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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Georgia Mulligan - The Dark     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 10/07/2018
Georgia Mulligan is an independent artist from Sydney whose rich voice and thoughtful songwriting take the listener on a journey from introspection to catharsis.
A collision of the feelings of alienation, depression, anger and pure joy that come with being on the cusp of 'adult'-hood.

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Hollie Col - Let Yourself Down     Folk, Rock, Gay Alligned 10/07/2018
Hollie Col is a Sydney folk-pop artist described by Triple J's Declan Byrne and Nkechi Anele as an up and coming talent with an emotionally raw and honest vocal performance.
Let Yourself Down has a beautifully haunting element as it opens with an emotive piano and acoustic guitar before the kick drum pulses in. The emotive lyrical content builds as the electric guitar and grand piano begin to fill out as we hit the bridge and a powerful drum build carry the song into an incredibly grand final chorus.

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Other tracks by Hollie Col:  I'm Not Calling
Thomas Keating - I'll Break Your Heart     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 09/07/2018
Thomas Keating is a Sydney-born Melbourne-based indie rock aficionado who crafts intimate tales of home and country life through honest storytelling and colourful songwriting.
Produced by Gordon Burke at Everland Studios Sydney, 'I'll Break Your Heart' was mastered by Nick Franklin (Polish Club, Buried Feather) and engineered by Dorny Mayes at Linear Studios. With catchy pop phrasing, driving bass hooks, and a peppering of twinkling keys ‘I’ll Break Your Heart’ is glimmering indie pop that demands sing-alongs long after the final strum.

Bruce Campbell - Hush     Folk, Acoustic 06/07/2018
Contemporary folk artist performing mostly acoustic songs about love, loss, environmental and social issues. Bruce's fine vocals and fingerstyle guitar have featured at numerous festivals and events in SE Australia.
Hush is a redemption tale of sorts in which the central character finds acceptance and perhaps love after a life of darkness.

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Other tracks by Bruce Campbell:  Farewell Jessica  -  Come She Said
Laura Hill - Signs     Folk 06/07/2018
Signs is the first single to be lifted from Laura Hill's forthcoming album Secrets. Music lovers can pre order the album for release on Friday August 3.
First single from the album Secrets

Other tracks by Laura Hill:  Secrets  -  Bring Out The Best
Jake Fox - By Your Side     Folk, Easy Listening, Electronic 05/07/2018
Travelling singer/songwriter ‘Jake Fox’ shares his stories of life with a dreamy folk sound complimented by haunting melodies, syncopated rhythms, thought provoking lyrics and soothing, trance like vocals.
This is By Your side from my latest release Tidal Motion. It has a very chilled ambient vibe and is about feeling content with someone and not thinking too much about it.

Other tracks by Jake Fox:  Black Sand  -  Just a Girl
Keonico - Lochie     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 05/07/2018
An 18 year old musician who used to be in a group of four, then got downgraded to a group of two, and now is in a group of one.
Lochie by Keonico

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Other tracks by Keonico:  School In  -  It's Raining Outside
STAV. - Weakening, Awakening     Folk, World, Acoustic, Ethnic 05/07/2018
The 2018 Folk Alliance Australia 'Young Artist of the Year', soulful and honest multilingual singer-songwriter STAV. continues her story of migration with soaring melodies and bursts of rhythmic fire.
Rhythmically intricate and uplifting, 'Weakening, Awakening' features English and Hebrew lyrics and is part of the 5-series music documentary 'The Chromatic Memory' by Timber Music Box showcasing culturally diverse musical projects in Melbourne. The track is the first to include guitarist and brother Dudi Shaul. It also features Isaac Gunnoo on double bass and Joseph Batrouney on cajón and percussion.

Thomas Plunkett - Make Haste Slowly     Folk, Pop 04/07/2018
Indie Rock with flavours of folk from the Apple Isle.
Make Haste Slowly is the translation of my ancestral family's motto. It reflects a tradition of pursuing a goal quickly, but without compromise; a concept I tried to evoke when writing the song. It was an experiment in songwriting, as I approached the lyrics before writing the music, which is very uncommon for my personal process.

Other tracks by Thomas Plunkett:  Hideaway
Dandelion Wine - Unlikely Impossible     Folk, Electronic, Downbeat, Goth 04/07/2018
Dandelion Wine are an electro-folk band from Melbourne that combine old medieval and folk instruments and ethereal vocals with electronic beats and textured guitars.
A beguiling new single featuring Naomi Henderson's haunting vocals and Sansula playing over an atmospheric bed of hammered dulcimer, cello and downtempo beats. (From the forthcoming album "Le Cœur"). Immediately following this single release Dandelion Wine will be heading off on their ninth European tour.

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Dan Parsons - Whole Lot Of Courage     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 03/07/2018
Singer-songwriter Dan Parsons sings of the triumphs and anxieties of the human experience, conjuring up a 1970’s West Coast landscape for the iPhone generation.
From his new album 'Sunday Morning Cinema'
Recorded live to tape at The Aviary Studio, the result is a fully realised technicolour sonic experience.

