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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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La'i - Break it To My Heart     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Soul 11/06/2011
La’i is a fresh voice on the international music scene. Growing up on the beaches of Australia and Hawaii she has developed a signature sound.
La'i (pron: la-ee) wrote Break It to My Heart when she was 15. "A boy I really liked turned out to be a massive disappointment and the feeling of betrayal was intense. I really needed someone to hear me I guess," said La'i.

Other tracks by La'i:  Place To Hide  -  Anywhere But Here
Echo and the Empress - Balloon     Pop, Folk, Dance 08/06/2011
Meet Echo and the Empress, a musical collaboration of two sisters....with Beth on piano and Skye on guitar, they create music that is expressive, vibrant and honest.
The opening track Balloon, with its distinctive sound and deep drums, expresses the closed heart of an adolescent.

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Other tracks by Echo and the Empress:  Set the Boys on Fire  -  The Wolves
Owls of the Swamp - So Far Away     Folk, Acoustic 03/06/2011
Owls of the Swamp is the enchanting folk music project of Melbourne troubadour, Pete Uhlenbruch. His intricate guitar finger-picking and resonant earthy vocals blend seamlessly to create mysterious folk ballads.
A captivating song about distance and longing. Features the haunting vocals of Icelandic songwriter Myrra Ros and rich cello from Machine Translations' J. Walker.

Other tracks by Owls of the Swamp:  Tricks and Turns  -  Long May You Run
Chelsea Gibson - Equinox     Folk, Acoustic 03/06/2011
Drawing from Swedish fiction, unspoken experience, photographers and vintage silhouettes, Chelsea’s brand of indie-folk melodies drift over like a cool breeze on a sultry night.
An emotive piece about two people spending the night in a unleased house.

Other tracks by Chelsea Gibson:  White Noise  -  Our Winter
Damon Smith and the Quality Lightweights - I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now     Folk, Rock 03/06/2011
Melbourne troubadour Damon Smith is a songwriter of the rarest skill; alongside The Quality Lightweights, Smith creates music that is starkly confessional but unerringly warm and inviting.
A captivating storyteller, with 'I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now', Smith delivers a complex rumination on the minutiae of regret and redemption without once asking for forgiveness.

Julia Rose - Razorback Road     Country, Folk, Rock, World 03/06/2011
Folk/Rock/Country singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JULIA ROSE is in her debut year as a solo performer and has already proved she might be the next big thing.
Soaring vocals and rhythmic guitar lines, coupled with tales of being on the road and stories of love, blend beautifully. Razorback Rd is about reminiscing for a past love at a place called Razorback Road, fast and slow then building up to a fast toe tapping hoedown.

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Other tracks by Julia Rose:  Longest Night
Baker Suite - The Fugitive Kind     Jazz, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Gypsy duo, The Baker Suite, recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Straight from the heart and reminiscent of a smoky, French café, The Baker Suite perform their tune "The Fugitive Kind" live during Radio Adelaide's Live Music Fest 2010.

Nice Verdes - Ay Mama     World, Ethnic, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Eclectic world-music inspired duo, Nice Verdes, as recorded by Radio Adelaide during their Live Music Fest 2010.
Nice Verdes' tune "Ay Mama" recorded live during Radio Adelaide's Live Music Fest 2010.

Spiral Dance - Man from the Stars     Folk, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Adelaide-based folk band, Spiral Dance, recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Enter the world of magick, myth and legend through Spiral Dance's tune "Man from the Stars," recorded live by Radio Adelaide for their Live Music Fest 2010.

Cal Williams Jr - Sun     Folk, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 One of Australia's finest slide blues guitarists, Cal Williams Jr, recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Talented slide-guitarist, Cal Williams' performance of his tune "Sun," recorded live during Radio Adelaide's Live Music Fest 2010.

