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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Lloyd M Clarke - Great Mighty Murray     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Acoustic 22/02/2018
Lloyd M Clarke – is a mature balladeer raised on easy listening, country and popular folk music which birthed a lifelong love and passion for singing, song writing and storytelling.
A celebration of a great Australian River and the bounty we all enjoy from its life giving waters.

Other tracks by Lloyd M Clarke:  High Country Hide Away  -  Daisy Chains
Whirling Furphies - My Brown Yarra     Folk, Country 22/02/2018
The Whirling Furphies hooky pop-style songs coupled with the band’s brilliant musicianship quickly established them at the forefront of the acoustic and folk scene in Australia.
“My Brown Yarra” is claimed by many as their “Melbourne Anthem” and is sung around campfires, at festivals and funerals, in bars by expats all over the world. Apart from the Whirling Furphies version on “Lizard Tree” it has been recorded by both Margret Roadnight and the wonderful Kavisha Mazzella.

Other tracks by Whirling Furphies:  One Plus One Plus One
Jamie Hutchings - December Park     Folk, Atmospheric, Acoustic, Experimental 21/02/2018
Jamie Hutchings is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and sometime producer. He was the frontman for seminal Sydney based quartet Bluebottle Kiss and has since fronted Infinity Broke and The Tall Grass.
December Park captures conjures up the balmy emptiness of Sydney evenings, school holidays, everyone away and some...for good.

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Other tracks by Jamie Hutchings:  Judas Is A Girl  -  Here Comes The Frost
TOBiAS - Left A Light Burning     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 20/02/2018
Soulful - Engaging - EnigmaticInternational artist with Indie Folk Pop Vibes, Beck meets Paul Kelly meets War On Drugs , exceptional musician who comes to life on the guitar.
'Left A Light Burning' is the sixth single released by Indie / Folk Pop artist Tobias. Featuring a dynamite list of musicians including Michel Rose (Troy Cassar-Daley, Kasey Chambers) and Caroline Trengove (Hilbuilly Goats). The song encapsulates the feeling of Tobias's tours in and around Australia.

Timberwolf - Jacaranda Sunsets     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 16/02/2018
One of Australia’s brightest talents, Rising Indie / Alt / Rock Artist Timberwolf has released his debut full length record ‘Íkaros’ and announced an East Coast tour of Australia.
The brand new Paul Kelly-esque Australian Summer Single!

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Justin Doncevic - Girl on the Train     Rock, Blues, Roots 15/02/2018
Justin Doncevic is a Guitarist & multi instrumentalist who fuses blues, rock & folk traditions together with a keen focus on songwriting and storytelling.
‘Girl on the Train’ tells the tale of an eventful train ride, backed by a driven blues based sound that allows the story to take the main focus.

Augie March - When I Am Old     Rock, Folk 15/02/2018
'When I Am Old' is the second single from Augie March's forthcoming album 'Bootikins' coming out on Caroline Music/UMA on 23rd February 2018.
Glenn Richards says '"Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty" which is as I would like it, sadly there are many down sides to ageing to which wisdom and viagra are but temporary barricades to an onslaught as assured as Death's arrival! ,

Chris O - Dirty Boots     Folk, Roots, Country, Acoustic 15/02/2018
Chris O is an Australian roots, and blues performer who draws on a lifetime of encounters with places, people, traditions, and magic to create the original, self-produced songs she plays.
A breakout from city to country living isn’t the ultimate cure, but usually comes with benefits.
Chris on vocals, playing Martin D15 & Recording King Steel Resonator guitars.
Audio Engineering: Chris O

Other tracks by Chris O:  You Mine  -  Love this Land
Kristy Cox - Sweet English Rose     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/02/2018
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide.She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
Sweet English Rose is the second official single from Kristy's Billboard #1 Bluegrass album, Ricochet.

The track was co-written with Allan Caswell (On The Inside) and features the creme of Bluegrass music under the helm of producer, Jerry Salley.

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Lucy Wise - Solid Ground     Folk, Rock 15/02/2018
Lucy Wise delights audiences with her masterful storytelling, intricate ukulele and guitar playing and soulful voice. Lucy’s songs sketch stories that are grounded in the realities of everyday experience...
'Solid Ground' draws the listener in with its infectious groove and Appalachian Folk-inspired melody, offering a warm, rich folk-rock band sound. It puts the listener in the shoes of someone finding their feet again after a breakup. The music video for this release was produced by Melbourne filmmaker Rowan Gruner.

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Mariah McCarthy - Counting Sheep     Folk, Alternative Country 15/02/2018
Breaking out on her own bare feet comes magical folk artist Mariah McCarthy, a Bendigo-based singer songwriter excited to launch her solo career with her first official release ‘Counting Sheep’
With a beckoning voice of home and soothing rhythms akin to travelling among regularly-visited distant places, Mariah marries feelings of here and there; comfort and ache; dream and reality in ‘Counting Sheep’. An ode to awakening remote desire, Mariah's debut is an honest and mature account from the budding talent.

