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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Great Aunt - Diggin' Holes     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Ambience 31/08/2018
Great Aunt is an Americana/folk duo from Melbourne, Australia, rambling a musical line between the plaintive and the joyous. Set somewhere between a gospel church and a dimly-lit speakeasy.
In the traditions of bluegrass, old time folk music, Diggin Holes is song that'll make you stomp and clap your feet.
Bird sings about, past mistakes and owning them. Being fiercely independent, and never giving up on making it as your own person. Sometimes temptation leads you astray, and taking the long road, whilst sometimes treacherous is the most rewarding.

Other tracks by Great Aunt:  Head Up  -  We Need To Start Again
Michael Burrows - Turn This Love Around     Folk, Country, Rock, Acoustic 27/08/2018
Country, Folk, Americana and Rock styles and having worked with some of music's royalty over the years, Burrows has delivered a track resulting in an amalgamation of creativity, hard work & honesty leaving you breathless..
Michael Burrows, begins his next instalment with the unveiling of his latest Rock/Country  single  'Turn This Love Around'.
Quickly becoming a household name with the successful release of  'Please Don't Cry' a few months ago, racking up nationwide airplay, a plethora of publications as well as overseas interest.

tomtom - The Hero And The Coward     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 26/08/2018
In between the 90s and the 2000s, in between analog and digital, in between baritone and tenor, tomtom writes meaning-filled melodies within his home-recorded and mixed productons.
The Hero & the Coward is a song about love and loss and the lessons we learn in the process of understanding ourselves and others.

Other tracks by tomtom:  Momentum  -  Unspoken
Greta Stanley - Come Undone     Folk, Pop 25/08/2018
A singer songwriter from far Nth Qld with a penchant for writing beautiful songs about growing up.
"Come Undone” is about the process of knowing something will inevitably be over and it’s out of your control. The way the song is shaped in production follows in line with the waves of an anxious thought pattern, quiet, loud, rational, irrational but in conclusion going back to the start, silencing the rest, and knowing what will be will be.

Leebone Phillips - Too Lucky     Folk, Alternative Country, Experimental, Garage 25/08/2018
Leebone Phillips is a Brisbane based songwriter whose sound is reminiscent of old time country-folk songsters - such as Michael Hurley - with a decent dose of lo-fi pop sensibility.
Too Lucky chews over ideologies of fate, religious-superstition and free will. Contrasting his previous single's - collectively referred to as "Songs For The Grey Cat" - TOO LUCKY puts a finger on the pulse of existentialism. Beating with retro-synth, electric guitars, and lyrical mortality, Leebone draws from indie-vanguards Dr Dog and M Ward, while preserving his signature lo-fi character.

Low Down Riders - Low Down Riders     Folk, Jazz, Blues 25/08/2018
Horn drenched feel good sounds of New Orleans dressed up in an Australian accent. Social, jazzy & for young and old.
A fun rollicking tune for dancing driven by wild horn solos and group vocals

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Other tracks by Low Down Riders:  Stomping on My Heart  -  Love is Just A Swipe Away
Martin Gladman - Everything We Need     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Gay Alligned 25/08/2018
Martin Gladman is an up-and-coming Australian pop artist, presenting folk, pop, r'n'b, hip hop, rock and dance sounds. Martin's debut single charted in the Top 5 on Triple J Unearthed.
Debuting in the Top 5 two weeks in a row on Triple J's Unearthed, 'Everything We Need' is a deeply touching Australian folk/pop/acoustic number that is set to both inspire and warm the heart. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Holly Throsby and Angus & Julie Stone, this gentle, delicate, powerful track reminds one of the subtle beauty of life.

Other tracks by Martin Gladman:  Work  -  Greater Together
Billy Burke & The Tears - The Word     Folk, Punk, Acoustic, Pop 24/08/2018
Folky project of Yes I'm Leaving's Billy Burke
Big & full chords with carnival organ. Bass following harmonica over some shambolic percussion. Dry & direct vocals to tie things in place.

Other tracks by Billy Burke & The Tears:  Home  -  Unseen
Ben Camden - Caroline     Folk, Blues, Alternative Country, Pop 24/08/2018
Ben Camden is a singer/songwriter with a deep and powerful baritone. Mixing folk, blues, surf and pop into an acoustic and electric mashup, his sound is enigmatic as his image.
Caroline is as raw and soul-baring as it gets. Driven by an entrancing guitar riff and his signature baritone, Camden leaves no card unturned as the track builds to a crescendo of seismic proportions. The real beauty of the song is it’s transcending ability to make you want to move your feet as well as listen in heart broken isolation.

Other tracks by Ben Camden:  Just A Dream  -  Sleepless Song
McDermott & North - Through The Wind     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Chill 24/08/2018
McDermott & North are a young folk/indie acoustic song writing duo from Brisbane Australia, who draw inspiration from the simplicity of the songs of the 60’s.
Tracked Live in Melbourne, Easter 2018 by Lee ‘Lemon’ Trevena.
Mastered by Daniel Fournier at CPARIS Analogue Mastering.
Photography by Ash Constance.
Logo by Roche Creative.

