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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Kurtis Taylor - All Those Things You Said     Folk, Pop, Indie 08/11/2019
My music is honest and straight to the point, my goal is to write songs that completely representative of me. Why pretend to be something I'm not
I would say this track is about a mentor that was in you're life, but after while, you both go your separate ways after a disagreement.

Kyson - Innocence Arrogance     Folk, Indie 08/11/2019
Kyson is the synth-shaman of teleporting sounds. His upcoming album is a sonic memoir that jailbreaks Kyson's repertoire through a depth of narrative and tactile instrumentation. It hits your soul.
"This album," Kyson notes, "is really about how curious I have become." A point he elaborates on in the delicately arpeggio'd "Innocence Arrogance," an all-too-human psalm about bravado and regret.

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Other tracks by Kyson:  The Boy
Oceanique - Papier Mache     Folk, Indie, Alternative, Rock 08/11/2019
Dreamy indie folk twin sister duo Oceanique, backed with a full band, deliver breezy and beautiful storytelling lyrics, sibling intuitive harmonies and Celtic vibe.
Oceanique showcase their raw honesty on debut single Papier Mache.

Hailing from the small south coast town Walpole, the pair intertwine their hometown coastal beauty with sibling intuitive harmonies and tight instrumentation creating this dynamic new track.

"We started to write Papier Mache after we got a parking fine but then it turned into one of those self reflective songs..."

Ricky Green - Where I Go     Folk, Roots 08/11/2019
Ricky is a singer/songwriter originating from the SW coastal region of Western Australia. Known best for his silky smooth vocals and warm catchy songs,
"Where I Go" is a song about letting go of our self inflicted pressures. It's an understanding that the simple things are what truely matter. We should always appreciate life's fleeting moments because if I have learned anything from my life, it is that tomorrow is never in our control.

Riley Pearce - On melancholy hill     Folk, Easy Listening 08/11/2019
As a kid, Riley Pearce accidentally learnt guitar left handed while mirroring his idols on TV. From humble beginnings busking at farmers markets and playing open mic nights in Perth.
A very emotional and instrumental song by Riely Pearce expressing his love in a relationship. showcasing his vulnerability in the song with piano notes to accentuate the emotion even further. deep lyrics of intimacy makes the song a very loving and touching ballad for all listeners.

Simone Keane - Wild Thingz     Folk, Country 08/11/2019
Dreamy vocals, haunting, edgy folky blues ballads composed in the wild west of Australia.
Title track from latest album by SImone Keane. Haunting edgy country folk with a wild west guitar flavour about finding a quiet place on a hilltop where the wild thingz cheer the songwriter on. Produced in Albany WA by Mick Crannage. Vocals and acoustic guitar by SImone Keane, violin by Ellie Honeybone, bass, electric guitar and drums by Mick Crannage.

Other tracks by Simone Keane:  Seasick  -  Broken Buddha Blues
Abi Tucker - When the Night Sets In     Folk, Pop, Alternative, Dance 07/11/2019
Abi Tucker has a powerful voice that delivers the gamut of human emotion with the maturity you would expect from a woman that has lived life navigating stage and screen.
A tale of two lovers at odds who are destined to be together in a dream-like state. I was hoping to create movement in the vocals and an urgency in the call and answer of the piano and guitar, that would drive the story of these lovers beyond reality, into the space where we can all just live and love.

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Al Parkinson - You Look Good In Blue     Folk, Blues, Rock 07/11/2019
Al says her genre is Happy/Sad. Her songs come from him, her and them. She has a loud laugh and wants to be friends with everyone.
“It’s when you don’t think of someone for a while and then you’re walking through the city or sitting on a train and you smell that person and the memory of them. It’s not clear, it’s cloudy but it slowly pieces together.” says Al.

The Hangman - The Divine Matrix     Folk, Punk, Experimental, Indie 07/11/2019
The Hangman is a songsmith from the deep east. He snaps the necks of conventional lyrical ideas on love, opression, depression, life lessons, brain lesions, and personal demons.
This isn't what you'd expect from a single.. There are no choruses. There are no vocal acrobatics. There is a message, however. It may seem hidden, but it's there. The song started as a poem, which may explain the unconventional structure. The Divine Matrix is a song about questioning the reality that’s being shoved down our throats as consumers.

