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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Fallon Cush - Archilles Heel     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Psychedelic 20/12/2017
New single from the album Morning which has been featured in many Best Of 2017 album lists. Fallon Cush are a Sydney-based alt pop/Americana band.
Aching psychedelic pop/rock from Sydney's Fallon Cush. A bitter-sweet melody, billowing guitars and an all round soulful performance combine to make Achilles Heel a majestic highlight of the band's latest album, Morning.

Girl Friday - Damaged Heart     Folk, Jazz, Blues 20/12/2017
Girl Friday with her rich, soulful voice will transport you to a different time with one foot firmly planted in the present day.
Damaged Heart is realistically romantic with a jazz/blues feel and close harmony backing vocals. Reminiscent of a simpler time, Girl Friday is accompanied by ukulele, double bass, violin and drums on this track.

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Michael Waugh - Little C Word     Country, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 20/12/2017
Little 'C' Word is the powerful and intense first single from the forthcoming album The Asphalt & The Oval from Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Michael Waugh
First single from Golden Guitar Award nominee Waugh’s second album, ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’, produced by ARIA award winner, Shane Nicholson. Michael’s story-song celebrates Australians calling a spade a bloody shovel – a tribute to his brother and how sometimes there’s only one word to describe how you’re feeling.

Other tracks by Michael Waugh:  Footy Trip
Sarah Calderwood - Far     Folk, Pop 20/12/2017
Mischievous, introspective alt-folk. Often praised for her capacity to sound new and old at once, Sarah anchors her music in the space where tradition and innovation intertwine.
A world weary song about the rise of power and the death of love in the age of online trolls, fake news & political floor show spin. This song is a call to arms, saying we deserve better than this. We are so far from where we should be.

Other tracks by Sarah Calderwood:  Drive On  -  A Handful of Stars feat. Shane Nicholson
Sean Gagen - Coyote     Electronic, Acoustic 20/12/2017
Ipswich based solo artist, Sean Gagen, crafts interesting vocal melodies, live loops and folktronic sound scapes. Definitely an artist to keep a close eye on this year!
'Coyote' is the feature track on Sean's 3 track single. The song combines acoustic and electronic elements and invokes imagery of North America.

Other tracks by Sean Gagen:  Cain / Abel  -  Got To Be More
Emlyn Johnson - Rubbish     Folk, Experimental, Punk, Jazz 16/12/2017
Emlyn Johnson has been involved in the music scenes in Perth, Melbourne, and Hobart and plays a unique style of lyrics-prominent folk music with elements of punk and jazz.
Rubbish is a song about Rubbish featuring a climbing chord progression over an energetic keyboard beat beginning with the lyric "Condom Packet Under A Tree" and finishing with the lyric "Living On A Rubbish Farm"

Other tracks by Emlyn Johnson:  Surplus  -  Belinda
Anni M Fables - Endless     Folk, Acoustic 15/12/2017
Inspired by beauty, grit and oddity, Tasmanian freak-folk artist Anni M Fables weaves her rich experience as a traveling songwriter, delivering compelling vocals and sultry viola melodies in imagination and alchemy. 
An energetic and colourful ramble about exploration and possibility. Also touches on the dark side of consumption and materialism. Features clarinet and Hammond keys. The first single released from the album Space (Luck) Sphere with a dynamic video clip filmed in Mexico. This song is a lot of fun.


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Other tracks by Anni M Fables:  Sister  -  What We Lost
Hannah Campbell - For Your Love     Folk, Pop 15/12/2017
Hannah is a warm, discerning, and joyfully real storyteller. She writes to unpack stories of her failings, hopefulness, desire, loss, and all the other hard things to see and say.
For Your Love is the story of a boozy night with some friends that takes a bad turn. Under the covers it’s a declaration of absolute dedication to some un-live-without-able friendships. It’s about love and confusion, adoration and the mutual feeling that you would do anything for this person's love.

Other tracks by Hannah Campbell:  Sunshine  -  Breathe
Dom Italiano - Travelling Shoes     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Alternative Country 14/12/2017
Lyric driven acoustic folk/pop for the heavily light-hearted
About quitting you job to travel overseas with a partner in hopes of saving the relationship

Other tracks by Dom Italiano:  Only you  -  I Do
Nathan Power - Solstice     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 14/12/2017
Australiana. Nathan Power is a folk artist in the realm of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and early Kings of Convenience.
A gentle folk song written in a freezing shed around the change of seasons, Solstice explores a friends doomed relationship.

The Rock Models - Safe Tonight     Rock, Punk, Pop 14/12/2017
The Rock Models have been around the block a few times! Formed in early 2017 and now delivering to you their very own style of original 'Indie Alternative Rock' Lookout!
She's just another poor kid out on the street.
Trying to find the next place to hide and sleep.
Do you think she'll be safe tonight?
Cause she's got a little money, now there's no need to cry?
She bought a little honey, is she gonna lay down and fly?

