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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Famous Will - San Francisco     Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Straight out of Melbourne's suburbs, Famous Will have set off to tour their self titled debut album around Australia. Known for their harmonies, catchy melodies & all round fun energy.
San Francisco is a ballad from Famous Will's self titled album, released April 2019.
A story of growing up & out of your hometown, only to return to where your heart lays.

Other tracks by Famous Will:  Phillies  -  Summer Breeze
Fletcher Pilon - One More     Folk, Rock 11/04/2019
Fletcher Pilon at only 18-years of age is an incredible young singer-songwriter with thought-provoking lyricism that is matched with his passionate vocals and deep oceanic electric guitar tones.
'One More' is one of Pilon's most powerful releases backed by heart-pounding drums performed by Indy Linzbichler and Grace Labrum on bass. With his compelling songwriting ability, he explores humanity and how one goes on in life writing their own story drawing from their own influences and lessons learnt from their decisions.

Hein Cooper - Like That     Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Hein Cooper is back again with latest single "Like That" – a taste of what will be the singer-songwriter’s just-announced second album ‘Underneath It All’ (set for release June 14).
"Like That" offers another uniquely sounding taste off Hein Cooper's just-announce second album. Recognising layers of acoustic guitar, a smooth synth, a crisp backbeat, and his soaring vocals, but this is something new. Showcasing his ability to craft music that draws from sounds and experiences around him as he travels the world into an emotive and melodic moment in time.

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Lucy Roleff - A Woman's Worth     Folk 11/04/2019
Recalling the sublime fingerpicked purity of folk singers-past such as Bridget St John, Nick Drake and Linda Perhacs, Melbourne's Lucy Roleff moves between radiant chamber folk and haunting minimalism.
Drawing on the stories of women in her life, Roleff ponders the weight of caring for and prioritising others, whilst trying to maintain a sense of joy and good humour. Lively finger-picked guitar belies these darker themes at times, but Roleff’s rich voice and blunt tongue paired with swirling, woodwind arrangements remind of the strength needed to weather such storms.

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The Hunting Birds - Naive Eyes     Folk, Rock, Pop, Country 11/04/2019
Darkness meets light in The Hunting Birds' enchanting fusion of folk, rock and pop. A young band with an impressive resume including Falls Festival, Bluesfest, Newtin Faulkner and The Lumineers.
The Hunting Birds have returned to deliver some horror-cinema influenced visuals for their pop-tinged, folk-rock single Naive Eyes; a song about paralyzing anxiety, the process of fighting those demons and escaping.

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Oatis - Run To Waves     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Experimental 10/04/2019
"Run to Wave" is a beautifully crafted musical ride into the imagination of "Oatis"
"Run to Waves" is The Twin Single tracks from Oatis's upcoming second Album "Running Through Waves" both tracks hold the Theme of Life, Death and our entry and exit's to the world we live in.

"Running Through Waves" Release Date April 2019

Parmy Dhillon - Superhero     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Alternative Country 10/04/2019
Parmy Dhillon is a genuine character. The Melbourne singer-songwriter delivers powerful music that deals in raw, honest emotion.
With its light-hearted lyrics and undeniable melodic hooks, Superhero is one of Parmy Dhillon's finest songs to date, A catchy song to belt out in the car

Romeo Moon - Our Energy     Folk, Experimental, Atmospheric 10/04/2019
Textures, patterns, minimalist lyrics, and the stretching of loops are signature elements of Romeo Moon's music, taking the listener to timeless meditation, visceral psychedelia, or brittle intimacy.
A song to celebrate passion, energy and to appreciate and respect the time we have.
A regal piano riff is the backdrop for floating lyrical poetry. Inspired by the documentary ‘I Am Heath Ledger’, Ledger's passion and energy for his craft moved Romeo Moon. The title was inspired by Japanese ambient-artist Susumu Yokota.

Alana Wilkinson - Partner In Crime     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening 09/04/2019
Equal parts vulnerable folk singer and vitriolic pop-punk poet Melbourne artist Alana Wilkinson is turning heads with a string of high profile shows showcasing her humour and insightful social commentary.
‘Partner In Crime’ is a poignant and moving tale of adventures with Alana's childhood bestie, Amy, capturing the spirit and carefree nature of growing up in the Melbourne burbs. ’Partner In Crime’ is sure to build on the reputation for whimsical, funny and brilliantly executed words, music and visuals that Alana has established.

Hedy Blaazer - I Just Wish It Didn't End Like This     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 09/04/2019
Hedy Blaazer is a Sydney/Canberra-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. Live, she forms a duo with Marcella on the fiddle. Expect honest, quirky lyrics and genre-bending on a canvas of alternative folk.
The track was recorded and mixed by Christopher Mason and mastered by Rick O'Neil at Turtlerock studios in Leichhardt. Featured on the track are musicians Marcella Tonini (Violin and Piano Accordion) Benjamin Drury (Double Bass) and Nic Dollow (Drums). Hedy Blaazer normally self-records and this is her debut studio single with a full band.

