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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Bonniesongs - Ice Cream     Folk, Experimental 18/06/2019
Bonnie’s sweet ethereal vocals sail over the polyrhythmic backgrounds created between her mandolin, percussion and vocal loops.
Bonnie Stewart: vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, percussion
Freya Schack- Arnott: cello
Thomas Botting: double and electric bass
Alyx Dennison and David Trumpmanis: guitar noodles, bass synth and zombie vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Trumpmanis
Coo Coo recorded and mixed by Dave Kempton, with additional recording, mixing and mastering by David Trumpmanis
Produced by Alyx Dennison

Other tracks by Bonniesongs:  Barabara
Jep and Dep - I Will Survive     Folk, Atmospheric, Downbeat, Gay Alligned 18/06/2019
Jep and Dep are a folk-noir duo from Sydney and have supported acts like Aldous Harding, Johnny Marr and LOW.
Jep and Dep cover Gloria Gaynor’s 1979 hit single ‘I Will Survive”.The original song written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris. Jep and Dep's brings a more sadder and contemporary take on a classic-describing a discovery of personal strength following an initially devastating breakup, the track is frequently recalled as a symbol of female strength and as a gay anthem.

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Bofolk Ballico - Party Animal     Folk, Rock, Comedy, Acoustic 14/06/2019
Bofolk Ballico is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Josh (Bofolk) released his debut EP, 'Top Five Songs' in February 2016.
Party Animal is a novelty track about an anti-social character attending a party.

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David M. Western - Gallery     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 14/06/2019
David Western’s bashful and winsome sensibility has fooled many. An explorer of personal space, soaring downcast rock and dimly lit folk tunes, he’s an old soul that writes with purpose.
Gallery is an observation of the various ways people portray themselves and how we feel when we’re watching people do things that aren’t exactly genuine. You need to put yourself on the outside, watching the paintings as you pass by, instead of being the image that you have on the wall that shows a negative side of yourself.

Garrett Kato - Distant Lands     Folk 14/06/2019
Canadian-born, Australia-based singer-songwriter Garrett Kato showed up in Byron Bay 9 years ago with nothing but a bag of clothes, a backpack, and guitar after quitting his day job.
Distant Land is a collection of memories spanning most of my life. The songs resemble chapters to my journey from as far back as childhood and as recent as becoming a father in a new country.

Hannah Campbell - East Coast Dream     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Pop 14/06/2019
Hannah Campbell is a warm, discerning, and joyful storyteller. Hannah’s trademark honest humility is the undercurrent of her stories of failings and hopefulness, desire, emotional vacancy, and unspoken truths.
East Coast Dream is an anthem for adventurous spirits, those who want to rid themselves of their cubicle prison and hit the open road. It’s a soundtrack to windows down and boards in the back, sunsets over seas, picnic blankets on headlands, condensation on beer bottles, freedom, being out of reception, waking up to the sunrise, and falling in love.

Angharad Drake - Start Again     Folk, Acoustic 13/06/2019
Angharad Drake's lyrics balance the yearning of young love with honest introspection while her melodies are the kind that you hum during contemplative moods with bittersweet complexity
Start Again' is about not letting one tragedy in your life determine every other choice you make. You have the opportunity to "start again", don't miss your chance

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Danny Widdicombe & Trichotomy - I'm Not Around     Folk, Country, Soul, Easy Listening 13/06/2019
Combining the country/blues/folk foundations of ARIA nominated songwriter Danny Widdicombe (from the Wilson Pickers) and merging with the harmonic and melodic versatility of the award-winning jazz trio Trichotomy.
I'm Not Around'' combines folk/country sounds and instrumentation with the groove and harmony of soul & jazz.

Widdicombe's visceral storytelling is complemented by the intuitive improvising of the piano/bass/drums forming an engaging interplay that brings together these seemingly disparate genres!

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Harrison Storm - Falling Down     Folk 13/06/2019
With a handful of finely tuned folk based demos, Harrison turned to friend and producer Hayden Calnin, who helped bring to life his ideas, which formed his debut EP titled.
Falling Down is a song about those times in a relationship where there seems to be a shadow looming overhead and you’re desperately trying to see through it and hang on.

Humblet - Know Idea     Folk, Country, Punk, Acoustic 13/06/2019
You can expect passionate originality & an unorthodox stage persona with attitude. Created for packed dirty pubs, noisy skate bowls & epic surf roadies.
'Know Idea' is a message for the times, written in support of Nick's work at 4ZZZ announcing for the Peace & Environment & Activist News show called ECORADIO.

The song title 'Know Idea' is in honour to the beloved 4ZZZ radio announcer Reece Jackson and his science show called 'Know Idea'.

