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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Nicky Rogalsky - Obsession     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 03/07/2018
19-year-old, upcoming indie artist adds a new view on the depth of lyrics. Her new single – Obsession, has people’s heads turning due to her unique voice and distinctive song-writing.
Written in 2017, produced by Daniel booth and Tony Haven, Obsession is an acoustic pop song based on an outsider’s perspective of a toxic relationship. The song is about being so obsessed with the possibility of loving someone, you disregard what you deserve.

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Odette - Lotus Eaters     Folk, Chill, Easy Listening 03/07/2018
Odette was born in England and raised in the winner western suburbs of Sydney, hailing from a long line of jazz pianists.
“Lotus Eaters” is the latest song from acclaimed Sydney singer-songwriter Odette. “I wrote ‘Lotus Eaters’ when I was around fifteen and it was my first ever spoken word. I listen back to this and I hear a very conflicted teenager. This song means a great deal to me so I’m very excited for people to hear it.”

Tesse - Keep It Simple     Folk, Rock, Chill, Roots 03/07/2018
Tesse is the collaborative project of Sydney based singer-songwriter Tom Stephens. Creating a folk/rock sound characterised by full-toned ebbs of acoustic and baritone guitar, stitched together by steady, hypnotic rhythms.
With its humble groove, entwining guitars and Stephen’s laid-back vocals, "Keep It Simple" illustrates a rumination on conformity through an experience of entrapment within a relationship.

Premiered by Brisbane based blog Control Zine, “Keep It Simple” has received considerable support earning AU Review’s 'Single of the Day', spins on Triple J as well as rotation on FBi Radio

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Other tracks by Tesse:  Earthworms  -  Step Into This Heart
Woody Pitney - A Little Too Late     Folk, Pop 03/07/2018
Australian Folk/Pop singer/songwriter that's come from humble beginnings, cutting his teeth at local suburban pubs, to dominating major festivals on the other side of the world.
A dark and powerful reflection upon a past where he thought his music career may have been over, self-described as “the song somewhat unlocks my inner thoughts from a period when I was really questioning where my music career was heading.” Produced by John Castle and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301.

Hannah Campbell - Run Like Wolves     Folk, Pop 02/07/2018
Hannah Campbell is a warm, discerning, and joyfully vulnerable story teller. Her music draws people in with folky roots, and keeps them around with her moving lyrics and catchy melodies.
Run Like Wolves is inspired by the book Women who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a veracious telling of the fierce, powerful and nurturing archetypal woman. My take on femininity focuses on strength in vulnerability, weighing joy with grief in equal measures, and empowerment, rather than judgement.

Carl Cleves - Before Twilight Turns To Night     Folk, Acoustic, Country 01/07/2018
A timeless and classic piece of art, rich with poetry, wisdom and beauty, in the same league as Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash but like them, truly unique.
Moody classic folk song, accompanied by an all-acoustic band of double bass, guitars, mandolin, fiddle and drums.

Other tracks by Carl Cleves:  Good Loving  -  Golden Cage
Paula Standing - Chic Chic Boom     Folk, Country 01/07/2018
Powerful stories with soulful vocals, Paula Standing takes everyday experiences of ordinary people and turns them into delicious tales, but watch out for the sting.
Society's penchant for fame, wealth and immortality. A female passerby fabricates a 'witness' statement for TV coining the infamous phrase 'Chick Chick Boom'. The 1% hold the wealth, continually demanding more. I wonder why? Mother nature will reclaim us all and we take nothing with us when we go.

Other tracks by Paula Standing:  Good Heart  -  Can't Stand By
Montgomery Church - Hot As Hell In Heaven     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 28/06/2018
Cielle Montgomery and James Church are ‘Montgomery Church’ - a blend of acoustic folk, americana and bluegrass influences, grown and distilled in the Snowy Mountains of country New South Wales.
In Hot as Hell in Heaven, Montgomery Church offer rich imagery to surround the perspective of an ex-con, who finds the world to be deceptive and confronting. Cielle Montgomery’s vocal commands over a subtle and hypnotic train rhythm on acoustic guitar, set against the growl of James Church’s dobro and the clash of chain-gang percussion.

Other tracks by Montgomery Church:  Your Troubled Mind  -  The Stillman
Black Rabbit George - Japanese Vintage     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Rockabilly 26/06/2018
Black Rabbit George is the folk/roots project of Tijuana Cartel's front man Paul George. His treasure trove of songs blend the guitar's delicate complexity with his distinctive vocal tones.
Five-time finalist at the Gold Coast Music Awards, singer/songwriter Black Rabbit George is loved for his brilliant but somewhat melancholic songwriting style. But a recent experience of unrequited love has inspired an uncharacteristically upbeat, folk ballad that is at once reflective and joyful. Japanese Vintage is a standout track that is poised to be his most accessible work to date.

