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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Asha Jefferies - Chaos     Folk, Pop, Chill 07/03/2018
Asha Jefferies creates revealing music. It’s the revealing nature of these stories that finds her at odds with her dual identities; an intimate songwriter and a maturing woman.
Earnest singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies has shared her latest single Chaos; a crooning tune about devotion, fear and falling for the uncontrollable.

Chaos is a reflection on the people around Asha; recognizing, accepting and embracing their failures, their faults and their successes then ultimately moving forward together.

Zoë Dellaca - Still     Folk, Pop, Rock 07/03/2018
Zoë Dellaca writes songs that make you want to cuddle up in front of the fire on a rainy night. ‘Still’ is her first single from debut album ‘Sweater Weather.’
Still is a powerful tune about being hurt by someone you love but not being able to let go. Featuring simultaneously vulnerable and powerful vocals and honest lyrics, the song gets into your head and under your skin.

A Straw Assembly - Monsters     Folk, Rock 03/03/2018
Sharp edged rocky numbers interspersed with more pensive folk tunes and journey songs, ASA has tunes for all moods.
This is a song about being tied to forces pulling in opposite directions by someone you care about. A folk-rock tune with some funked up trumpet in the chorus, Monsters has a somewhat frivolous feel for its subject matter.

Other tracks by A Straw Assembly:  Free Ride  -  Arrival
Hobart Curtis - Denmark     Folk, Acoustic, Atmospheric 03/03/2018
Hobart Curtis is a solo-artist and producer from Brisbane who writes melodic. guitar laden, electronic indie pop who boasts a unique and honest voice.
"Denmark" is a departure from Curtis' previous indie-pop catalog, instead delivering a deep and transparent minimalist cut. With lyrical content hanging off an obviously deep and recent wound, "Denmark" drives an emotional stake with a heavy hand.

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Other tracks by Hobart Curtis:  Lazy  -  Out Of Nothing
Michael Dunstan - Partly Cloudy     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening 03/03/2018
Arising from a quaint regional WA upbringing, Michael combines warm soulful vocals, intricate acoustic finger-style guitar and upbeat foot-stomping grooves for a truly unique peaceful acoustic folk sound.
Written in Exmouth, WA, Partly Cloudy is a song of immense gratitude for simply being alive. There's things all around us that are indescribably beautiful that we will truly never be able to comprehend, and Partly Cloudy is my way of reminding myself to breathe and be thankful everyday.

Other tracks by Michael Dunstan:  Home  -  Red Moon
Rachel Caddy - Garden     Folk, Roots, Pop 03/03/2018
Victorian Songstress with a distinctive voice and a stunning indie/folk flavour. Known by her fans for honest songwriting and vivid imagery.
An organic, mellow track about a relationship and the factors that limit its growth.

Racoo - Clean Air     Folk, Psychedelic, Alternative Country, Atmospheric 03/03/2018
Racoo plays melancholic/all night/absurdist songs documenting leaking walls, absent doors, and idlers.
Being stuck between two worlds.

Born In October - Free Of Heart     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 02/03/2018
City boy Matt Thomson (vocals, guitar) and country girl Rachel Webster (vocals, guitar, ukulele) unite to comprise dreamy indie/folk duo Born in October from Sydney and Nundle, NSW, Australia.
The dreamy call and response of the chorus which challenges the other person to rediscover their inner child complements the bitter-sweet nostalgic feel of the verses.

Other tracks by Born In October:  No Friend Of Mine
Brendan the Bard - Four Seasons     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Easy Listening 02/03/2018
An Australian Folk-Rock/Roots artist born, raised and based in Brisbane. Brendan the Bard draws stories from his own life and weaves them into a rich musical tapestry.
Started swaying straight a way to this one. Felt like I was on a ship going to war but in the best way...what I mean by that is that the feeling of longing runs deep in this song. -Nkechi Anele 'Triple J presenter for Roots N All'

Other tracks by Brendan the Bard:  S.S Swann  -  Songs and Seeds
Eli - Masonry     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 02/03/2018
Warm and empathic vocal tone. Honest lyrics and friendly melodies.
“Masonry” identifies the myriad of pathways that can be taken in life. Some paths are made of duty, expectation and practicality. These paths are tried and true, producing consistent outcomes. Others are less defined and require constant attention, and are idealistic and dreamy. A blend of the two is required.

