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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Mick Thomas - Boxing Day Drive     Folk, Blues 16/10/2018
Treasured Australian alt-folk outlier Mick Thomas and his band The Roving Commission are proud to release ‘Boxing Day Drive’, from the forthcoming EP of the same name.
‘Boxing Day Drive' is a song about a big multi-day drive on Boxing Day. It’s a glorious power-pop romp up the Great Pacific Highway. It’s mandolins, guitars, harmonies, and a nifty scenically driven lyric that puts you out there in the heat of an Australian Christmas. It’s trying to get to someone else and make things right.

Jessica at Birth - Speedway Queen     Folk, Comedy, Experimental, Punk 15/10/2018
Jessica at Birth is an independent singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer using vintage and analog production and instruments. Experimental sound art, electronica, indie rock, punk, spoken word, improvisation.
Speedway Queen is about a working class woman who just wants to drive her torana. 70's driving bassline and funny commentary.

Dave Wells - Aching Hearts     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 15/10/2018
After receiving praises on ABC Local and community radio upon its release, Dave Wells’ self titled album boasts a diverse body of work with indie folk and alt-rock influences.
A heart felt yet melancholy love song. Influenced by the jealousy and unfairness of being the one who has been left behind, whilst the other sets off on a quest to fulfil their ultimate desires. It portrays the emptiness, hopelessness and answered questions of why they left in the first place, and if they’ll ever return.

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Benjamin Trillado - Glue     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Soul 15/10/2018
Benjamin Trillado is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter. His music blends elements of folk, pop and soul. His writing is deeply personal, coupled with velvety vocal that carry intense emotion.
Glue is one of the few songs that isn't about me. It's about my best-friend and the boy she fell out of love with. Sometimes without warning, your feelings for someone can quickly change. This song is about learning to let go of that person. I wrote this for anyone that is in a relationship but isn’t in love.

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Suburban Bukowskis - Last Chiko Roll in a Run Down Tuck Shop     Folk, Comedy, Alternative Country, Folk 13/10/2018
Neo-beatnik tales of moral poverty and decadence told with a poetic swing.
A comedic take on the underdog that swings.

Augustine Ang - The Sea     Folk, Acoustic 12/10/2018
Lo-fi indie folk bedroom solo artist. Earnest and unique songwriting from home and travels.
The Sea is about finding comfort in your own company. Inspiration for the song came at a time when I had feelings of loneliness and isolation, discovering solace in the sea. The song evokes a bouncy and buoyant feel, akin to the waves of a deep ocean that inspire the story: (dis)comfort in solitude and isolation.

Leonie Kingdom - So Much More     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 12/10/2018
Leonie Kingdom is an emerging Indie-folk artist from Queensland. She specialises in acoustic guitar, singing, songwriting and live performance. Leonie’s style could be described as emotional, dark, and even haunting.
So Much More is exactly how it sounds. It’s a song written to remind people that although times may feel unbearable and dark, you will get through it and there is so much more to keep going for. So Much More is about learning from mistakes and life experiences, learning and growing along the way.

Racoo - Airport Hospital     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop, Electronic 12/10/2018
Racoo is singer-songwriter Rachel Hocking who comes from a family of musical outsiders based in Albany, Western Australia.
Experiencing junk space.

Other tracks by Racoo:  Tuxedo  -  Tiny Soaps
Taylor - Crush Me     Folk, Rock 12/10/2018
Masters of heavy folk, Taylor evoke the charming sort of hope that emerges from the dark corner of a room.
Passionate folk rock at its best. Contemplative musing about love and inescapable longing with underlying awareness that it's doomed. The lyrical ambiguity is what gives the song its strength. Words that remind you of something on the edge of memory, set against a determined rhythm. Haunting guitar riffs hover over vintage drum sounds. Melancholic with the slightest tinge of hope.

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Kodey Brims - Bundaberg Rum & Coke     Folk, Pop 11/10/2018
Kodey Brims is an Australian born, Nashville based folk rock singer-songwriter drawing inspiration from Missy Higgins, Stevie Nicks and Australian 80s rock n roll.
Kodey Brims shares her experience of missing and commemorating Australia with her upcoming single, Bundaberg Rum & Coke. Her second independent release is a blend of pop vocal melodies, folk guitar rhythms and descriptive lyrics that paint a picture of family, longing and celebration.

