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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Bruce Campbell - Zombie Heart     Folk, Rock 16/12/2018
Bruce Campbell's EP, Another World Ends explores personal and planetary apocalypses with wit and pathos.
I saw you and I died.... A 'zombie' love song.

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Other tracks by Bruce Campbell:  She's Leaving
Luke Tooze - Mirror Ball     Folk, Britpop, Easy Listening, Rock 16/12/2018
After touring the West Coast of America, the group has releases their debut album Help Me, Help You.
Song 2 of debut album, Help Me, Help You

Other tracks by Luke Tooze:  Everything  -  Constant State
Maryen Cairns - The Mouth Of The Goddess     Folk, World, Ethnic, Dance 14/12/2018
Maryen Cairns, Scottish born, Sydney raised, Queensland resident singer/songwriter, plays original contemporary world based folk rock music.
The Mouth Of The Goddess is released 14th December 2018… Cuban inspired world fusion music telling a vision of actual physical possession by the Goddess, who desires “to be worshipped by man”.

This is the 2nd single from the forthcoming album COME TO ME, which is released 22 February 2019

Terence Boyd Thallon - Youth     Folk, Jazz 14/12/2018
Terence Boyd Thallon, is an man who has travelled and absorbed varying cultures, his songs are a sense of story and dream awakening the valkyries of hope.
'Youth', an indulging poetic composition, wonderfully accompanied by double bass, percussion and saxophone. One for lovers and those that enjoy stories of uplift and dream.

Ripley Anderson - West Side     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country 13/12/2018
Vance joy eat my shorts, Bon Iver I will have your baby, Jeff Buckley is god. I have been likened to all these artists and clearly I am ambivalent.
West Side is a bubbly song with Christmas sensibilities. Sung about the Australian summer weather and the wish for a white Christmas.

Reichelt & Simms - I’ll Meet You Where You’re At     Folk, Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 12/12/2018
Reichelt & Simms are an adult contemporary music duo comprising of Gold Coast songwriter Luke Reichelt & producer/musician, Michael Simms.
“I’ll Meet You Where You’re At” by Reichelt & Simms showcases a rich and organic folk-rock sound driven by jangly acoustic and electric guitars, violins, with emotive lead vocals and layered harmonies resulting in universal adult contemporary/folk-rock sound (similar to the likes of R.E.M and Crowded House).

Palm Springs - Caroline     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 10/12/2018
Palm Springs is Erica Dunn of Tropical Fuck Storm and Mod Con. It is a solo song-writing project for Erica who, on this release, collaborated with Paul Pirie, Steph Hughes.
Palm Springs describes this track as:
"The best love you ever had. Totally screwed you over. You wouldn’t change a thing. You’d do it all again. Every stinking, incredible thing. Nothing else to say about it."

Other tracks by Palm Springs:  Ain't Gonna
Laura Louise - Ice Cream Fixes Everything     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 10/12/2018
Indie folk pop with an alternate country edge, Laura Louise is an emerging female Australian artist with a voice that is honest and passionate
Can't get the lid off a jar? Your mates keep stealing your food? Your biscuit falls in your tea? Ice Cream Fixes Everything .... the perfect pick me up to any terrible situation. A live take featuring ukulele & voice, it's sure to put a shine on any awful situation.

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Kay Proudlove - Gift Card     Folk, Alternative Country 07/12/2018
Engaging, emotional and witty, Kay Proudlove is an indie-folk singer-songwriter with a remarkably agile, engaging, honest, soul-bearing voice and a wry, dry-ice sense of humour.
The inspiration for 'Gift Card' came on a day when three separate people told me they couldn’t believe it was nearly Christmas. This was in October. It struck me that it’s something people say every year, which got me thinking about what people go through around Christmas - good and bad.

Grace Turner - Easy I Fall     Folk, Rock 07/12/2018
Grace Turner, a singer songwriter from Newcastle is renown for her emotionally-driven indie-folk songs, which are intensely personal.
Falling somewhere between alt country and indie rock, her exquisite, smoky vocals coupled with her knack to write this emotive and vulnerable song is nothing short of addictive. Capturing everything you feel in letting someone go, Grace Turner says everything you've always wanted to but never had the guts in 'Easy I Fall'.