Other tracks by Eli:  Lock Up  -  Homeless
Monkey & The Fish - Change Is Good     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Acoustic 02/03/2018
An eclectic mix of roots, folk'n reggae, Monkey & the Fish's 'A Place Of Hope' is an evocative production that won the 2017 Dolphin Award for 'Album Of The Year'
An upbeat call to embrace the change away from coal and fossil fuel to renewable green energy. A positive response to the 'fear mongering' of vested interest groups and their political puppets. Folk rock featuring harmonica.

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Other tracks by Monkey & The Fish:  Smell Of Rain  -  A Legacy
Tim Hart - A Long Way     Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 02/03/2018
Tim Hart is a folk singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. He is a member of Australian band Boy & Bear.
A long way is about relationships. People getting bored and complacent and disconnected. I think a lot gets written about the good and the bad but never much about the in-between.

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Todd Pierce - No Sign of Bigfoot (Day 57)     Folk, Roots, Rock 02/03/2018
A multi-instrumentalist songwriter whose style straddles rock, roots, classical, progressive and folk, incorporating a range of instruments (guitar, piano, tuba, saxophone, clarinet, flute, melodica, ukulele, mandolin) and environmental samples.
The Modern Folk review: "The tale of a sad man who has staked his dreams of success on finding a bigfoot and cashing in on the inevitable publicity that discovery would lead to. Musically, it's an eclectic folk jam with production touches from a tuba bass line, and melodica riff."

Other tracks by Todd Pierce:  Lie Down Slow  -  Forty Ten
Ryan Downey - Running     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 01/03/2018
Spellbinding indie-folk artist Ryan Downey releases his striking new single ‘Running’, the title track to his debut album due Friday 13 April via Barely Dressed Records / Remote Control.
A deftly plucked nylon string guitar is all that is needed to support Ryan’s mesmeric baritone in 'Running'. The first words you’ll ever hear from him are addressed directly to you, ‘I could write a song to you so sweet, it’d raise you to your feet and you’d come running’...

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Brad & Brodie - Scarlett Red     Folk, Pop 01/03/2018
We met through music, and together we have now grown through music. Our message is hope and love.
This song is based on a dream but then turned into a realisation that the darkness in our lives is an illusion and we aren't running from it anymore.

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Other tracks by Brad & Brodie:  Butterfly  -  Sky, Land and Sea
Yhan Leal - By The Wayside     Folk 01/03/2018
By The Wayside is the latest release from Yhan Leal’s new self-titled album.
The opening track from the current album featuring his signature nylon string soft and smooth guitar picking. With his beautiful voice floating over the top along with a tasteful rhythm section and the ethereal soundscapes which have become such a part of his haunting neo folk sound.

Allison Forbes - Gone     Country 23/02/2018
Tamworth’s own rebel child is a breath of fresh air and an outburst of originality in songwriting. Allison Forbes is a new-age outlaw of country music.
Gone is the new single offering by Tamworth singer songwriter Allison Forbes. Taken from the EP ‘Augustine’, Allison explores the emotions of wanting to pack up normal life after disappointments and running away in the middle of the night.

Mary Webb - Fly On The Table     Folk 23/02/2018
Mary has a reputation as an innovative performer and songwriter. She has a background in classical and choral music and also sites Jazz and Folk as powerful influences.
The song is about independence, feeling trapped, and wanting to find my own way through difficult times. I was seeing a future for myself that was different to the reality I was living, and wanted to summon my own strength to get myself there.

Didirri - Formaldehyde     Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Pop 22/02/2018
Simultaneously heartbreaking and healing, and approaching real issues with smile and charm, Didirri is an artist with something to say.
single “Formaldehyde” is dedicated to all the inspiring strong women in life, and all the unique experiences they have.

At some point in life we all feel a loss of control, and this song is about embracing that feeling.

Joe Man Murphy - Johnny     Folk 22/02/2018
Joe Man Murphy is an Irish born Folk and Roots singer-songwriter.With influences from Paul Simon, John Butler and The Eagles, Joe's music has evolved to become a unique blend.
This song about my Dad's uncle Johnny. A great musician in the 40's he had one of the most popular big bands in Ireland. He went on to produce Eurovision winning songs and write music for the RTE symphony Orchestra

Other tracks by Joe Man Murphy:  Gold Mine  -  In The End My Love