The Queensland Tiger - The Route March (Henry Lawson)     Folk, Alternative, Country, World 07/11/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Complete poem written in 1915 by Henry Lawson (1867 – 1922). The original poem has only the words “O my brothers”, but modern versions say “O my brothers, O my sisters” .

Cello, flute and backing vocals by Lillian Penner.

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Andy Golledge - Run To The River     Folk, Alternative 06/11/2019
Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul. He sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen and a vulnerability all his own.
Andy’s spectacular debut single ‘Run To The River’ was written for his twin brother Nick.

"My brother and I love to fish when we’re together. When I go back home to Tamworth where my brother lives and where we grew up, we spend most of our time by a river – usually the Namoi or Peel."

Anna Cordell - Nobody Knows Us     Folk 06/11/2019
Anna Cordell has always been a ‘maker’. From her childhood writing on guitar, to the stitches of her design work, and into motherhood, Cordell has a natural flair for creation.
‘Nobody Knows Us’ explores the space within us that is separate to the wider world, the internal resources that no external factor controls and the freedom that comes with that. Following time that saw Anna through the grief of lamenting a loved one, as well as the energy of new life, this record grapples with ideas of meaning and purpose.

Anna Smyrk - Bones     Folk, Roots 06/11/2019
Indie folk songsmith
‘Bones’ is steeped in longing for the ocean.

Cam Smith - Are You The Same     Folk, Indie, Pop 06/11/2019
21 year old singer songwriter with an indie-folk, poppy sound.
Cam's debut single, Are You The Same, deals with self-doubt & worry in regards to new feelings developing for someone, and wondering if they feel the same.

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Charm of Finches - Lies     Folk, Indie, Alternative, Roots 06/11/2019
Charm of Finches are a sister duo from Melbourne , Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes. Australian folk festival regulars since 2015, will release their second album Your Company Nov 29 2019.
LIES was recorded with acclaimed producer Nick Huggins.

The song is about how social media can mess with your brain, your self esteem, and basically eat you alive! Platforms like Instagram cultivate a culture of perfection - filters to eradicate skin blemishes and all the mundane moments of life left out - leaving a vulnerable person feeling like a failure.

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Jackson Dyer - The Font     Folk, Alternative, Indie 06/11/2019
Australian Producer and Singer/Songwriter, based in Berlin. Jackson will be releasing his debut album 'Inlet', recorded between Melbourne and the north coast of NSW, next month, on Nov.15.
“I wrote ‘The Font’ after one particularly beautiful bush walk in FNQ that cut through dense jungle and finished at the feet of a gushing waterfall. Without formal religion in my life, I find a lot of meaning in the wonder of nature and I wrote this song almost as a gospel hymn, dedicated to beauty of the Natural World.”

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Les Thomas - The Great Betrayal (Rojava)     Folk 06/11/2019
Les Thomas is a Melbourne singer-songwriter who follows in the same tradition as Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie. His songs are pointed and passionate, addressing matters both personal and political.
The Great Betrayal (Rojava) highlights the plight of Kurdish people in the Rojava region of north-eastern Syria in the wake of the US's military withdrawal and Turkey's subsequent invasion. There is a famous saying that the Kurds have no friends but the mountains. This song is a call for global solidarity and support.

Tiana V & Ian Pav - Coming Home for Christmas     Folk, Indie 06/11/2019
Ian Pav is a producer of 42 years industry experience and Tiana V is a singer/songwriter based on the Mornington Peninsula
A song about the best season of the year and the joy of coming home to family and friends over Christmas. Just a fun light ditty

Toby Mobbs - Rather Stay     Folk, Indie, Easy Listening 06/11/2019
Toby Mobbs is a Librarian by day and pop-folk singer-songwriter by night.
Taken from the 2019 release 'Live At Albion'.

Other tracks by Toby Mobbs:  200  -  Far From Home
Andy Sharrock - Guide Me     Folk, Alternative 04/11/2019
This husband, father and storyteller once again finds himself sharing his music, experiences and wisdom with audiences far and wide.
In rustic isolation, Guide Me is a compelling folk song for its vulnerability and unshakeable resolve. At its core, Andy’s priorities are clear, dedicate yourself to the ones who love and need you most. An acknowledgement of the fragility of being the protector, Andy’s tenor carries a captivating sincerity, dues have been paid, storms weathered and wisdom ensues.