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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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The Stetson Family - Brother     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Acoustic 17/11/2017
Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2017, The Stetson Family continue to deliver their spirited, free-wheeling bluegrass and gritty alt-country infused with lush harmonies.
'Brother', written by Nad Budge, is about her two brothers and their place in her life, being there for each other through good times and bad and having each others backs covered.

Andrew Samuel - Luck Feels Good     Rock, Folk, Garage 16/11/2017
Andrew Samuel is a Sydney-based indie-folk artist. His music is brooding and poetic, putting lyrics at the front and centre. Andrew Samuel is regarded for his raw and emotional songwriting.
Described as his most lively track to date, 'Luck Feels Good' recounts a night of hope and unexpected romance at a shit house party.

'Luck Feels Good' has an optimistic quality, but maintains an undercurrent of melancholy and unease, as if hope is fleeting and could evaporate at any moment.

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Harrison - Wounded Fool     Folk, Acoustic 16/11/2017
Harrison is a promising and engaging contemporary folk singer/songwriter; he has shared the stage with Clare Bowditch and is currently touring the 2nd single from his highly anticipated debut EP.
my partner from Germany had to take an unexpected trip home to say good bye to her Grandma, unfortunately she missed out on saying goodbye by about 5 hours... the song came from longing to be with her and the downside of coming from opposite sides of the world.

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Dom Youdan - Tigerlily     Pop, Atmospheric, Folk, Easy Listening 15/11/2017
Dom Youdan brings unique style of heart, lyrics and vocals to contemporary-pop. With killer hooks, and vibrant melodies, make sure you listen with the windows down and the volume UP.
Dom’s global crossing was sparked by love, as he followed an Australian girl to her home town of Sydney. Tigerlily talks of the profound impact this move had on his life, leaping into the unknown and the inner secrets of falling in love.

Golden Age of Ballooning - Long Mover     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk 15/11/2017
Brisbane’s psychedelic, folk-rockers, Golden Age of Ballooning first debuted in 2013 and are set to release their third and most adventurous EP (Special Edition) yet.
A summer-vibing, road-tripping, free-loving and inspiring track. Like a burst of sunshine with a bright wall of boy-girl harmonies, the track speaks of new found love and its ups and downs. If there is a track to the beginning of summer, ‘Long Mover’ ticks those boxes captures those nostalgic feelings.

Marianne Digs - Weigh In Your Heart     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 15/11/2017
A Melbourne-based five piece, writing lyrically driven music dotted across the Australian landscape.
Weigh In Your Heart is that longing that transcends national boundaries and time differences. The ache that weighs in your heart, long after you've last seen that person.

Other tracks by Marianne Digs:  Chinatown  -  Soft Eyes
Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/11/2017
Hailing from New Zealand, but now wholeheartedly adopted by Australia, Marlon Williams has quite simply got one of the most extraordinary, effortlessly distinctive voices of his generation.
The lead single off Marlon Williams' sophomore album is a duet with former long-term girlfriend and solo artist Aldous Harding. Recorded via a late-night long distance phone call, the song, as with the rest of the album, captures the bliss, ache, uncertainty and bitterness that is associated with a break-up.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

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Oh Pep! - Half Life     Pop, Folk 15/11/2017
Oh Pep! release their new track ‘Half Life’, originally as an exclusive for the Thirty Days of Yes project in support of marriage equality, ‘Half Life’ is now available digitally.
‘Half Life’ is a song which takes Oh Pep's mastery of folk-pop to new heights, leaving us breathless. The instrumental flourishes of Pepita Emerichs (violin/mandolin) create Oh Pep’s most gorgeous and ethereal musicscape yet, anchored by driving and pertinacious drums. Meanwhile Olivia Halley’s delicate performance sounds heavenly above it all.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (VIC Awards)

Phillip Ragan - Don't Suppress Your Love     Folk, Easy Listening, Christian, Acoustic 15/11/2017
Phillip Ragan is a Western Australian singer/songwriter currently based in Melbourne, who writes poetic and honest songs about life, love and hope.
This song offers optimism and hope to the downtrodden, the backslidden or anyone really!
It is a call to the person suffering from the troubles of this world to open their heart to love and cherish every day!

