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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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robbie jalapeno & the fabulous band of faceless bureaucrats - Mirror Man     Folk, Acoustic, Grunge, Rock 07/12/2011
Rock music for people who think, folk music for people who groove, world music for people who like songs, and experimental music for people who like a melody...
'Mirror Man' delivers more of the band’s trademark existential troubadourism delivered with a smooth baritone supported by layers of jungle percussion, chamber-style strings, guitar, and mandolin, and held together by the relentless pound of the double bass.

Mushu - Traps     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country 06/12/2011
Mushu is a Sydney based 3-piece who play alternative folk rock music.
"Traps" is about an otherwise innocent and well intentioned individual who is being forced by another to act out of character and do something they'll regret. It's a dark folk/rock track with gritty country undertones.

Kirsten Wood - Beside Me     Pop, Acoustic, Rock, Christian 06/12/2011
Drawing inspiration from real life experiences“Kirsten’s music comes from the heart” (ABC Presenter - Richard Dinen), Kirsten Wood is an artist who is engaging, honest and highly creative.
'Beside Me' is the feature track off Kirsten Wood's Debut 5 track EP, 'The Power of Words'. Delivering a powerful message through her mature lyrics, Kirsten is able to showcase her unique and decidedly different, beautiful voice.

Other tracks by Kirsten Wood:  Your Beating Heart  -  Another Lost Apology
Adam George - Smoke And Mirrors     Folk, Pop 06/12/2011
Adam George is a singer/songwriter from Sydney's Northern Beaches with a laid back, minimalistic sound.
"Smoke And Mirrors" is the debut single off Adam George's forthcoming debut album, Black Rainbow, due out in 2012. It's a minimalistic folk/pop track that reflects on getting burnt in a relationship and coming out the other side ready to do it all over again.

Lavenia Ratabua, Viri Vonolagi, Kavoa Dakunimata, Nia Browne - Niu Sa Dau Sotava Na Leqa     World 02/12/2011
Like oral history projects across Australia, music can play an important role in the preservation of Indigenous languages and culture.
This track is a hymn sung in Fijian language. Wiluna has a significant Fijian population and a strong relationship exists between Fijian and Martu people living in Wiluna.

Clinton Farmer - Ngurra Muntjiltjarra     Indigenous 02/12/2011
Like oral history projects across Australia, music can play an important role in the preservation of Indigenous languages and culture.
Ngurra Muntjiltjarra is a song about the entire home lands of the Muntjiltjarra people which includes the town of Wiluna.

Stuart Long - Bondini     Indigenous, Country 02/12/2011
Like oral history projects across Australia, music can play an important role in the preservation of Indigenous languages and culture.
This song is about the land immediately around and including the town of Wiluna. Bondini actually is the name of a small community 5kms out of Wiluna. But many Martu people refer to Wiluna as Bondini

Packwood - Longyearbyen     Folk, Classical, Alternative Country, Soundscapes 02/12/2011
Filled with the lushness of a 50 piece orchestra, coupled with intricately plucked banjo and a bracing yet sincere voice, Packwood has created an expansive and wholly unforgettable sound.
Musician Packwood creates stories as intimate and as expansive as our place in the universe. Songs about our senses, love, our world are awakened with sweeping arrangements, cinematic and clear.


Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo - The Billowing Sea     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 30/11/2011
Hailing from Bridgetown, Western Australia, Emily Barker is a compelling songwriter with a gift for weaving melody and words.
A happy and gentle folk song about the end of a relationship and the positives that come from this sort of loss. It rejoices and celebrates the freedom that follows and embraces the change.


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Flap! - Rock in Space     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz 25/11/2011
Flap! A fiery yet charming ensemble featuring brass, guts, words and skins, Flap! formed during an informal jam at Port Fairy Folk Festival and have become festival favorites country wide.
Flap! are proud to announce the release of their new single ‘Rock in Space’ and its accompanying east coast launch dates. A tale of war, peace, love and astrophysics, ‘Rock in Space’ is the first taste of the Melbournians long awaited yet to be titled second album, due 2012 .

Holland - No Control     Rock, Folk 25/11/2011
Named after the legendary early 70’s recording by the Beach Boys, hailing from Brisbane, compared to Band of Horses, City and Colour & Badly Drawn Boy.
No Control, with its atmospheric, up-lifting chorus, forms the backbone of the band’s dreamy live set.

