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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Joe Ransom - Lockdown     Folk, Rock 20/09/2018
A songwriter from Melbourne who has travelled afar, most recently lived in Honduras for 3 years, where his latest album Saltar was written.
A song about reaching out to others.

Other tracks by Joe Ransom:  Good News  -  La Paz
The Milkmen - State of Mind     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Country 20/09/2018
Driven by the gritty vocals of Conor Mcloughlin, The Milkmen tap a vein of dirty acoustic rock with masterfully layered songs that delve deep into the heavier realities of life.
Conor says of the track, "State Of Mind is one of the quickest songs I've ever written and was done months after the initial tracking of the album, so it was the last song recorded. Usually when I write love songs they are very personal. State Of Mind is more universal, a song of hope for people looking for love.”

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Jep and Dep - Never Let You Go     Folk, Acoustic, Ambience 19/09/2018
'Never Let You Go' is the latest single from ethereal Folk-Noir duo Jep and Dep. A folk song hinting if love is like being held hostage.
'Never Let You Go' is the current single from ethereal Folk-Noir duo Jep and Dep. A folk song asking if love is like being held hostage. More on the darker side of town, 'Never Let You Go' takes a modern day approach to a 60's folk guitar attitude and builds into an otherworldly crescendo.

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Matt Angell - The Winter Months     Folk, Easy Listening, Alternative Country, Acoustic 17/09/2018
Matt Angell hails from the Pilbara region of WA. The isolation and wide open spaces infused itself into his songwriting and music to form his own unique and distinguishable sound.
A question of unrequited love, of longing, of seeking, of understanding, of longevity and loyalty.
Is that too much to ask?

Paula Standing - What's Wrong With Me?     Folk, Country, Acoustic 17/09/2018
A class act with punch, this is folk with an old country twist and a sting in the tale. Paula Standing has grown in leaps and bounds this past 5yrs.
Throwing off the pressure from peers and media to look like everyone else and fit in, whether it is comfortable or not.

Other tracks by Paula Standing:  Fly  -  I Will Follow You
Fields - Neverland     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 14/09/2018
Fields is a guitar playing, foot stomping, vocal enchanting celtic folk artist, who takes you on her journey through her musical story telling.
Navigating the waters between the ascendency of love and the crushing depths of heartbreak, Fields delivers raw emotion made beautiful. Through her poetic, dreamy lyrics, Neverland switches between adulthood and childlike wonderment – delving into an affair of the heart and its full spectrum of feelings and consequence..impassioned and volcanic, yet perfectly harnessed and controlled. It is a beautiful song.

Sullie - Pieces of Me     Folk, Alternative Country 14/09/2018
Sullie is an Irish singer songwriter based in Sydney. The inspiration for his songs comes from many places. His songs are about leaving, love, loss and broken hearts.
Pieces of Me is a song about breaking up.

These Winter Nights - No You Didn't Love     Folk, Rock, Roots 14/09/2018
These Winter Nights write overwhelmingly beautiful songs. The Perth based alt-folk band create a sound that raises goose bumps and deliver a live performance that is nothing short of captivating.
No You Didn't Love is about the push and pull of chaotic love, a story about the falling in and the falling apart. Entirely self-produced by These Winter Nights in their bush-land home studio, the recording is raw and intimately captured and serves a reflection of their heartfelt sound.

Twelve Ballet - Hello, How Are You?     Folk, Retro, Blues, Jazz 14/09/2018
Twelve Ballet is Brother and sister, Benjamin & Samantha Hope. They have a delicate and stripped back style that makes you feel they are only talking to you.
It was just Sam and I sitting at the piano, and it shaped the rest of the album. It can be such and odd question "Hello, How Are You?". You almost have to decide how you are going to respond, usually though it's just, "Doing Fine".

How are you?

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Other tracks by Twelve Ballet:  Three Words  -  Tech Consumption
Grand Pine - Back In Town     Folk, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 12/09/2018
Taking inspiration from artists such as Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Boy and Bear and Husky, Grand Pine set out to create their own style of Modern Folk Rock.
"Back In Town" was written about the importance of always remembering where your home, family and friends are but also the importance of leaving that nest to follow your own dreams and not falling complacent to the comfort of home just to miss the world of opportunities outside.

Jay Le Kat - Home     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 12/09/2018
Formerly half of the electronic duo GRRL PAL, Perth-based Jay le Kat has reinvented herself, taking a new turn musically and getting back in touch with her dreamy folk pop.
Home was written about a past love. The night they met and the moments and feelings they shared. Its about knowing that your person is all you need to have to feel at home.

