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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Alexander William - Roses     Folk 05/10/2018
Alexander William is a Gold Coast based indie-folk musician. With unique tones and enticing lyrics, he writes of love, freedom, and his experience of the world.
For all the lovers out there who aren’t well versed in the modern requirements for love. Roses is a farewell to a part life that people struggle to let go of as well as an explanation to the past for peoples shortcomings. And for others it serves as a reminder that love should never be one-dimensional

Maryen Cairns - The Devil's Fly     Folk, World, Roots, Rock 05/10/2018
Singer/Songwriter playing world based folk rock, new songs inspired by the red dust and lunar landscapes of WA’s Kimberley and Pilbara, recorded with a live band by producer Chris Kimsey.
The Devil's Fly is a mythical, windswept, barren place, somewhere between Quilpie and the Western Australian ocean.
Wikipedia - “a vlaie, vly /vlaɪ/ or fly /flaɪ/ is a swamp or marsh”
Recorded with a live band including Jennifer Maidman (Boy George, Penguin Cafe Orchestra), Paddy Milner (Tom Jones), Evan Jenkins (Neil Cowley Trio), Karlos Edwards (Robert Palmer, Michael Buble), Ollie Clark, Sani Bolton and Maryen’s son Elvis Kernaghan guesting on electric guitar. 

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Broads - MIRROR     Folk, Easy Listening, Chill, Ambience 04/10/2018
Broads weave a Lynchian mix of folk and indie rock with the surreal pop sounds of the 60s.
Inspired by a Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, “Mirror” is an acerbic reflection on our often obsessive projections and hunger for self-affirmation through the saccharine veils of social media.

Girl Friday - What Fools We've Been     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Acoustic 03/10/2018
Girl Friday's folk, jazz and blues sensibility evokes a sense of nostalgia, innocence and melancholy. Her rich soulful voice is as timeless as her sophisticated song writing.
This pedal steel (Matt Dixon) soaked track is inspired by the heartfelt country songs of the likes of Patsy Cline. The lyrics of this gentle waltz are nostalgic yet hopeful, asking 'will you hold me, talk to me, love me again like you used to?'.

Dave Robertson & The Kiss List - Good Together     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Roots 01/10/2018
Dave Robertson & the Kiss List sing thoughtful bittersweet indie-folk pop-rock songs about kissing, climate change, cult 70s novels and more kissing.
Good Together features catchy accordion from Cat Kohn (plays in various Melbourne bands) and a dreamy electric guitar solo from Ken Williford (now works for NASA). The lyrics tell the story.

Other tracks by Dave Robertson & The Kiss List:  Oil, Love & Oxygen  -  Dull Ache
Sarah Bernardo - Charades     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Pop 29/09/2018
Sarah Bernardo is a Canadian made artist preforming catchy songs from melodic pop to bangers with a delicious edge about love & lust with a touch of revenge
Love and Cheese Combined

Other tracks by Sarah Bernardo:  Masquerade  -  Last Dance
Elwood Gray - The Races (Live)     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Roots 28/09/2018
At just 18 years of age Elwood Gray’s raw guitar picking and strong lyrics reflect the sparse spontaneity of Springsteen’s Nebraska.
A vivid non-biased observation of modern regional Australia shown through the lens of horse racing. The clever melody and refrain is simple and addictive.

Garrett Kato - I'll Be Around     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 28/09/2018
Canadian, moved to Byron age 23, built a following as a busker. AU/NZ tour is underway celebrating single I’ll Be Around. 2019 sees a new EP, UK/EU/US/AU/NZ touring.
An introspective and beautifully melodic song about the ups and the downs of life. Acoustic guitar, sweet harmonies and moving yet comforting words.

Jungle Matthews - You're All I've Been Waiting For     Folk 28/09/2018
Jungle Matthews is a once-Melbourne-based singer, now living as a hermit in the forests of the Dandenong Ranges. Writing and releasing songs more suited to your grandparents record collection.
"You're All I've Been Waiting For" is the first official release from Dandenong Ranges-based singer-songwriter Jungle Matthews. Recorded in the attic of an old farmhouse in his hometown of Cockatoo, the track features gentle lo-fi acoustic guitars and Australiana tinged lead vocals, sweetened with haunting piano and backing vocals from emerging artist MissMay.

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Annie Hamilton - Fade (Live At FBi Radio)     Folk, Live Performance, Acoustic, Rock 27/09/2018
Annie Hamilton released her debut single, Fade, in June of 2018.
An acoustic rendition of Annie Hamilton's debut single, Fade, recorded live at Sydney's FBi Radio in July 2018.

