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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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June Jones - Look at You Go     Folk, Pop, Experimental, Gay Alligned 14/08/2019
June Jones is a musician and a very romantic squid. Her songs are tragic, melodramatic, and occasionally humorous.
Look at You Go is the song that June Jones would have written for Avril Lavigne, or an early 90s Liz Phair, if she had been asked to write a song for either of them.

Broads - Velvet Paradise     Folk, Pop 13/08/2019
Melbourne queens of indie-noir, Broads, will release their highly anticipated album ‘Stay Connected’ on Friday August 23.
The focus single from the record ‘Velvet Paradise’ is an understated 60s pop sounding track that retells a late night conversation on a bus. Its background melodies will have you feeling dreamy and it’s a track you’ll just want to keep on spinning.

Dominic Breen - Ashfield     Folk, Rock, Blues 13/08/2019
“Breen possesses the understated ability to translate life in a poignantly endearing way. Captivating." – Dani Hansen, Happy Mag
Told from the perspective of someone trying to salvage a relationship that they know is beyond repair, the song’s title serves as a double entendre for both the Sydney suburb and "a field of ash”. When asked for his own take on the track, Breen simply called it “a song I chose to record."

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The Hunter Express - Weekdays & Weekends     Folk, Rock 13/08/2019
The Hunter Express is a band led by front man, Brad Ellis. Matt Dixon on guitar, bassist Jarrad Brown, percussionist Tyler Campbell, pianist Olaf Scott and the vocals Pia Nesvara.
Frontman Brad Ellis was inspired to write the track after a close friend confided in him about the ins and outs of another overwhelmingly average day at work. This song is a response to trying to negotiate making the most out of what gives you pleasure, whilst also dealing with the mundane, routine driven aspects of life.

Thomas E. Flatman - Afterlife     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 13/08/2019
Thomas E. Flatman is a folk singer/songwriter with unique lyrics and orchestral nuances. A multi-instrumentalist, Thomas produces from his home studio and performs live with strings, keys and woodwind arrangements.
Dynamic vocals ebb and flow over a blend of lush strings and languid guitar chords. "Tell my wife I will be hunting in the afterlife. There will be places where a soul can hide, and I know the quiet places they like to go."

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Devorah - Wrong Time     Folk, Alternative Country 12/08/2019
Devorah is the new project from ex-Lester The Fierce front-woman Anita Lester. Her songs are driven by strong storytelling arcs based around slavery and devotion.
In August Devorah will be releasing her first single ‘Wrong Time’. It’s withdrawn production and story of unrequited love is an engaging first offering.

Recorded by Lawrence Greenwood (Whitley) in a shack on the South Coast of Australia, completed by Benjamin Riley and Xavier Dunn, It’s simple complexity was often hard to find.

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Peter Miller - The Quiet Man's Reprise     Folk, Acoustic, Instrumental, Easy Listening 10/08/2019
Award winning guitarist Peter Miller releases his 5th full length Album of instrumental music
The Quiet Man's Reprise is from the 2019 album ' Simplicity ' . It features Guitar with string and piano accompaniment.

Other tracks by Peter Miller:  Simplicity  -  Hymn No.134
Alex The Astronaut - I Like To Dance     Folk, Pop 09/08/2019
One of Australia’s most exciting and honest songwriters Alex The Astronaut.
The new song from Sydney artist Alex The Astronaut, tells the story of an unnamed, hypothetical woman who experiences violence at the hands of her partner. This song isn't Alex's story: she wrote the song after a social encounter with a magistrate, who told Alex that he saw a devastating amount of cases of domestic violence each week.

Hayden Calnin - Warm With You     Folk 09/08/2019
From early beginnings, singer/songwriter and producer, Hayden Calnin has carved out a path refusing to adhere to convention and genre.
Hayden Calnin is back again stronger than ever with one purpose and one purpose only. To create music so warm and beautiful that you can’t help but imagine what it'd be like to quit your job, say f*ck you to the world and run into his arms, leaving all problems behind. Warm With You is an invitation to do that.

Siberian Tiger - Plane Spotting     Folk, Chill, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 09/08/2019
Part Time Records and Remote Control are thrilled to release 'Plane Spotting' - the debut single from Siberian Tiger.
Chris Panousakis explains - "This song was born when Bree and I were sitting in our backyard as we normally did, watching the planes pass over and listening to the birds come and go. One afternoon I had my guitar while Bree had made us her famous chicken sandwich and we wrote the song together on the spot."

