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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Pat Devlin - We're All Friends     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Rock 17/03/2018
Pat has been doing the rounds playing music with mates and small bands for the last couple of years. In early 2016 he began to concentrate on his solo music.
We're All Friends is the title track from the Ep released in late November. It tells a number of stories within the one song that intertwine together... but ill leave them for you to decipher.

Ryan Downey - Those Eyes That Answer     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 17/03/2018
Ryan Downey shares the striking second single ‘Those Eyes That Answer’, from his jaw-dropping debut album Running out Friday 13 April via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
‘Those Eyes That Answer’ encompasses everything that is great about Downey’s music. His undeniable voice resonates with richness and gravity while a minutely detailed and singularly original musical world unfurls around it.

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Annaliese Rose - Let Me Leave     Folk, Acoustic, Ambience, Blues 16/03/2018
As a singer/song-writer, Annaliese Rose has acquired a charisma and writing style well beyond her years, along with a unique acoustic indie folk vibe, and melancholic tones.
'Let Me Leave' is the debut release from Annaliese Rose's upcoming EP, and accurately captures the growth in her song-writing and perception of events in her own life.

Fletcher Gull - Light Up (Remix)     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 16/03/2018
Fletcher Gull is an artist who possesses a true gift for composing music that is eminently accessible, yet touches the heart, mind and spirit of all who hear it.
Remixed by Glascow engineer, Chris Gordon, Light Up is a haunting yet hopeful track, inspired by the turmoil Fletcher’s sister experienced with mental illness. The single came as a secondary introduction to his debut EP REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE GONE.

Helena Pop - How To Do a FOLEY Break And Repair Yourself     Folk, Punk, Rock, Experimental 16/03/2018
Helena Pop play sweet anthemic folk songs. We just want you to have a good time, and for you to let others have a good time.
Rough around the edges and with some cracks which serve not so much to undermine structural integrity as to bring to mind the kind of reckless abandon/gentle ferocity one feels when going about one's business with the firm conviction that at best very little matters (at the moment).

Mick McHugh - Good Good Day     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 16/03/2018
Northern NSW troubadour Mick McHugh has music fans in Amy Shark, Goanna's Shane Howard through to Damien Dempsey & Gary Og amongst others. A Million Stars is his debut album.
A melodic heartfelt song, McHugh's Good Good Day highlights the resilience in people after facing things out of their control. Duration 3.09.

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Other tracks by Mick McHugh:  Not In Kansas Anymore
Pascal Babare - Native Birds     Folk, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 16/03/2018
Babare spent his childhood living between the suburban sprawl of Melbourne and Sydney and an ashramin Lake County, California.
‘Native Birds’ is short and poppy, like Babare’s earlier work, but sonically lush, with horns, synth and electronic miscellanea weaving together to create a melodic lead worthy of Brian Wilson or Jim O’Rourke. Lyrically, every line folds gently into the next, in an approach figurative, melancholic, generous and wry.

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Sam Green and the Time Machine - Melbourne Town     Folk, Country, Pop, Folk 16/03/2018
The artist known as Sam Green and the Time Machine Born in Melbourne and based, creating music, his web site has the program called Green Bits uploaded each week.
Review of Melbourne town to share the gifts of the city and town. Sweet soul full catchy, the place to be, a city of fun and music.

Other tracks by Sam Green and the Time Machine:  Howdiddo  -  Round and Round
Kaitlin Keegan - Alto     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Chill 15/03/2018
Kaitlin Keegan is a Perth born singer and songwriter. Her debut EP has been described as folky with pop music sensibilities.
It's about a being a teen obsessed w/ a boy that doesn't really care. Being at a weird age - feeling like you have to act a certain way and be so much older than you are.
Just a statement to someone who was draining me and bringing me down.


Other tracks by Kaitlin Keegan:  Hellesylt  -  Pessimist
Citizen of the World - Free To Go     Folk, Rock 13/03/2018
Building upon their more folk-based background, Sydney's citizen of the World are now producing sonically huge modern indie, captured perfectly in each heartfelt note of new single Free To Go.
Citizen Of The World's latest single Free To Go marks a definitive chapter in the band's unfolding story. Building upon their more folk-based background, the Sydney five-piece are now producing sonically huge modern indie, captured perfectly in each heartfelt note of Free To Go.