Imogen Harper - Charcoal Heart     Folk, Acoustic 26/05/2011
At just 21, Imogen Harper is a woman to be reckoned with. There’s the fact she’s been playing piano for more than half of her life, started songwriting when fourteen.
Title track from Charcoal Heart EP.

Other tracks by Imogen Harper:  Cling To Me  -  Distractions & Mistakes
Pavlos Andronikos / Katrina Mpaloukas - On Your Balcony     Ethnic Multicultural, Folk, World 26/05/2011
“In a Strange Land” is an honest, contemporary, varied collection showcasing the innovative ways in which Greek Australians have engaged in the creation of music in their “strange” new land.
A song which evokes Greek folk song, but also blends synthesiser sounds with traditional instruments. Archie Argyropoulos offers an energetic and convincing vocal interpretation, and is joined by Helen Sinis in the last verse so that, with the two singing alternate lines, a happy ending is suggested despite the lyrics.

Melody Moon - Out of the City     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 25/05/2011
A fresh breeze on Australia’s Alternative Folk scene, Melody’s emotional songs captivate the heart and take the listener to a place of beauty and optimism. Guitar, musing lyrics, harmonies, glockenspiel.
A sweet ditty about leaving the big smoke and getting back to nature. This catchy tune featuring acoustic guitar, keys (saxophonic), quirky lyrics, vocal harmonies and timely drops of glockenspiel is sure to soothe a place in your soul. A great soundtrack for a country roadtrip.

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Other tracks by Melody Moon:  Little Hopes  -  A Place to Start
Major Chord - Tomorrow Night     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Experimental 25/05/2011
After a year of recording and mixing Major Chord has emerged with a pop-infused, folk related, long debated work of art.
This time around Major Chord uses more percussion, sharpens the arrangements and delves a little deeper to deliver a result that is sometimes bleak, often hopeful, a little confusing but always true.

Luke Cleland - Everything     Folk 25/05/2011
Luke Cleland is a folk/indie artist based in Sydney, NSW.
A story of inner and outer conflict reflecting a duality of emotion and the fine line between love and hate.

Cheynne Murphy - Spaces In-Between     Folk, Pop, Rock, Acoustic 24/05/2011
Soulful harmony based Australian folk rock with a pop sensibility. "Big warm sprawling folk rock..unpretentiously earnest" (Rhythms Magazine, Feb 2011).
An upbeat acoustic folk pop gem harking back to the old sounds of Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Big feel good harmonies, and lyrics of friendship and love. 12 string guitars and harmonies embellished with horns, soft driving brushes combine to create an eclectic sound with wide listener appeal.

Other tracks by Cheynne Murphy:  Coming Home  -  So Wild For This Love
Marta - These days     Pop, Folk 23/05/2011
She’s been likened to Natalie Merchant and Aimee Mann. Her songs are intense and her voice, brooding and she’s not afraid to share her emotions with her listeners
A haunting and sensual song with soulful female vocals.

Other tracks by Marta:  A girl gets by  -  Twisted with love
Andrew Barnum - American Forest     Folk 18/05/2011
Feed the Clouds, the 4th solo album with producer Boris Hunt. Andrew and Boris began their partnership recording late Vitabeats material then with spoken word album Loudspeaker Word on groove.
American Forest comes from Andrew Barnums unique and inventive concept book that involves various artists contributing works to go with Barnums heartfelt music.

Michael Peter - My Fire     Folk, Acoustic 18/05/2011
Michael Peter is a natural singer songwriter. All his songs have their own unique story, heartfelt vocal and a soulful melody accompanied with open and intriguing lyrics.
'My Fire' is the first single from Michael Peters new E.P. 'Welcome', a handful of songs written in dedication to his family.

Scott Bird - Breathe     Folk 18/05/2011
Scott has had a life long passion and dedication to songs and the music which brings them to life. Riversong, is the debut release for Scott as a solo artist.
Breathe is an inspiring track by Scott Bird about using your senses to feel the life around you, be free and make the most of your dreams.