Santa Taranta - Niebla     Folk, Acoustic, World 15/02/2018
Santa Taranta plays traditional Italian music with a modern and more contemporary approach. The band brings up to light a whole repertoire hidden for the non Italian listeners.
Niebla is the first song co written by all the members of the band, and it's also the first in it's style of music (the Pizzica Pizzica) to be written in english and in Australia....that we know of, at least!

Other tracks by Santa Taranta:  Cupa Cupa  -  Sete
Wolf Gordon - Life Goes Slow (Until You're 24)     Folk, Rock, Roots 15/02/2018
Laying smooth vocals, and rhythmic guitar over folk tales old and new, Wolf’s style is reflective of his influences in Paul Kelly, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.
A raw/tell all track with a very direct message. featuring lively guitar, smooth vocals, catchy harmonica and a slight americana/alt country feel.

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Other tracks by Wolf Gordon:  Fool's Paradise  -  Old River
Cookie Baker - Don't Start A Fight     Folk, Alternative Country 14/02/2018
Raised on a farm by the seaside in rural South Australia and now based in Melbourne, Cookie Baker showcases cool wordsmithery and sparkling grit in her disarming songwriting.
Cookie Baker’s ‘Don’t Start A Fight’ is an honest and brilliant account of the aftermath of affection, how two people are forced to continually begin again in fits and starts, replacing the arrival of too much space with new towns and unfamiliar beds in the burial of reality through travel.

Milk Teddy - Sweet Bells Jangled     Pop 14/02/2018
Milk Teddy is a Melbourne five-piece band whose songs push beyond the slippage of irony and sincerity to find a space where camp, ruminative, astute and sincere fly together.
A glorious clamour-fest of wafting guitar leads and stately synths provide rich undergrowth for Thomas Mendelovits’ unmistakably joyous yowl – a picturesque vision of a post-apocalyptic sonic free-for-all.

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Other tracks by Milk Teddy:  Rock 'N' Roll Cretin  -  Gothic Skyline
The Oh Balters - Why Don't You Save Me Now?     Rock, Folk, Pop, Blues 14/02/2018
The Oh Balters are a four piece folk-rock band from Central Australia, now based in Melbourne. Drawing inspiration from Dylan, The Beatles and Black Keys etc.
An upbeat folk-rock song about love and salvation. Ocker vocals and catchy riffs

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Other tracks by The Oh Balters:  Rhythm With Me  -  You're All I Need
Delsinki Records - 'Count Your Blessings'     Blues/Roots, Folk, Atmospheric 02/02/2018
Shape-shifting, categorisation defying, post-colonialist Craig Johnston AKA Delsinki Records' music contains traces of Cohen, Tim Winton, John Brack, poets and dreamers to create a unique vision of contemporary Australian life.
'Count Your Blessings' offers a swelling mix of mandolin, cello and trombone, juxtaposing Delsinki's deep, direct lyrics with Ruby Gill's soaring, lilting echoes. Lyrics of entrapment and survival pepper the song as Delsinki sings of settling for what you've become rather than trying to change. A moving, moody emotive track.

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Bravo Victor - The Duel     Folk, Jazz, Acoustic, Live Performance 01/02/2018
Part jazz, part pop, part R’n’B. Together this bass and voice duo of Jono Burgess and Sophie Aked have provided a sound not heard anywhere else.
The Duel is a poppy track based on the reaction to a character in a short story of the same name by Anton Chekov. The stylings of 90s R&B and the back beat through the chorus create a relaxing summer vibe.

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Other tracks by Bravo Victor:  For All His Flaws  -  Fire & Ice
Graham Dodsworth - Bruton Town     Folk, World 01/02/2018
Graham Dodsworth, singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer since childhood, uses his long association and intimate knowledge of folklore to deliver powerful interpretations of Australian, Celtic, British and contemporary Folk Songs.
Bruton Town - Track 1 from Graham's album, In good King Arthur's Day - a beautiful story song that showcases Graham's engaging vocal and superb guitar playing.

Other tracks by Graham Dodsworth:  Black Waterside
Clint Wilson - Nothin' To Lose     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 01/02/2018
Emerging artist, Clint Wilson is an acoustic troubadour part of the new wave of Australiana artists who's influences draw from folk, Americana and alt country.
Nothin’ To Lose is a dreamy acoustic song where violins enchant you into the breezy take on having nothing in life and being really happy about it. “Missing out” seems to be the better option in Wilson’s eyes. A beautiful sentiment in a materialistic world.