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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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FolkTrain - An Toraidhe     Folk 15/05/2018
FolkTrain is a folk band based in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. The band plays a mix of original and traditional folk music.
An Toraidhe (pronounced ‘on Tory’) is Gaelic for the pursuer. In the 1600s the English adopted the word to describe Irish rebels. This song is about one such ‘tory’, Richard Stack, who was wanted dead or alive with a £5 reward on his head.

Other tracks by FolkTrain:  Honk  -  The Best Thing
Didirri - I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head     Folk, Pop 12/05/2018
Music for lovers and over thinkers.
Written just before leaving for UK, after rekindling a recent flame, the song came from contemplating a taboo of talking about sex - through any complication and confusion. Having just overcome illness that impacted the relationship physically, Didirri illustrates the value of human contact combined with the reunion of love.

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Andrew Tuttle - Boarding Zone     Folk, Ambience, Experimental, Soundscapes 11/05/2018
Andrew Tuttle dwells in a between world of ambient and folk genre that feels like a community all of its own, holding a space that is tropical, abundant and generous.
First single from Andrew Tuttle's third, self-titled, album. Boarding Zone is a live staple of Tuttle's live performances; with this version recorded at the famous EMS Elektronmusikstudion studios in Stockholm in 2016.

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Other tracks by Andrew Tuttle:  A Winding River
AlfanAnt - Comes A Time     Folk, Alternative Country 11/05/2018
Finalists Queensland Music Awards - 'Blues & Roots'. 20 years making music, Alt- Folk-Country Duo, AlfanAnt (Ant McKenna and Alf) have release their debut EP 'Lucky'.
I (Ant) played the song to Alf one night and he loved it. Alf asked if he could have a go at singing it and in doing so, changed the phrasing of the lyrics across the chords and added the last verse. We both loved it right away.

Tay Oskee - We Were Young     Folk, Rock, Roots 11/05/2018
Tay Oskee is a multi-instrumentalist with a musical style that is wide and varied. Tay can take you on a journey from chilled beach tunes to punchy driving roots music.
Recorded in his studio near Byron Bay with the help of producer, friend and fellow folk singer Garrett Kato (Ziggy Alberts, Kyle Lionhart), ‘We Were Young’ is a beautiful sonic journey which progresses from soft lush folk sounds and soaring melody’s to a Sigur Ros-esque build with driving drums.

Sam Carmody - Sharks     Folk, Pop, Atmospheric 10/05/2018
Award winning author Sam Carmody has been active as a writer across various projects and recalls the experimental Antipodean pop of Nick Cave, The Go-Betweens and Crowded House.
Sam Carmody is pleased to share his evocative new single Sharks. A distinctly contemporary song about love circled by masculine darkness, buried histories, global conflict and a rising sea, it also serves as a taste of Sam's forthcoming EP due out mid-year.

Lucy Wise - Winter Sun     Folk, Acoustic 09/05/2018
Lucy Wise has delighted audiences across Australia and internationally with her masterful storytelling, intricate ukulele and guitar playing and soulful voice...
Lucy Wise's sweet voice lilts over a gentle rhythmic acoustic ukulele riff and uplifting vocal chorus.

Other tracks by Lucy Wise:  Here For Now  -  Walking Out
Benfield - How Can I Forget     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening, Acoustic 07/05/2018
Sydney based solo artist Benfield is ready to make his mark on the music scene with his emotive debut single “How Can I Forget"
With colossal drums present accompanied by soaring harmonies, booming synths and his melancholic, soft-toned voice, “How Can I Forget?” takes listeners on an intriguing journey into Benfield’s stellar debut.

Datson Hughes - Flowers and the Axe     Folk, Psychedelic, Acoustic 05/05/2018
Harking back to something Alan Lomax might have captured, or the deadpan experiments of the Velvet Underground, DATSON HUGHES play own-brand dark folk on Datson's hand-made Appalachian mountain dulcimers.
A visionary road trip in a cul de sac fake news, conspiracy theories, crop circles, aliens, rough hewn love, the angelic host, dispensational truth, zombies and Keef feature in this rollicking hoedown. Equal parts Holy Modal Rounders & Bogtrotters with just a hint of Hildergard von Bingen.

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Steve Pinner - Count The Waves     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Chill 02/05/2018
Steve brings his music through a lifetime of experiences and doesn't apologise for the emotions that it touches. He describes his music as covering real, reflective, beautiful and fun.
Count the Waves recognises that we get caught up in the busy of life. Work, school, bills, pace. It says, "lets play hooky", "wag it" now and then, and go to the beach, just take time out and be with each other.

