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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Timbah - Common Cases     Blues, Folk, Pop, Roots 29/09/2009
TiMBAH, Australia's answer to the Dave Matthews Band, A uniquely talented and charismatic collective. Expect big things from this band, whose appeal crosses generational and genre divides.
Melodic violin, a funky base line and unique vocal harmonies help deliver a message of Buddhist philosophies and simple living.

Other tracks by Timbah:  Deceit  -  Excellent Holiday
Cabaret Callado - Aimlessly     Folk, Psychedelic, Experimental, Pop 29/09/2009
Cabaret Callado plays psychedelic folk-rock, using an experimental approach to conventional rock song structures.
Aimlessly features lovely vocals and a breezy acoustic guitar with just that right amount of melancholy in the lyrics.

Other tracks by Cabaret Callado:  Pass Away  -  Tearable Failures
Bird to Prey - Marlborogh     Blues, Alternative Country 28/09/2009
Bird to Prey is singer and songwriter Sarah Turk from Fremantle, Western Australia. She writes songs about old flames, far away places, and things about the night.
Marlborough is a thumping rhythmic driven song about those times we all have, when we lose control just a little bit.

"Oh you know we were all over the place back then, I couldn't tell which way was up or down, I couldn't tell the beginning from the end"

Other tracks by Bird to Prey:  The Wind Has Taken Me  -  Sing a Lullaby
Broderick Smith - Unknown Country     Country 28/09/2009
On 'Unknown Country' you get a clear sense of storyteller and song-crafter Broderick Smith's voracious appetite for forgotten history.
The title track Unknown Country is based loosely on the medieval morality play Everyman, and the search for redemption. The laid back instrumentation only enriches Smith's vocal performance further transporting listeners to a time of simplicity and clarity.

Other tracks by Broderick Smith:  Buddy Bolden  -  Jack Napolean
Josh Pyke - Sew My Name     Pop 28/09/2009
Josh Pyke is a musical tailor who uses melody and narrative to seamlessly stitch together songs that are timeless, full of emotion and emphatically honest.
'Sew My Name' particularly reflects the overall theme of the record lyrically. Says Josh, "Sewing and threads and stitching are recurring themes through the album, trying to describe the process of patching together disparate parts of your life and keeping them all part of the same fabric."

Other tracks by Josh Pyke:  Middle Of The Hill  -  Memories & Dust
Josh Pyke - You Don't Scare Me     Pop 28/09/2009
Josh Pyke is a musical tailor. Using melody and narrative as his threads, seamlessly stitching together diverse elements of life to form songs that are timeless, emotive and emphatically honest.
Taken from the Gold (35k) selling album Chimney's Afire. Featured in the Virgin Mobile television advertisement.

Other tracks by Josh Pyke:  The Lighthouse Song  -  Make You Happy
Damian Rogers - Border Line     Folk, Roots, Pop 28/09/2009
Damian's self titled EP was recorded and produced in Byron Bay with respected Aussie musician Pete Murray. Together they created a sound that is evocative, yet authentic.
This track has a layered back conversational feel. The recording has captured the raw and honest appeal of the lyric enabling everyone who hears it to relate to those times in life we have asked ourselves, where am I and where are I going?..

Other tracks by Damian Rogers:  Angels  -  Rusty
Jeff Raglus - March Of The Civil War Dead     Folk, Psychedelic 28/09/2009
Prolific artist and musician Jeff ‘Ragee’ Raglus, the guy that brought you The Bachelors From Prague, The Feeling Groovies, Fogg and The Beachniks now brings you his solo debut, Bellatrix.
Sunday Herald Sun Melbourne - 5 stars
“This is the record of the year, by a country mile.”

The Adelaide Advertiser - 4 stars
“This modern pop music is at once ethereal, calming, inspirational and just plain clever.”

Other tracks by Jeff Raglus:  Bellatrix  -  Spook House Dub
Fee Brown & the Highwater - The Devil Dressed Me     Rock, Alternative Country 28/09/2009
Melbourne band Fee Brown & The Highwater's unique sound traverses the border between Alt Country and Folk.
Opens with a snarl (brooding and contemplative), yet quickly marches into a bar room romp. As the band pick up the swing you can almost smell the smoke and whiskey; makes you want to dance around your living room swigging rum and joining in on the “whoa whoa whoas”.