Anna & Jordan - Go My Way     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 07/12/2018
Anna & Jordan are the epitome of original folk. No matter what your mood, their music is guaranteed to brighten you up with its lush string arrangements and earthy vocals.
'Go My Way' is a happy track featuring Trumpet, Violin, Banjo, Egg shaker, Guitar and signature Anna & Jordan Dual Vocals. The track radiates positive summer vibes and lyrical themes of love and belonging.

Emily Duncan - Silence is Safe     Folk, Soul, Experimental 07/12/2018
Emily Duncan is a Wollongong-based musician. After a year of touring with Jack R. Reilly, Emily has started this solo project, a homage to folk and modern soul.
Silence is Safe is about the temporarily of modern relationships and being kept around as a back-up plan. Produced by previous housemate Jonathon Tooke (Cry Club, Jack R Reilly, Merci Mercy), this dreamy tune is the aftermath of a storm, calm and painful at the same time.

Les Thomas - Goodbye Sisto     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 07/12/2018
Fuelled by Woody Guthrie's spirit and a political fire in his belly, Les Thomas' Australian folk-activist songs burn hot with integrity and heart-changing passion; every story yearns for social justice.
A musical tribute to Sisto Malaspina, co-owner of Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, who was killed in November 2018 Bourke Street terror attack.

Rebecca Mann - Moon     Folk, Acoustic 06/12/2018
Rebecca Mann is a singer/songwriter from Canberra, Australia. She delivers raw emotion through her passionate, original music, occasionally moving her audience to tears.
Moon is the title track from Rebecca's debut EP. One of the first songs Rebecca wrote, it is an emotional song, featuring raw lyrics and simple, heartfelt instrumentals.

Other tracks by Rebecca Mann:  Out of Town
Jane Laws - The Ghost of Wild Oats XI     Folk, Sports, Roots, Easy Listening 06/12/2018
Jane Laws is a contemporary folk singer-songwriter who specialises in building images of characters interacting with each other. Jane's thought provoking tunes are flavoured with pop, jazz, blues and comedy.
The 2017 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race saw Wild Oats XI stripped of her record breaking line honours victory because of an infringement, with Comanche, shortly after race start. To me it seemed important for folks to know how the yacht, Wild Oats XI, felt about the race result.

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Molly Millington - Cold Blooded Killer     Folk, Alternative Country 06/12/2018
Molly Millington is a prolific independent singer songwriter fusing country and folk with a little quirky pop to create dark but playful tunes
A story a betrayal with a quirky twist ..

Hannah Cameron - No Pen of Mine     Folk, Alternative Country 01/12/2018
Produced with James Gilligan (vocals, bass) and featuring Kieran Hensey on "sax orchestra".

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Other tracks by Hannah Cameron:  Just Leave Me Here
Alex Britton - Bad Faith     Folk, Rock, Pop 30/11/2018
Alex Britton, a Sydney-based alternative-folk artist. Queasy at the dogmatic formularies of late-stage capitalism, he has spent the past decade skulking in song.Debut EP Bad Faith produced by HANDSOME.
Produced by HANDSOME and recorded in Stanwell Park with Sam Brumby, Aidan Roberts (Belles Will Ring) and Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring, Cloud Control), Bad Faith details a litany of social complaints, describing a landscape which discourages positive action, while attempting to come to terms with and reach beyond the negative narratives that surround us.

Duxie Franklin - Watch Your Soul Sink     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 30/11/2018
Described by an audience member as the musical lovechild of Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa, Duxie's songs stick in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth.
‘Watch Your Soul Sink’ delves deep into Duxie’s poetic sensibilities. The song paints a portrait of the town Duxie came to call home - Hobart; resplendent in its natural beauty but bound by the burden of its many dark histories. ‘Watch Your Soul Sink’ showcases Duxie’s soaring soprano against a rich tapestry of jubilant keys, alt-rock percussion and dulcet bells.

Pete Denahy - Scarborough Fair     Folk, Comedy 30/11/2018
Pete Denahy is a bluegrass musician and comedian living in Yackandandah, Victoria, and is responsible for the youtube hit, "Sort Of Dunno Nothin'"
Pete Denahy's unusual take on a 15th century classic.