Kaurna Cronin - Leave Your Love Behind     Folk, Acoustic 09/04/2019
Cronin's unique folk blend and moving performances have been capturing audiences throughout Europe and Australia, establishing this young singer songwriter as an emerging international sensation.
Kaurna Cronin's latest musical offering "Leave Your Love Behind" is a thrilling emotional portrayal of what Cronin does best; writing songs with both substance and style. Leave Your Love Behind drives hard with attitude and grit whilst inviting you within the intimate narrative. It's a unique blend of the undiscovered and nostalgic, both foreign and familiar.

Tobi Tobi - Ice & Rum     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 09/04/2019
Tobi Tobi is Renee Anderson on guitar and vocals and Jamie Barlow on double bass. The Melbourne-based duo imbue their indie-pop with a simple elegance and a romantic resolve.
Ice & Rum is as delicate as it is intoxicating, a graceful portrayal of love’s ability to transfix and transport you. Upon a flickering piano and Renee Anderson’s light and melodious vocal, the duo’s indie-pop offers a deep sense of how truly sensuous and in-tune their songwriting has become.

Tommy Castles - I Bid You Goodnight     Folk, Ambience, Experimental, Psychedelic 09/04/2019
Tommy Castles is an alternative folk musician from the Surf Coast of Victoria with a "beautifully authentic" sound.
A song about helplessness

Demi Mitchell - Rapid     Folk, Alternative Country, Blues, Rock 05/04/2019
Following a 4 star review from Rolling Stone Germany and both national and international attention for her debut record 'The Overflow', Demi Mitchell returns with hypnotic single 'Rapid'.
‘Rapid’ is a sultry lament about the push and pull of toxic love. At the crux, it’s about having no regrets about our mistakes as even the shit times can help shape our lives in positive ways. The instrumentation mirrors the sentiment behind the song with a hypnotic rhythm that lures you in before coming to an abrupt halt.

The Queensland Tiger - My Old Black Billy (Edward Harrington)     Folk, Acoustic, Country, World 05/04/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Poem written by Edward (Ted) Harrington (1895-1966). Music by Roy Jeffries( (1893-1969). Harrington had a tough life : he grew up on a farm near Shepparton, Victoria, and saw front line service in WW1. Known as the last of the bush balladists, My Old Black Billy was featured in the 1950s (folk revival) musical, "Reedy River"
Viola by Mikhail Bugaev

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Dan Horne - Luck of the draw     Folk, Roots, Pop, Blues 05/04/2019
Dan Horne is a foot stomping Australian folk/blues/roots multi instrumentalist and singers songwriter.
Luck of the draw is a catchy folk infused feel good song, with lyrics inspired by the urge to live life to the fullest.

Gordon Holland - Melbourne Bitter     Folk, Alternative Country, Britpop, Acoustic 05/04/2019
Gordon Holland is a singer-songwriter whose music is at once confessional, nostalgic and humorous. Sounding like Paul Kelly playing Oasis.
Melbourne Bitter is his debut single. Recorded in L.A. with Luke Tierney (Silver Jet, Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants) mastered by Tom Beard (Deluxe Mastering) and with lead played on a guitar owned by Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) 'Melbourne Bitter' is a country-tinged song about self- confidence, disappointment and living away from family.

Nicole McKinney - Honey be good     Folk, Pop, Roots, Acoustic 05/04/2019
21yr old Nicole McKinney is a Sunshine Coast folk singer/songwriter who is quickly developing a distinctive sound in the Brisbane music scene with her unique voice and timeless catchy melodies.
Honey be good is a uplifting mid-tempo song. It's about losing oneself and the fear of not living up to ones full potential . It's about family, Love and the idea that everything falls into place if you are true to yourself. Accompanied by a full band, Honey be good is and brought to centre stage.

Teresa Duffy-Richards - Mama's Song     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Roots 05/04/2019
Teresa Duffy-Richards writes lyrical songs steeped in the vast traditions of Folk and Country music accompanied by acoustic guitars, dobro, lapsteel and her banjo to back a distinctly beautiful voice
Mama's Song is the debut single of singer songwriter Teresa Duffy-Richards. It is a song about homesickness and an ode to family, featuring distinctly Australian imagery and sounding like a melting pot of 20th century folk troubadours, traditional celtic melody and the sprawling full band Folk Country sounds of Fairport Convention. Released in 2018 from Teresa Duffy-Richard's Debut album.

Other tracks by Teresa Duffy-Richards:  This City  -  Any Soul
The Maes - Treat You Better     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 05/04/2019
Since 2014, The Maes have been full time touring in Australia and overseas, winning over audiences with their striking songwriting, intricate instrumental arrangements and stunning vocal harmonies.
The brainchild of sisters Maggie and Elsie Rigby and co-written with singer-songwriter John Flanagan, the new track is a poignant promise to encourage mutual respect in a relationship, delivered with gorgeous Australian-accent driven a cappella harmonies and banjo plucking.