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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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River Lane - Stronger     Folk, Roots 26/02/2019
Tradie turned Folk & Roots musician
Up beat Folk goodness

Seagull - Mercury     Folk, Psychedelic, Downbeat, Soundscapes 25/02/2019
Seagull creates music that is unashamedly honest and intimate. The instruments swell and fade like melancholy waves that are flooding the suburbs.
The album is concerned with the thin line between insanity and epiphany, vision and hallucination. I wrote a lot of the lyrics in a psych ward, and then spent the following months fleshing out the music down in Pt Lonsdale. The album is both a record of an intense experience and a document of the recovery from it.

Other tracks by Seagull:  Inside of a Bell
The Holy Smoke - Lay Your Head Down     Folk, Alternative Country, Country 24/02/2019
Combining backgrounds of country, folk, pop and gospel, The Holy Smoke will take you up the harmony river on an alt-folk journey and beyond. Paddle not included.
Parker explains “the song is inspired by my favourite time of day...dusk. When the noise of our busy human endeavours fade, everything slows down and I feel myself exhale; the setting sun encourages me to come inside, lay my head down and rest, for tomorrow is another day.”

Aine Tyrrell - Like Shadows We Fall     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country 22/02/2019
From the West Coast of Ireland hails one of Australia’s favourite adopted sisters, Áine Tyrrell, who readies herself to release her unwavering and purely honest album, 'Return to the Sea'.
The Third single from Aine Tyrrell's sophomore album, Return To The Sea,

Boatkeeper - So Much More (tour remix with strings)     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Christian 22/02/2019
Boatkeeper are doing a national tour with Irish Folk twins The Ocelots. Boatkeeper have two sets of brothers, and they are using local siblings as openers for Familee Valyooz Tour.
This track is a remix with a quartet of strings added for this tour - the mix was done by ARIA award winning producer, Govinda Doyle (Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane)

Harrison Storm - Run     Folk 22/02/2019
Melbourne based singer-songwriter, Harrison Storm has has been making waves with his ethereal acoustic driven music over the last few years with his next release 'Run' continuing the pace.
Run is a beautifully emotive track about escaping from constraints and taking off. The listeners are encouraged to, for that brief moment escape themselves and join Harrison in a place of relaxation and freedom.

Hither and Yon - The Man Bench     Folk, Acoustic 22/02/2019
Hither and Yon is an acoustic folk duo from the NSW Eden Monaro. They perform original songs of events in their local region and interpret traditional Australian and Celtic favourites.
A song of hope and redemption for any husbands who suffer while shopping with their wives.

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Other tracks by Hither and Yon:  Light Rail  -  Days of Gold
Riley Pearce - Windmill     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 22/02/2019
Riley Pearce is a young indie folk artist from WA. With over 30 million Spotify streams, his reflective songwriting & chilled-out coastal vibes resonates with more than just folk lovers.
‘Windmill’ was written in the back of Riley’s beat-up van after a breakdown on tour in Europe last year. It's the first single from Riley’s new EP ‘The Landing Songs’ slated for release April 26. Recorded in Byron Bay with indie-folk producer Garrett Kato, the EP will feature 4 tracks written in the 6 months Riley spent overseas in 2018.

TJ Patrick - Falling     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 22/02/2019
Born and raised in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, TJ Patrick has been working towards something special, creating songs that shed light on stories of raw and personal experiences.
Melbourne based singer-songwriter TJ Patrick unveils a gentle gem of a new track, 'Falling'. The song was recorded with Ben Edgar (Angus and Julia Stone, Passenger, Gotye) in his home studio in the Dandenong Ranges. "I love the way we use the word 'falling'. Falling asleep, falling ill, falling pregnant. They all imply a kind of letting go of control..."

Sugar 'n' Spice - If I Needed You     Folk, Country, Cover Version, Acoustic 20/02/2019
The fun-loving gals hail from Daylesford via India (Vanessa Craven) and the Czech Republic (Zdena Schwangmeier). Their debut album “Homebrew” is everything folkey, bluesy, alt-country, roots and more.
"If I Needed You" is a Towns Van Zandt song, which Sugar 'n' Spice play as a duo. Zdena Schwangmeier on Uke Bass and Vanessa Craven on Guitar, percussion and vocals. This song was performed by Broken Circle Breakdown the group in the movie called "Broken Circle Breakdown". A very moving story, well worth watching with a box of tissues.

