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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Buddy Dingo - I Love My Backyard     Folk, Rock, World, Pop 29/10/2018
One bloke having a go !!
Summer inspired song about hanging with your mates in ya backyard you love !!

Other tracks by Buddy Dingo:  Driving My Ute
Obscura Hail - Limberjack     Folk, Alternative Country, Classical, Ambience 29/10/2018
Sparked by an irrational fear of memory loss, Obscura Hail is a nightly routine of externalising self destructive thoughts by innovating through the limitation of an ad-hoc bedroom studio
Limberjack is the re imagined naive fuzzy memory of a suppressed emotional trauma, disguised as a cautionary tale. "I have it, it is here, despite the noise".

Andy Nelson - Little Sweet     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Roots 26/10/2018
Andy has a rare knack of being able to read an audience and engage with them through his music, with his passion for the songs being infectious..
Little Sweet is the first fully finished piece written by Andy, All in All, it's a short and simple message dedicated to his baby daughter.

Augustine Ang - Always Changing     Folk, Acoustic 26/10/2018
singer songwriter indie folk lo-fi
First single off Augustine Ang's upcoming debut album.

Mixed by Miguel Artugue.
Mastered by Sergiy Khrustal.

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Coda Chroma - Out Of Body     Folk, Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 26/10/2018
Coda Chroma is the alias of Melbourne based musician Kate Lucas, and is a vehicle for her obsession with writing songs drawn from personal dreamscapes and real life encounters.
"Out Of Body” circles lyrically around feelings of social isolation, the rediscovery of identity, domestic overwhelm, and Kate’s longing for the stillness of natural landscapes. She and producer Damien Charles have created a widescreen and emotive piece of music that echoes some of their disparate influences, such as Joan as Police Woman, Sebadoh and jangly Flying Nun bands of NZ.

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Other tracks by Coda Chroma:  Castle (demo)
David Western - Step On My Toes     Folk, Roots 26/10/2018
David Western’s bashful and winsome sensibility has fooled many. An explorer of personal space, soaring downcast rock and dimly lit folk tunes, he’s an old soul that writes with purpose.
I wanted the structure to be pretty seamless like a Bob Dylan bootleg.. same chords throughout the song, some old idea of the classic ‘skip town and start over’ narrative. Something sad AND optimistic. Something real and something I only really dream about doing. Step On My Toes was a note to my future self to take things in stride.

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Palm Springs - Hollywood Failure     Folk, Country, Acoustic 26/10/2018
Palm Springs is a solo song-writing project for Erica Dunn who, on this release, employed the help of two long time companions Paul Pirie and Steph Hughes.
Tender Collection are excited to announce their latest signing, Palm Springs the solo sounds of Erica Dunn. Palm Springs & Friends, a collaborative release featuring Paul Pirie and Steph Hughes will be coming out in November digitally and on a small run of cassettes.
The first single Hollywood Failure is out now, a folk pop tune perfect for spring.

The Northern Folk - Cold     Folk, Soul, Rock, Roots 26/10/2018
The Northern Folk are a collective of ten musical ambitionists who spread their unique brand of folk/pop/stomp/rock with two powerful vocalists, roaring horns, bashful bass and addictive percussion.
Cold is about the insecurities that keep us from being in love; the anxiety that ties us down for fear of the unknown, the worry that pushing for what we truly want might send it speeding away. It’s not a solution, but a warning of what we stand to lose when we are dishonest with ourselves.

Lior - Real Love     Folk, Easy Listening 24/10/2018
Lior is one of Australia’s most successful singer-songwriters, renowned for his beautiful voice and songs that radiate truth and sincerity.
Being a bit older now and with the luxury of hindsight, ‘Real Love’ is a reflection on the fact that love can’t be broken down into components to gather its worth.

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Other tracks by Lior:  Apple Tree  -  Paper Skin
Darcy Hay - Goodbye Idayat     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 22/10/2018
Folk, country and blues singer-songwriter from regional WA. Specialises in hard-hitting, poetic lyrics, lightning fast fingerpicking and slide guitar.
A song about two friends on either side of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Their story, which I saw briefly mentioned in a documentary, touched me deeply, as both a personal tale about dignity/friendship, and a broader plea for tolerance and peace. Featuring intricate finger-picked guitar, fretless bass, a harmonica solo, and a guitar solo.