Other tracks by Dan Parsons:  Sunday Morning Cinema  -  Dream On Lover
Daniel J Townsend - Circle People, Sitting Down     Folk, Acoustic, Electronic 03/07/2018
Daniel J Townsend is a songwriter, storyteller and sixth generation Tasmanian living in the NT. His podcast "A Tale of two Cities" explores how to live when home is elsewhere.
Taken from the third episode of Townsend's popular podcast "A Tale of Two Cities," "Circle People, Sitting Down" tells the story of this Tasmanian songwriter's first interaction with the beautiful Darwin locals.

Nicky Rogalsky - Obsession     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 03/07/2018
19-year-old, upcoming indie artist adds a new view on the depth of lyrics. Her new single – Obsession, has people’s heads turning due to her unique voice and distinctive song-writing.
Written in 2017, produced by Daniel booth and Tony Haven, Obsession is an acoustic pop song based on an outsider’s perspective of a toxic relationship. The song is about being so obsessed with the possibility of loving someone, you disregard what you deserve.

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Odette - Lotus Eaters     Folk, Chill, Easy Listening 03/07/2018
Odette was born in England and raised in the winner western suburbs of Sydney, hailing from a long line of jazz pianists.
“Lotus Eaters” is the latest song from acclaimed Sydney singer-songwriter Odette. “I wrote ‘Lotus Eaters’ when I was around fifteen and it was my first ever spoken word. I listen back to this and I hear a very conflicted teenager. This song means a great deal to me so I’m very excited for people to hear it.”

Tesse - Keep It Simple     Folk, Rock, Chill, Roots 03/07/2018
Tesse is the collaborative project of Sydney based singer-songwriter Tom Stephens. Creating a folk/rock sound characterised by full-toned ebbs of acoustic and baritone guitar, stitched together by steady, hypnotic rhythms.
With its humble groove, entwining guitars and Stephen’s laid-back vocals, "Keep It Simple" illustrates a rumination on conformity through an experience of entrapment within a relationship.

Premiered by Brisbane based blog Control Zine, “Keep It Simple” has received considerable support earning AU Review’s 'Single of the Day', spins on Triple J as well as rotation on FBi Radio

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Other tracks by Tesse:  Earthworms  -  Step Into This Heart
Woody Pitney - A Little Too Late     Folk, Pop 03/07/2018
Australian Folk/Pop singer/songwriter that's come from humble beginnings, cutting his teeth at local suburban pubs, to dominating major festivals on the other side of the world.
A dark and powerful reflection upon a past where he thought his music career may have been over, self-described as “the song somewhat unlocks my inner thoughts from a period when I was really questioning where my music career was heading.” Produced by John Castle and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301.

Hannah Campbell - Run Like Wolves     Folk, Pop 02/07/2018
Hannah Campbell is a warm, discerning, and joyfully vulnerable story teller. Her music draws people in with folky roots, and keeps them around with her moving lyrics and catchy melodies.
Run Like Wolves is inspired by the book Women who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a veracious telling of the fierce, powerful and nurturing archetypal woman. My take on femininity focuses on strength in vulnerability, weighing joy with grief in equal measures, and empowerment, rather than judgement.

Carl Cleves - Before Twilight Turns To Night     Folk, Acoustic, Country 01/07/2018
A timeless and classic piece of art, rich with poetry, wisdom and beauty, in the same league as Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash but like them, truly unique.
Moody classic folk song, accompanied by an all-acoustic band of double bass, guitars, mandolin, fiddle and drums.

Other tracks by Carl Cleves:  Good Loving  -  Golden Cage
Paula Standing - Chic Chic Boom     Folk, Country 01/07/2018
Powerful stories with soulful vocals, Paula Standing takes everyday experiences of ordinary people and turns them into delicious tales, but watch out for the sting.
Society's penchant for fame, wealth and immortality. A female passerby fabricates a 'witness' statement for TV coining the infamous phrase 'Chick Chick Boom'. The 1% hold the wealth, continually demanding more. I wonder why? Mother nature will reclaim us all and we take nothing with us when we go.

Other tracks by Paula Standing:  Good Heart  -  Can't Stand By
Montgomery Church - Hot As Hell In Heaven     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 28/06/2018
Cielle Montgomery and James Church are ‘Montgomery Church’ - a blend of acoustic folk, americana and bluegrass influences, grown and distilled in the Snowy Mountains of country New South Wales.
In Hot as Hell in Heaven, Montgomery Church offer rich imagery to surround the perspective of an ex-con, who finds the world to be deceptive and confronting. Cielle Montgomery’s vocal commands over a subtle and hypnotic train rhythm on acoustic guitar, set against the growl of James Church’s dobro and the clash of chain-gang percussion.

Other tracks by Montgomery Church:  Your Troubled Mind  -  The Stillman