Other tracks by Sugar 'n' Spice:  Ballad of John and Yoko and Mull of Kintyre (Medley)  -  House Of The Rising Sun
The Ninth Chapter - My Own Time     Folk, Roots, Blues, Funk 20/02/2019
The Ninth Chapter possess a powerful ability to groove. Layering funk, blues and folk, the Australian six-piece revel in exciting songwriting that takes listeners on a diverse musical journey.
My Own Time is a track about taking your time, slowing down to do things the way you want to and make the right decision for you.

Other tracks by The Ninth Chapter:  My Baby Don't Come Around  -  Other People's Eyes
Garrett Kato - River Mouth     Folk 19/02/2019
On a whim, he decided to visit his brother in Australia during 2010 and ended up “hitting the reset button, staying, falling in love, fathering two kids, having a mortgage
“River Mouth is about acceptance for the people around you and the changes in life. Finding beauty in the struggle and success in the long journey.” – Garrett Kato

Recorded in his home studio in Byron Bay, ‘River Mouth’ is the leading single from Garrett’s forthcoming EP ‘Distant Land’ due out in May.

Dan Mijat - a friend.     Folk, Rock 19/02/2019
Dan Mijat is a multi-instrumentalist based in Perth. His music draws from a variety of genres.
This is a track written in 2018 in Albany, then completed in 2019 when Dan moved back to Perth. It is a song that questions the difference between friendships and relationship that mean something more.

Other tracks by Dan Mijat:  drift.
Lucy Korts - Cold Hands     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 19/02/2019
Lucy Korts is a Indie Folk artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Korts is known for her distinctive and unique vocal style.
Cold Hands is a story written for anyone who has felt something for someone else who didn't feel the same things back. Cold Hands is about walking away from feeling alone - And I think most people know what that feels like.

Other tracks by Lucy Korts:  All My Love  -  Too Young Too Old
Maryen Cairns - Come To Me     Folk, Rock, World 19/02/2019
Maryen Cairns is a female singer/songwriter hailing from SE Queensland’s mountainous hinterland, playing original contemporary world based folk rock & inspired by both the emotional and physical landscapes around her.
The single COME TO ME was conceived of in the early morning on the edge of the Pilbara Desert. Maryen wrote down the lyrics as they drove off, 5,000 km from home. Co-written by Jennifer Maidman & Elvis Kernaghan, who brought another dimension to the soundscape. Produced by legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey. Video coming soon!

Other tracks by Maryen Cairns:  Steam  -  Mimbi
Oatis - What a Shame     Folk, Acoustic, World 19/02/2019
Celebrating Oatis's second album release in March "Running though Waves" Oatis shares some of his favourite tracks from the Album, with this Powerful thought provoking Single "What a Shame"
An amazing Lyrical and instrumental journey in sighting a life bouncing through time.

T Scarlett - Falling For You     Folk, Easy Listening, Electronic 18/02/2019
T Scarlett was born out of my love for sharing experience through music. The music, lyrics and videos chronicle my reflections of life; looking back at experiences.
A story about young love. Simple and true. My reflection of love at a young age is that people have a tendency to find themselves too far down the rabbit hole...something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation.

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Daniel Cameron - She Deserves Love     Folk, Acoustic, Electronic, Chill 15/02/2019
Catchy melodies and reflecting lyrics, brought up on the South coast of SA, now living in the Adelaide Hills. Blending folk and indie pop together.
There is always two sides of a relationship, we all put so much hope and trust into the love we feel. This song shows one side falling in love, the other is falling out of love and the journey of happiness confusion and also realisations.

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Rob Snarski - All God's Creatures     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 15/02/2019
Rob Snarski is a velvet-voiced troubadour. He has toured the globe with The Blackeyed Susans and The Triffids and has graced the same stage as Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen.
Featuring exquisite guitar work from Shane O’Mara, beautiful harmonies from gal duo Broads and a Havana~style piano solo from the wandering hands of Kiernan Box, 'All God's Creatures' takes a wander through a dramatic Australian summer day where Snarski's velvet-voice sings “the heat shakes the air and the rain vows to kiss the ground”.

Terry Springford - What She Means To Me     Folk, Chill 14/02/2019
Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Terry Springford writes tunes that speak of a lived human experience with melodies that get stuck in your head.
Struggling to get over an ex.