Trouble Peach - El Avíon Sobre El Mar     Folk 22/06/2018
A Neutral Milk Hotel Spanish tribute album performed by current/former members of The Toot Toot Toots, Oh Mercy and Saint Jude.
In The Aeroplane Over the Sea performed in Spanish

Other tracks by Trouble Peach:  El Rey de Flores (parte uno)  -  El Rey de Flores (partes dos y tres)
Brian Campeau - Next October     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/06/2018
Rich with vocal harmonies and buoyant, intricate guitar lines; an upbeat and idiosyncratic folk-laced songwriter.
Rich with vocal harmonies and buoyant, intricate guitar lines, this upbeat and idiosyncratic folk-laced song is the 2nd single from Brian's upcoming album "Old Dog, New Tricks". No less multi-layered or intense than their predecessors, his new songs are threaded with offbeat wit and positive, psychedelic vibrations.

Simon Paparo - Gold At Midnight     Folk, Pop, Chill, Acoustic 20/06/2018
Simon Paparo's is an artist with a fresh blend of folk pop that draws the listener in with luminous vocal melodies and a thoughtfully layered musical soundscape.
Gold At Midnight is a song that captures the early stages of courtship and the feelings felt from this. It's vocally driven melodies give the listener the intimacy of the songs nature.

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Ned Collette - Grant's Farm     Folk, Rock, Experimental, Pop 16/06/2018
Melbourne-born singer-songwriter, now based in Berlin. He was a member of instrumental band City City City and has since recorded six albums, either solo or with his band, Wirewalker.
'Grant's Farm' is first an intricate and melancholy ballad that showcases to stunning effect all that makes Ned Collette shine as both a songwriter and performer. It is dark and sparkling, sad and hopeful. As the song says: "blackness streamed with gold…”

Leonie Kingdom - Night Terrors     Folk, Acoustic, Roots 15/06/2018
Leonie Kingdom is an emerging artist from South East Queensland, Australia. She specialises in Acoustic Guitar, Singing, Songwriting and Live Performance. Leonie’s Style is described as Emotional, Dark, and Haunting.
‘Night Terrors’ is a song about battling those lonely, dark nights full of bad dreams, mental illness and night terrors. It is about expressing the feeling of being trapped in a dream.

Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar) - Time's Moving On     Folk, Acoustic, Roots, Alternative Country 14/06/2018
Rich with melody and storytelling, Australian singer-songwriter Mark Lang's performances are "a must-see immersive live experience”. Releasing his debut solo work with a Canadian/European tour including legendary Cambridge Folk Festival.
Time’s Moving On is "a celebration of love", breaking free from the past, pushing forward and remembering to hold the ones you love close.
Recorded in his back shed between surfs in the small Australian coastal village he calls home. Mark Lang is currently on a Canadian/European tour.

A Miner - Skulls Floating On     Folk, Electronic, Ambience, Pop 13/06/2018
Depressive ambient ballads carved from minimalistic beats, brooding vocoder and dark-star synths, with sparks of cosmic R&B along the way; think James Blake, Bon Iver and the Stranger Things theme.
Coupled with a homemade video by Oswin himself, ‘Skulls Floating On’, the first single premiered on Friday May 4 on TheMusic, who called it “a visual feast [that] only serves to heighten the off-kilter atmosphere [of] the ominous music."

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Leebone Phillips - Before the Flood     Folk, Alternative Country, Garage, Acoustic 13/06/2018
Indie folk, lo-fi, tape, bedroom DIY, garage, alternative, experimental, indie-pop.
Before the Flood is a lo-fi autobiographical confession of a serial over-thinker.

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The Lampreys - Little Conversations     Folk, Garage, Experimental, Acoustic 13/06/2018
The Lampreys are a grunge folk band from the north of Brisbane. The goal is sincere song writing, influenced by groups like Nirvana, The Dirty Three, and early Pink Floyd
Little Conversations was born from a creative idea principle song writer Dan Lean had while trekking through Jordan.

Markus Meo - You Make Me Smile     Folk, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Atmospheric 11/06/2018
The latest from singer/songwriter/producer Markus Meo is an easy listening classic called 'You Make Me Smile' that is about the love we have for our children.
A beautiful easy listening song that takes you on a personal journey of love and inspiration.

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Theodore Kidd - Feel     Folk, Acoustic, RnB, Soul 10/06/2018
18 | Singer-Songwriter | Sydney, Australia
Feel is a song that is mellow. It contains an acoustic guitar and vocals only, with a light percussive guitar hit to keep the beat steady.

Other tracks by Theodore Kidd:  Carry On  -  Wanna Do