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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Sam Buckingham - Hammer & Love     Folk, Acoustic 30/11/2018
Releasing her acclaimed 2017 album The Water, Sam Buckingham distilled an ambitious pilgrimage to Latin America into a stunning collection of songs exploring fear, heartache, desire and devotion.
Hammer & Love is about living a simple, grateful life. Knowing that if you have enough, you have enough. And if you have good food, shelter, and people that you love then you’re really winning. It’s about building a life with only the necessities, and finding freedom from all the stuff that just doesn’t matter.

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Seagull - A Voice in the Ward     Folk, Ambience, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 30/11/2018
Seagull is a band centered around the songwriting of Chris Bolton, a classically trained guitarist from Melbourne. The music is hypnotic, melancholic and full of yearning.
This song is concerned with the thin line between insanity and epiphany, vision and hallucination. I wrote a lot of the lyrics in a psych ward, and then spent the following months fleshing out the music in Pt Lonsdale. The album is both a record of an intense experience and a document of the recovery from it.

The Hangman - Modern Day KKK     Folk, Punk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 30/11/2018
The king of Noose-Wave.
This song was written in response to a failing society. Racism is still rampant. People are trying to cross imaginary borders and being turned away or detained by border security. What are they protecting? Everyone has the right to live a decent life. We're all humans. It's time we started acting like it.

Brendan Bonsack - Drive Moon Song     Folk, Pop, Roots, Rock 29/11/2018
Melbourne poet/songwriter, Brendan Bonsack, is a unique voice in the Australian musical landscape. His love of words and storytelling infuse every song. An intelligent blend of folk and pop.
Drive Moon Song is an ode to the year 1992, a tribute to REM's album, "Automatic for the People", and a rumination on growing older and the messes the world have made. It's also a love song to our oldest neighbour, the moon.

Other tracks by Brendan Bonsack:  A Human Resource  -  The Mythical Mothman
Garrett Kato - I'll Be Around (Acoustic)     Folk, Acoustic, Chill 29/11/2018
West Canadian born, moved to Byron Bay at age 23 where he built a following as a busker.
An introspective and beautifully melodic song about the ups and the downs of life. Acoustic guitar, sweet harmonies and moving yet comforting words.

Mast Gully Fellers - The Buncha     Folk, Alternative Country, Country 29/11/2018
Mast Gully Fellers’ modern interpretation of folk and roots style music, combined with four-part harmonies, delivers a distinctive but familiar sound that draws you in with storytelling and catchy melodies.
The Buncha is part yarn - part song. It's about "Lenny", a bloke who was kicked out of his second home, the local pub, after the new publican took over and started cleaning up the place.

Other tracks by Mast Gully Fellers:  Not that JC
BATTS - Mars     Folk, Rock 29/11/2018
BATTS is the moniker for Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and space enthusiast, Tanya Batt's inspired by space and novels. BATTS writes both about personal experiences and fictional characters.
“Mars is a song written about a futuristic relationship between someone who lives on Earth and someone who lives on Mars,” BATTS explains. “However, it can relate to long distance relationships anywhere in the present, or even feeling distant and disconnected to someone sitting right next to you.”

Missy Higgins - Run So Fast (Feat. Ben Abraham)     Folk, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Much loved Australian iconic Missy Higgins is responsible for some of the nations most treasured songs (“Scar”, “The Special Two”). 2018 saw the release of her new album Solastalgia
‘Run So Fast’ represents the duplicity of the best tracks from Missy’s oeuvre, songs that are both gentle and strong, powerful and whispered. Sparse production of honey dipped guitar strings and double tracked vocals, with the outstanding Ben Abrahams rounds out Missy’s first ‘Best Of’ release perfectly.

Jack The Fox - Here We Are     Folk, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Pop 29/11/2018
Through a magnetic combination of emotive acoustic-folk and soul, Melbourne duo Jack The Fox is made up of Angus Robb and Justin Lewis, two school friends who grew up surfing.
‘Here We Are’ it's about being present and really taking in the people and life that surrounds us. It refers to a pain that is welcome, a pain that reminds us why we are here and doing what we love.

Little Millar - Light To Guide Me Home     Folk 29/11/2018
Combining Folk, Gospel and Blues influences, Singer Songwriters Cailah Ashlee and Rory Millar write stories from the heart, for the soul.
A story written for Rory's wife, Light To Guide Me Home is an honest love song crafted from both the good and the hard times

Angela Small/Quinn McHugh - Sons of the Southern Cross     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 28/11/2018
Angela believes sharing a story in song is the most enjoyable way to capture hearts and minds, light up the imagination and unite an audience in a powerful collective experience,
Charles Fredrick Bosel was born on the 31st January, 1891 near Maryborough, Queensland to German immigrant parents. He died serving his King and country in 1916 near Boulogne, France and was there he was laid to rest far from family so long ago. This song is a tribute to the sacrifice of all service men and women. Lest We Forget.

