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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Kay Proudlove - May The Fourth     Folk, Pop, Comedy 10/05/2019
Engagingly witty, Kay is an indie-folk singer-songwriter with a remarkably agile voice and a dry sense of humour. Her songs are truly stories set to melody; relatable, humorous and heartbreaking.
A song about dating someone who really likes Star Wars, May The Fourth is an anthem written by Kay Proudlove for those who are still trying to work out what order the episodes go in. Jangly guitars, a gliding vocal and clever, pop-cultured lyrics deliver a witty and relatable love song for this galaxy and those beyond.

Mark Lang - Pictou Landing     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 10/05/2019
A renowned lyricist and storyteller, Mark Lang has written three critically acclaimed albums making many album of the year lists as the singer-songwriter of Australian indie band Skipping Girl Vinegar.
In the 1960s, The First Nations People were promised their traditional land and lifestyle would not be effected by the set-up of a pulp-waste discharge treatment facility, but within days of operation all aquatic life was dead. 'Pictou Landing' conjures up images of water birds weeping for their decimated dwelling and the smell of sweet grass replaced by smog.

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Maynard Heap - Reflection     Folk, Blues, Roots 10/05/2019
Maynard Heap is a versatile, solo, harmonica, guitar playing, singer-songwriter. His distinctive, self-taught style featuring elements of folk, country, blues and rock, has evolved with his musical journey throughout Queensland.
This original, folkie, solo delivers personal perspective of the human value, reflection. It is insightful, uplifting, virtuous and inspiring. Maynard’s arpeggio picked and strummed, open slide, provides a solid foundation for his resounding vocals and bluesy cross-harmonica to weave its spell. Recorded and mixed by Michael Josephson at Josephson Records, Yeronga, and mastered by Steve Smart at 301 Studio, Sydney.

Mount Trout - I Have Everything     Folk, Experimental, Psychedelic, Downbeat 10/05/2019
Rough Skies is delighted to release ‘I Have Everything’, the first single from ‘Shelter Belt’, the new album from free-noise folk Mount Trout, released digitally and cassette in May 2019.
Noisy free-wheeling folky guitar skronk

Sachi Rae - Good Morning Sunshine     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 10/05/2019
Sachi is a 23 year old female singer/singwriter and guitarist from, Queensland, Brisbane.
Good Morning Sunshine is a song about being honest with yourself when it can be especially hard.

Simon Imrei - Stand Still     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Pop 10/05/2019
Folk/Americana sensability, 4-part harmonies, honest relatable storytelling, live loops & 70s grooves, layered guitars with blues riffs & solos
Stand Still is a melancholy Americana daydream about heading down the coast with someone, living out of an old suitcase and sharing the quiet in amongst the craziness of life's day to day. It's a subtle acoustic folk-pop tune, tinged with vintage tape tones and the deft finishing touches of guitarist/pedal-steel gun for hire Matt Dixon (Emilee South, James Kenyon).

The Humbuckin' Pickups - Long time gone     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 10/05/2019
The four-piece Humbuckin' Pickups bring the songs of front man Ewan Cloonan to life. They love a raucous sing-along but are equally at home with a heart-breaking ballad.
‘Long time gone’ is the song that speaks to our heart while simultaneously kicking us in the butt. It reminds us that if we want to marry the love of our life, write that book or travel those seas, then we have to ‘do it while we can – we’re a long time gone’.

Other tracks by The Humbuckin' Pickups:  The Well  -  The Dancing Gate
The Queensland Tiger - Jim Jones at Botany Bay     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 10/05/2019
The Queensland Tiger covers traditional Australian ballads mainly from the nineteenth century: e.g. Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Breaker Morant, Charles Thatcher, etc…. true to the original works.
Between 1788 and about 1850, a new colony and overflowing jails in England meant convicts were transported half way across the world for 7, 14 years or life. A dangerous journey, conditions on arrival were harsh. Jim Jones has never been identified. Tarantino’s recent film “The Hateful Eight” obviously borrowed this song and made some changes. Violin by Mikhail Bugaev.

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Declan Kelly - Take Me In Tonight     Folk, Acoustic, Blues 03/05/2019
Acoustically impeccable whilst writing each and every song from the heart, Declan Kelly is a timeless musician, not afraid to present his blood, sweat and tears to the word.
This beautifully stripped-back piece is a petition to ourselves in times of emotional isolation, where we seem to be distant from those around us. “Take Me In Tonight” is the second single off Kelly’s upcoming album, “The Nest,” recorded in his studio of the same name.

frank's fish tank - jack bean     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Easy Listening 03/05/2019
!! port city alt-folk, bluegrass and country tinged old-timey. banjo, fiddle, clawhammer banjo and guitar. contemporary and traditional, whimsical mellow southwest Albany//fremantle twist on Appalachian and Irish folk music..
river banks and mud flats and hair styles alt-country folk song. clawhammer banjo and flat-picked guitar flutters about with drawing chugging fiddle and twinkling mandolin interweaving throughout a steady flow of old time style folk music, with frank's soothing mellow velvet voice and calming seasons appropriate atmospheric lyrics and vocals.