Dan Horne - One Step     Folk, Roots, Blues 27/09/2018
Dan Horne is a foot stompin' folk infused blues & roots musician. His one man band style creates a unique and infectious sound.
One Step is a feel good track, written about bringing people together regardless of race, religion or background. A powerful track, with a catchy rhythm and thought provoking lyrics.

Other tracks by Dan Horne:  High Hopes
Fyerfly - Captured (Instrumental)     Folk, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Soundtrack (Film Related) 26/09/2018
Fyerfly will warm you with her sultry dark ‘torchy’ sound and hauntingly venerable performances.
This track is the moody instrumental version of Fyerfly's debut release 'Captured'... It's a somewhat David Lynch come Quentin Tarantino style in its mix of acoustic and electric guitar backed by dramatic bass and percussion.

Daggy Man - Atlas     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric, Pop 25/09/2018
Daggy man is the solo moniker of Singer/Songwriter Thomas Calder.
“Atlas”, the second single from Daggy Man’s upcoming sophomore album is an exciting sonic departure full of hard-hitting instrumentation and powerful imagery. Exploring the heroic nature of young feelings and the grandiosity of love and emotion, the journey of “Atlas” is vast and meaningful.

Glenn Skuthorpe - The Flood     Folk, Roots, Country, Indigenous 22/09/2018
Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari man and international touring singer-songwriter Glenn Skuthorpe is a compelling performer and masterful storyteller, who gives voice to those whose stories must be heard.
Down a dusty road and along a beaten track in an old bush cabin, Skuthorpe settled in to record sixth album ‘Wild Winds of Dooga’.

The Flood’ (trk13) features Skuthorpe’s considerable talents as a compelling lyricist and multi-instrumentalist with Glenn intimately tracking vocals, acoustic and electric guitars and mandolin as the rain and wind whispers gently in the background.

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Other tracks by Glenn Skuthorpe:  Wild Winds of Dooga  -  Leaky Old Boat
Kyle Taylor - Truth Please     Folk 22/09/2018
Kyle Taylor is a Folk singer born in Hastings, Australia. He was introduced to music by his grandmother and grandfather.
Kyle Taylor - Truth Please

Saint Jacques - We're Not Alive     Folk, Rock 21/09/2018
A new emerging blend of soft-indie rock and quiet, intimate folk made up of 5 diverse youngsters based in Adelaide, SA.
"We're Not Alive" is a rough and tumble soft-rock exploration of intimacy, connection and isolation, coloured by bursts of sliding violins, plodding banjos, passionate shouts and twinkling pianos. The track is the debut single from Saint Jacques, initially released on streaming services in August.

Sister Socrates - Bending Spoons     Folk, Experimental, Acoustic 21/09/2018
Sister Socrates is a four-piece indie/alternative/alt-folk band from Melbourne. Debut EP out on 21 September.
This is a gentler track from the EP. It features a lush strings section arranged by Matthew Kenneally and performed by Natasha Conrau (violin), Elizabeth Welsh (viola) and Naomi Wileman (cello).

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Other tracks by Sister Socrates:  In Too Deep  -  I'm A Light
Anna & Jordan - Darling     Folk, Pop 20/09/2018
Anna & Jordan are the epitome of original folk-pop. Dual vocals reminiscent of Angus and Julia Stone and their smooth and soft tones enveloped by the homely Australian accent.
'Darling' is an upbeat folk tune. Right from the beginning the song grabs your attention with a dual ukulele and violin intro. With the uke and violin continuing throughout, the song builds with an energetic rhythm section, featuring bass drum, floor toms, claps, egg shaker and lets not forget that groovy bass line. The song is about love and freedom.

Daniel Cameron - Someone     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Rock 20/09/2018
South Australian, Daniel Cameron lives in the Adelaide Hills and Song writing has always been apart of his life. Daniel's music is genuine, with catchy melodies and reflecting lyrics.
This song jumps into those familiar feelings after asking a girl out and being rejected. Slightly confused and asking yourself “how can you change”. Simply wanting someone to want you. In Daniel's case he persevered and married that same Girl :)

Handkerchief Thief - Salted Skin     Folk, Electronic 20/09/2018
Handkerchief Thief is the moniker of Wollongong based indie-folk singer/songwriter Sam McLaren.
Written in the rugged isolation of the Bolivian Andes after months alone on the road, Salted Skin is about the lust and longing induced by separation.

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Other tracks by Handkerchief Thief:  Hanging On  -  Blood is Red