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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Fraser A. Gorman - Walking To Oman’s     Folk, Alternative Country, Blues 29/05/2018
Fraser A. Gorman is a Melbourne based singer songwriter with a love for country, blues, and folk.
Inspired by the great overarching trees that towered above Fraser on a walk through the Otway forest, 'Walking To Oman’s' is a song about getting lost in addiction and looking for a way out.

Mish Songsmith - Be Yourself     Folk, Pop, Jazz, Easy Listening 29/05/2018
Mish Songsmith is a powerful, heart-warming female vocalist and an award winning songwriter. Her unique, soulful, jazz-infused, folky-pop songs burst with inspirational lyrics that express universal life stories.
Be Yourself is the title track to Mish's 5th Album and has a conversational, uplifting, comforting feel with hints of old jazz influences. Mish aims to write inspiring, wise, catchy songs to plant on a loop in your brain so you live the most exciting existence that you can.

Other tracks by Mish Songsmith:  I Want To Love You  -  You Bring Me Home
Todd Cook - The Silent Boat     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 29/05/2018
Todd combines intricate folk/finger picking guitar, passionate singing, Irish Bouzouki and didge to portray vast landscapes and vivid story telling.
The 'Silent Boat' describes the journey of the first Australian cricket team to tour England in 1868. The governments, Aboriginal Protection Board, prevented Aboriginal people moving around the colonies. So our first team cleverly snuck out of the country avoiding the government's policies taking their future into their own hands.

Other tracks by Todd Cook:  Charles Lawrence  -  The Test
Emma Davis - Best Of Times     Folk, Chill, Acoustic, Easy Listening 26/05/2018
'Best Of Times' is the newest single from soft-synthesiser folk musician Emma Davis, off her upcoming second full length album titled DEMONS.
“Best of Times” describes the feeling of uncertainty and fear of the unknown when it comes to moving forward in life.

Harrison Storm - Feeling You     Folk, Electronic, Pop, Soul 26/05/2018
Harrison Storm is a singer-songwriter who honed his skills on the streets of Melbourne. His songs are led by fingerpicked guitar, soulful lyrics, and a voice similar to Matt Corby.
‘Feeling You’, which was written about the being captivated by someone for the first time, is led by fingerpicked guitar and intimate vocals, then free-falls into a bold and stunning chorus. Storm’s husky falsetto sails over a resonating kick drum and layered synths; it is haunting and hook heavy.

Pat Tierney - The Midnight Bloom.     Folk, Acoustic, Blues 26/05/2018
Slide guitarist and roots troubadour. Influenced by the likes of Neil Young and Ben Harper.
Mystic slide guitar with a driving groove and dreamy melody.

The Dreggs - Feel Alive     Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Roots 26/05/2018
The Dreggs are an indie-folk duo, mixing traditional folk with a modern acoustic-surf vibe to create a foot-tapping rhythm and catchy melody in their tracks.
‘Feel Alive’ is about learning to appreciate life and finding a way out of being stuck in one place with no way out. The track has a catchy and fun melody, building up into punchy choruses with the intention to make people want to dance.

Other tracks by The Dreggs:  Give Myself To You  -  Simple Question
The Outdoor Type - Don't Be Fooled By Me     Folk 26/05/2018
Zack Buchanan - singer/guitarist/songwriter - was questioning his musical path when he stumbled on something new. That led to the latest slice of Australiana jangle-pop, The Outdoor Type.
Australiana jangle-pop

Daniel J Townsend - How Green Your Glow From So Far Away     Folk, Acoustic 25/05/2018
Daniel J Townsend is a sixth generation Tasmanian living in Darwin. He is releasing his latest record as a podcast series, with a new song featured in each episode.
They say the farther you go from home, the bigger home becomes. This is the second track from Townsend's podcast "A Tale of Two Cities", which is the platform for his latest album release.

Emma Davis - Best of Times     Folk, Acoustic, Chill, Easy Listening 25/05/2018
Following the release of “Danger in Me” in November 2017 ,Sydney Artist Emma Davis is set to release her stunning new track “Best of Times” on Friday, 25th of May.
“It’s that realisation that you’re growing up and that fear that you may start to lose the ability to do the things that you love. It’s about trying to beat peace with that, and giving yourself up to time to have it’s way with you, whatever that may mean”.

