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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Celine Yap & Brendan Bonsack - Farther, Farther Sail     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Acappella 20/05/2019
Celine Yap and Brendan Bonsack are Melbourne singers and songwriters, joining forces to produce an EP to raise funds for 3CR Refugee Radio.
"We live on an island afraid of its sea". "Farther, Farther Sail" is part lament for the fearful and brutal political realities of Australia, and part wish for a better way.

Other tracks by Celine Yap & Brendan Bonsack:  Dandelion Roots  -  A Letter from my Grandchildren
Emma Beau - Leading Me Astray     Folk, Alternative Country, Country 20/05/2019
As well as being a multi instrumentalist, Emma is an award winning singer-songwriter on the rise.
Leading Me Astray explains a relationship: the start, present, and future, and the quirks of the time spent together, particularly the notion that someone can lead you away from the life you may have imagined (and that’s a good thing). It features a stripped back, acoustic sound that’s reminiscent of Appalachian/bluegrass music.

Lisa Maps - Into the Fray     Folk 19/05/2019
Canberra-based singer-songwriter whose sound grew up among the songwriters of the 90s (early Jewel, the Waifs) taking in folk, pop and country influences.
Into the Fray is a musical pep talk that reminds us not to quit when things get hard, to remember our progress when experiencing setbacks, and to keep believing in ourselves. And it does it with video game metaphors, because I went through a period in 2018 where I was using them a lot to contextualise my own real-life struggles.

Other tracks by Lisa Maps:  Sugarcoat
Chris O - The Lamp of Welcome     Folk, World, Acoustic, Roots 17/05/2019
A singer-songwriter penning originals, who also plays old school music, mashing up folk and blues, drawing on a lifetime of encounters with people, places, and magic; echoing global grassroots. traditions.
One World, One Humanity, One Love...I wrote this song after witnessing the situation of refugees fleeing persecution in Syria; halted at borders, sleeping in the the cold and mud. I was watching on my TV, in my comfortable lounge room, in a safe and democratic country.

The quote from Rumi, written many centuries ago, references pathways to godliness and humanity.

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Dom Italiano - I Do     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 17/05/2019
Born in Wales, came to Australia at 9. Wanted a skateboard but got a guitar for 12th birthday... The rest is history!
'I DO' is just as much about the writer as it is about the people I've sat across from and hidden things from. 'You say 'a lie is like a wish that was designed to not come true'... you think that I don't know this but, I do'...

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Georgie Currie - Norma Jean     Folk, Acoustic 17/05/2019
Georgie Currie is a Melbourne based artist whose songs blend the broken, intimate fears of youth with a vocal intensity beyond her years.
Norma Jean narrates the experience of immense jealousy towards somebody who embodies mainstream conventions of beauty and perfection. It leans heavily into the metaphor of Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean as being this timeless example of unachievable female grace and allure. The layered, floaty chorus is the pin-drop moment, revealing how these expectations can amount to personal feelings of inadequacy.

Hannah Blackburn - Did You Always Know     Folk, Rock 17/05/2019
Melbourne's Hannah Blackburn specialises in earnest songwriting. Her charm and warmth will put you at ease as you feel a metaphorical pat on the back from your new storytelling companion.
Did You Always Know was written in the wake of a breakup. It harnesses the immediate feelings of nostalgia, and captures the inevitable denial which allows us heartbroken suckers to throw reality out the window and forget all bad. As the song goes on, it structurally steps through the acceptance process, however always returns to question 'Did You Always Know'?

Manning Patston - Hold On (feat. Andie     Folk, Pop 17/05/2019
In the Blue Mountains mastering his craft, Manning Patston has been perfecting his skills as a singer/songwriter for many years in and around Sydney pubs, bars, markets, pavements and bedrooms.
Hold On (feat. Andie) describes the constant uphill battle of succeeding in the music industry and doing what we love! Featuring Blue Mountains singer/songwritter Andie, here vocals contrast with Manning Patston to create an anthem like sound.

Other tracks by Manning Patston:  Come Around
Mapstone - InLakesh     Folk, World, Acoustic 17/05/2019
Mapstone’s music serenades the soul. Full of joy, depth, inspiration and spirit. The band is on a mission to raise consciousness and have the heart to see it through.
An inspiring song that channels the pure essence of spirit to fill the listener with light and love.

