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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Phil Barlow - In My Heart     Folk, Soul, Roots 25/07/2018
Australian singer/songwriter, Phil Barlow pairs the power of simplicity with dynamic modern production to create a heartfelt blend of neo-folk and soul full of authenticity and presence.
Capturing a deep shift to let go of the over-active mind, trust in life and live from your authentic self, 'In My Heart' emphasises the power of simplicity. A dynamic, spacious yet full-bodied sound that weaves a modern soundscape around a soulful song that inspires openness, strength and inner peace.

Rhyen - Youth in Love     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 25/07/2018
Rhyen is a bedroom-based singer songwriter with dreams of performing outside his bedroom. Woven through delicate guitar work, his lyrics speak honestly about and anxieties of growing up.
Written about young love and it's ability to isolate itself from the rest of the world.

Teresa Dixon - Apple Isle     Folk, Country, Roots 25/07/2018
Teresa Dixon sings songs of visceral sadness, careful optimism, and the things we do to pull ourselves together, get up, and get on with it.
This track is an autobiographical story of Teresa's visit to meet her father in Tasmania after a long separation. The instrumentation and story swells and flows like the waters of Bass Strait, the title of the album.

Other tracks by Teresa Dixon:  Solitary Man  -  Little Girl
Estelle Conley - Brightest Star     Folk, Roots, Country 24/07/2018
Estelle performs folk-music reminiscent of her heroines—Joni Mitchell, Patti Griffin and Eva Cassidy, to name a few. Her songs will soothe the most savage beasts with their sweet sweet tones.
Written by Estelle as a present for her father's 60th, 'Brightest Star' is an ode to the unique and beautiful gift that is unconditional, unwavering love.

Other tracks by Estelle Conley:  Thief
Charm of Finches - The Bridge     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Atmospheric 20/07/2018
Award-winning Melbourne teen sister duo, Charm of Finches, aka Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes, sing dreamy harmonies: haunted folk tunes about heartbreak, solitude and whispering trees.
Produced by Nick Huggins and Charm of Finches
Engineered and Mixed by Nick Huggins
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering, Scotland
Written, Arranged and Performed by Charm of Finches

Charm of Finches are:
Mabel Windred-Wornes: vocals, piano, guitar, cello
Ivy Windred-Wornes: vocals, violin, ukulele, glockenspiel

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Elli Belle - Weight Of The World     Folk, Ambience, Acoustic, Electronic 20/07/2018
Elli Belle’s indie folk tunes combine thoughtful lyrics, soulful melodies and an utterly unique voice of exquisite range. She is truly captivating. “Haunting and ethereal” - the AU Review.
Minimal and ambient yet powerful and emotional, Weight Of The World was written in Alice Springs following a series of devastating global events and recorded in Sweden, ironically around the corner from Neo-nazi protests taking place in light of Trump's election. This song is moody and raw, uplifting and beautiful.

Emily Jane - Behind Closed Doors     Folk, Soul, Pop, Acoustic 20/07/2018
Soulful and melancholic, Emily Jane’s music is reminiscent of artists like Julien Baker and. Centred around simplicity, Emily and her guitar aim to tell a story with every song
Beginning with just vocal guitar before transgressing into a dream-like collection of strings, harmonies and piano, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ will take you on a journey. The track follows Emily's own experiences with domestic violence, using the theme of vulnerability and openness to describe her experiences so anyone else feeling or have felt the same can feel less alone.

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Other tracks by Emily Jane:  Until Then  -  Scintilla
Justine Wahlin - Bird Song     Folk, Roots, Country, Roots 20/07/2018
Unique and haunting alt country/folk. Justine is an artist with a great deal to offer among the poets and misfits. Intelligent, heart wrenching and uplifting music.
The song was recorded and produced by the amazing Michael Carpenter. He added much of the lush soundscape giving it a great rootsy vibe. He also lent me his voice for a couple of very subtle vocal overlays created to evoke the spirit of Karl. With a voice of similar tone and timbre, these parts sound eerily like Karl Broadie.

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Laik Aífe - Mother     Folk, Ambience, Chill, Downbeat 20/07/2018
Once tipped $10 by Tim Rogers for 'having the spunk', Laik Aífe is a Sydney based singer-songwriter who slings heartfelt soaring tunes with an endearing charisma and sass.
“Mother” is a one of a kind type of song. Through-composed with moments of Laik Aífe’s signature soaring high notes tape delayed into the ether, coupled with acidic electric guitar solos. Underpinned by a hypnotising rising 10ths motif which you could listen to forever. Written about reaching outward for safety, instead of inward: “Mother nature, won’t you mother me”.

