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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Tomi Gray - Next Stop, Mascot     Folk, Psychedelic, Hip Hop, Garage 10/08/2018
Singer, Songwriter, Drummer, Guitarist, Programmer & Performer. Accomplished Writer & Published Poet. Podcast Addict. Psychedelic Explorer. Personal Evolution Enthusiast. Bathroom Philosopher. Alien Advocate. Van Dweller. Part-time Moustache Aficionado.
A story of a train trip

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Other tracks by Tomi Gray:  Never Get There  -  Lady At The Airport Book Store
Ziggy Alberts - Laps Around The Sun     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 10/08/2018
Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia.
A classic Ziggy-style tune, "Laps Around The Sun" references environmental issues while simultaneously carrying motivational messages.

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Ben Wright Smith - Storm Boy     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Pop 09/08/2018
Described as "'one of the country's most exciting songwriters" (ToneDeaf), Ben Wright Smith's journeyman-style storytelling has its roots in early folk, alt-country, Beat-poetry and South American lyricism.
Employing some rich 70’s guitar sounds with the uplifting, harmonic vocals that have marked releases through his career ‘til now, Ben Wright Smith has returned with brand new single ‘STORM BOY’. Wright Smith further explores an indie folk landscape tinged with rich Americana notes and a depth in musicianship.

Benoit - Now That It's Spring     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Blues 09/08/2018
Benoit is a Folk singer-songwriter hailing from the Basin, Victoria Australia. The music of Benoit is melodic and reflective, with soulful lyrics.
We often forget the bite of winter, though in Australia wattle brings a sense of hope that the season isn't all that dreary...The only problem is that once you begin to notice the yellow blooms of the wattle trees it seems to disappear in a moment. This song reminds me to treasure that which is taken from us too soon.

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Other tracks by Benoit:  Hollow of my Soul  -  I Guess It's Just Goodbyes This Time Around
Cheynne Murphy - Headlights & Goodbyes     Folk, Rock, Roots, Pop 09/08/2018
North Coast Songwriter of the year nominee and Bluesfest artist in collaboration with Jeff Martin of the Tea Party on latest EP Headlights & Goodbyes.
Rollicking, harmony fuelled, folk-rock in the vein of Californian soul bands (Eagles, America and Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Acoustic guitar driven and features a collaboration with Jeff Martin from the Tea Party. Its uplifting chorus supports the lyrical theme of making big empowering choices and the sobering acknowledgement that ultimately we can never turn back the time.

Stephen Grady - Happy When You're High     Folk 09/08/2018
After a massive 12 months releasing music and touring as one half of The Ahern Brothers, Melbourne singer-songwriter Stephen Grady is gearing up to release a new solo album.
Happy When You're High is the first single Stephen Grady recorded with J Walker at his studio in South Gippsland.

Demi Mitchell - Out of Here     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock 08/08/2018
Newcastle’s queen of melancholic rock Demi Mitchell releases ‘The Overflow', a culmination of dark and dreamy melodies and smoky-voiced musings backed by a rock and roll swagger.
Full of soul, the deeply personal release explores the vulnerability of relationships through dark lyricism, with Mitchell using the album as a means of catharsis. Each track is full of hazy guitars and melancholic beats but the glue that holds everything together is Mitchell’s dreamy vocals. Her Americana-esque voice tells the story of escapism on ‘Out Of Here'.

Mallee Songs - Drinking The Sea     Folk, Country, Rock, Psychedelic 08/08/2018
Touching on psych-folk and pop solemn and joyous, Mallee Songs recall more in spirit than sound, Palace Music, the freewheeling of American Water, and the damaged Americana of Jackie-O Motherfucker.
Drinking The Sea paints a picture with a rich mix of instruments - hushed acoustic, fiery electric, organs, and various percussive touches added for colour. Vocals are carefully balanced against this, unusually tender and restrained. Often letting the last word of each line fall into hesitancy or a whisper. A rare demand of intimacy on a record besotted with quietude.

Sian Evans - Thorns     Folk, Country 07/08/2018
2016 & 2018 Queensland Music Award finalist Sian Evans (The Long Johns, The Rusty Datsuns) is back with brand new single ‘Thorns’.
"'Thorns' is a folk song. It’s also a love song. It’s no secret songwriting is a powerful tool for expression and healing pain, but metaphorically ‘Thorns’ definitely depicts how anything worthwhile has elements of both beauty and pain. Take the good with the bad. It’s not going to be comfortable all of the time. Or even half the time." -Sian

Charlie Collins - Wish You Were Here     Folk, Rock 02/08/2018
Having played in various bands both in Australia and overseas, Collins is now returning to her roots of authentic songwriting.
Taking influence from contemporaries such as Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and The War On Drugs, the track quietly surfaced online two weeks ago and has already received copious amounts of love on Triple J Unearthed, with Triple J's Bridget Hustwaite writing “What a darn dream, can’t wait to hear more.”

