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Telling stories, mastering instruments and keeping traditions alive, Amrap keeps you up to date with new Australian folk music.


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Miss Elm - Clean Slate     Folk, Pop 04/08/2019
Fiery redhead singer-songwriter Miss Elm, with 3 octave range, intriguing melodies and stories entwining love and overcoming obstacles; Miss Elm will win the heart of acoustic lovers after something honest.
With baritone ukulele, booming bass and layered vocals, “Clean Slate" is about forging new paths, listening to your heart and leaving behind the old to embrace the new.

"My feet are glued to the floor, but I know that my heart wants more" - lyrics from "Clean Slate"

Aiden Bradley - Stupid Things (Feat. Lochie Matthews)     Folk, Pop 02/08/2019
Aiden Bradley is an Australian singer/songwriter Channelling acts like The National, Frightened Rabbit and Paul Dempsey, Aiden’s sound deviates from the usual singer/songwriter fair into something poignant and unique.
‘Stupid Things’ will make you realise you’re not the only one awake at 3 a.m. wondering if everything you’ve done is a mistake. Building from a single acoustic guitar and vocal to an indie-folk anthem, ‘Stupid Things’ is a bittersweet reflection on the fact that no one makes it through life without picking up or dishing out a few scars.

Danika Smith - Suit of Armour     Folk, Soul, Jazz 02/08/2019
Danika Smith performs a raw, timeless style of folk music with undertones of jazz and soul. She is known for her tender topics, honey stick melodies and charismatic satire.
Danika Smith's voice oozes with a matured husk that has as much to say about the artist’s own blossoming career. Smith’s perfected vocals and avant-garde songwriting carry a weight that can only be buoyed by such strength. The result is a refined display of an immense talent and an exciting first taste of so much more to come.

Majelen - Angels in the Dark     Folk, Pop, World, Christian 02/08/2019
Percussive guitarist & singer, Majelen, uses ground-breaking technical fluency & speed, thought-provoking lyrics, improvised melodies & captivating stage presence, to continue to inspire audiences across the globe.
Written about the streets of Thailand where I spent time with women and children as young as 8 who were being forced to work as sex slaves.

Trafficked from the poorest areas of SE Asia, these people come to the city as victims of the sex industry.

This song tells some of their story.

Majelen - Running With The Wolves     Folk, Pop, World, Acoustic 02/08/2019
Percussive guitarist & singer, Majelen, uses ground-breaking technical fluency & speed, thought-provoking lyrics, improvised melodies & captivating stage presence, to continue to inspire audiences across the globe.
Vocal harmonies, upbeat, groovy guitar hook and with thought provoking lyrics.

A story of betrayal and dishonesty.

Placing trust in the wrong people, and then being hurt by those whom you looked up to most.

Matthew Valentyne - The Road Less Travelled     Folk, Acoustic 02/08/2019
Matthew Valentyne is a 21st Century troubadour with a swag full of songs about the human condition.
Over brooks and golden glens
Crossing woods and mountain bends
No star to guide them
On the road less travelled

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Michael David Thomas - Dirge 2.0     Folk, Blues 02/08/2019
An international songwriter Michael David Thomas has worked extensively in Nashville, Montreal and Australia where he became Airlock Records’ third-ever signing in 2015 released his self-titled EP, Michael David Thomas.
In November 2017 Michael David Thomas stepped, uninvited, into the lobby of a luxury hotel in Montreal to use the piano that sat silent in the lobby. Soon after "Dirge 2.0" was born, a tribute to a departed friend.

Pepper Jane - Gingerbread Boy - Live at The Green Room     Folk, Acoustic, Christian, Roots 01/08/2019
Acoustic chocolate that would really like to have jazz babies but doesn't quite have the dexterity.
A spicy tune for people who care about people who might be inclined to chew off their own arm. Look out for the Chilli Peppers reference/s...

Other tracks by Pepper Jane:  Tumbleweed - Live at The Green Room  -  Holes (First Draft) - Live at The Green Room
XAVIA - Rain Falls     Folk, Electronic, Acoustic, Atmospheric 01/08/2019
Alice Springs based, live-looping multi-instrumentalist and session cellist XAVIA creates atmospheric electro-folk. Her 2018 single HORIZONS has reached over 1.3 million streams, taking the desert mountain views to listeners worldwide.
Rain Falls celebrates joyful desert storms transforming the ancient landscape. It sparked from the striking image of Uluru, glistening like royalty with all its sacred stories. Rain Falls rises into lush, vast electronic production including strings, autoharp, and silky, ethereal vocals all recorded by award-winning producer Dave Crowe at Sing Hum Studios, NT.

Majelen - Leconfield     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Country 30/07/2019
Percussive guitarist & singer, Majelen, uses ground-breaking technical fluency & speed, thought-provoking lyrics, improvised melodies & captivating stage presence, to inspire audiences across the globe.
Upbeat, fun, chilled.