The Killjoys - So It's Goodbye     Folk, Pop 06/09/2018
If you took The Sundays, Stereo Lab and Fairground Attraction mixed them into a can of paint, then got Morrissey to brush it on canvas you would get the Killjoys.
The Killjoys new single 'So It's Goodbye' was recorded at Craig's Audrey Studios in Coburg. It's a surprisingly up-beat folk-pop melody for a song about breaking up.

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Devil Goat Family String Band - Peace, Love and Goats     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Acoustic 04/09/2018
Devil Goat Family String Band are a five piece band from Melbourne who play swinging high-energy original bluegrass and fiddle tunes like they've never gone out of style.
Peace Love and Goats is an instrumental hybrid of 60's surf banjo, Django Rhinehardt-esque guitar-shredding, rockabilly double bass soloing and feisty fiddle riffs, all wrapped up in a bluegrass veneer with a clap-along catchiness that defies categorisation. The title comes from the inscription on a wall clock in Greg Walker's Gippsland studio where it was recorded.

Other tracks by Devil Goat Family String Band:  Red Hill Ramble  -  Greasy Coat
Ned Collette - Thanks Richard     Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Pop 04/09/2018
Melbourne-born singer-songwriter, now based in Berlin. He was a member of instrumental band City City City and has since recorded six albums, either solo or with his band, Wirewalker.
“hazy spellbound folk" **** Mojo

“his most lucid, literate compositions yet" Clash Magazine

"most beguiling" Uncut

"somber and soulful, craggy and careful" RSTB

"Old Chestnut is packed with nuggets of interesting storytelling like Thanks Richard and Sacred Cats." The Music

Other tracks by Ned Collette:  Sacred Cats  -  Snaky Song
Rich Latimer - Sweet September     Folk, Rock, Acoustic 04/09/2018
Australian Rich Latimer has a passion for music and projects that promote consciousness, connection, positive messages and nature. He believes that 'music changes people and people change the world'.
Uniquely deep song, was a profound feeling of peace and the interconnection of all of us. The message offered is that we are never alone, even in what might be perceived as the most isolated moment a human can pass through, death. Heartfelt acoustic folk/rock.

Sol Hopkins - Should Have Stayed Here     Folk 04/09/2018
Young singer-songwriter from Melbourne's south eastern suburbs. Taking influence from various guitar troubadours over the years such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver.
Dreamy folk song about old country houses.

Linda Mizzi - Real People     Folk, Jazz 01/09/2018
A singer-songwriter who has come to the attention of festival audiences. Her debut album, Real People will doubtless expand her audience with its honesty and charm.
Jazzy song wriiten about some of my life experiences.

Other tracks by Linda Mizzi:  Holy Moly  -  The Kind
Great Aunt - Diggin' Holes     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Ambience 31/08/2018
Great Aunt is an Americana/folk duo from Melbourne, Australia, rambling a musical line between the plaintive and the joyous. Set somewhere between a gospel church and a dimly-lit speakeasy.
In the traditions of bluegrass, old time folk music, Diggin Holes is song that'll make you stomp and clap your feet.
Bird sings about, past mistakes and owning them. Being fiercely independent, and never giving up on making it as your own person. Sometimes temptation leads you astray, and taking the long road, whilst sometimes treacherous is the most rewarding.

Other tracks by Great Aunt:  Head Up  -  We Need To Start Again
Michael Burrows - Turn This Love Around     Folk, Country, Rock, Acoustic 27/08/2018
Country, Folk, Americana and Rock styles and having worked with some of music's royalty over the years, Burrows has delivered a track resulting in an amalgamation of creativity, hard work & honesty leaving you breathless..
Michael Burrows, begins his next instalment with the unveiling of his latest Rock/Country  single  'Turn This Love Around'.
Quickly becoming a household name with the successful release of  'Please Don't Cry' a few months ago, racking up nationwide airplay, a plethora of publications as well as overseas interest.

tomtom - The Hero And The Coward     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 26/08/2018
In between the 90s and the 2000s, in between analog and digital, in between baritone and tenor, tomtom writes meaning-filled melodies within his home-recorded and mixed productons.
The Hero & the Coward is a song about love and loss and the lessons we learn in the process of understanding ourselves and others.

Other tracks by tomtom:  Momentum  -  Unspoken