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Grand Salvo - In the Water     Folk 28/11/2018
Esteemed Melbourne artist Grand Salvo (Paddy Mann) is "acclaimed for his ability to transport listeners with atmospheric arrangements, detailed compositions, and immersive stories” – TRIPLE R ALBUM OF THE WEEK
A baroque-folk rumination on memory, loss, the passing of time and death. The refrain, “Oh say you love me before I go / will you remember me when I’m gone”, is sung by a female chorus (Laura Jean, Lisa Salvo, Hannah Cameron, Michelle Surowiec).

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Other tracks by Grand Salvo:  In the Shade  -  Field of Flowers
Chloe Styler - When Your Light Burns     Folk, Alternative Country, Country 26/11/2018
Hailing from Queensland's Gold Coast, Chloe Styler's is influenced by Joni Mitchell, Kasey Musgraves & Fleetwood Mac - blending with her experiences to create the stellar singer/songwriter she is today.
"When Your Light Burns is inspired by a Lighthouse that has stood tall in the Great Barrier Reef for over 150 years. This lighthouse has been a constant throughout my life, and reminds me that although I can feel alone, lost and completely unsure of what to do next, it will always be there to guide me home."

Lionheir - Only Love     Folk, Atmospheric, Pop 20/11/2018
Award-winning producer/songwriter Lionheir rolls out of the Northern NSW hills this November with a number of shows and his first major release, Only Love, since 2015.
Strong hooks and classy production drive this atmospheric folk-pop song laden with melodic and harmonic sugar.
An enduring theme of finding and keeping clarity in life rolls on with direct, yet highly artistic, lyrical choices.
Produced by currently one of Australia's best drummers, Grant Gerathy, Only Love is another creative step forward in Lionheir's growing catalogue of songs.

Luke Marshall - Shelter & Rain     Folk, Atmospheric, Alternative Country, Acoustic 19/11/2018
Luke is an artist creating songs from an open and honest space with descriptive lyrics, swirling energies and ambient soundscapes. His music can be best described as dreamy alternative folk.
This song is about 3 significant events in my life.
The loss of of school friends to suicide.
The divorce of my parents.
The beauty and breakdown of my previous relationship.
Sometimes we're tucked away from the elements in a cosy place living life happily and then sometimes we’re left out in the world completely exposed too all the elements.

Other tracks by Luke Marshall:  Cold  -  Forest By The Sea
Ayla - Small Talk     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 17/11/2018
Queensland songstress Ayla reveals emotionally charged new track ‘Small Talk’. In 2014 her breakaway hit ‘Wish I Was’ made the Top 15 most played on triple j of that year
Queensland songstress Ayla reveals emotionally charged new track ‘Small Talk’.
Ayla’s storytelling prowess takes pride of place on Small Talk’s rumination of sad goodbyes. Highlighted by minimal production featuring solemn drums and guitar; her yearning voice showcases her incredible vocal capabilities.

Keeskea - Forfeit     Folk, Atmospheric, Electronic 17/11/2018
Keeskea is the “lofty and delicate, yet fiercely present and potent” project of Brisbane solo artist Vanessa Marousopoulos who's shared stages with Stella Donnelly, Jen Cloher, Jen Buxton, and more.
A vulnerable reflection of a dark emotional state, 'Forfeit's tremendous, roaring sparsity is offset by Marousopoulos's heavenly vocal waft.

"I often thought about changing the lyrics. I feared it might be too heavy.
But if I [did], I might have cheated myself & anyone else who has been in that headspace. I don’t think it should be censored."
- Keeskea

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Nick Craft - No Silver Lining     Folk, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Pop 17/11/2018
Perhaps best known as songwriter, musician and front man for the psychedelic rock band Sidewinder, Nick Craft recorded his debut solo album 'Minerva' with his brother and former bandmate, Martin.
No Silver Lining is the first song released from Nick Craft's Minerva, produced by his brother and former collaborator in Sidewinder, Martin Craft.
It argues for the redemptive power of optimism, even in difficult times: Where there's no silver lining, there's just a darkness at the centre of the flame…

River Blue - Catch Me On My Way Down     Folk, Rock 17/11/2018
Melbourne’s River Blue harnesses the core element of folk songwriting, weaving metaphorical worlds with intimate encounters, presenting an endless conflict between light and dark to soft and brash.
‘Catch Me On My Way Down’ marks the return of Melbourne artist, River Blue. The release provides a new look at River Blue as a songwriter, following on from his 2017 debut EP ‘Young At Heart’.

Robert K Champion - Next Time I'll Get It Right (Acoustic - Live at Last Match Recordings)     Folk, Acoustic, Australian Indigenous, Country 17/11/2018
Robert K Champion moves audiences with his haunting guitar music and compelling stories of life, love and loss across the Australian landscape.
“Next Time I’ll Get It Right” was written with a cup of tea in hand whilst working on the APY Lands. It was originally used as an example of how you can draw inspiration from the everyday in order to write a great song – and it all started with simply waiting for the kettle to boil…

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Other tracks by Robert K Champion:  Knuckleman  -  Laughing Jacks