Other tracks by Fee Brown & the Highwater:  24 Hours (Bobby's Waltz)  -  Fitzroy County
Kathleen Williamson - Same Place     Folk, Pop, Rock 28/09/2009
Kathleen Williamson is a vocalist from Sydney who takes traditional song structures and infuses them with jazz and classical themes.
Once described as "a perfect song", this Irish march dances, battles, races alongside and ultimately latches onto a polyrhythmic lyrical journey about coming back to find that what you went so far away for was there all along.

Other tracks by Kathleen Williamson:  Somehow  -  Petrichor
Fall Electric - Faithless Friend     Rock, Acoustic 25/09/2009
Fall Electric’s songs focus on riddled philosophic inquiries, ironies within romance, the nature of admitting human weakness and other enjoyably unsolvable topics.
‘Faithless Friend’ sees Fall Electric in full rock mode. Edgy, overdriven acoustic guitar is lent friction and gravity coupled with cello stabs and bows, woven around urgent, tumbling drums. The song canters and bucks frenetically before fading away in a wry homage to the Nirvana classic ‘Something In The Way’.

Other tracks by Fall Electric:  Warm Toes  -  There In The Morning
Miriam Lieberman - Monsoon Rain     World, Acoustic, African, Folk 25/09/2009
Miriam Lieberman's songwriting is inspired by her background in Latin, African and Contemporary folk. She accompanies her powerful vocals with kora (African harp), acoustic guitar, and balaphone (wooden xylophone).
Miriam wrote this song while living the shanty town artist quarter of Guinea West Africa during the first rains of the wet season. Living in a small house with a tin roof during the hot months the rains where so joyfully recieved.

Other tracks by Miriam Lieberman:  Home  -  Deep Blue Sky
TinPan Orange - Lovely     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 25/09/2009
Melbourne folk outfit Tinpan Orange have been quietly spinning their alluring web of gypsy-infused acoustic longing for four years.
Michael Dwyer (music writer for The Age Newspaper) said: "There's room for unadorned sweetness in the string-wound love letter, Lovely".
An old fashioned love song with an alluring chorus and a nostalgic lilt.

Other tracks by TinPan Orange:  Romeo Don't Come  -  La La La
Bremen Town Musician - You Don't Have To     Folk, Experimental 25/09/2009
Bremen Town Musician are a three-piece experimental folk-blues frenzy. They're fronted by the enigmatic Marisa Allen, known for her howling vocal style.
This track was built around a simple guitar loop and features field recordings of birds from the catalogue of front woman for Bremen Town Musician, Marisa Allen. It is a tender song performed against a soundscape of nature recordings and violin drones.

Other tracks by Bremen Town Musician:  Steady  -  Govenor Wren
Country Town Collective - Darling     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 25/09/2009
Delicate and beautifully crafted folk from a band of ten instrument swapping, cross city collaborators. Country Town Collective put the 'collective' back into collective.
Everyone loves this strange song. The instrumental parts were recorded live to tape with the vocal track the only part overdubbed. It sounds slightly like a Bjork song in its execution but is designed more like a meditation or a drone where the listener gets pulled in for the trip.

Other tracks by Country Town Collective:  Lover of a Gentle Kind  -  4 o'clock
Eli Wolfe - My place in this world     Blues, Roots, Folk, Alternative Country 25/09/2009
Blues & roots rocker Eli Wolfe's is known for his well timbered voice and 6&12-string Maton guitars.
'My place in this world' was recorded in Eli Wolfe's bedroom, with cellos recorded in a friend's kitchen. It's based around empathy and escapism. It's kind of like Alice in Wonderland falling through the wormhole into a better place.

Well-received at shows, the song's a preview of the upcoming album.

Jehan - At The Gate     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 25/09/2009
Finger picking and lyrical honesty characterise Jehan's musical style. He considers himself a nomad and much of his songwriting is inspired by his travels.
Intricate guitar work with an intimate vocal style. Listen out for the footsteps that play out through the song. . . .

Other tracks by Jehan:  Self-Portrait  -  Upon Closed Eyes