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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Outside The Academy - It’s Kafkaesque     Rock, Atmospheric, Experimental, Ambience 05/01/2018
Outside The Academy is Pawel Cholewa (Pa-vell Ho-liv-er); a nomadic producer and multi-instrumentalist who has the balance between experimental and euphonics just right.
A frustrated experimental disaster: no clarity; no cohesion; no (real) structure; a lo-fidelity nightmare.


Other tracks by Outside The Academy:  My Nine  -  In Motion (The Manatee Version)
NeRV - Live It     Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Garage 02/01/2018
Slamming acoustic guitars, drums, sax, Harmonica and ragged vocal harmonies. Whiskey fuelled Neil Young and Bowie late night jamming with Jack White, using the Oils as a backing band.
Hi energy acoustic rock about getting the most out of life. Acoustic guitars, drums, ragged harmonies, snarly groove.

Other tracks by NeRV:  Logjam  -  Godspeed
Tasha Zappala - Dreambox     Folk, Blues, Acoustic, Soul 23/12/2017
Zappala unlocks a raw mixture of post-folk blues that synthesizes the atmosphere of a local coffee shop where the lighting is warm & the ambiance is nothing short of enticing.
Written in California.

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Other tracks by Tasha Zappala:  Metrobattle  -  Winter Year
Tristen Bird - Yonder Comes The Sun     Country, Folk, Blues, Alternative Country 23/12/2017
Tristen's forthcoming release 'Yonder comes the sun' features a who’s who of the Americana music scene and is currently under production with Grammy award - winning producer Matt Ross Spang.
Yonder Comes The Sun is a high energy single that introduces Tristens band featuring Jimbo Hart on bass guitar (Jason Isbell & the 400 unit), drummer Clint Hyndman (Something for Kate) guitarist Stefan Hauk, violinist Xani (The Twoks), Organist Liam Kealy, vocalist Michael Barclay (Paul Kelly) & vocalist Scarlett Mitchell.

Other tracks by Tristen Bird:  Anywhere You Wanna Go
Luke Brennan - Lovers Leap     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 22/12/2017
What moments would you be without if you didn’t take a chance? Luke Brennan seeks his answer in what will no doubt be one of the songs of the year.
Showcasing his skill of melding traditional folk sensibilities with touches of modern stylings, Luke Brennan's new single ‘Lovers Leap’ tells the story of love on the precipice, an ode to the dreamer and a solemn cry to would-be romantics.

Sam Newton - Hazel Eyes     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 21/12/2017
Hazel Eyes is the first single released from Sydney-based Sam Newton's forthcoming album Stare Into The Dark. The album is released in February 2018.
Hazel Eyes seeks to combine the raw energy of Dylan with the lyrical prowess of Van Zandt. It was written about the helplessness and desperation that we all experience when someone that we deeply care about is crying. It goes straight for the jugular and offers no apologies.

Kayla Rose - Warm With You     Electronic, Folk, Ambience, Atmospheric 21/12/2017
Kayla Rose is a 22 year old Singer/Songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia. With the ability to play multiple instruments, Kayla is ready to show the world what they've been missing.
'Warm With You' has beautifully captured the elements of a relationship that you just can't be without.

Sean McMahon - Show Me The Way     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 21/12/2017
‘From stripped back casual charm to royally rocking, Sean McMahon has built a bespoke musical home of his own’ —Chris Lambie ,Rhythms
‘Show Me The Way’ encapsulates Sean’s immense talent, weaving poetic lyricism with fuzz guitars and a cosmic country resonance without sacrificing his melodic songwriting pedigree

Ell & Hart - Caught Up In A Rainstorm     Folk, Country, Pop, Chill 20/12/2017
Ell & Hart is comprised of Australia's Sheona Urquhart and Sweden's Jade Ell. Original, folk-pop tunes from two charming ladies.
Features the renown tight harmonies of Ell & Hart, who improvised a way of recording simultaneously to capture the “vibrations” that occur when they sing together.
Jade recorded from the studio’s drum-kit room, with Sheona in the next room, singing to each other through a glass door separating them

Fallon Cush - Archilles Heel     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Psychedelic 20/12/2017
New single from the album Morning which has been featured in many Best Of 2017 album lists. Fallon Cush are a Sydney-based alt pop/Americana band.
Aching psychedelic pop/rock from Sydney's Fallon Cush. A bitter-sweet melody, billowing guitars and an all round soulful performance combine to make Achilles Heel a majestic highlight of the band's latest album, Morning.