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Other tracks by McDermott & North:  Broken Girl  -  Sunshine Bank Holiday
The Money War - Hollywood     Folk 24/08/2018
The Money War deal in dreamy atmospheric indie pop
The Money War’s latest single ‘Hollywood’ marks a significant shift in the band’s sound, production values and song writing. The cinematic dreamy pop mood conveys an exquisite sense of despair; Carmen Pepper’s enchanting ethereal vocal is underscored with a wondrously swelling atmospheric soundtrack.

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Ukulele Death Squad - Not Afraid     Folk, Roots, Rock 23/08/2018
The Ukulele Death Squad strives to entertain and wow their audiences by pushing the boundaries of the small four stringed instrument– the Ukulele. ​
‘Not Afraid’ incorporates all the highlights from a Ukulele Death Squad live show boasting a wild, fast paced energy consisting of ukulele solos, a silver-tongued ukulele bass line, rich baritones and a soul inspired saxophone melody to bring it all together.

Daggy Man - Are You Laughing?     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Pop 22/08/2018
Daggy Man is the solo moniker of Singer/Songwriter Thomas Calder, previously of The Trouble With Templeton.
This new single from daggy man sees the songwriter pushing his musical boundaries.
“Are You Laughing?” weaves through all the different phases of life, from birth to death, constantly shifting and growing in subtle but powerful ways, shining a light on the small, meaningful moments we all encounter along the way.

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Crow Mountain - Following The Rails     Folk, Country, Roots 20/08/2018
Vocal duo Crow Mountain perform original, traditionally flavoured, old-time country and folk tunes. Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Megan Legg and Ben Thomas combine honey-dipped harmonies with delicate old-time instrumentation.
'Following The Rails' is about the need to keep travelling, because if you're not moving, where are you going? From a train yard in Spokane, people from across the United States gathered to jump the freights to get to where they need to be. Old-time banjo, fiddle and dobro combine with Megan Legg's vocal to tell their story.

Other tracks by Crow Mountain:  Going Back To Indigo  -  Shallow Water
Close to the Sun - Dog Leg     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Chill 18/08/2018
Close to the Sun are a Sydney-based indie folk duo. They meld acoustic, classical, electric, slide, bass and percussion with honest, heartfelt songwriting.
Indie folk guitars and mellow vocals touch on the ebb and flow of life.

Other tracks by Close to the Sun:  Watch You Fly
Ned Collette - June     Folk, Acoustic, Experimental, Rock 18/08/2018
Melbourne-born singer-songwriter, now based in Berlin. He was a member of instrumental band City City City and has since recorded six albums, either solo or with his band, Wirewalker.
'June’ is the third single and monolithic centrepiece of Ned Collette’s upcoming double record Old Chestnut. An expansive, subtle song that keeps the listener in a state of suspense as it builds slowly into a towering tempest. At the height of this crescendo ‘June’ breaks and folds into a delicate sun-shower. Featuring the unmistakable piano of The Necks’ Chris Abrahams.

Steve Pinner - Lost Without Your Soul     Folk, Rock 18/08/2018
Ballads and rocky folk songs, a cross between Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton. Emotional songs with no apology for the emotional boundaries it touches...but with soul woven throughout.
A dark sinister song about the loss of that person and partner who has helped one out of the underworld, drugs and self destruction but not understanding that not letting go of that life,has driven them away.

Other tracks by Steve Pinner:  Wish I Was The Sun  -  Waste of Space
Timberwolf - Proud Silence     Folk, Chill, Soul 18/08/2018
Timberwolf is one of Australia's brightest and most engaging artists, with awe-inspiring vocals directed by an otherworldy talent for authentic songwriting and dynamic musical production.
Both produced and recorded by Panousakis himself, the single couples euphoric vocals with emphatic basslines reflecting Timberwolf’s philosophising between a proud, silent exterior and the emotions that lay beneath. Gliding alongside echoing guitar chords, his soulful melodies ooze emotion. Striking keys combined with escalating synths and tender vocals matching the purest lyricism will have you mesmerized from start to finish.

Tom West - King Cambyses     Folk, Roots, Rock, Acoustic 18/08/2018
Tom West is an Australian singer-songwriter performing music that traverses the rocky and undulating ground between simple, whimsical folk tunes and grand and moody soundscapes.
This song reflects on the way that our experience of memory and hindsight affects our experience and understanding of the present.
The idea came when I was listening to a history podcast that discussed the story of when, supposedly, King Cambyses, Emperor of the ancient Persian Empire directed an army into the Egyptian desert that disappeared in a sandstorm.

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Dear Willow - I Was Young     Folk, Pop 17/08/2018
Dear Willow is the creative voice of Sunshine Coast based artist Em-J Dau, transforming from poet to a solo acoustic act and now embracing her sound through a full band.
Beckoning tales from the past, I Was Young explores feelings of being trapped within situations similar to that of a somewhat manic pixie dream girl character. It bares the raw truth of consequences when breaking down that bubble.