Other tracks by Steve Pinner:  Bro' Be My Man  -  Kiss My Face
Shirina - Wild     Folk, Pop 01/05/2018
Shirina is a young singer/songwriter who has made a name for herself through busking around Sydney’s CBD.
Wild is filled with cool guitar riffs, haunting backing vocals and hard hitting electronic drums. The chill vibes will not only have you grooving along but hopefully give a sense of inner motivation as well.

Vanderlay - An Oversight     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Chill 01/05/2018
Both nuanced and sprawling, Vanderlay craft plaintive and eloquent folk songs, set against cantering drums and lush guitars, hitting the sweet spot between traditional folk and a modern day sensibility.
Melancholic, lush and decidedly poignant, ’An Oversight’ highlights Vanderlay’s knack for nuanced, long form arrangements with detail rich lyricism. The song explores the tumultuous nature of trying to re-establish yourself in the aftermath of your youth.

Delsinki - A Soldiers Wife     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Blues 27/04/2018
DELSINKI’s approach contains traces of (amongst others) of Leonard Cohen, Tim Winton, John Brack, bush poets and dreamers, all of whom litter this unique vision of contemporary Australian life.
A story of loneliness and loss, it is a modern tale of a faded Australian dream. Delsinki’s baritone duels with vocalist Coby Grant’s soothing tones whilst perforated by the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Principal Violin Satu Vanska and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Viola Soloist Christopher Moore

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Fionnuala McKenna - Bad Thing     Folk, Blues, Jazz, Ambience 27/04/2018
Fionnuala couples sparse instrumentals with a unique and powerful voice. Not quite blues nor folk, She favours pitching tonalities, threading her voice through minor chords and picking-patterns with serene gravity.
Bad Thing: the opening track from Fionnuala McKenna's WRUNG EP. A moody narrative-driven piece with sparse instrumentals.

Other tracks by Fionnuala McKenna:  Fade Out  -  Hell Bent
Innessa - Golden Wreath     Folk, Ethnic, World 27/04/2018
A magical doorway between East and West opens when Innessa infuses modern alternative Australian folk with her Eastern European heritage to create spellbinding soundscapes and whimsical tales.
Alternative folk infused with Eastern-European influences, Golden Wreath is a spellbinding song inspired by an old Russian Folk custom with a modern twist to follow your dreams.

Daniel J Townsend - Waiting For The Storm     Folk, Electronic 23/04/2018
Daniel J Townsend was born on a tiny island on the edge of the world, the descendant of a convict girl and her employer. He's been singing stories ever since.
A brother and sister stand on the edge of the land, watching an approaching cyclone. One flees, and turns to stone. One stays, and becomes the wind.

Serhiy - Take me Home     Folk, Pop, Christian 20/04/2018
If you like music that makes you want to remember a time when you FELT connected, shared an experience, or made a memory you can't forget, you'll like me.
Born during a big transition. Selling ALL my equipment, studio, household contents (rented) + giving away my cat to prepare for a journey to US, where I was to live with whom I thought was the love of my life. We broke up a week before, this song freed me!

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Eliza Hull - Hard Way     Folk, Pop, Rock 18/04/2018
Castlemaine-based indie artist, Eliza Hull, has just announced tour dates and her new single ‘Hard Way’ - produced by Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Ali Barter) at New Market Studios, Melbourne.
‘Hard Way’ is an elegant and emotively-driven slice of indie-pop, that draws on learning to move on from a toxic relationship. Taking cues from the likes of Meg Mac, The Jezabels and London Grammar, the track also shines a light on the songstress’ evolution as a musician.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Simon Imrei - The Winter     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 17/04/2018
The Winter is the new single from Bayside blues & soul inspired folk musician ‘Simon Imrei’, the 2nd off his forthcoming album, The Sum of Scenes, out mid 2018.
With its laid-back simplicity and acoustic riff, THE WINTER could have been pulled straight out of California in the mid 1970s. It's a story about healing, taking time away from life to get through whatever you need to get through and both literally and emotionally “bunkering down for the Winter”.

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Demi Mitchell - Medicine Woman     Folk, Psychedelic, Pop, Alternative Country 17/04/2018
Demi Mitchell's new record ‘The Overflow’ is a culmination of dark and dreamy melodies, psychedelic-folk and introspective lyricism best drunk in as a passenger on your next highway drive.
Medicine Woman is the first single from 'The Overflow' recorded in Melbourne with Roger Bergodaz at Union St Studio. Demi says of summer psychedelic-folk track: “Medicine Woman is about how making yourself vulnerable to someone can be both an empowering and daunting experience and finding the balance between the two."