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The Orbweavers - Reeds / Rush     Folk 09/08/2019
Much loved otherly Melbourne folk band The Orbweavers (Marita Dyson and Stuart Flanagan) write songs about waterways, gardening, retired greyhounds, industrial history, place and memory.
“Reeds / Rush” and its accompanying song map drawing were created during The Orbweavers' time as Artists in Residence at THE LIVING PAVILION, University of Melbourne. Reeds/ Rush refers to the research which accompanied the 40,000 Kulin Nation plants installed at The Living Pavilion, and to the hidden waterway, known today as Bouverie Street Creek, that traverses the University site.

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Meredith Whittle - I see you     Folk, Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric 07/08/2019
Powerhouse vocalist Meredith Whittle, after spending 5 years in Western Australia, has relocated back to Victoria. The first Single "I See you" is set to be released 7th August 2019
I see you was written after watching the battle of emotions of a friend, while playing her love songs on a festival stage, fighting back her tears.

Whittle describes the words "I see you" as a way of saying to a friend that we see your pain and are there for you. We see you and we support you.

Sage Roadknight - Fall To The Beast     Folk, Folk 06/08/2019
Sage Roadknight - almost indefinable. Not what you'd expect from artist of 14 years.
"Fall To The Beast" will not let you go. You'll want to play this tune time an time again. And when you do you'll hear something different every time. An awesome track from a powerful and emotive emerging artist.

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D.C Cross - Presslufthammer Catfight     Folk, Instrumental, Acoustic, World 05/08/2019
D.C Cross is Darren Cross from Gerling / Jep and Dep. The debut album for Cross under this new moniker. The project is completely instrumental folk guitar.
Presslufthammer Catfight is the first single from D.C Cross the new moniker for Darren Cross (Gerling / Jep and Dep). With influences ranging from John Fahey ,Nick Drake to Enya, Cross's new project is a journey into instrumental acoustic folk guitar.Beautifully ethereal fingerpicked anarchic classical compositions, cathartic and exciting.

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Miss Elm - Clean Slate     Folk, Pop 04/08/2019
Fiery redhead singer-songwriter Miss Elm, with 3 octave range, intriguing melodies and stories entwining love and overcoming obstacles; Miss Elm will win the heart of acoustic lovers after something honest.
With baritone ukulele, booming bass and layered vocals, “Clean Slate" is about forging new paths, listening to your heart and leaving behind the old to embrace the new.

"My feet are glued to the floor, but I know that my heart wants more" - lyrics from "Clean Slate"

Aiden Bradley - Stupid Things (Feat. Lochie Matthews)     Folk, Pop 02/08/2019
Aiden Bradley is an Australian singer/songwriter Channelling acts like The National, Frightened Rabbit and Paul Dempsey, Aiden’s sound deviates from the usual singer/songwriter fair into something poignant and unique.
‘Stupid Things’ will make you realise you’re not the only one awake at 3 a.m. wondering if everything you’ve done is a mistake. Building from a single acoustic guitar and vocal to an indie-folk anthem, ‘Stupid Things’ is a bittersweet reflection on the fact that no one makes it through life without picking up or dishing out a few scars.

Danika Smith - Suit of Armour     Folk, Soul, Jazz 02/08/2019
Danika Smith performs a raw, timeless style of folk music with undertones of jazz and soul. She is known for her tender topics, honey stick melodies and charismatic satire.
Danika Smith's voice oozes with a matured husk that has as much to say about the artist’s own blossoming career. Smith’s perfected vocals and avant-garde songwriting carry a weight that can only be buoyed by such strength. The result is a refined display of an immense talent and an exciting first taste of so much more to come.

Majelen - Angels in the Dark     Folk, Pop, World, Christian 02/08/2019
Percussive guitarist & singer, Majelen, uses ground-breaking technical fluency & speed, thought-provoking lyrics, improvised melodies & captivating stage presence, to continue to inspire audiences across the globe.
Written about the streets of Thailand where I spent time with women and children as young as 8 who were being forced to work as sex slaves.

Trafficked from the poorest areas of SE Asia, these people come to the city as victims of the sex industry.

This song tells some of their story.

Majelen - Running With The Wolves     Folk, Pop, World, Acoustic 02/08/2019
Percussive guitarist & singer, Majelen, uses ground-breaking technical fluency & speed, thought-provoking lyrics, improvised melodies & captivating stage presence, to continue to inspire audiences across the globe.
Vocal harmonies, upbeat, groovy guitar hook and with thought provoking lyrics.

A story of betrayal and dishonesty.

Placing trust in the wrong people, and then being hurt by those whom you looked up to most.

Matthew Valentyne - The Road Less Travelled     Folk, Acoustic 02/08/2019
Matthew Valentyne is a 21st Century troubadour with a swag full of songs about the human condition.
Over brooks and golden glens
Crossing woods and mountain bends
No star to guide them
On the road less travelled

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