Me     Folk, Rock, Roots 15/01/2019
A regular on the WA touring circuit, indie-folkster Duncan Saige has been busy releasing, garnering widespread airplay (inc triple j) and festival appearances (inc. Falls and Freo Folk and Nannup).
Kicking off 2019 with some excellent laid-back summery feels, Margaret River's Duncan Saige is pleased to announce his new single Thoughts of You Without Me. A universal love song about the transition of going through a break-up, the track is a first taste of Duncan's new EP due out this year.

Ernest Aines - River Mouth     Folk, Acoustic 15/01/2019
New-wave-old-folk-singer-songwriter. Songs range from lore-type storytelling and personal discovery to wistful ramblings and everything in between…
River Mouth is the debut release from Ernest Aines. It's an original fairy tale about the lengths taken to find ones way back to connection and the worthwhile nature of a love struggled for… It follows a naval officer and a water dwellers travels over rivers and oceans, in their search to reunite.

Alice Orchard - This Romance     Folk, Atmospheric, Experimental, Soundscapes 13/01/2019
Previously the frontwoman for alt-folk outfit Country Town Collective, Alice Orchard launched her debut solo album Blue Dress in November 2018.
A poetic dirge about desire, the guitar part inspired by Leonard Cohen's 'Avalanche' but given cinematic scope by the vision of sound engineer Jamie Blechynden

Other tracks by Alice Orchard:  Heart's Desire  -  Uphill
SELKI - Jennifer     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Pop 10/01/2019
Selki incorporates catchy pop melody’s with a deep emotional story and powerful sensitivity. Her expressive voice is often accompanied by muso friends, or her homemade electronic beats
Jennifer, this tracks plays reference to the pain and disassociation that comes with mental illness, with figurative imagery describing the feeling of seeing the world but being unable to take part as she/Jennifer is locked in her mind

Other tracks by SELKI:  POP STAR
idylls - forgotten hallelujahs     Folk, World, Experimental, Classical 08/01/2019
Chamber Folk Fusion with influences (sacred & profane) ranging from Bartók & Reich to Nick Drake & Elliott Smith; all distilled into a curious assemblage sweetly sounding to the ear.
A dusting off of an old song as a prelude for all that follows.

Other tracks by idylls:  mourning marrow  -  enter Spring
Madi Leeds - Unfamiliar Disaster     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Acoustic 08/01/2019
MADI LEEDS is a quirky indie-pop artist from Melbourne, Australia. Most commonly known for her folk-pop single 'Water to Me', off her debut EP 'Spinning'.
Unfamiliar Disaster is off of MADI LEEDS debut EP 'Spinning'.
It is the most folk/ballad song off the EP, diving into more darker themes as Leeds questions what it is to be human and in love.

Other tracks by Madi Leeds:  Now I Know
Norma O'Hara Murphy - Loch Lomond     Folk, Country 08/01/2019
Over the last thirty years Norma O’Hara Murphy has written many fine songs. They have ranged from contemporary, country, bush ballads, comedy & more recently Celtic & folk.
The traditional song reminds us all of our Celtic roots. It was originally inspired by two of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s soldiers captured after the famous battle of Culloden in 1745, one to be executed, one to be released, one took the rugged highland road, the other escaped and took the lowland route, one was in Scotland long before the other!

Matt Angell - Circles     Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Country 07/01/2019
Matt Angell hails from the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  The isolation and wide open spaces of this area have infused itself into his songwriting and music.
All that is old was once new, and all that is new will one day be old. Life goes around in circles and we are all just taking our ride on the merry-go-round.

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The Goodwills - Get The Kids Off Nauru Now     Folk, Acoustic, Folk, Acoustic 18/12/2018
The Goodwills (Bob and Laurel Wilson) showcase Bob's original, Aussie-flavoured story songs. The lyrics can be dryly amusing, though sometimes poignant, with melodies that linger on in the memory.
The song charts the 17-year history of Australia's offshore processing policies and calls for the evacuation of children and adults on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia.

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Dominic Breen - Love Is Everywhere We Go     Folk, Rock, Pop 17/12/2018
Produced and mixed by Tim Fitz from Middle Kids, ‘Love is Everywhere We Go’ is the most immediate, disarming and heart-warming track yet from burgeoning Sydney songwriter Dominic Breen.
"✭✭✭✭ Full of emotion and richness and as usual Dominic's voice is so memorable." – Declan Byrne, triple j

"✭✭✭✭1/2 Beautiful. Seems like an old classic and I've only just heard it" – Liam Stapleton, triple j

"Dominic Breen has once again authenticated his distinct artistry, absolutely flourishing with a full band in tow" – Emma Johnstone, 4ZZZ

Bruce Campbell - Zombie Heart     Folk, Rock 16/12/2018
Bruce Campbell's EP, Another World Ends explores personal and planetary apocalypses with wit and pathos.
I saw you and I died.... A 'zombie' love song.

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Other tracks by Bruce Campbell:  She's Leaving
Luke Tooze - Mirror Ball     Folk, Britpop, Easy Listening, Rock 16/12/2018
After touring the West Coast of America, the group has releases their debut album Help Me, Help You.
Song 2 of debut album, Help Me, Help You

Other tracks by Luke Tooze:  Everything  -  Constant State
Maryen Cairns - The Mouth Of The Goddess     Folk, World, Ethnic, Dance 14/12/2018
Maryen Cairns, Scottish born, Sydney raised, Queensland resident singer/songwriter, plays original contemporary world based folk rock music.
The Mouth Of The Goddess is released 14th December 2018… Cuban inspired world fusion music telling a vision of actual physical possession by the Goddess, who desires “to be worshipped by man”.

This is the 2nd single from the forthcoming album COME TO ME, which is released 22 February 2019

Terence Boyd Thallon - Youth     Folk, Jazz 14/12/2018
Terence Boyd Thallon, is an man who has travelled and absorbed varying cultures, his songs are a sense of story and dream awakening the valkyries of hope.
'Youth', an indulging poetic composition, wonderfully accompanied by double bass, percussion and saxophone. One for lovers and those that enjoy stories of uplift and dream.

Ripley Anderson - West Side     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country 13/12/2018
Vance joy eat my shorts, Bon Iver I will have your baby, Jeff Buckley is god. I have been likened to all these artists and clearly I am ambivalent.
West Side is a bubbly song with Christmas sensibilities. Sung about the Australian summer weather and the wish for a white Christmas.