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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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The Lucky Wonders - Home     Pop, Folk 23/03/2010
It's the quality of the songwriting and its intimacy that first strike you about The Lucky Wonders - beautifully crafted, insightful and uplifting, drawing on folk, indie pop, and country.
Home is a beautiful, soft and thought provoking track from the Lucky Wonder's new album - Thirteen O'clock. (out now on VITAMIN RECORDS)

Kym Pitman - Million Star Hotel     Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 19/03/2010
Pure voice and beautiful poetry. Songs that ramble evocatively between wild Australian landscapes. Dynamic and enchanting performance with rich harmonies and acoustic imagery stirring a sense of ecological connection.
The 'Million star hotel' - Sleeping under the vast expanse of starry sky - a free luxury but not one we get often enough! We would rather air-conditioning and spa baths! This is the song of the million star hotel - a little funky, smooth and quite poetic.

Other tracks by Kym Pitman:  Saltbush  -  Take Away
Bob Vidler - Miss You - The Mellow Acoustic Song     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 17/03/2010
Mildly troubled and relatively optimistic troubadour seeking opposite. Neat and tidy with a good work ethic. Prefers pubs over clubs and can dance. Likes music.
Exploring the relationship between distance and friendship. A love nest of tones soothing the bite of loneliness with the promise of future reunion. Knowing an eternal friendship in times of distance and separation.

Mahri Autumn - Jack     Folk, Pop, Psychedelic, World 17/03/2010
A radical integration of folk, indie rock, classical, world music & sound design. Lush accordian drones, ambient piano, percussion, guitar, sounds & unearthly vocal harmonies. Created via email- NYC/Wollongong, Australia.
A rich layered track featuring world percussion, accordian, piano and vocals. Based on the story of Lilith, Adam's first wife, it explores gender identity & mythology. All instruments played by M except guitar tracks from special quest Michael- John Azzopardi and mixed and mastered in NYC by Brian Siskind.

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Other tracks by Mahri Autumn:  Skin  -  Angel
Amy Vee - Enough For Now     Folk, Acoustic 15/03/2010
"Lovely ghostly folk" says Triple J's Steph Hughes about Amy Vee's EP, 'Sleeping Dogs Lie'. Let yourself be the judge as Amy's heart-breaking vocals and lilting guitar wash over you.
"This song came out of frustration with the people and the processes that determine the way we live. I think you can hear this in the rhythm...Sounding like a train speeding out of control. The repetition in the song is quite intentional, mocking the monotony of political spin."

Other tracks by Amy Vee:  Heart Shaped Space  -  We Are The Hours
High Highs - Phone Call     Folk, Experimental, Pop 12/03/2010
Two musicians from different previous bands came together to create a two piece indie/folk band. Now based in New York.
A moody track which takes you to another world through the gentle vocal harmonies and melodic guitar. An honest and timeless piece of music. Structurally intelligent with some very mature songwriting.

Houlette - The Birds     Folk, Pop, Rock 11/03/2010
A mix of folk and early French-pop influences that feature rich female vocals interwoven with minimalist modern-pop arrangements and punctuated with bursts of dark intermissions.
Beautiful french folk- pop song...

Other tracks by Houlette:  Longtime  -  Tee Vee
Eleanor Angel - The Well     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 08/03/2010
Brisbane songstress Eleanor Angel is a stunning vocalist whose honest, gentle melodies are delicately woven around fingerstyle guitar. Her songs are augmented by lush, spacious string arrangements and soft percussion.
'The Well' is gentle story of love fading and a relationship drying up. The song boasts gorgeous vocal and string melodies and lush vocal harmonies.

Other tracks by Eleanor Angel:  Into the light  -  Waking up Slowly
Kevin James - Temple of my heart     World, Ambience, Live Performance, Acoustic 04/03/2010
Weaving ancient Mantra’s with English interpretations, Kevin James' anthemic songs are an effective platform to dissolve the ego, reconnect to the heart and send out positive prayers to the world.
This is a live recording of up to 100 voices singing the sweet melodious chorus of "Ela" a universal word for God and Goddess, light and wisdom. This song is a prayer of reconnection.

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Other tracks by Kevin James:  Asatoma
Zeptepi - The Ballad of John Green     Folk, Rock, Punk, Roots 03/03/2010
Gloriously apocalyptic fiddle-tastic folk rock! Think Waterboys, Weddings Parties Anything, Pogues, Dubliners.
A contemporary re-telling of a Celtic legend - fiddle driven post punk folk rock with a gloriously apocalyptic energy!