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FolkTrain - Never Surrender     Folk, Acoustic 25/11/2011
folkTrain are a duo, sometimes trio, who play original and traditional folk songs, accompanied by guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle and banjo.
The song is about not giving up on a relationship

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Other tracks by FolkTrain:  The Stacko Gang  -  Angels
The Firetree - All We Have     Pop, Roots, Acoustic, Folk 22/11/2011
Evoking a sense of bohemian charm and casual storytelling, The Firetree's pair sublime harmonies with superb pop/folk songwriting to creaate an undeniably unique indie acoustic roots sound.
There is something about this track that Just makes you nod your head. A timeless classic sound that remains new and fresh.

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Other tracks by The Firetree:  Riches  -  The Highway Song
Piers Twomey - Mountain Song     Folk 22/11/2011
References include Grand Salvo, Sun Kil Moon, Midlake and Bon Iver, matching a clear narrative with beautiful melodies, mysterious sounds and plenty of space. Alternately tranquil, playful and dramatic music.
This was one of the last songs I wrote and recorded for my debut album, Strange Advice. I guess it’s about being reinvigorated and feeling renewed again in life, which is always a nice feeling. It’s also about jumping on good opportunities when they present themselves.

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Other tracks by Piers Twomey:  Sunshine  -  I Believe You
Elephant Eyes - I Want to Know     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Folk 16/11/2011
Elephant Eyes combine weird time signatures and synth tones with jazz chords and soul-influenced vocals to create a unique sound where Radiohead meets Joan as Policewoman.
'I Want to Know' is the lead track on Elephant Eyes' debut double-a-side single 'I Want to Know'. It is the ultimate chill song; melancholy and beautiful. The male and female voices merge together in the sweetest of duets, contemplating the end of the world and love.

Other tracks by Elephant Eyes:  Wake Up  -  A Sinking Ship (live)
Lester The Fierce - Holland     Folk, Pop, Rock 16/11/2011
Melbourne's Lester The Fierce releases stunning debut EP ‘The Summer Deluge’.
All songs on the EP are reminiscent of 1960’s folk, but also have the production values to support the cinematic and Kate Bush-esque influences.

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Mic Conway & Robbie Long - Street of Dreams     Jazz, Folk, Cover Version 10/11/2011
ARIA award-winning Mic is a singer, actor, musician, song writer, fire eater, magician, tap dancer, juggler. Robbie has jazz/rock foundations but has gathered tools from a spectrum of musical genres
An old Tin Pan Alley song , about Tin Pan Alley. In the 1920s and '30s songwriters created their own world there through song: surreal romantic mythology! I first heard Bing Crosby sing this tune, and later Tiny Tim. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are amazing and surreal.

Other tracks by Mic Conway & Robbie Long:  My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes  -  Winchester Cathedral
Snowy Belfast - Stones     Folk, Rock, Country, Pop 04/11/2011
Melbourne’s Snowy Belfast specialise in crafting imagined musical stories pitted with the occasional truth. Blending country, folk, rock and pop influences the band's music is both unique and evocative.
Essentially detailing the end of a relationship and the wan hope that both parties will escaped unscathed; 'Stones' creates its narrative in layers of dark, brooding melody and incisive lyrics delivered with power and tenderness by front woman Esther Holt.

Beth n Ben - Back of the Line     Folk, Pop, Roots, Jazz 02/11/2011
Beth n Ben comprise of two seriously talented, uber cool, vocalists and guitarists, Beth Monzo and Ben Drysdale.
We have all had the frustrating experience of dealing with call centers and bad customer service.
Beth n Ben's ‘Back of the Line’ is a song inspired by an effort to pay an overdue bill that resulted in dealing with an endless line of different people and computers.

Other tracks by Beth n Ben:  Happiness  -  Apples & Grapes
The Audreys - Sometimes The Stars     Blues/Roots 01/11/2011
The Audreys play alternative folk music. They have released three records, “Between Last Night and Us” (2006) “When the Flood Comes” (2008)and “Sometimes the Stars.” (2010)
The Audreys recruited a couple of old friends for this song. Dave Palmer added the luscious trombone parts and Selena Cross sang the harmonies on the chorus, both old university friends of Taasha's. This song was picked as the title track before it was even finished.

Other tracks by The Audreys:  Trouble Somehow