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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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The Queensland Tiger - Clancy of the Overflow     Folk, Acoustic, Country, World 14/03/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Complete poem published in The Bulletin in 1889 by “Banjo” Paterson (1864 – 1941). Paterson wished to contact Thomas Clancy, at a station named “The Overflow”, near Cobar, NSW. His letter brought a reply “Clancy’s gone to Queensland droving, and we don’t know where he are.” This rhythm and content was the spark which gave rise to this poem

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The Settlement - Take It Slow     Folk, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 14/03/2019
Victoria to the freeways of America’s, The Settlement have forged their brand of Aussie-folk. Led by Adrian, they’re renowned for rock-n-roll scenes against the backdrop of humanity, dissolution and honesty.
Take It Slow is based on “you are your worse enemy” and you have to face yourself sometimes, just take it slow.

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Vanderlay - Option Anxieties     Folk, Acoustic 14/03/2019
Set against cantering drums and luscious string arrangements, Melbourne’s Vanderlay craft plaintive and eloquent folk songs, both nuanced and sprawling, with striking clarity and detail rich lyricism.
A concise and poignant opening to Vanderlays sophomore EP, ‘Option Anxieties’ explores decision making in a state of flux.

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Young Vincent - Big News     Folk, Roots 14/03/2019
In a similar vein to artists like The War On Drugs and Fleet Foxes, Young Vincent’s alt-folk sound has a more refined edge, the band exploring more indie, guitar-based territory.
‘Big News’ is a perfect example of the band’s songwriting dynamic at its best; rich harmonies meet clever instrumentation. As the song twists and turns, it remains rhythmically strong. With 'Big News', Young Vincent take their first steps for the New Year with confidence and refreshed exuberance driving their new music.

Old Sault - Melbourne     Folk, Rock, Easy Listening 07/03/2019
Following on from the release of her debut EP MOSTLY WORRIED in 2017 Old Sault has grown into a more prepossessing indie-rock sound from her folk roots.
“Melbourne” serves as the first stepping stone into the release of what will be a more emotionally charged and vulnerable release HIGHER HARM.“filled with unique sounds and deeply powerful lyrics which target issues such as breakups and mental health in a way that lays Farr bare for the world to see with all the past imperfections and demons on display.

BATTS - Folding Chairs     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 01/03/2019
BATTS is the moniker for Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and space enthusiast, Tanya Batt. Inspired by space and novels, BATTS writes both about personal experiences and fictional characters.
At its core, ‘Folding Chairs’ is contemplative and gentle, exploring the journey taken to improve one’s self. Recorded and mixed by Tanya Batt herself, and with mastering by Isaac Barter, the complete track is yet another release of BATTS’ that showcases thoughtful and touching songwriting.

Black Rabbit George - Charles     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 01/03/2019
Black Rabbit George is the folk / roots project of Tijuana Cartel's front man Paul George. His treasure trove of songs, blend the guitar's delicate complexity with distinctive vocal tones.
Charles is a simple folk song featuring George's delicately, beautiful guitar work and his rich and compelling vocal delivery. It's completely raw and open, recorded using only a nylon string guitar and fairly dry vocals. The song tells the story of an interesting character George met on one of his travels through Far North Queensland.

Other tracks by Black Rabbit George:  Saline Drip  -  Diamond Valley Mushroom
Brea Robertson - Into Thin Air     Folk, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 01/03/2019
Brea Robertson is an independent songwriter who fuses folk storytelling with ethereal vocals and bluesy tones. Her voice is the centrepiece, reaching from rich depths to angelic heights.
Into Thin Air tells the story of a journey through the Himalayas and the healing power of the mountains. Beginning the journey shrouded in anxiety and self-doubt, the slow ascent helped me to find my power once more.

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Other tracks by Brea Robertson:  Dead Autumn Leaves  -  Blackforest Song
Dirt Hand - CREATURE     Folk, Jazz, Atmospheric, Experimental 01/03/2019
Nina Simone bludgeoning Leonard Cohen gently over the head with a velour lampshade.
CREATURE is a tale of adventure, abandonment, hope and delusion dressed up in an arrangement that sounds like Steve Reich having dinner with TV on the Radio.

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Lisa Maps - Colours     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 28/02/2019
Canberra-based singer-songwriter whose sound grew up among the songwriters of the 90s (early Jewel, the Waifs) taking in folk, pop and country influences.
Often introduced at Lisa's gigs as her 'song about turning 30', Colours is a vibrant, folk-pop anthem about stepping back from our day-to-day busyness to reflect on where life has taken us. It is about taking control back over our lives and our choices - because it's never too late, and what are you waiting for?