Jacob Diamond - Mary & Augustine     Folk 23/05/2018
Award-winning alt-folk oddity Jacob Diamond's debut album Goodbye Gondwana is RTRFM's Local Feature Record ahead of its release on Friday 25 May and a national tour.
Markedly more syncopated than much of Diamond's work thanks to a meticulously synchronised hammering of pots, pans and mic stands by his entire band, the dynamic tune races to keep up with itself before heaving a sigh of relief, laying life's baggage to rest to enjoy love.

Edward Nass - Facebook Friends     Folk, Comedy, Comedy, Comedy 22/05/2018
Edward is balladeer who's acoustic works range from upbeat folk/country, to soulful and comic balladry, with elements of blues, and rock thrown in.
A dedication to the people who overuse Facebook and the things they tell you whether it is from the joy to share everything they do, an unhappy existence or the desire to be liked by others.

Other tracks by Edward Nass:  Viagra  -  Should I Go Before I Go
Majelen - Me And You     Folk, Pop, World, Folk 22/05/2018
After travelling the world with her guitar, Majelen is ready release and tour her 1st solo EP. Her high energy percussive acoustic guitar and vocal lines both amaze and inspire.
“Me and You” features percussive guitar playing, multilayered vocal harmonies and was initially produced from a backpack - mostly on farmlands in South Africa and around the world - before having the finishing touches done at Alchemix Studios in Brisbane upon Majelen's return to Australia.

Lucy and The Night Sky - Red Dust     Folk, Rock, Pop 21/05/2018
The music of Lucy and The Night Sky is a fresh sound, blown in from the Southern Ocean. Fusing many genres, this is folk music on a grand scale.
Red Dust was written during a sojourn into the heart of Australia. It sings of the personal unease Lucy felt at times, trying to reconcile the amazing land she was seeing with the history she'd been steeped in and her own personal love of her country.

Other tracks by Lucy and The Night Sky:  Giants  -  Narcissus
Sue Seymour - Window Chair     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 20/05/2018
Sue Seymour is a singer/songwriter who crafts songs about real life from a woman's perspective. Beautifully written lyrics covering all the important things, life, love, death and shoes...
A wistful piano song about an everyday woman who is sitting by the window dreaming about her lover while everyday sights and sounds of life go by.

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Other tracks by Sue Seymour:  Dust In The Air  -  Thinking About You
Dumaresq - Homunculus     Folk, Soul, Pop 18/05/2018
After playing in a number of bands from an early age, 2018 has seen Joe Kneipp land at the forefront of his very own solo project - Dumaresq.
It is bout autonomy, about the possibility that within each person there can be different levels of experience. My interpretation of the term comes from the alchemy tradition, from the idea that if you kept sperm in a certain way (took care of it) you could grow a tiny human.

Reilly Fitzalan - Go That Way     Folk, Psychedelic, Rock, Pop 18/05/2018
Reilly Fitzalan is an Australian Singer Songwriter currently based between the hinterlands of Byron Bay and Melbourne, his music has been compared to Angus Stone and Jeff Buckley.
Go That Way is about the search for truth, the truth we search for within our hearts and within our world, the battle of what we feel is expected of us and what we know to be our reality

Taylor - Little Tornado     Folk, Rock, Pop 18/05/2018
Seductive, moody and theatrical folk-rock, Taylor evokes the charming sort of hope that emerges from the dark corner of a room.
Little Tornado is a heartbreaker of a track that exploring destructive nature of love. Featuring a delicate melody that will make your heart yearn shamelessly, intensely fragile, raw and earnest and sung with extraordinary conviction by frontman David Taylor. Little Tornado contrasts powerfully heavy emotion with a soaringly uplifting performance.

Tom Richardson - Somebody Say Love     Folk, Chill 18/05/2018
Tom Richardson is your newest oldest friend! With an infectious and genuine demeanour, Tom's songwriting, story telling and intricate guitar playing are a delicate balance of grace, truth and passion.
The accompanying video clip to romantic, acoustic groove 'Somebody Say Love' is compiled of over 200 clips from all corners of the planet, including Bangladesh, Panama, Canada, Indonesia, America, India and Australia. This song is a call to inclusion, equality and love.

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Other tracks by Tom Richardson:  Wildest Dream  -  Can You Hear Her
William Crighton - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle Cover)     Folk, Rock 18/05/2018
William Crighton has announced a national tour for July/August 2018, giving this acclaimed singer songwriter an opportunity to showcase songs from his new album, EMPIRE.
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda is the last track on William's brilliant new album 'Empire'. The song describes war as futile and gruesome, while criticising those who seek to glorify it. It is an arresting cover of the song written by Eric Bogle in 1971.

Other tracks by William Crighton:  Fire In The Empire