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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Cygnet Repu - We Sing Kumbaya     Indigenous 16/12/2009
Cygnet Repu is an Indigenous artists based in Queensland
We Sing Kumbaya is sung in the native tongue of Cygnet Repu

Kev Carmody - Comin' Home     Indigenous, Country, Folk 16/12/2009
Kev Carmody lives out the life of a modern troubadour. He is a travelling singer/songwriter with a base in southern Queensland and a highly respected musician in the Australian industry.
Comin' Home is a new track by Kev Carmody and is a beautiful story of memories of home

Patrick Levi - Cool Me Down     Indigenous 16/12/2009
Cool Me Down by Patrick Levi was featured on Home -A collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists
Cool Me Down by Patrick Levi was featured on Home -A collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

Seaman Dan - Mango Rain     Indigenous, Jazz 16/12/2009
Seaman Dan combines the traditions of Australia, America, Africa and Polynesia into a truly unique musical style.
Mango Rain is an upbeat track from Seaman Dan and features on Home -A collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

Kamerunga - Farewell and Adieu/Ellas Folly     Indigenous, Folk 16/12/2009
From tropical north Australia, Kamerunga put a fresh and funky twist on Aussie and Celtic music.
Farewell and Adieu/Ellas Folly is a funky twist on Aussie and Celtic music

Kristy Apps - Pour Me Out     Country, Folk, Gay Alligned 09/12/2009
Throughout her career Kristy has been acclaimed for her passionate vocal, intimate song writing and energetic on stage performance.
Feeling like a train hurtling down the tracks, Pour Me Out is a toetapping country folk number which remains in your head - great sing a long chorus.

Other tracks by Kristy Apps:  Push it  -  Be Patient
Silvereye - Warning The Wounded     Folk, Acoustic, Electronic 09/12/2009
Silvereye’s music is an organic blend of ambient electronica with nylon string acoustic guitar and earthy multi-layered vocals - think Trent Reznor on chamomile.
Featured on triplej unearthed in February 2009, this powerful, rhythmic track is based upon a killer chord progression on acoustic nylon guitar, coupled with frenetic natural percussion and earthy, multi-layered vocals.

With just a hint of melancholy, the song builds throughout to a massive crescendo, leaving listeners aching for more.

Other tracks by Silvereye:  Circles  -  Two Seconds Loving
Tash Parker - I Take The Blame     Folk, Pop 09/12/2009
Beautiful and plaintive yet wild and capricious, she’ll draw you into melancholic forgetfulness as her songs weave there way around your heart. Truly unique with a pop folk element.
Soft palms on the drum skin, spaghetti western guitars sharing a space with the vocal crisp and fresh yet contemplative and sincere. But wait……. what’s this……. chord change, tempo rises ... and we're off! A multi layered world unfolds and Tash’s vocal soars above it all.

Other tracks by Tash Parker:  Taking Back Her Name
Various - We Won't Run- Sarah Blasko     Pop, Folk, Compilation 18/11/2009
Warner Music Australia have partnered with Fbi to bring you THE LIVE FEED. It's a compilation dedicated to live music and community radio, two crucial components of Australia's music industry.

Recorded at The Metro, Sydney.

The Live Feed is a compilation dedicated to live music and community radio, two crucial components of Australia's music industry.

Other tracks by Various:  Cold And Sober- The Drones  -  Into The Line- Cloud Control
Ball Park Music - Black Skies     Pop, Folk 18/11/2009
Ball Park Music is a band with six people, many guitars, one trombone, one piano and lots of music for you to sing, dance and have mega fun with.
Black Skies features honky tonk piano, jangly guitars, some awesome sliding trombone and heaps of happy pop harmonies to keep you dancing in your seat (or on your feet.)

Holly Lovell - All These Things     Folk, Acoustic 18/11/2009
Holly Lovell's an exciting young folk-style artist who exploded onto the Queensland music platform after opening for 'The Fray' in Brisbane. Holly is a brilliant storyteller with a captivating voice.
Holly Lovell's first single, 'All These Things', takes Holly's gift of song-writing and showcases it beautifully. The magical concoction of acoustic guitar and catchy melodies invites you on a journey in song that builds cleverly to a musical pause and leaves you floating in anticipation and longing for more.