Other tracks by The Rock Models:  59 Past 11  -  Love on a Rocket
Salt & Steel - Whiskey Love     Blues/Roots, Folk, Soul, Gay Alligned 13/12/2017
Foot Stompin', Heart Stealing, Wild and free Faeries. A Powerhouse Duo with a Raw and Earthy Sound.
An intoxicating mix of seduction and groove. Whiskey Love personifies our cultures relationship to alcohol and mind altering substances. Driven by a heavy bass line, a story unfolds of a love/hate relationship with an unhealthy yet irresistible lover.


Other tracks by Salt & Steel:  Breathe. Connect. Grow.  -  After the Moon and Before the Sun
Krysler - Chasing Sparks     Pop, Folk 13/12/2017
A collection of sparse and acoustic gems, colored with strings, keys and haunting backing vocals.
Chasing Sparks is a message I wrote for my children. About how I was not (and had not been) prepared for the real world of young adulthood. About deceit, lies and trickery, how dreams may not come to fruition but also about how to embrace every moment, good and band.

Other tracks by Krysler:  Heartbeat Calling  -  Why Didn't You Stay
Jengyz - Remember Me     Folk 13/12/2017
Jengyz is a 22 year old musician situated in Western Sydney, Australia. Learning to sing and play guitar from an early age, he started to write from 18.
‘Remember Me’ is the single from Jengyz’s debut EP ‘The Healers Call’. Soulful singing & lyrics, combined with great guitar work (percussive fingerstyle); the song itself is quite driving and emotional at the same time. Catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head.

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Kutcha Edwards, Archie Roach, Emma Donovan, David Leha, David Bridie, Jida Gulplil, Illana Atkinson - Song For Elijah     Folk, Australian Indigenous, Atmospheric 11/12/2017
Song for Elijah is a collaboration of Australian musicians. Brought to life by Kutcha Edwards, Archie Roach, David Bridie, Emma Donovan, Illana Atkinson, James Henry, Nao Anzani and Jida Gulplil.
Song for Elijah takes you on an emotional journey heard in the pain of Archie Roaches opening, the lingering questions of Tjimba Possum Burns and the strong statements of anti-discrimination by David Leha. And shared verse between Kutcha Edwards and Emma Donovan lends a powerful sense of spirit and resilience.

Alison Ferrier - Waiting For The Rain     Country, Folk 09/12/2017
London-born, Melbourne-based musician Alison Ferrier is a prolific songwriter and talented guitarist, performing regularly in Melbourne with some of the town’s best musicians.
One to include on your next road-trip playlist, 'Waiting For The Rain' has all the hallmarks of a great country rock 'n' roll song, with its driving chorus, killer pedal steel and laid-back grooves...

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Blue Child Collective - Sailor's Song     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic 07/12/2017
Fronted by Dan White, an enthusiastic collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and fingerstyle artisan, Blue Child Collective are a fluid groove n' roots outfit based in and out of Margaret River.
"Evoking the gentle rhythms and roaring freedom of Australia’s seaside" (Happy Mag), Blue Child Collective's 'Sailor's Song' is a folkier selection in Dan White's cannon of roots inspired songwriting. Taken from the album 'Saturn Saw The Seaside', the single accompanies BCC's new documentary that captures the recording process in Corsica.

Bradley Stone - Fly to You     Electronic, Folk, Pop 06/12/2017
After topping the Triple J Unearthed charts for months, Bradley Stone went from strength to strength, performing at the Sydney Opera House and featuring on Drapht’s ARIA award winning album.
With an eclectic blend of guitars, organic and electronic sounds that meld together beautifully, Bradley Stone releases his single, Fly to You, in collaboration with songwriting and production duo, SONIK.

A captivating and memorable tune, Stone’s alluring vocals succeed in both soothing and exhilarating the listener right to the end.

Other tracks by Bradley Stone:  Fly to You (Acoustic)
Library Siesta - Psycho/Genius     Rock, Pop, Folk, Acoustic 06/12/2017
Mostly feel-good songs about feeling bad. Sometimes feel-bad songs about feeling bad.
Psycho/Genius is both deeply personal and unapologetically feminist. It sees frontwoman Breanna Jones detail her experience of an acute psychotic episode, while also drawing attention to the double standard in the arts faced by women who experience mental illness.

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Paula Standing - Pity Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 06/12/2017
Classically trained, turned Folkie - Paula Standing
The lyrics tell the story of a dysfunctional relationship bust up. This wasn’t the first time, so she saw it coming and predicted it was probably the last time.