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The Holy Smoke - Cross That River     Folk, Country, Easy Listening 17/05/2019
Three part harmonies, alt-folk femme trio from Perth, WA
Wake up and smell the coffee! Put down your screen, take a walk with your toes in the grass and delight in the right now. We only ever have today and we can cross that river when we get to it. Let's be right here, right now together.

The Queensland Tiger - Scots of the Riverina     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 17/05/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Complete poem (1917) by Henry Lawson (1867 - 1922) written during WW1 ........... Original tune by Ade Monsbourgh , originally on Shirley Jacobs 1972 album "A Voice From The City: A Tribute To Henry Lawson". Violin by Mikhail Bugaev.

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Dinosaur Beard - Dialect Drum     Folk, Experimental, Chill, Easy Listening 16/05/2019
Garnering attention and captivating with flawless guitars and melodies, Dinosaur Beard is one of Melbourne’s exciting new artists.
‘Dialect Drum’ carries the listener along in comfort, dripping with charm and hazy flair. The song plays with light and dark tones beautifully, while Dobos’ production ties the sonic ups and downs together seamlessly. ‘Dialect Drum’ captures Dinosaur Beard in a rhythmic and melodic pocket where he really shines.

elkvilla - sink     Folk, Acoustic, Electronic, Ambience 16/05/2019
melancholic indie folk with ambient electronics.
This was recorded and mixed alone in a berlin apartment during the winter. It has a slow moody indie folk feel with ambient guitars and a little bit of electronics.

Other tracks by elkvilla:  Through the Winter
Jessie L. Warren - Emergency Contact     Folk, Pop 16/05/2019
the stunning debris of something explosive
Emergency Contact is a black comedy (or wry tragedy?) about filling out forms in the wake of a new personal locus.

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Parkville - Walkabout     Folk, Pop 16/05/2019
Parkville are a folk-pop trio from Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges
Melodically crafted Folk Pop goodness

Robert Cini - Growing Up     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Alternative Country 16/05/2019
Australian Songwriters Award winner Robert Cini's deeply melodic songs infusing multiple genres accompany a truly unique stage aura and ability to capture audiences with his powerful soulful voice.
‘Growing Up’ and debut album to follow, marks a new beginning for this talented Singer-Songwriter. After overcoming Thyroid Cancer, a Vocal disorder, and life-long battle with a progressive Vision Impairment along the way to making the Album. ‘Growing Up’ came from looking at life through the eyes of his niece and nephew. And reflecting on his own childhood experiences.

Yo Yo Sun - Wish I Was Brave     Folk, Blues, Acoustic, Easy Listening 16/05/2019
Yo Yo Sun is the Fremantle-based acoustic duo of Jamie Tan and Andrew Miller, specialising in uplifting songs that dance the tightrope between happiness and heartache.
Jangly and ambling, Wish I Was Brave highlights Yo Yo Sun's impressive capacity to make music that puts a smile on your face. As its delightful groove immediately find its way to your hips, repeat listening reveals an underlying depth that delves into themes of love, vulnerability and yearning for courage.

Adrian Clark - This Great Country     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening 15/05/2019
Adrian, will lead you on a journey through heartache and out the other side. Let this one man, one percussive guitar, tell you stories about life, music, love and beyond.
A Tribute to Australia, Arguably one the greatest country in the world, from it's amazing climate and land to the people who inhabit it.

Alice Night - Burn Your Lies     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 15/05/2019
Alice Night creates an alchemical mix of music, storytelling and performance. Her powerful, haunting voice, and bold, poetic lyrics have won her attention since her debut in 2013. 
Burn Your Lies

Other tracks by Alice Night:  Sacred Safety  -  King of the World
The Queensland Tiger - Ned Kelly was Born in a Ramshackle Hut     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 15/05/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Judge Redmond Barry sentenced Ned Kelly (1854 - 1880) to death, saying "May God have mercy on your soul". Kelly replied "I will go a little further than that, and say I will see you there when I go". On 23 November 1880, only twelve days after Kelly's execution, he was dead (from Wikipedia) …… Violin by Lillian Penner

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