Girl Friday - Damaged Heart     Folk, Jazz, Blues 20/12/2017
Girl Friday with her rich, soulful voice will transport you to a different time with one foot firmly planted in the present day.
Damaged Heart is realistically romantic with a jazz/blues feel and close harmony backing vocals. Reminiscent of a simpler time, Girl Friday is accompanied by ukulele, double bass, violin and drums on this track.

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Michael Waugh - Little C Word     Country, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 20/12/2017
Little 'C' Word is the powerful and intense first single from the forthcoming album The Asphalt & The Oval from Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Michael Waugh
First single from Golden Guitar Award nominee Waugh’s second album, ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’, produced by ARIA award winner, Shane Nicholson. Michael’s story-song celebrates Australians calling a spade a bloody shovel – a tribute to his brother and how sometimes there’s only one word to describe how you’re feeling.

Other tracks by Michael Waugh:  Footy Trip
Sarah Calderwood - Far     Folk, Pop 20/12/2017
Mischievous, introspective alt-folk. Often praised for her capacity to sound new and old at once, Sarah anchors her music in the space where tradition and innovation intertwine.
A world weary song about the rise of power and the death of love in the age of online trolls, fake news & political floor show spin. This song is a call to arms, saying we deserve better than this. We are so far from where we should be.

Other tracks by Sarah Calderwood:  Drive On  -  A Handful of Stars feat. Shane Nicholson
Sean Gagen - Coyote     Electronic, Acoustic 20/12/2017
Ipswich based solo artist, Sean Gagen, crafts interesting vocal melodies, live loops and folktronic sound scapes. Definitely an artist to keep a close eye on this year!
'Coyote' is the feature track on Sean's 3 track single. The song combines acoustic and electronic elements and invokes imagery of North America.

Other tracks by Sean Gagen:  Cain / Abel  -  Got To Be More
Emlyn Johnson - Rubbish     Folk, Experimental, Punk, Jazz 16/12/2017
Emlyn Johnson has been involved in the music scenes in Perth, Melbourne, and Hobart and plays a unique style of lyrics-prominent folk music with elements of punk and jazz.
Rubbish is a song about Rubbish featuring a climbing chord progression over an energetic keyboard beat beginning with the lyric "Condom Packet Under A Tree" and finishing with the lyric "Living On A Rubbish Farm"

Other tracks by Emlyn Johnson:  Surplus  -  Belinda
Anni M Fables - Endless     Folk, Acoustic 15/12/2017
Inspired by beauty, grit and oddity, Tasmanian freak-folk artist Anni M Fables weaves her rich experience as a traveling songwriter, delivering compelling vocals and sultry viola melodies in imagination and alchemy. 
An energetic and colourful ramble about exploration and possibility. Also touches on the dark side of consumption and materialism. Features clarinet and Hammond keys. The first single released from the album Space (Luck) Sphere with a dynamic video clip filmed in Mexico. This song is a lot of fun.


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Other tracks by Anni M Fables:  Sister  -  What We Lost
Hannah Campbell - For Your Love     Folk, Pop 15/12/2017
Hannah is a warm, discerning, and joyfully real storyteller. She writes to unpack stories of her failings, hopefulness, desire, loss, and all the other hard things to see and say.
For Your Love is the story of a boozy night with some friends that takes a bad turn. Under the covers it’s a declaration of absolute dedication to some un-live-without-able friendships. It’s about love and confusion, adoration and the mutual feeling that you would do anything for this person's love.

Other tracks by Hannah Campbell:  Sunshine  -  Breathe
Dom Italiano - Travelling Shoes     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Alternative Country 14/12/2017
Lyric driven acoustic folk/pop for the heavily light-hearted
About quitting you job to travel overseas with a partner in hopes of saving the relationship

Other tracks by Dom Italiano:  Only you  -  I Do
Nathan Power - Solstice     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 14/12/2017
Australiana. Nathan Power is a folk artist in the realm of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and early Kings of Convenience.
A gentle folk song written in a freezing shed around the change of seasons, Solstice explores a friends doomed relationship.

The Rock Models - Safe Tonight     Rock, Punk, Pop 14/12/2017
The Rock Models have been around the block a few times! Formed in early 2017 and now delivering to you their very own style of original 'Indie Alternative Rock' Lookout!
She's just another poor kid out on the street.
Trying to find the next place to hide and sleep.
Do you think she'll be safe tonight?
Cause she's got a little money, now there's no need to cry?
She bought a little honey, is she gonna lay down and fly?

Other tracks by The Rock Models:  59 Past 11  -  Love on a Rocket