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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Josh Alexander - Closing     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric 01/04/2019
Josh Alexander is a musician from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. His talent for multi-instrumentalism blends multiple styles to result in a beautifully honest look into his world.
‘Closing’ is a heart breaking exposition into the beauty and pain of long distance love. The struggles with time zones, distance, intimacy and simple connection are expressed, but then countered with the butterfly-inducing moments of reunion, and the memories that are a made in such a circumstance.

Captain Fighting Machine - Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 29/03/2019
Captain Fighting Machine is a new project led by Conor Macdonald of the Gin Club (the Brisbane/Melbourne/Hobart/Stockholm collective that began in 2003 and remain in debt, but firm friends).
This song will delight discerning listeners. Those who have the patience to let the song wash over them again and again, will be rewarded with a deeper understanding and appreciation of every considered nuance. Fans of the work of Jason Molina, Bill Callahan and Will Oldham will love this song. This song deserves to sit beside these champions of melancholy.

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Celeste - Never Matter     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Roots 28/03/2019
Celeste Meincke is a Tasmanian born artist/singer-songwriter, honing an original sound that borrows from roots, soul, folk and alt rock. An earthspun songstress with provoking lyrics and emotive melodies.
A story about a woman feeling defeated by a man and metaphorically, society, running away from all that no longer serves her, to redefine her sense of self and worth as a sentient being.

Murry Rhodes - Just like the rain     Folk, Easy Listening, Blues, Alternative Country 28/03/2019
What do you get if you take an unskilled labourer, a broken back and a Piano? A self taught pianoman of Blues Jazz and more, so here's a little folk.
Life is full of falls. The story comes from the perspective of some who lend their support to those who fall. Anyone who helps others is Gold on this planet and especially when helping those who have fallen or who are falling. Musically a simple layer of piano with a warm smokey vocal. Like a good Uncle. :D

Other tracks by Murry Rhodes:  Tumbling Waters  -  Whispers in the wind
Jesse Taylor - Naeco     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Easy Listening 23/03/2019
Jesse Taylor is an indie folk artist from East Coast Australia. Jesse’s music is inspired by coastal travels, adventures, surfing and enjoying life.
Naeco is Ocean spelt backwards. The track has been soaked in summer days and salty waves.

Gary Leonard Hammond - A Little Rain Must Fall     Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic 22/03/2019
Gary Leonard Hammond is a New Age artist combining classical and folk music traditions
An instrumental blend of folk and classical music with a touch of sixties pop.

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Other tracks by Gary Leonard Hammond:  Arabella's Prayer  -  A Country Muse
DENNIS DUIGAN - GROUNDED DOVES     Folk, Country, Roots 21/03/2019
Dennis Duigan picks and hollers heartfelt songs of broken love, hardship and sorrow. His repertoire includes original songs and a selection of Oldtime, pre-war blues and mountain folk songs.
The title track from the EP 'Grounded Doves'. A song that references the issue of depression with a metaphorical approach. Clawhammer banjo, fiddle, voice.

Greta Stanley - Kick     Folk, Rock, Pop, Electronic 21/03/2019
Far North Queensland singer/songwriter Greta Stanley was the 6th most played artist on Unearthed radio last year and the recipient of the 2018 Billy Thorpe Scholarship at QLD Music Awards.
New single “Kick” was born out of a huge emotional breakdown, which came out of the blue and left Greta crying for days. She wrote “Kick” to share her experience and tell herself and others that you will get back on your feet.

It's received 4.5 star reviews from triple J's Declan Byrne, Bridget Hustwaite and Claire Mooney.

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Juan Alban - Gold Beach     Folk 21/03/2019
Gold Beach is the new single from singer/songwriter Juan Alban, the first new music from Juan since his debut, solo album ‘Dr Pelican On Holiday!’ in 2013
A lush wash of harmonies featuring backing vocals by Yuko Nishiyama and backed by members of The Hello Morning, it evokes memories of long summer days, road trips and places you wish you could return to

Matthew Valentyne - A Windmill For Christmas     Folk, Acoustic 21/03/2019
Matthew Valentyne is a 21st Century troubadour with a swag full of songs about the human condition. He’s currently recording and performing in Tasmania.
I gave her a windmill for Christmas
A chariot ride to the heavens
She kneels in the mud by a subway wall
Paints her name in red

I gave her a windmill for Christmas
A catapult to the stars
She stands on a corner with her hands on her hips
Kicking stones at the passing cars

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Other tracks by Matthew Valentyne:  I Fly
The Queensland Tiger - Waltzing Matilda (Banjo Paterson)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, World 21/03/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Song written by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson in 1895 at Dagworth Station near Winton, Queensland. There are several versions of the song : this is The Queensland Version, the closest to Paterson’s original poem. Accordion by Slobodan Lekic.