Other tracks by Phillip Ragan:  The Symphony Of A Thousand Dreams  -  Contentment In My Heart
Pierce Brothers - Follow Me Into The Dark     Folk, Blues, Roots, Acoustic 15/11/2017
Pierce Brothers consist of twin brothers Pat and Jack Pierce, who have taken their music from busking on the streets of Melbourne to venues and festivals all around the world.
Easily their best work to date, Pierce Brothers anthemic new track is set to be a crowd-pleaser whilst touring the country with Tash Sultana. "It's about literally lying awake going over and over your past decisions, and searching for ways to move on." - Pat Pierce

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Tia Gostelow - Hunger     Folk, Blues, Rock 15/11/2017
One of Australia’s most promising emerging talents, Tia values the art of songwriting and creating music with integrity.
The new single "Hunger" was co-written with Little May's Hannah Field and Liz Drummond and produced by long time collaborator Konstantin Kersting (The Belligerents) at Airlock Studios.


Jim Williams - Lay Me Down     Folk, Country, Alternative Country 14/11/2017
There is a deceptive simplicity to his music, but his lyrics never compromise the artistic integrity expected of a songwriter.
Moody but catchy Americana.

Other tracks by Jim Williams:  Non Returnable Gifts  -  Opinion
Alexander Biggs - I'll Go My Way     Folk, Alternative Country 11/11/2017
Melbourne artist, Alexander Biggs’ debut EP Still You Sharpen Your Teeth, out now.
Alexander explains that the track “was written about a deep need to leave a negative relationship behind, while acknowledging that sometimes you’d rather keep that person around for the company than be lonely.”

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Hazel English - Make It Better     Folk 10/11/2017
Growing up in Sydney and spending time in Melbourne before relocating to newly adopted home in Oakland CA, the 25-year-old’s music reflects this movement in her life.
Hazel’s songs are are charming, bittersweet, deeply personal yet very relatable, and have already earned her an impressive string of accolades. 'Make It Better' premiered via Stereogum, who labelled her one of their 40 Best Bands of 2016, and has since been added to spot rotation on triple j.

Other tracks by Hazel English:  Never Going Home  -  It's Not Real
Simone & Girlfunkle - Gary Song     Folk, Pop 09/11/2017
Indie-folk darlings Simone & Girlfunkle were born on one of North Perth's sun-drenched afternoons. With a mesmerising combination of three-part female harmonies and delightful arrangements, they produce shimmering winsome pop-folk.
In her ever-so poetic and enthusiastic demeanour, vocalist Bridget Turner says of the new single "Gary Song is inspired by the upbeat-meets-melancholy vibe of bands like Alvvays. It’s an ode to our dead best friends – our pets specifically, one very loving and loved, yet guitar-phobic feline: Gary."

Alfanant - Your Kind     Blues/Roots, Folk 08/11/2017
Alfanant is the forming of two great sunshine coast acoustic folk artists Ant McKenna and Alf.
Recorded on a fun weekend with mates, the tongue in cheek, foot stomp, sing-along 'your kind' is a light-hearted reflection on people's reactions to anyone or anything they dont know or understand.


Cathie O'Sullivan - Song of Artesian Waters     Folk, Easy Listening 08/11/2017
Cathie O’Sullivan is a consummate performer and rare singer who takes the listener on a musical voyage with a voice charged with the ornamentation and beauty of Australia’s Celtic heritage.
The interpretation of folk song, including the marrying of new tunes to poetry, constantly changes. Here Cathie O’Sullivan sets music over the wonderful poem of noted wordsmith Banjo Patterson. Add to this heady brew her inspired music played on the brass-strung Celtic harp.

Other tracks by Cathie O'Sullivan:  Cameron Quartermain  -  Dark Pleasures
Steve Case - Double Dick Derek     Folk, Comedy, Comedy, Comedy 08/11/2017
It's a delicate line between rude and crude and Steve Case walks that line admirably...
This is a song about Derek.
Derek was born with two dicks.
Derek found life quite "hard" until he met his perfect match Melissa.
Double Dick Derek is a comedy love song that has got people talking ...and crying with laughter.
Wait til the's worth it!

Terrible Signal - Sunny Side Of Town     Rock, Pop, Folk, Easy Listening 08/11/2017
Terrible Signal serve up thick slabs of sunny, jangly Australian pop from the shores of Fremantle.
Sunny Side Of Town is Terrible Signal's summer pop hit. Jangly rhythm section, big hooks and a mid-tempo driving 4/4 beat recall the classic Australiana rock of yesteryear.

Other tracks by Terrible Signal:  Warmer Reality
Four In The Morning - Terrified     Rock, Folk 06/11/2017
Music for when you can’t sleep. Restless and raw, with songs that combine quiet introspection with cathartic rock; a mix of poetic, considered lyrics, and beautifully crafted noise.
Written after a death, this song asks whether God exists and if he should be held accountable for the suffering in the world. Fun stuff.

Musically, the song combines the simplicity of an old folk song with big, bold ambient guitars and percussive piano to create something really interesting.


Other tracks by Four In The Morning:  Lavender  -  Bigger Fire