The John Butler Trio - One Way Road     Rock, Roots 18/11/2009
OneWayRoad is a combination of most of my musical influences; dancehall, roots & rock. We found a way to bring all these feels in a way that sounds natural.
One Way Road is a combination of most of my musical influences; dancehall, roots & rock. Somehow we found a way to bring all these feels in a way that sounds natural and not too contrived or cerebral. I’m really happy with how we captured the vibe of this song

Other tracks by The John Butler Trio:  Close To You
Tess McKenna - On The Sunny Coast     Country, Alternative Country 13/11/2009
'Take Me To The Place' takes us over old ground in a new way, and stretches out to an edgy and tough-love landscape, exquisite and exposed.
‘There isn’t a song here that is less than brilliant; the playing & recording is outstanding & McKenna herself is one of the best singers in the country…Uniquely now & Australian’
Juice Magazine, Australia

Other tracks by Tess McKenna:  Winter Springs  -  Someone Else
Bridezilla - Beaches     Folk, Pop 28/10/2009
After two years of feverish anticipation, Sydney five-piece Bridezilla present their stunning debut, ‘The First Dance’, this 7th November on Inertia Recordings.
“Beaches” is the first single from Bridezilla’s long-anticipated debut album, ‘The First Dance’.

Aviator Lane - Best Untried     Pop, Electronic 27/10/2009
Aviator Lane create beautiful & sparse alt. pop.
Aviator Lane combine their penchant for subtle arrangements and sombre reflection with the dynamic possibilities of a full band lineup (with hints of an unhealthy obsession with French pop thrown in).

Other tracks by Aviator Lane:  Onto The Stilts  -  It Was There They Found Us, Making The Silence Hum
Matt Corby - Letters     Folk, Pop, Blues 16/10/2009
The result of two years of writing and development since Matt's Australian Idol stint in 2007. Matt has since travelled to New York and London, writing songs and playing shows.
'Letters' is the lead single from Matt's first EP. Written and recorded by Matt himself, 'Letters' explores the influences and themes that inspire Matt to write songs - Bon Iver, Lior and Bob Dylan.

Other tracks by Matt Corby:  Songbird  -  Take All Of Me
An Horse - Camp Out     Rock, Pop, Folk 16/10/2009
2 piece playing indie pop picked up by Tegan & Sara to tour the US and UK and now Sara is their A&R person. Currently based in the US.
Released as the first US single for the album. Performed live on David Letterman. Video shot in Canada.

Other tracks by An Horse:  Postcards
Drew Wilson - FAR AWAY     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 16/10/2009
Sunshine Coast singer/songwriter Drew Wilson is getting the recognition he deserves with his honest EP "Far Away". Audiences will appreciate Drew's talent with words, melody and emotion. See for youself.
Far away is a candid and honest view of life away from the security and familiarity of home.

Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes - Fee fi fo fi fum     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Roots 16/10/2009
Mark is a prolific singer songwriter, and with Elodie Mayberry (violin/cello) and the rest of the Haba Dudes, quickly defining a unique genre of meaningful, socially conscious folk pop.
An upbeat gypsy beat folk tune. With rolling drums, Bob Dylanesqe guitar strumming, violin, bass and electric guitar. The track features Boulle's typical poignant lyrics with melancholic undertones and music-industry-disillusioned themes: "Neglect left side of your brain music will make you go insane".

Other tracks by Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes:  I Miss You  -  No Better Way
Lindsay Phillips - O Deceit     Folk, Acoustic, Experimental 12/10/2009
Possesses the uncanny ability to absorb the spirit of past greats, meld this with his own experiences and then forge the result into a sound which is entirely his own.
“O Deceit” reflects the sound of the album; a relentless journey through the hidden landscapes of the heart with a sound and a message all its own.