Hugh McLean - Treehugger     Folk, Acoustic, Blues 13/03/2018
Composer and performer of guitar instrumentals
A strident work for 12-String guitar showcasing the sonorous qualities of the instrument. Harmonically the piece sits somewhere between Major key and Mixolydian mode.

Other tracks by Hugh McLean:  Valediction  -  Soft Machine
Kate Gilbertson - Walls     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Soul 13/03/2018
Australian-born songwriter Kate Gilbertson blends rhythmic and fingerpicking guitar with pervading vocals to create a captivating style that closely echoes fellow troubadours Joni Mitchell, Jewel and Laura Marling.
Walls depicts the feelings of letting go, breaking through to the other side.

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Other tracks by Kate Gilbertson:  Will You Wait  -  Over Oceans
Mardi Wilson - Landslide     Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 13/03/2018
A young, raw and authentic one-woman show, twenty-two year old musician, Mardi Wilson is a born and bread Brisbane girl, performing her unique and alternative style
Sometimes you just have to go with your feelings and be open and vulnerable. I’m talking about the kind of vulnerability where you accept that life is full of mysteries and sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit.”

Mark Ridout - Flood     Folk, Atmospheric 13/03/2018
Catchy and atmospheric Cinematic Folk singer songwriter from Byron Bay.
Debut release from Cinematic Folk singer-songwriter Mark Ridout

A song about strength and courage in the face of a common adversary; doubt.

Nathan Power - Growing Thin     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 13/03/2018
Melbourne folk singer-songwriter Nathan Power launches his debut EP We Were Wild. Nathan's vulnerable voice is cushioned by lush acoustic guitar, ornamented by cello, mandolin and percussion.
Growing Thin was written during the break-up of a relationship and the cold despair that surrounded it... A common marker amongst all the songs on this debut EP is a cynicism around the passage of time and the desire to snapshot each season as it flies past.

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Other tracks by Nathan Power:  Walking Wounded  -  We Were Wild
The Genes - Godfrathers Lament     Folk, Blues, Rock 13/03/2018
The Genes are like that quiet, intelligent guy who doesn't say much but when he does speak, you just have to listen.
The Genes new single ‘Godfathers Lament’ is a tribute to Mr Coppola inspired by Nolan’s deep love for the Godfather movies. Just about every lyric in the song is a line from The Godfather trilogy.

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Evelyn Ida Morris - The Body Appears     Folk, Classical 10/03/2018
Evelyn Ida Morris releases the first single 'The Body Appears' from their newly announced self-titled album, to be released on Friday 20th April via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records.
Recorded by Morris themself and Written in a single afternoon last April. “That song feels like I finally found words around my identity. It felt like a new character was being added to the album – a certain and protective one, so that the others didn’t feel so vulnerable anymore.”

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The Dennis Sisters - Find Me     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 09/03/2018
The Dennis Sisters are Briannah and Tiana Dennis' sweet sibling harmonies and inspirational messages crafted through their songwriting, form their own unique folk/alt-country/pop blend.
Find Me is a slower ballad with a strong harmonic influence, and talks to staying true to yourself and focusing on dreams regardless of who of you are and obstacles we face. It’s a song that can touch everyone, and be interpreted by each of us in our own way.

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Other tracks by The Dennis Sisters:  Complicated Thing  -  Starting Fires
Asha Jefferies - Chaos     Folk, Pop, Chill 07/03/2018
Asha Jefferies creates revealing music. It’s the revealing nature of these stories that finds her at odds with her dual identities; an intimate songwriter and a maturing woman.
Earnest singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies has shared her latest single Chaos; a crooning tune about devotion, fear and falling for the uncontrollable.

Chaos is a reflection on the people around Asha; recognizing, accepting and embracing their failures, their faults and their successes then ultimately moving forward together.

Zoë Dellaca - Still     Folk, Pop, Rock 07/03/2018
Zoë Dellaca writes songs that make you want to cuddle up in front of the fire on a rainy night. ‘Still’ is her first single from debut album ‘Sweater Weather.’
Still is a powerful tune about being hurt by someone you love but not being able to let go. Featuring simultaneously vulnerable and powerful vocals and honest lyrics, the song gets into your head and under your skin.