Other tracks by Zeptepi:  Whiskey in the Jar  -  The Soldier Song
Brady, Stewart, Green & Young - Lanterns On The Levee     Country, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 03/03/2010
Vocal quartet that share lead vocals and apply their harmonies to country, folk, bluegrass, celtic, gospel and roots music. Arrow was recorded in Sydney, Melbourne, Nashville & San Francisco.
Lead vocal performed by Sandra Young. The song is a delightful mid-tempo mix of country, folk and Celtic stylings. It features superb musical contributions from the likes of Stuie French, Bill Chambers, Mick Albeck and Christine Wheeler on guitar, dobro, fiddle and flute respectively.

Other tracks by Brady, Stewart, Green & Young:  This Old House  -  Arrow
Ali Towers - Hold On (The Sky's Burning)     Pop, Soul, Folk 25/02/2010
Earthy Guitars, haunting Piano and strings tell stories of loss and hope. Blues and Folk side of Pop, Singer/Songwriter in the vein of Van Morrison, Ray Lamontagne, and Tom Waits.
The age-old story of two young lovers making their way through life, who are then suddenly struck by tragedy.
Originally set in the 2005 Paris Riots.
Its hero and heroine’s names, both beginning with the letter J, are inspired by Lou Reeds characters, Jack and Jane in "Sweet Jane".

Other tracks by Ali Towers:  This Fragile Track  -  The Used Future
Flap! - Down Down Down     Jazz, Pop 25/02/2010
A stimulating change for those listeners looking for something a little different, Flap! bring a sense of 1920's Jazz with a contemporary twist...something borrowed and something completely new and intriguing...
From the happy sounds of the xylophone on the opening track 'Down, Down, Down' to the bombastic Gypsy brass inspired finale 'Tetris', FLAP! features original music that is both old and new. With vocals unabashedly Australian in their timbre, influences from 1920's jazz, English Folk and Trinidadian Calypso are heard.

Other tracks by Flap!:  Tetris
Gretel and the Teramachi - Music     Folk, Roots, Pop, Acoustic 24/02/2010
The coming together of different genres and sounds is what makes this band different. Their sound is kind to the ears whilst displaying a joyous energy to keep you wondering.
Celebrating the joy of what is really important in life is the theme of this song. A very tidy acoustic guitar presence and solos, combined with measured transitions in tempo and mood work well with Gretel's vocal tone, to take you on an intriguing journey.

Other tracks by Gretel and the Teramachi:  Warm Hands  -  Our World
Pal Sheldon - My Melody     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 24/02/2010
Sounding like Tom Waits and Ryan Adams chatting under an umbrella in Byron Bay, Pal Sheldon is sure to enliven the Cupid or Plato in everyone.
My Melody explores those moments when you cant get her out of your head.

Gartloney Rats - Filthy Thieving Bastards     Folk, Punk, World, Rock 18/02/2010
The Gartloney Rats play rollickin' roots music with a gypsy swing, searing banjo, haunting accordion and much more. Influences, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, The Clash, Tom Waits, Alabama 3. !!
filthy thieving bastards is a rollickin' celtic punk song, a cautionary tale for the ladies, some men may have a committment problem and are just out to break hearts and have a bit of 'fun'

Other tracks by Gartloney Rats:  No Sense  -  Plastic Jesus
Whyte Zebra - Knock Knock     Folk, Rock, Roots, Blues 17/02/2010
Producing a prominent and complete sound, Whyte Zebra's song compositions are strengthened with drums, bass, 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, strings and harmonious backing vocals.
"Knock Knock" is an original track with hard hitting melodic drums, soothing violin with catchy guitar and bass lines. This songs chorus is harmonised with beautiful backing vocals.

Other tracks by Whyte Zebra:  Close to Getting Closer  -  Double or Nothing
The Tealeaves - Unspoken     Pop, Roots, Folk 17/02/2010
Inspired by the era of the great singer-songwriters, including Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel and Don McLean - rich in melody, harmony & lyrical honesty, & described as heart wrenching.
The tealeaves track 'Unspoken' from their new self titled album is a rich and beautiful folk, rock, pop track. Featuring their vocals and harmonies, string arrangements and organic keys. With their signature songwriting and thoughtful lyrics - this song is thoughtprovoking and showcases the band's exquisite musicianship.

Other tracks by The Tealeaves:  I Come Undone
Xavier Rudd - Time To Smile     Blues, Roots 12/02/2010
There is a primal new energy in Xavier Rudd as he writes and plays invigorated by his collaboration with Izintaba - his incredibly funky new rhythm section
A brand new track that is roots and all.

Lisa Mitchell - Clean White Love     Pop, Folk 12/02/2010
Wonder is an album that defines Lisa Mitchell as one of Australia's most talented singer-songwriters. She writes from experience, sings from the heart and gives her all in every performance.
Lisa Mitchell says "Clean White Love is a about the divine clean white light that comes through the shutters with the first hint of the new sun very early in the mornings. It feels a little bit heavenly, and a little bit like being in love."

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