The Little Stevies - Break My Heart     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Roots 28/02/2019
Perennial favourites, The Little Stevies, are back with their latest “Stopped Wishing I Was Somewhere Else”. Masterful songwriting, thought-provoking storytelling, fascinating arrangements and a production credit that is their own.
Written by Beth during her pregnancy, 'Break My Heart' is a love letter to her unborn child. Warning: this song has the potential to leave you with leaky eyes.

Other tracks by The Little Stevies:  The Truth  -  Years I Didn't Appreciate
Serina Pech - Take A Look Around     Folk, Easy Listening, Pop 27/02/2019
Introducing SerIna Pech, a fresh voice from the Northern Territory, with her new single Take A Look Around; a song about finding your own truth through and owning that truth.
Serina Pech has an ability to listen and relate that makes her music so universally understandable.

"We as human beings living in society can face and be influenced by many voices when really the one that matters is the one that rings close to the heart," said Serina.

"It's about making your own way by choosing to listen, to feel."

eddie cole - Sophomore     Folk, Roots, Easy Listening, Soul 27/02/2019
Eddie Cole is a singer songwriter and virtuoso guitarist. He's shared bills with Diesel and James Reyne and had an ABC Radio National album of the week, 2010's 'Groove Eddy Overload'.
Like a great song can, 'Sophomore' attempts to express the things we cannot say openly. A sophomore is literally a wise fool, and who knows whether it's fool become wise or a wise person become foolish?

Other tracks by eddie cole:  House on the hill
June Low - The Letter     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country 27/02/2019
June Low are from Brisbane and write songs in the dark-roots, indie-pop and rock realm. Listening to their music is like sinking into quicksand.
A folksong about betrayal and the 'no-send' letter with the protagonist breaking form and divulging the contents of the letter. The Letter is the title track off June Low's forthcoming EP.

Lachlan Hawkins - No Enemy Within     Folk, Pop, Jazz, World 26/02/2019
Lachlan Hawkins is an accomplished Brisbane drummer, handpan artist and singer-songwriter. His mesmerising melodic rhythms soothe the soul with lyrics pressing into themes of belonging, self-acceptance, mental health and loss.
No Enemy Within is a song with an uplifting message: to recognise that self-doubt exists but at the same time having the inner strength to rise above your comfortable zone and say that I am stronger than that little voice that says “you’re not good enough”, “you’re not brave enough”, or “what makes you think you can do this?”.

Other tracks by Lachlan Hawkins:  In Losing You  -  Lights Out
Little Millar - Lesson     Folk 26/02/2019
Combining Folk, Gospel and Blues influences, Singer Songwriters Cailah Ashlee and Rory Millar write stories from the heart, for the soul.
Lessons on love, people and life, this track explores circumstances through a relationship and the lessons these things can teach us.

River Lane - Stronger     Folk, Roots 26/02/2019
Tradie turned Folk & Roots musician
Up beat Folk goodness

Seagull - Mercury     Folk, Psychedelic, Downbeat, Soundscapes 25/02/2019
Seagull creates music that is unashamedly honest and intimate. The instruments swell and fade like melancholy waves that are flooding the suburbs.
The album is concerned with the thin line between insanity and epiphany, vision and hallucination. I wrote a lot of the lyrics in a psych ward, and then spent the following months fleshing out the music down in Pt Lonsdale. The album is both a record of an intense experience and a document of the recovery from it.

Other tracks by Seagull:  Inside of a Bell
The Holy Smoke - Lay Your Head Down     Folk, Alternative Country, Country 24/02/2019
Combining backgrounds of country, folk, pop and gospel, The Holy Smoke will take you up the harmony river on an alt-folk journey and beyond. Paddle not included.
Parker explains “the song is inspired by my favourite time of day...dusk. When the noise of our busy human endeavours fade, everything slows down and I feel myself exhale; the setting sun encourages me to come inside, lay my head down and rest, for tomorrow is another day.”

Aine Tyrrell - Like Shadows We Fall     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country 22/02/2019
From the West Coast of Ireland hails one of Australia’s favourite adopted sisters, Áine Tyrrell, who readies herself to release her unwavering and purely honest album, 'Return to the Sea'.
The Third single from Aine Tyrrell's sophomore album, Return To The Sea,