Yasmine Hosseini - The River     Folk, Acoustic, Atmospheric 19/07/2018
Atmospheric, swirling harmonies and guitar music churned out from a bedroom studio in Perth.
This track is influence by the guitar work of Father John Misty and lyrically references the novel The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, about the colonisation of the Congo.

Other tracks by Yasmine Hosseini:  Kate  -  Moscow
MatsB - I'm Coming Over     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Country 18/07/2018
MatsB is a talented musical artist with a passion for writing and performing original songs. His lyrics display powerful meaning aiming at providing answers to the big questions in life.
A reflection of personal love stories in my life. It’s an upbeat, catchy song. Lyrics focus on breaking through barriers with love, exploring new love and finding happiness and fulfilment. The lyrics evoke feelings of excitement, thrill and optimism. The song helps its audience to reflect on their own love stories and to remain positive despite the challenges that arise.

Other tracks by MatsB:  Build My Dream  -  You Always Heard My Call
Fyerfly - Captured     Folk, Jazz, Chill, Blues 13/07/2018
Fyerfly's seductive rhythms and sensually warm voice ooze emotion and draw the listener into her dark and intimate world.
We hitch a ride as Fyerfly carries us through the quiet and almost secret journey of a shared intimacy.

Magpie Diaries - When Love Comes     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 13/07/2018
Alluding to an era well before their birth, Magpie Diaries have a sound born from the ‘70s. It's dreamy Americana country mixed with a rockier alternative.
'When Love Comes', typifies the laid back sound and wry poetry of writer Magpie Johnston's music. This song floats between an up-beat alt country sound into more of a pseudo-pop production sound. The track was recorded with Matt Sherrod, and there's definitely an ear worm in there.. you should check out the video for it, which features speed dating dogs.

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Grace Armstrong - Bleeding Out     Folk, Rock, Pop 12/07/2018
Grace Armstrong and her electric band will draw you in, and then spit you out; but you will always come back for seconds.
Bleeding Out is about the experience of living with my sister. It was quite tumultuous so I wanted to try capture that feeling that we both felt - like we were leaving each other for dead.

Bonniesongs - Follow Me     Folk, Acoustic 11/07/2018
Bonnie’s sweet ethereal vocals sail over the polyrhythmic backgrounds created between her guitar, mandolin, percussion and vocal loops.
Bonniesongs new single 'Follow Me' is a lush, organic piece of introspective folk, drawing on Joanna Newsom, Bjork and early Cat Power.

Hollow Coves - Ran Away     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 11/07/2018
With influences such as Angus & Julia Stone, Ben Howard and The Paper Kites, Hollow Coves are a dynamic indie folk duo from Brisbane, Queensland.
"Ran Away" explores the process of moving on and all of the beautiful, confusing emotions that come with it. The track features catchy melodies, reflective lyrics and stunning harmonies.

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The Skeltons - Cruise Ship Dreaming     Folk 11/07/2018
The Skeltons are a unique father son collaboration between guitar/piano and piano accordion. The songs are of longing and have a dreamlike quality which transports the listener to another place.
This track is about traveling in Asia and trying to swing a gig on a cruise ship. Or, at a deeper level it is about the confusion between friendship and love, and relationships somewhere in between...

Other tracks by The Skeltons:  Kings Cross Rooftops
Georgia Mulligan - The Dark     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 10/07/2018
Georgia Mulligan is an independent artist from Sydney whose rich voice and thoughtful songwriting take the listener on a journey from introspection to catharsis.
A collision of the feelings of alienation, depression, anger and pure joy that come with being on the cusp of 'adult'-hood.

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Hollie Col - Let Yourself Down     Folk, Rock, Gay Alligned 10/07/2018
Hollie Col is a Sydney folk-pop artist described by Triple J's Declan Byrne and Nkechi Anele as an up and coming talent with an emotionally raw and honest vocal performance.
Let Yourself Down has a beautifully haunting element as it opens with an emotive piano and acoustic guitar before the kick drum pulses in. The emotive lyrical content builds as the electric guitar and grand piano begin to fill out as we hit the bridge and a powerful drum build carry the song into an incredibly grand final chorus.

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Other tracks by Hollie Col:  I'm Not Calling
Thomas Keating - I'll Break Your Heart     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 09/07/2018
Thomas Keating is a Sydney-born Melbourne-based indie rock aficionado who crafts intimate tales of home and country life through honest storytelling and colourful songwriting.
Produced by Gordon Burke at Everland Studios Sydney, 'I'll Break Your Heart' was mastered by Nick Franklin (Polish Club, Buried Feather) and engineered by Dorny Mayes at Linear Studios. With catchy pop phrasing, driving bass hooks, and a peppering of twinkling keys ‘I’ll Break Your Heart’ is glimmering indie pop that demands sing-alongs long after the final strum.