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Dan Sultan - Nali     Folk 20/03/2019
Critically acclaimed and widely adored musician Dan Sultan has announced his first album of children's music, 'Nali & Friends'.
'Nali' is the cinematic lead track from Dan Sultan's first album for kids, 'Nali & Friends'. It's the heartwarming tale of an Artic tern (Nali), who loses her way flying from the North to the South Pole, meeting animals friends from all around the world along the way.

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The Queensland Tiger - When The Children Come Home (Henry Lawson)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, World 20/03/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Complete poem published in 1890 by Henry Lawson (1867 – 1922), though I have varied the order of the verses for the sake of the song. The tune is The Mudgee Waltz, as known as Tom Blackman’s Waltz.
Violin by Jessie Morgan

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Drewboy - Time to Say Goodbye     Folk, Easy Listening, Roots, Acoustic 20/03/2019
Entrancing and unpredictably diverse songwriter that will rock you to your very core. From love ballads to high energy rock and a hip hop influence in some songs.
The song that makes everyone cry.
Every now and then a song comes along that is so relatable and close to home that you feel like the songwriter has somehow slid into your life and captured your emotions and then poured them into their lyrics.
Produced by Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, who also plays and sings on this track,

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Aidan John - Wait Till The Morning     Folk, Acoustic 20/03/2019
Adelaide based singer/songwriter. Generally acoustic music with intensity and harmony. Rich and lush but direct and distilled.
Wait Till The Morning is a gentle note-to-self about sleeping on big decisions and conundrums. Layered guitar and direct vocal delivery gives this song a concise but rich character. It's a bit of a travelling song. The song was recorded in Aidan's garage in West Perth shortly before moving back to Adelaide, where final mixing and mastering was completed.

Other tracks by Aidan John:  Days Out Nights In
Benjamin Trillado - First Kiss     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Gay Alligned 20/03/2019
Melbourne singer/songwriter Benjamin Trillado is known for his unapologetic candour. From rubbing shoulders with Ainslie Wills to Ben Abraham. Benjamin is making his mark in the Melbourne music scene.
Initially, it’s quite easy to mistake ‘First Kiss’ for a love song, but this true story detailing a drunken night out in a dingy Fitzroy pub is anything but lovely.

“I wanted to be totally honest and didn’t want to sugar-coat anything.
To put it simply, it’s about a kiss that meant everything to me and nothing to him.”

Jack Shannon - Liquor Blues     Folk, Rock, Pop, Roots 20/03/2019
With his supple, tender vocal tones accompanied by a matured, dynamic indie/ folk-rock arrangement, Jack Shannon is a 19 year-old Brisbane-based singer-songwriter who's releasing his enthralling new single, ‘Liquor Blues’.
Accompanied by palm-muted guitar, Shannon's intimate vocals kick off the track to tell the tale of, as Jack states, “a girl who’d go out every weekend, ending up in tears to then blame it on everyone else”. Shannon keeps the pulse beating as layers of guitars flow in and out - building towards a stellar crescendo for the outro.

Pat Tierney - Angels     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Easy Listening 20/03/2019
Pat Tierney mixes his signature lap slide guitar sound with smooth vocals and evocative storytelling.
An ambient - acoustic folk song about the beautiful intricacies of life. Layered with haunting slide guitar, piano, bass and organ.

Tess Guthrie - WUTO     Folk, Roots, Pop, Rock 20/03/2019
Raised on the Surf Coast, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Tess Guthrie uses her powerful voice to tell raw, relatable stories, drawing you in with her disarmingly honest lyrics.
'WUTO' (Were you the one) is Tess Guthrie's first single. Recorded and co-produced by All Our Friends Music off the Gold Coast and mixed by Alexander O'Gorman in Melbourne, WUTO combines warmth and rawness with a building sense of grit. Add to that some disarmingly honest lyrics and powerful vocals and you've got yourself a molotov-feels-cocktail.

Rhyen - There Goes My Mind     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 15/03/2019
Rhyen is a bedroom-based singer-songwriter with dreams of performing outside his bedroom. His honest lyrics and endearing stage presence carry a unique emotional resonance making for a captivating live experience.
'There Goes My Mind' is the most honest track from track from Rhyen's upcoming debut EP 'Tomorrow Things Will Be Alright'. It speaks personally about the difficulties of anxiety and and the fears that replay continuously through the mind. Sometimes it clear that these are irrational thoughts, but sometimes the thoughts are also easy to believe.

Other tracks by Rhyen:  The Monster  -  To the Stars