Dan Mullins - Somewhere Along The Way (The Camino Song)     Folk, Country 02/08/2018
Dan Mullins is a Sydney-based singer/songwriter, broadcaster, podcaster and author.
The genesis of this track came from walking the plains of Spain over several weeks. It's about searching and soaring. Sing and smile

Emily Rigz - Everything's a Rhythm     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Rock 02/08/2018
Emily Rigz is a prolific songwriter, guitar shredder, max energy performer from The Blue Mountains now fronting her own band. Emily released her debut album Everything's a Rhythm this year.
Everything's a Rhythm experiments with wild, catchy rhythms, harmonies, lyrics and melodies to draw you into a new world of sound.

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Other tracks by Emily Rigz:  Three Simple Words  -  Bring It Back Down
Xavia - Horizons     Folk, Electronic 02/08/2018
Alice Springs electronic-folk songstress Xavia sends us into the vast Central Australian landscape with her lush, lyrical and soulful sounds.
Horizons is a lush, swirling number, inspired by Xavia's desert home, and written using an autoharp, loop pedal and a trip to Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon). The bed of autoharp and synths is balanced with tape-loop beats as a delicate, detailed vocal invites us to ‘breathe in’ the landscape and its ancient stories.

AlfanAnt - Lucky     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 01/08/2018
20 years may sound like a long time but alt-folk/country duo AlfanAnt sound, tour and play with just as much enthusiasm as they did back in late 90’s and 2000’s.
“Lucky is a very old song that I hold dear. There was a time I didn’t play guitar much but when I did Lucky was my ‘go to’ song", enthuses Alf.

“You can practically hear Alf’s heart break when he sings it. He played it at his mother’s funeral and I just couldn’t help but be totally moved", explains Ant

Daniel J Townsend - Periwinkle Blue     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 01/08/2018
Townsend was born on a tiny island on the edge of the world, the descendant of a convict girl and her employer. He's releasing his latest record as a podcast.
A love song about a tiny blue flower and a beautiful woman. Taken from the fourth episode of Townsend's popular podcast series "A Tale of Two Cities".

Ivona Rose - So Modern     Folk 01/08/2018
Raw, evocative, honest and uncompromisingly unique. Dreamy, eccentric melody marries poetic song writing. Ivona’s tales of suburban life are as being lead through an enchanted garden, by a haunting hymn.
Ever heard of 'Indie Autoharp'? - well check out this part gypsy, part Indie, post Euro sounding record from Polish heritage Singer / Songwriter Ivona Rose. A dance between Autoharp, Guitar and Zoe Hauptmann’s (Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins) expert Double Bass licks, take us to a time reminiscent of the 60’s.

Other tracks by Ivona Rose:  Circus  -  Sacred Of The Rain
Stellarize - Be Your Babe     Folk, Pop 01/08/2018
Stellarize is female Folk/pop singer songwriter originally from Canada. Stellarize has a folk pop twist with a country twang and a oldies vibe.
This is a song about feeling alone with someone who tells you they really want to be with you but you can see in their eyes they aren't fully telling the truth.

Other tracks by Stellarize:  Tested
Markus Meo - Sweet Lady Sha     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Instrumental 31/07/2018
Markus Meo is an Independent Artist , Singer Songwriter and Producer from Adelaide South Australia. A unique Artist with a soulful voice that delivers from the heart
Beautiful easy listening romantic guitar ballad

Jane Laws - Sandy Bay Shore     Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 26/07/2018
Jane Laws is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter who specialises in building images of characters interacting with each other. Jane's thought provoking tunes are flavoured with pop, jazz, blues and comedy.
I lived in Hobart (1970-1976). The Tasmanian Wooden Boat Festival is one of Hobart's many charms that draw me back to this magical city. While researching accommodation options around Battery Point and Sandy Bay, I fell in love with Old Hobart Town and was inspired to write, Sandy Bay Shore, a whaler's tale set in the mid 19th century.

Other tracks by Jane Laws:  Sailing to the Moon  -  Nothing
Goldstein - Tapping on the Window     Folk, Rock 25/07/2018
Goldstein is a folk rock band that plays honest songs about the people and places they know, often with tongue firmly in cheek.
A song about a fisherman I met from the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. He swore a lot and frightened my kids with his ocean stories. He regularly visited our shack rental to share a drink and a conspiracy theory. He was an accomplished painter in his day but now struggled with mental illness.

Other tracks by Goldstein:  These Walls Can Talk  -  Shilo, We're Going to Maccas