Kim Churchill - When Everything Comes Undone     Folk, Roots 03/05/2019
Kim Churchill is excited to unveil his stunning new single ‘When Everything Comes Undone’ and E.P. ‘I AM’ – recorded and co-produced by Vincent Kottkamp and Chris Collins.
‘I AM’ begins with the anthemic new single ‘When Everything Comes Undone'.

Other tracks by Kim Churchill:  Look Too  -  The Sunroom
Lincoln MacKinnon - I'm Bled     Folk, Acoustic, Rock 03/05/2019
Sometime assassin, sometime saint, Lincoln MacKinnon combines uplifting choruses, heart-break harmonies and a barely contained menace to produce music that is as powerful as it is memorable.
“I’m Bled” is the painful truth that is all too easy to push aside. MacKinnon and Perth vocalist Billie Rogers sing about a relationship that has broken down – what once began as love has since become numb, silence is a regular occurrence and both parties are stuck “forever in a war never won.”

Riley Pearce - Free Coffee     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 03/05/2019
Riley Pearce is a young indie folk artist from WA. With over 30 million Spotify streams, his reflective songwriting & chilled-out coastal vibes resonates with more than just folk lovers.
Free Coffee came off the back of being overwhelmed by just how quickly time passes and I realised I found it quite difficult coping with change. It deals a lot with childhood memories and the title came from this first AA meeting type idea and a realisation that you do indeed have a problem as being the first step.

Other tracks by Riley Pearce:  Portugal  -  Park Dogs
The Maes - Head Over Heels     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 03/05/2019
Since 2014, The Maes have been full time touring in Australia and overseas, winning over audiences with their striking songwriting, intricate instrumental arrangements and stunning vocal harmonies.
A song about the inevitable surprise and dizzying vulnerability of falling in love. Recorded on the shores of Lake Echo, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Other tracks by The Maes:  Driving Ali Through Mining Towns  -  Get Your Act Together
Maynard Heap - Think Globally, Act Locally     Folk, Acoustic 26/04/2019
Maynard Heap is a versatile, solo, harmonica, guitar playing, singer-songwriter. His distinctive, self-taught style featuring elements of folk, country, blues and rock, has evolved with his musical journey throughout Queensland.
Think Globally, Act Locally

This folkie solo original is an anthem for activism, identifying problems such as a lack of global awareness, corporate greed, political corruption, media monopoly and big banks, while giving active solutions for people to follow. Maynard’s arpeggio picked and strummed acoustic, provides a solid foundation for his resounding vocals and melodious harmonica to weave its spell.

Anna & Jordan - It's up to You!     Folk, Pop 25/04/2019
Anna & Jordan are an indie/folk/pop duo based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.
An upbeat indie-pop-folk song featuring violin, acoustic guitar and a charming, light hearted sentiment.

Gerard Starling - 7:30     Folk, Rock 25/04/2019
Gerard Starling, folky force to be reckoned with. Channeling Neil Young, with a nod to the haunting Elliott Smith. Gerard invites you into his complex mind, wistfully observing life's incarnations.
7:30 is the midst of winter, a broken down rental in Camberwell, heartbreak, a $20 heater from Bunnings that made you worried about falling asleep next to it, in a bedroom filled with all your life’s collection of records and figuring out what’s next in the world and my place in it while living with heartbreak and heartache.

Robbie Miller - Show Your Skin     Folk, Pop 25/04/2019
If there is one enduring, almost mythical, storyline in music it’s the ‘bedroom to big stage’ success story. It’s that all-too-rare tale of an artist plucked from obscurity -Robbie Miller.
"’Show Your Skin’ is a reflective song about the rediscovery of self-worth after an extremely challenging time in my life - a period I thought I’d never be free of,” says Robbie. “The song touches on these struggles but also the power of a positive relationship and the role it played for me in finding my own value.”

Alana Jagt - Imagining Life     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 24/04/2019
Alana Jagt's dynamic, warmly-weathered voice has captivated audiences throughout her short career. Her work blends indie pop and rock with moody alt-country and Motown groove.
It's about falling asleep near the ocean, with a storm building outside that seeps into your dreams and swallows you whole.

The song is a gentle nod to Jagt's seaside home; one that expands her folky palette to include swirling electric guitars and a soaring string section.

Brain Romance - Honest Words     Folk 24/04/2019
Melbourne artist Hannah Cameron and Canadian musician Brian Campeau have long shared a mutual admiration and nurturing of one another’s musical journeys.
‘Honest Words’ is an immediately arresting refrain and one that is sure to set the tone for what’s to come from this long-awaited dream partnership. With the single out Wednesday 1 May, Brain Romance is thrilled to announce some of their first-ever live shows, heading to Sydney, Melbourne, and Castlemaine at the changing of the seasons this May.