Parkville - Shining     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 11/10/2018
Parkville is a chart-topping acoustic folk-pop act from Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges, known for their rich three-part vocal harmony and smooth blend of violin, piano and acoustic guitar.
“Ben Folds would enjoy this one on the headphones.” - Triple J (Tommy Faith)

A song for anyone who's hiding away from the world.

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Other tracks by Parkville:  Brando
Cornish Wreckers - Black Phillip     Folk, World, Goth, Alternative Country 09/10/2018
The old nursery rhyme about Black Phillip the bedeviled goat made into an hypnotic Gothic incantation with Gregorian and Moorish vocal work, psychedelic guitar treatments and spectral female backing vocals
The old nursery rhyme about Black Phillip the bedevilled goat made into an hypnotic Gothic incantation with Gregorian and Moorish vocal work by Tony Millman, psychedelic guitar treatments by Michael Plater, and spectral female hackling sirenades by Andrea Millman.

Jackmann - Can I Be Your Friend? (The Facebook Song)     Folk, Atmospheric, Ambience, Alternative Country 09/10/2018
Born in Australia, baptised in Kenya, tried in Mongolia, tested in Eastern Europe. Jackmann is an age-old story of self-reflection and discovery against a backdrop of identity and conflict.
Recorded by Sam Okell at Abbey Road Studios on October 23, 2017; released October 5, 2018.

John Blease on drums, Adam Chetwood on guitar, Paddy Milner on Mrs Mills.

"Can I Be Your Friend? (The Facebook Song)" is about not being able to let go.

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Jodi Phillis - Hudson Dreaming     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 09/10/2018
ARIA nominated singer/songwriter/composer who first made her mark on the Australian cultural landscape with alt-rock band The Clouds. Jodi has forged a parallel career as an independent, influential solo singer/songwriter.
Hudson Dreaming is a double love song….to the town of Hudson, New York and to my husband Tim Oxley. It’s a fantastic day dream, imagining that we are living in this beautiful old town where it snows in the winter and comes alive again in the spring.

josh mcnz - tokyo     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Rock 09/10/2018
hi my name is josh, I'm 21 and just doing my best to make good music from my bedroom :)
'tokyo' is a song about two people who are falling out of love but hoping to connect again over exploring a beautiful foreign city together, but it might seem to good to be true.

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Mal Smith - The Second Son     Folk, Atmospheric, Rock, Britpop 09/10/2018
Mal Smith creates a blend of indie-rock beats with gospel roots, and layers of guitars and sounds ranging from indie-folk and alt-country through to swirling shoegaze and brit-pop.
The Second Son is about a young man fuelled by passion, freedom, opportunity, and eventually remorse, and a dad who never gave up. The high tides of the verses, with their soulful beats and swirling guitars recede to the low tides of the chorus, echoing the empty sentiments of the son "What have I done? What have I become?"

Ryan Downey - No More Miracles     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 09/10/2018
Ryan Downey has released the striking new track ‘No More Miracles’, out now via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control Records.
‘No More Miracles’ is the Melbourne-based indie-crooner‘s most stunning song to date. Ambitious in its scope but simple in its execution, a gritty introduction gives way to a majestic choral interlude. It needs to be heard to be believed.

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Amy Pollock - Sandman     Folk 06/10/2018
Melbourne musician inspired by a range of genres, specifically folk/alternative folk. Amy's music is very close to her heart and she invites you to come on the journey with her.
"Sandman" is a reflection on our conscious state and our abilities to make the right decisions when we are asked to make a choice. Stay awake, or go back to sleep?

Frank James - Killah     Folk, Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Frank James fuses elements of folk, rock and R&B to create his own potent brand of soulful indie-folk.
Shackled to an unusual hip-hop inspired beat and driven by James's raw vocals and steel string guitar, it's indie-folk as you haven’t heard it before: effortlessly edgy, stripped down and sultry.

Karen Law and Family - Sweet in the Morning     Folk, Country 06/10/2018
Karen Law is an uplifting folk songwriter from the Sunshine Coast. Her latest album features all five members of her family on guitars, trumpet, didgeridoo and vocal harmonies.
A love song for a town, Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. The town is undergoing a regeneration after the closure of the Sugar Mill 15 years ago. This song was runner up in the Sunshine Coast Council songwriting competition to celebrate 50 years of the naming of the region.

Other tracks by Karen Law and Family:  Good Things  -  Summer Evenings