Written about a farm near Tamworth (NSW), where I first learnt to ride a horse and live life on the land.

Picture mustering cattle across rolling hills, sheering sheep, beers and campfires by night and good times all round.

Country Aus at it's best.

Fiona Kershaw - In Another Time     Folk, Acoustic, Ambience, Chill 29/07/2019
Fiona Kershaw-singer/songwriter/guitarist/recording and performing Artist, based in South West VIC.
In Another Time has been recorded with a Mini Maton Acoustic/Electric Guitar, an Acoustic Bass, Keys and a shaker, with main vocals and harmonies, all performed by the songwriter Fiona Kershaw. The song is about a reflection of human nature to love another, but only able to be with the lover in a dream, reflecting on society hiding love.

Sarah Marine - Swims And Shows     Folk, Pop, Jazz, World 28/07/2019
~ Sarah Marine is a Singing Songwriting multi-instrumentalist who records layers of Vocal Harmonies and produces her own style of Indie Glam Folk & Jazzy Pop Music.
An upbeat, summery song about a nice slice of tour life:

Sarah recorded and mixed ‘Swims And Shows’ in her studio after writing it while on the road during her 'Go Away' tour. It includes layers of Vocal harmonies, Arch top guitar, Rhodes, Organ bass, Maracca, Rain stick, Guiro, natural bird sounds & her cat Bowie purring into the mic.

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Other tracks by Sarah Marine:  Go Away  -  Stroke Of Midnight
Alison Newman - Serra     Folk, Pop, Easy Listening, Country 26/07/2019
Alison is a singer songwriter from regional South Australia. She has had a long career singing other people's songs, now it's her turn to sing her own.
Serrs is an ode to the power of the mountains, their grandeur, the history they hold and the places our ancestors walked before us.

Other tracks by Alison Newman:  Strength in Numbers  -  When the feeling is gone
Dean Manning - Messy Time     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 26/07/2019
Dean Manning, multi APRA winning songwriter/guitarist with Leonardo’s Bride & Holidays On Ice returns with a rare solo album, Sunday Mountain.
Messy Time is an emotive alt-country song with beautiful indie pop/rock undertones. It is the third single from Dean’s forthcoming album, Sunday Mountain, which will be released September 6.

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Floyd Thursby - Everyone Can See the Stars     Folk, Acoustic, Christian, Chill 26/07/2019
"Floyd Thursby has a fascinating voice. But of course, all that would be insignificant without great songs as vehicles for that voice. Thursby has armfuls of them." (Rhythms magazine)
This song was written after Floyd left his job as a lawyer and started work singing songs for senior citizens in nursing homes. It feels great to earn a living making people happy and reliving memories of amazing songs from the last 100 years. The contentment in these lyrics shows how great it is to do something you love.

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frank's fish tank - COFFEE SONG     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Atmospheric 26/07/2019
Banjo and guitar flutter about with fiddle and mandolin interweaving throughout a steady flow of old time folk music, with soothing mellow velvet voice and ambient lyrics.
Track two is where we’re introduced to the powerful totality of Francesca (Frank). A song of longing and strangely happy melancholy it’s immediate that the unique vocals will form the centrepiece of the album. It’s the song that gives you a gentle hug at sunset on each turn.

longing, distance . travel . beverages .

Sarah Humphreys - Tale to Tell     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 26/07/2019
Depth of heart and sweetness of soul are two things that flow freely through the music of Sarah Humphreys. From delicate folk to personal reveries, vibrant collaborations and rousing alt-country.
It broke my heart making this one. So many healing tears. So much pain released. Forever grateful for the songs that have saved me.

Charlie Wilde - Low Fidelity     Folk, Rock, Atmospheric 25/07/2019
Defined by it's ethereal nature and emotional delivery, Charlie Wilde pulls you in with a deeply personal and yet somehow accessible message, he is raw, sincere and human.
The debut single of Charlie Wilde, ‘Low Fidelity’ paints an emotive picture of a complete loss of empathy. The song can deliberately be interpreted in a number of different ways, as it’s true meaning is only revealed upon reflection, much in the same way someone would reflect upon their actions with regret, guilt and shame.

Yasmin de Laine - Original Sin     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Blues 25/07/2019
Moody, evocative folk and alt-country tunes
This song is a response to my country’s endemic issue of male violence against women and the victim-blaming narrative that often accompanies it. As if it’s your own problem simply by virtue of being born in a certain body.

Georgina Grimshaw - Old Friend     Folk, Country, Pop, Acoustic 24/07/2019
Georgina Grimshaw is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Newcastle, Australia. Her gentle and soulful grace abounds not only in her songs but in her genuine presence.
Old Friend is a folky middle finger, and a tongue-in-cheek response to the social rejection Georgina experienced when she left her former church. She turned those hard times into a song and dance, made it her own anthem to move forward so that the past couldn't hurt her anymore but could instead empower her to take back her joy.

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