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Other tracks by Darcy Hay:  Noonkanbah Song  -  Shopping
MatsB - Heart in the Sky     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Country 22/10/2018
MatsB is a talented artist who has a passion for writing and performing his original songs. His lyrics display powerful meaning and provide answers to the big questions in life.
This song is about finding hope and love when challenges arise. It's the people closest to us that help us to carry on when life becomes difficult. Sharing our life with those we love brings us happiness and joy; just like a magical heart in the sky that helps us to carry on.

Timothy Fairless - A Thin Black Line     Folk, Soundtrack (Film Related), Atmospheric, Instrumental 22/10/2018
Sparse grand piano sits atop treated field recordings. Solo violin weaves a melody through competing waves of electric guitar. Equal parts post-rock, free-jazz, drone and ambient.
The title piece from A Thin Black Line exploits an ensemble of violin, mandolin, bowed acoustic guitar, percussion and electronics. This track serves as a hopeful conclusion to the film.

Directed by Douglas Watkin for VRTOV & SBS Australia, A Thin Black Line tells the true story of a young girl and her family fleeing Darwin before the 1942 bombing.

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Other tracks by Timothy Fairless:  Leaving Frog Hollow  -  The Air Raid
Gallie - This Side of the River     Folk, Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/10/2018
Gallie has the capacity to reach a large audience on a one to one level turning a large room into a small venue, through his songs and story telling.
Dublin is a city of contrasts."There is a walk I used to take, from Amiens St to the Ha'penny bridge, onto the Southside of the city. A beautiful old city, full of music, poetry, art, rebels, junkies, thieves, violence, crime and the rain, that walk has it all. It's that walk that inspired this song.

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Obscura Hail - Laces     Folk, Alternative Country, Atmospheric, Downbeat 20/10/2018
Sparked by an irrational fear of memory loss, Obscura Hail is a nightly routine of externalising self destructive thoughts and innovating through the limitations of an ad-hoc bedroom studio
Recorded between 3 and 4am in a humble bedroom studio above a quiet forest courtyard, Laces is an ode to dissociation brought on by a death in the family; feeling like a stranger in your own home

William Alexander - Wanaaring Road     Folk, Country, Acoustic, World 20/10/2018
Troubadour and old time folk singer, William Alexander, revives the songs of hillbilly and country music as well as his own songs of the new world and all its trials.
Wanaaring Road, the first single from William's latest album is a tale of his love for his birthplace Bourke. Pure vocal and acoustic guitar, recorded live to a single microphone and recorded straight to tape.

Other tracks by William Alexander:  Sweet Is the Love That I Have For You  -  I'm Not a Ramblin' Man No More
Bruce Campbell - Another World Ends     Folk, Acoustic 19/10/2018
Bruce Campbell's EP, Another World Ends explores personal and planetary apocalypses with wit and pathos.
Another World Ends sees our planet on the brink of environmental and social collapse. The song asks us to consider that we only have one Earth and what the consequences may be if we do not look after it.

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Other tracks by Bruce Campbell:  Black Dog  -  If I Should Tear My Heart Out
Eliza Hull - Going Soon     Folk, Pop 19/10/2018
Eliza Hull’s music is not for the weak hearted. A captivating songwriter, Eliza has been responsible for the creation of music that hits straight at the core of the listener.
'Going Soon' is the final single from Eliza Hull's upcoming EP 'How We Disappeared.' A indie, folk tinged song, full of rhythmic hand claps, that draws on themes of growing up, and moving away from the city.

Rhyen - What Are You Doing With Your Life?     Folk, Pop, Roots, Rock 19/10/2018
Rhyen is a bedroom based singer songwriter with dreams of performing outside his bedroom. Woven through delicate guitar work, his lyrics speak about the anxieties about growing up.
Part of growing up is realising that you have no idea what you're doing. And that's ok.

'What Are You Doing With Your Life?' is the second single from Rhyen's debut EP 'Tomorrow Things Will Be Alright' which is set to release in 2018

Ziggy Alberts - Stronger     Folk 19/10/2018
Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer/songwriter, free-surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia.
'Stronger' is new chapter of Ziggy's musical progression.
The song tells a story about the to-and-fro of conversations around trying to convince someone to come with you, if it could work and how it could be better. It beautifully depicts the raw emotions you feel in your most vulnerable state of loving someone.

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The Good Minus - Laughing Full Steam     Folk, Pop 17/10/2018
The Good Minus bring you their inimitable style of angular art-pop. the members blend wildly different influences to create intricate arrangements, three-part vocal harmonies and obscure, groove-laden time signatures
Laughing Full Steam features intricate guitar lines and three part harmonies. Each member of the band sings as well as plays their instrument. It was recorded at Tender Trap Studios, Melbourne. Mastered by AJ Bradford.