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James Bennett - Gypsy Love     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 13/06/2019
Acoustic/ folk artist earwig melodies & dylanesque songwriting. Weissenborn slide guitar, harmonica, 12 string quirky percussion & upright double bass.
Gypsy Love is a folk love song brought on by the feeling that comes from feeling like you’ve not been a good enough partner or person.

A simple & tasteful vocal melody that pairs naturally to the contrasting lead guitar & acoustic piano. Upright double bass & quirky percussion played by Michael (former John Butler Trio drummer)

Jesse Glass - Shouldered Friend     Folk, Acoustic 13/06/2019
Jesse Glass is a Melbourne-based musician. His tracks combine folk music, layered guitars with beautiful harmonies to produce a warm and truly unique sound
Beautiful sounds, beautiful lyrics

Other tracks by Jesse Glass:  I Envy You
Paco Wolfe - Lonely Without You     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Pop 13/06/2019
Singer songwriter from Brisbane mixing a heartfelt blend of acoustic, folk, pop and country lends itself to create an easy sound that is both catchy and meaningful to listeners.
An acoustic song describing the feelings of missing someone and realisation.

Other tracks by Paco Wolfe:  Coming Home  -  Million
Sophie Head - Mountains     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Easy Listening 13/06/2019
Singer-songwriter Sophie Head breathes rich, summery vocals into mellow tunes of life and love, as she shares her honest reflections on what it means to be human.
Mountains is a pseudo-gospel anthem of hope for anyone trudging up the same mountain over and over again. “Mountains is my reminder to myself. I know that the ups and downs of life are normal and I’m not the only one living that, but I am determined to keep pushing on and inspiring others to do the same.”

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Taylah Carroll - Vermont     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
Taylah Carroll is a folk artist with guts. Not afraid to lay it all on the table, Carroll’s lyrics are introspective, evocative and rich with observational wit.
Set in the eastern suburb of Melbourne, and recorded alongside Producer Tim Harvey (Lisa Mitchell, Gena Rose Bruce, Jade Imagine), Taylah Carroll’s debut release ‘Vermont’ is a characteristically wry and charming exploration of personal baggage, and the way it informs our behaviour in future relationships.

The Queensland Tiger - Freedom on the Wallaby (Henry Lawson)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc… true to the original works.
Complete poem (the original first verse becomes the chorus) written by Henry Lawson during the Shearers’ Strike. Lawson clearly shows where his sympathies lay. There were calls in the Queensland parliament for Lawson to be jailed over the last two lines, "They needn’t say the fault is ours / If blood should stain the wattle". Strings by Lillian Penner

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Tully John & Liza-Jane - Embers     Folk, Pop, Chill 13/06/2019
Few songwriters can take an audience on a journey quite like Gold Coast duo Tully John & Liza-Jane, with a powerful sound which resonates far beyond that of a two-piece.
Delicately layered and sincerely crafted, ‘Embers’ contrasts expansive guitar and piano tones with intimate, soothing melodies to create a naturalistic wonderland of ease and joy. Weaving in traces of love and loss, the duo explore the vulnerability one faces in relationship, and the turmoil experienced when there is a disconnect.

Beach Plums - Chasing Time     Folk, Chill, Pop 12/06/2019
A project of love and authentic self expression. Fringe-flapping, ankle-shaking lass Gemma, and land-bound Dolphin Lady Daniella make up the Beach Plums.
"Chasing Time is about catching myself thinking of the future or past; always wanting something bigger or better instead of just appreciating what I have, and what I am right now." - Gemma

Bob Wolfe - Come Home     Folk, Country, Acoustic 12/06/2019
Vocalist and band leader of Canberra's Muddy Wolfe, Bob Wolfe aka Stevie Smith has launched a solo project embracing the sounds of Nashville with a tinge of Australiana.
Bob Wolfe's debut single Come Home is dedicated to his wife. Stripped back and raw acoustic guitars and slide guitar provide interesting and tasteful instrumental sections and Bob's voice has the elements of an old soul.

Boleyn - re: 21     Folk, Pop 12/06/2019
Sydney-based queer-pop artist BOLEYN has unveiled his second offering ‘re: 21’ – produced and mixed by Clockwork Odyssey and mastered by Peter Holz (Vance Joy, Gang of Youths, Peking Duk).
Drawing inspiration from the likes of staple influences Bright Eyes, Raymond Carver and Malay, ‘re: 21’ opens with warmly strummed guitar and the endearing vocals of BOLEYN, before gradually building with additional guitars, stunning harmonies and a meticulously composed rhythmic section.